04 September 2002 – Eric Thomson
On August 28th I heard on NPR an interview of Sheldon Harris, Prof. Emeritus of History at California State College of Northridge, California, whose book, "Factories of Death", reports on the Japanese biowarfare experiments from 1930-1945 on human subjects. As stated in "The Brucellosis Triangle", the U.S. government eagerly recruited the Japanese scientists and their data into the U.S. biowarfare project. Harris reports a recent Japanese court ruling which took note of the Japanese germ warfare programme, as being a judicial first, since U.S. secrecy denied all germ warfare data to the war crimes tribunal against other Japanese officers. When is a war crime not a war crime? When self-righteous hypocrites can benefit from it! I see that the U.S.A. is forming a cabal of countries which will exempt U.S. or allied forces from judgment at any war crimes tribunal. The Serbs should have been so fortunate.

The funny thing is, from my readings of the jewsmedia that Saudi Arabia would appear to qualify for USZOG attention, rather than Iraq, for all the "terrorists" came from and were funded by Saudi sources, including the obtrusive and elusive Osama bin Laden. It was the Saudi "terrorists" who were the pretext for the U.S. war against the Taliban and U.S. occupation of Afghanistan. It is an open secret that the Saud Family plays both sides in the "terror" business in a tricky attempt to placate both sides and stay in power. Saudi Arabia is close enough to Israel and the hebes would like to take over Saudi oil and territory. As a further pretext, Saudi Arabia does not want the U.S. to use its Saudi bases for its Big Iraq Attack. If I were a betting man, I'd bet the ZOG goes after Saudi Arabia, before it gets around to Iraq. The U.S. has switched sides so many times it would make Orwell's head spin, and the gullible Goyim behave in truly Orwellian fashion. Remember when Iraq was 'good' and Iran was 'bad'? Remember when the Taliban and Osama were 'good' and the Soviet-backed Northern Alliance was 'bad'? Remember when the U.S. rushed into Saudi Arabia to 'protect' it from now 'bad' Iraq?

The Zionist Plutocracy of America is behaving arrogantly, as its representatives babble inconsistently. You may remember that any non-citizen of the U.S.A. deemed a "terrorist" and/or "an illegal combatant" could be tried by military kangaroo court, after indefinite detention," but The U.S. Constitution would apply to all U.S. citizens". In at least two subsequent cases which were reported in the jewsmedia, the "constitutional rights" of U.S. citizens no longer apply when they are accused of being "Terrorists" or "linked with terrorists". Since "terrorist" has not been defined explicitly, anyone can be "linked" with
"known terrorists". How strong must the link be? Ujamaa, the Moslem convert formerly known as Thompson or Thomson, supplied computers to persons "linked" with a "terrorist" group. To those over 50, computers are fraught with all sorts of spook and military overtones, but in today's world, they are no more a sign of "terrorist activity" than a shipment of note pads and ball-point pens. Of course, an FBI raid found sketches of buildings in a Detroit apartment, and these sketches were on paper, and drawn with pen or pencil, so whoever supplied the "terrorist conspirators" with these materials is "linked to terrorists". Our
rulers make the Red Queen seem sane and sober by comparison.

The wonderful Townsend book, "Ways that are Dark, the Truth About China", arrived today. The postal clerk who gave me the book, separately from other items in my P.O. Box commented, "Not clothbound." I saw that a small piece of wrapper had been torn away, exposing the book as such, without damaging it, so far as I could tell. In the brief time before work I skimmed a few lines of the book, including the bio on Townsend, who looks as if he were a relative of mine. Well, "all Caucasians look alike", as a Chinese told me in Hong Kong. I don't know why we bother to have picture ID. In countries where all hair is black and all eyes dark, these items are usually omitted from domestic ID documents, just as we omit the number of legs on our drivers' licenses.

You have noted in regard to the incessant jewsmedia disinformation bombardment what Orwell warned about: that men will have to discuss the obvious before engaging in political discourse, for all minds will be cluttered and obscured with propaganda. Imagine the obscenity of Khazar kikes accusing Arabs of anti-Semitism", when they are not Semites, and the Arabs are. Turks and Iranians are Moslems, but not Arabs, and I have never heard that they call their enemies "anti-Semites". Then we have the film flam about "country", "people", "government", "nation", and "democracy". These terms are almost always used erroneously. I tried to explain to one Judeo-American who has swallowed the outline and has joined the Jew Ass Marine Corps to drop bombs and shoot "enemies" from the safety (he thinks) of the air. The poor fellow already frightens me, if I were a grunt on the ground who knew that he was flying my air-cover. Maybe he's an idiot-savant who can learn how to fly an aircraft, without knowing why he is doing so.

When I tried to assess his reasons for joining ZOG-merc forces, he said that he was defending his country. I explained that "country" is a piece of ground, no more and no less and that everyone loved the U.S. country, which is why they are invading and occupying it, with no resistance from the U.S. government, nor the U.S. people. I also tried to distinguish for him "people" and "government". The U.S. people have always been the foremost victims of the U.S. government, from the Revolutionary War onward, with the possible exception of the Mexican War, which we have lost quite recently. This fellow saw the film "The Atomic Cafe", which has Defence Dept. footage of thousands of young U.S. sailors and soldiers being purposely exposed to radiation at Bikini and in Nevada. I mentioned the USS Liberty treason of the U.S. Commander in Chief, and I might as well have related events on some other galaxy, far, far away.

