05 September 2002 – Eric Thomson
You are a wealth of useful information, which I read and forward to all my correspondents, people who I know locally, and several who are on the Internet (the Gentile Broadcasting System).

I have heard rumours about U.S. slave "stud farms", but not for breeding mulattos. Blacks were bred like horses, for docility and strength, not for meanness and intelligence! Mulattos were weak and unruly, so only a crazy slaveowner would breed Whites with Blacks on a regular basis. All things are possible, but I see no profit for any sane slave owner in mixed breeds. Remember, I lived in Africa. Our best soldiers were Black, under White officers or White, under White officers. The "Coloureds" or mixed breeds were PROBLEMS, not soldiers. They were lazy, cowardly, vicious and dishonest; totally unreliable. I suggested dropping them behind enemy lines, way behind enemy lines, and letting them fend for themselves. With such rascals, one could pity the enemy! The worst experiences I've had with mixed breeds was in Panama. The Black mestizos there are quick, clever, vicious and brutal. As I understand, they were brought in to work on the railway and the canal. Now they work at making babies and lots of trouble.

The liberal bullshit about "not stereotyping" or "profiling" is just that. If something looks like a crocodile, the liberal says we are not to conclude that it is a crocodile, on mere observation. If we get real close, we may satisfy the liberal's criteria that we are politically correct in saying it is a crocodile. 0f course, a liberal would tell us that not all crocodiles are hungry at all times, so we should not prejudge that this crocodile is hungry. All crocodiles should be given the benefit of the doubt. My response is that liberals should heed their own advice and be the first to 'enjoy' the 'diversity' of Blacks and crocodiles. The liberal generally wants others to do that which he would not do himself. Remember, the Franco-mestizo Trudeau advised people to adopt African orphans, but he fathered two mestizos of his very own! "Do as I say, not as I do."

I could never fill the vacancy created by the death of Dr. Pierce. Here's why: I differ on fundamentals. Firstly, I know what is White and what is not. Pierce never did, or didn't care. Secondly, I know that jews are not White. Pierce thought some were. Thirdly, I know that Khazar jews have run Russia since 1917, including Stalin and Putin. Pierce thought Russia was "jew-free" after Stalin's purges. Fourthly, Pierce had no sense of timing. In the sixties, he put out propaganda which suggested revolution was 'right around the corner'. Somehow, he mistook a Black revolution for the beginnings of a White revolution. As he doddered into senility, he claimed "no revolution in our lifetimes". He should have said in his lifetime for I see by all indications that there will be a revolution in my lifetime, right here in the Jew Ass Oy Veh, or I should say, Northern Mexico. Whitey foolishly gave his countries away in Africa, and he is doing the same here in North America. The dimwits and their delusions are very much the same here as those I knew in Africa. I never wanted to join the Pierce group for those reasons, but he did publish a few important items, if one can selectively discard his major items of disinformation. As Dr. Oliver said, many layers of truth are sometimes used to coat one kernel of falsehood. That in my assessment of the Pierce effort. Good riddance.

Oh yes, his strategy of target-selection was totally incorrect. "The Turner Diaries" was mischievous disinformation. like instructing a student driver to fill the gastank with water. More waste of the White man's precious time. Yockey said, correctly, that we live in an age of total politics. It logically follows that those who have money and property under the ZOG are not really resisting the ZOG, but serve its purpose by misleading and misdirecting the ZOG's opponents. A rich revolutionary in an oxymoron.

Many thanks for the information about Celine! I also enjoyed "A Moment of Clarity" by Jack Boot. My observation on Furrow is: with so much ammo, why did the silly bastard miss? "They Live", we sleep. If one decides on such action, he should do a proper job of it. Some people are so incompetent that they even fail at committing suicide. Of Hitler, the jews said he was so thorough in his suicide that he took poison, fast-acting cyanide; then he shot himself in the left temple; then in the right, then to make sure, he also shot himself between the eyes and in the mouth. But, the first "American" representative to inquire about Hitler's death was the jew, Lt. Heimlich of the U.S. Army C.I.C., who interviewed his kosher cronies of the Soviet autopsy team. Heimlich concluded that there was insufficient evidence for Hitler's death for his widow to receive a nickel from a life insurance policy.

