03 September 2002
As Monty Python might say, it was much more than a cerebral snack on mental munchies: it was a robust ratiocinative repast! A correspondent from Indiana who lives in Idaho sent me 'proof' that Hoosiers are 'dumb' because of the oppressive heat and humidity. I noted the date of the research: in the early 1940s,

before the White man invented air-conditioning and made it generally available and efficient. I remember early postwar (WW II) Santa Fe buses which advertised "air-conditioning", but often had equipment malfunction, according to frequent riders. Now, we take air-conditioning for granted. Well, I exclude myself, for I haven't worked or lived in premises with air-conditioning for the past 40 years, at least. Fortunately, I usually wind up living in places with dry heat, and not the suffocating, tropical humidity which occurs in eastern states and the midwest. I last worked outdoors in 100° temperature plus 100% humidity in Louisville, KY, and I do not recommend it.

I agree that the ZOG's standoff weapons of mass destruction are formidable, within the parameters specified, and hoped for their inventors. I remember the old slogan of the British Empire: "Whatever happens we have our Maxim gun and they have not." The machinegun is definitely a weapon of mass destruction if all the wogs and fuzzy-wuzzies would be as considerate as to mass up so the machinegun cannot miss. According to Hugh Thomas' "The Spanish Civil War", Badajez, a strategic border town with Portugal, was defended by the Reds with all sorts of machineguns, but the Nationalists sent in the Spanish Foreign Legion, a Moorish troops who broke the city's defences at night... with knives! The Nationalists made good use of the captured machineguns.

As we know, lasers are not very good in smoke and dust, but they are nifty in outer space. The latest jewsmedia reports say that microwaves will be used to knock out enemy computers and communications relying on microchips. I doubt that these would knock out fiber optics, which the kikes thoughtfully supplied the Chinese, who are upgrading Iraqi air defences.

Let us suppose that all the ZOG's weapons were as effective as the ZOG wishes them to be. What are the ZOG's objectives? To rob people of their natural resources; to kill people and to enslave people, on behalf of the Jew World Ordure. One can use the old Britzog tactic of 'hiring the head nigger' (indirect rule), but when the ZOG's demands become so onerous, as we see in Argentina, the head nigger will either not stay hired, or he will not be boss for long. It stands to reason that stand off weapons must be monopolized by specific people who are not living close to the people who hate them. Israel could do this, if Israel were free of Gentiles. The other zoglands, such as the U.S.A., are incorporating aliens into their armed forces who are coming from areas where ZOG is bashing the people. I would be very careful who I would give weapons of mass destruction to in ZOG-merc forces, for I might be unpleasantly surprised. As long as ZOG inflicts diversity upon us, it inflicts the same scourge upon itself. That to me is the wild card in the ZOG deck.

Your mention of the electronic treasury scam is probably not news to others who are putting their funny-money into gold, platinum, silver, etc. to forestall big byte robberies and paper inflation.

You note in your reading of The International Jew, Ford's editorial attitude of restraint. Remember, the complete set was given away to buyers of every Ford car! So much for "the truth shall make you free!" The dumb Goyim probably used them to sit on. The thing that impresses me most unfavorably about the American cattle is how much and how many knew about the jews, and how little was done, when it needed doing. Now, most Gentiles know far less about the hebes than they knew in the 1920s, when one could call a jew a jew. Not now! Ford was a dilettante. He cared equally about square dancing as he did for converting jews into Christians. His only strong feelings pertained to his company and his fortune, which the jews got anyway, from their control of The Ford Foundation. As a thinker, Ford was a better mechanic.

As we know, the jews have a long history of destroying their host peoples, whom they use as people use toilet paper. Yes, if I were a ZOG merc of high rank, I would not wish to be soiled and flushed down the toilet of history. If I knew that my acquiescence with kike orders would mean the end of the U.S.A. and my own infamy, I would prefer to topple ZOGUSA and announce myself and my confederates as "the new shadow- government". I'm sure the kikes are watching their topkick Goyim, but this does not mean there would not be rebellion. As I see the U.S.A., it is a corporate state made up of various mafias, usually dominated by jews, but with their own specific interests. If jew policy goes against these interests, there could be a revolt of the zoglings. We live in a banana republic which must import its bananas.

The Michael Journal has some true items, occasionally, but I believe that their "social credit" idea is invalid, and their 'injectable microchip" is equally so. Here's why:

As I understand from social credit proponents, the basis for issuing money will be population, not productivity. Social creditors believe that all people are equally productive, so more money equals more productivity. The Michael bunch are Catholics, and it would be a Catholic dream to procreate ourselves into prosperity. I asked one social creditor if China could just issue $10,000 to every Chinaman. I could see a dim realization creeping across his mestizo visage. "Well, no..." he said. I said the matter was obvious, all you would achieve would be inflation, with no additional production, but, according to social credit theory, China should be the 'richest' country in the world if it were to adopt social credit money
distribution theory. I concluded that a cannibal economy could issue money based on the number of people, but a White man's society would still need to issue money based on the supply of goods and services which give money its value: productivity. The social creditor took out his worry beads and began to recite some jew-king mantra.

An injectable microchip is vulnerable to transfer, alteration and erasure at all times. Why would anyone want to have this vulnerability? Certainly not the ZOG! Big Brother wants to know who you are, without identity transferal alterations and/or erasures. A microchip would serve only a limited purpose of locating an individual, provided it were not subject to electronic transfer, alteration or erasure. FEDZOGUSA has microwave transmitters designed to wipe out microchips in a single zap, and it intends to use them against Iraqi air defence and communications systems. These microwaves would also zap personal identity chips, as does normal electromagnetic radiation and static, in the case of microchips and 'smart cards'.