Apparently, he is willing to kill strangers from the air on the say of a Commander in Chief from whom he would not buy a used car. I briefly related Erich Hartmann's story of being shot down ever the Eastern Front, and crash-landing in front of Red Army lines on their side of no man's land. Hartmann, the German air ace, managed to reach the German trenches. He introduced himself to the section leader, and expressed his relief at finding safety. The section leader saluted and said, "Grab a weapon, for we are coming under attack." Hartmann turned toward the enemy lines and saw the horizon lift some 5 feet as the Red Army stood up and strode forward, firing their submachine guns and shouting "Urrah! Urrah!'' which reminded him of ocean waves washing the shore. Then, both sides' artillery opened up and the German defenders began firing their weapons as the Reds got within range. Enough survived to invade the German trenches and savage fighting which would horrify most cavemen erupted at close quarters with knives, bayonets, hatchets, rifle butts, pistols, clubs, bricks, picks and spades, which produced a carnage of brains, blood and guts all over the place. The Reds retreated, leaving their dead meat scattered upon the battlefield, some of which was scarcely recognizable as human remains. When Hartmann caught his breath, he exclaimed to the section leader, "Why, you're all a bunch of bloody savages!" The section leader told him matter of fact that the effects he saw close up were the same as these he produced from 10,000 feet up. I asked the Ostensible White Marine Corps recruit if he would be willing to kill a perceived enemy face to face. His reply was, "You have a right to your opinion bro'." I said that I was not an Afro-American, so I did not use that term. Thus ended the conversation. I was reminded of Lew Ayres' brief, unromantic description of combat in "All Quiet on the Western Front". The black & white original was superior in psychohistorical terms than the 1980's color version, just as "Birth of a Nation" was more accurate, psychologically, than current "Civil War" productions. 1938 people were closer to the ethos of World War I than the 1980s wise guys who behaved as if they were performing in a costume party.

I dislike physical and psychological anachronisms in stories, although we know how the ZOG loves to kosherize history. I caught portions of one televised production in which the U.S. Air Force was Black in World War II, with Black bomber crews and Black fighter pilots, just a shootin' down dey Nazis like day wuz turkeys in doh sky. I read about the Tuskeegee Airmen, but I did not knew that Black aviators were so numerous, as Hebrewood depicts. As I passed the TV in my local restaurant, I saw a bit of action from a movie preview and I wondered out loud what Americans were doing, wearing German uniforms on a German U-boat. One of the viewers asked how I knew they were Americans and I replied curtly: "Because they're all jews and they're all hysterical." An you say, the kikes have largely succeeded in identifying themselves as "Americans" in the sheeples' little minds. Will the sheeple fight for ZOG and Israel? That remains to be seen, and I doubt it. There aren't that many Judeo-American Whites of military age left, and I don't see a rush to the recruitment offices on the part of the Mexicans, Moslems, Chinese or Blacks. It's a jewish war and a White man's fight, apparently. No wonder the hebes call us stupid cattle! Unfortunately, most of us deserve that reputation.

I got a chuckle out of your quote that White women sought financial security by marrying Black football players. I guess there's a Nicole Simpson born every minute.

In reading your description of your jobs and your reasons for choosing them, I can say that you have thought about your requirements before choosing a line of work. With me, it's hit & miss, and hand to mouth. After reading your letter, I reflected upon my no-brain minimum-wage coolie jobs, as compared to the court translator-interpreter job I was turned down for, because of my race. There was a job which required my linguistic and legal knowledge, with a good salary and benefits, but the price was that my mind would be occupied intensively with Mexican court cases. Although my present employment takes up my time physically it allows my mind freedom to think, analyze and even sometimes to write. My body is chained, but my mind can ream freely. The better-paying job would require the presence of my mind and my body, so I lucked out in terms of my best of all possible worlds, without any exercise of choice on my part. With luck, who needs brains? At work I am able to read at least 4 daily newspapers and take spare copies for news clippings. During working hours, I am free from constant interruptions and nagging, as I put up with at Samisdat in Toronto for The Zud would not leave anyone alone to complete their assigned tasks. It was a classic example of structural sabotage and institutionalized inefficiency, but I thought it was all for The Cause, which Zündel claimed to support, but did not, as events proved. Here, my writing is hampered, but not censored, as at Samisdat, win a few, lose a few, eh?

In my very cursory scan of Townsend's treasure trove of information on the Chinese, I noted a poem by Bret Harte, who must have encountered the railroad Chinese brought in by the traitors in California and Nevada. One intelligent, observant man can report what he sees with more accuracy than a large opinion poll. In her "The Chrysanthemum & the Sword", Ruth Benedict accurately described the Japanese mentality with one little book, by one woman. I saw nothing to contradict her when I lived in Japan. The Japanese proudly told me that they were the White men of Asia and the Chinese were the jews of Asia. I could see why in my Asian travels. Hitler predicted in a table talk that America would fall into Chinese hands if the Americans did not throw the jew monkey off their backs. I repeat that prophecy whenever appropriate. The listeners don't like it, but they don't disagree. So few non-Asians seem to appreciate the danger of suffocation which a Chinese influx represents on this continent. As you say, the jew is programmed to destroy, and he cannot stop himself, so it is our job to stop him, permanently. The Chinese can absorb the jews and never notice it, for Chinese numbers are huge and Chinese behavior is so similar as to be indistinguishable. I will enjoy reading this book and I am sure it will give me lots of grist for my "mill of hate", starting with a book report.

P.S.: I see that Judeo-Americans strongly object to China's one child per couple policy. I guess our criminal loonies will adopt them. Sometimes I feel like a fireman surrounded by arsonists.