So that was Celine. It may have been Hitler who said that France was not Europe in Africa, but Africa in Europe, just as Celine foresaw. I agree, that Stalingrad was a disaster, but in war and in life, all is rarely lost on one throw of the dice. Von Seydlitz' treason at Stalingrad and van Paulus' indifferent command led to the defeat. Manstein's relief column was able to come within 20 miles of the Sixth Army positions, but von Paulus refused to retreat in order to join up with then. What von Seydlitz began as a premature retreat became a surrender. Europe's disaster was and in the traitors like von Seydlitz who preferred Red Tyranny under the asiatic Khazars to self-determination under a German corporal. Throughout Europe the affinity between the old 'nobility' and the Reds was notable, and not just in Germany.

I recall a French film which appeared to be based on Celine's "Castle to Castle". It impressed me as World War II on acid. There's this castle full of pro-Nazi perverts, see? The SS is busy mugging into the camera, poisoning Wehrmacht officers in a high-class brothel, and then poisoning each other. Walls are decorated with exploded images of the human nervous and circulatory systems. As the Americans arrive to take the castle, the perverts doff their Nazi uniforms and don civvies. and make their getaway in a limo. Apparently, they will blend into the postwar population, which is becoming so much like them. Celine seemed no more dangerous to France than H.L. Mencken was to the U.S.A. But then, the French take ideas much more seriously than "Americans", who have always preferred an anti-intellectual approach to their gullibility. I see some of my thoughts echoed in Celine's interview, but not his pessimism. I do not view life as an irksome burden, but, like Celine, I can take it or leave it with a fair amount of equanimity. My attitude toward my own life is similar to my attitude toward my race. I'll do whatever I can on behalf of both, if I want to survive and my race wants to survive, also. If not, good riddance to both. My attitude toward our struggle with the Chinese et al. is similar to yours. I don't worry. How can I be more worried for my race than they are for themselves? If they wish to die off as consuming drones, so be it.

Like you, I have come to prefer White women, for I feel most comfortable in their company. No matter how beautiful non-White women may be in physical terms, there is a magnetic repulsion which only the dullest White man can fail to heed. One idiot who married an "Indian" female complained that all they did was fight the Indian wars, in and out of bed. I know some blue-eyed "Indians" who are fiercely anti-White, even though they are mestizas. Miscegenation in indeed mischief. A friend in Canada listened to a coworker complain that his wife tended to curse him and to throw whisky bottles at him. My friend said, "What do you expect, when you marry an Indian?" The complainer was surprised. "How did you know my wife was Indian?" My friend replied that he know the pattern. Canadians have a standard question: "What's the difference between an Indian princess and a squaw?" Answer: about 4 beers. In regard to jewesses; nearly every one I've been acquainted with wanted to lay a guilt-trip on me, just like "Indiana". Some are definitely "more equal" than others.

The latent exposure of FEDZOG's machinations in "The Brucellosis Triangle", which supplements previous reports on the Anglo-American biowarfare program which sought to mutate deadly animal viruses so as to become deadly to humans. This program has gone much further, into the enhancement of the mutated organisms' virulence, specifically to defeat the human immune system. Weaponization. of the bio-agents in now done by crystallizing the toxins of the deadly organisms, rather than using the organisms themselves, like the anthrax-mailer. The weaponized toxins are efficiently broadcast in aerosol form, by injecting into ventilation system, spraying from aircraft and/or spreading with bursting charges. According to the book's authors the weaponized toxins of Brucellosis and anthrax were given to Saddam of Iraq to help his fight the Iranians. As ZOG-mercs invaded Iraqi territory during the Gulf War, Iraqi scud missiles were seen to explode "harmlessly" over the ZOG-merc lines. The authors report that the scuds were loaded with brucellosis toxin, which produces a multiplicity of illnesses, now called "Gulf War Syndrome", which in officially denied, as ZOG did in the case of Agent Orange. The month of Jew-lie has passed but the lies remain and the jew-liars continue to do that which they are most noted for. The book's authors want the Gulf War Syndrome victims to organize against the ZOG now, while they are still able to. The book points out the previous testing of brucellosis toxin in Iceland, Eastern Ontario, Canada, Scotland and the Orkney Islands, where brucellosis-related degenerative diseases are rife, including multiple sclerosis. The AIDS virus or mutated ovine visna virus was another product of Fort Detrick's biowarfare program and it was purposely inoculated amongst the homes of the U.S.A. as a contaminant in the hepatitis B vaccine. In Black Africa, it was allegedly inoculated as a contaminant in the World Health Organization's smallpox vaccine. The authors point out the Rockefeller role in promoting these biowarfare programs.