Michael is wrong, as usual. The Mark of the Beast is clearly the Star of David with its six points, six triangles and six internal angles. No other figure corresponds to the Number of the Beast: 666. 1 suspect jew-supremacists have gained control of Michael for purposes of disinformation.

As for identity which in not easily transferred,, altered or erased, we are born with individual sets of fingerprints and retinas. These are already being used as proof of identity, which accesses all relevant data stored in secure databanks. A computer can read your retina and line up with your databank as quickly as it can retrieve data stored on a vulnerable microchip or 'smart card'. This technology in already being used on the retail level, as well as the "Q Clearance" level. The injectable microchip is a phony bogeyman, like the Y2K bug. We must take care that we are not used by the enemy as vehicles for disinformation. One way of checking this out would be to ask Michael if they recognized jew 'converts'. As Cardinal Lustiger proclaimed: "I am a Christian, but I remain a jew." This is no different from one who says "I am a Christian, but I remain an Englishman." Or, "I an a Christian, but I remain a criminal." Jews are not people you 'covert' for they convert their host group to THEIR purposes, exactly as they have done to America and its churches.

Under separate cover I have sent you a photocopied newspaper article about the 4 Jews who murdered the Portuguese shoeshine boy in Toronto.

Yes, Whitey is fading fast, but the muddy underclass is multiplying and increasing its demands so rapidly that I do not see how ZOG will pull a "fade out to black". In South Africa, it is open season on Whites because they have what the Black majority want, and they can no longer defend it. That is happening here. The ZOG has created subsidized 'nations' like the Blacks, the Indians and now, the hispano-mestizo. These 'nations' are increasing their demands on Whitey as the kikes' demands upon him grow shriller and more insistent. Sharon wants the U.S. to 'deal' with Iraq soon, and I think that constitutes an order to el presidente Bush. Of course, the hebes don't care that the U.S. will immolate itself. That's what Goyim are: expendable. Your special 'ops' military elite types are no less expendable. One fellow I knew here was in SOG, which he insisted meant "Studies & Observations Group". He died of complications due to Agent Orange. The jew admiral Zumwalt, who introduced Agent Orange, lost his own son to this "defoliant". This is why I still advise that no one join ZOG-merc forces to acquire military skills. The price is likely to be too high. I'm sure my associate had acquired much more modern military skills than I did in U.S. Army basic training, but he is dead and I'm alive, and still able to "fix bayonets and go ever the top", as we were taught. Ha! These orders were disconcerting, for I thought we'd learned something about World War I by 1960. Well, it was a basic field exercise, and it was useful to know what it's like to slither across no man's land. Pretty scary when you know what the defence can do to you out there!

I omitted a minor point on the putative NA "Führer", who prefers to spell his name in the German version, as "Erich". As you say, it seems an affectation. Why would I want to pass myself off as a foreigner?

I think I committed a gender-bender on Le Her. My rule of thumb is that gender in French is the same as Spanish, although I may be wrong. I think Spanish also denotes the sea as masculine, although I have always felt the sea to be feminine, as a matter of personal, rather than grammatical opinion. In German, the sea is neuter, although it is certainly not an inanimate object.

A correspondent sent me a publication: The Nationalist Times of July 2002, in which the following ad appears: Secluded, self-sufficient farm for sale. Northwestern New Hampshire, above the CT River Valley. House, barn, garage, woodshed. 14.7 acres with additional 15 acres if desired. Details at: www.kriegbooks.com. You may wish to inquire.

Yes, I feel it, too. Something big is coming down the tracks toward us. It will be a crisis, which is composed of danger and opportunity, and it will be up to us to make the most of it. We must catch the train of history as it rushes past, and we must hang on for dear life, with apologies to Herr Bismarck. ZOG is running short of buy-off money. Cuts will be made in health handouts, and the demand for food handouts is increasing. The economy is going Weimar, and the demography is going ape. I hear the same golden geezer gobble that I heard in Rhodesia: "After us, the deluge." This was said as the water rose to their waists. The fatcat rico race-traitors here are running scared due to recent home invasions by bandits. WASPS who, do the jew screw of their own people deserve the fate in store for the jews. When the People's Courts convene, "Hymie made me do it!" will not be a defence, any more than "I obeyed orders" was a defence at Nuremberg.

I am not bothered by the plutocrats' wealth. I had two opportunities to work for the ZOG and to line my pockets with muchos zogbucks and my bed with a kosher zogwife, but the personal price was too high, and the knowledge that I was expendable made the income questionable. I refused to take the assignment, and I am happy that I made the correct decision. No, I am not a martyr to virtue; my virtue saved me from being a martyr to Mammon and a pawn of the ZOG. My attitude toward the plutocrats is equivalent to my attitude toward vermin. I do not envy rats, and I will not have then in my house, if I can do anything about then. If one wants the perks the ZOG can offer, then he must decide if the perks are worth the personal sacrifice of honor and freedom. As taxpayers, we all work for the ZOG in one way or another, so I do not deem myself a paragon of unzogliness, but I do strive to maximize my means of living and minimize my tribute to the ZOG, within the realm of the legal and the possible, as you advise.

It's interesting just how little jewsmedia coverage was given to the Blacks' demand for "reparations". "Power to the people!" by all means. DOWZ!