The stated objectives of ZOG's biowarfare program is to attack "enemy" (Goy) populations with debilitating and/or deadly diseases, which are designed to defeat the human immune systems. These programs have certainly succeeded, and their 'success' will become more apparent as time passes. The motive for this part of the ZOG program against humanity is explicitly stated in Protocol No. 10 of the Protocols of Zion, which relates to the inoculation of diseases. That motive is the subjugation of all Gentiles under jew-rule via 'diversity', dissension, confusion, poverty and disease. The bottom line is that Goyim are intended to BEG the jews to rule ever them, so that their vexing problems may be alleviated. Gentiles may believe that the problems caused by the jews can be solved by them. Since the jews have
never solved any problems of their own instigation, it would seem that such Goyim live in anticipation of a 'miracle' , which is beyond the jews' power to deliver, unless that miracle take the form of Adolf Hitler, who noted that jews are The Problem.

Your acquaintance who mentioned the huge U.S. arms caches found in Vietcong hands underlines similar reports of weapons transfers from the U.S. to the 'enemy', to wit: the recoilless rifles which 'somehow' fell into the hands of Vietcong who used them to blast U.S. riverine patrol boats. After the U.S. pullout, the U.S. failed to supply the South Vietnamese with them because U.S. sailors were ordered to dump that item in the sea, en route to Vietnam. A couple of U.S. Navy men told me they had done the dumping, and one said his father had done the same exercise against Chaing Kai Shek in 1949. Apparently, the anti-Communist Chinese and the anti-Communist Vietnamese were well supplied with Dixie cups, but not with bullets. East ZOG did the same to Sadat of Egypt. When his army ran out of SAM-7 ground to air missiles, the USSR made a big show of sending air transports, which proved to consist of field kitchens and bandages. No ammo! After that, the kikes crossed the Suez Canal and advanced on Cairo. We live under ZOG with tyranny and injustice for all.

You have noted an important 'fringe-benefit' of mercenaries, gun-runners et al.: death by one's paymaster or customer. There's no life like it.

My assessment of the future of the U.S.A. and Canada is based on Protocol No. 10, with the possible "shadow president" in 'the name of Ariel Sharon or his successor. Bush has greased the skids for his own sudden departure, by announcing the existence of a U.S. shadow government in waiting. No banana republic dictator would be so stupid. I wonder what's in those pretzels Bush munches. They seem awfully potent.

In regard to the Aryan Religion, I enclose the excellent article, "Our People, The Aryans", by J.B. Campbell, as well, and a recent letter on "Positive Christianity" as an oxymoron, by way of introduction.

The Aryan's religion is the mirror of the Aryan Mind, which is clear, inquisitive and unafraid. The term "god-fearing" is entirely un-Aryan, as is the Oriental ritual of kneeling and kowtowing; the self-abasement inherent in the titles "sheep" or "dog". The Afro-Asiatic tradition of god-biting and blood-sucking is best confined to Borneo or New Guinea. It does not belong to us, any more than the sadistic torture known as kosher slaughter. For me, it was easy to know that Christianity was alien to my being, for that was what I felt before I learned to read, and thereafter. Most people (sheeple) seem unaffected by such obvious abominations, and they behave as if nothing were wrong, like passengers on a sinking ship who respond to the emergency by asking if breakfast is ready. For the majority, the emperor always wears fine clothes, but not for me!

All the Best & ORION!