06 September 2002 – Eric Thomson
We are in perfect agreement on the need for AZA to avoid party labels. This in not an original idea, because it harks back to the Anti Comintern Pact and the Anti-Fascist Popular Front of the 1930s. One did not have to be Nazi or Fascist to support the Anti Comintern effort, nor did one have to be a member of the Communist Party to support the Popular Front. The Zionists can call AZA whatever they want, as they will, but they'd better be careful, or they may create a World Nazi Movement! I see no rush in the formation of the AZA, for it is definitely an idea whose time has come: Zionist banksters and their minions oppress nearly every Gentile on this planet. AZA would take the form of the Earth people's resistance movement depicted in the film, "They Live".

It appears that many Moslems still do not understand the absolutely essential role played by the Holohoax in the Western World. I tried to explain this when I wrote "The West, War & Islam" in the 1980s. The Arab addressees either did not respond, or they handed the appeal for help in our informational campaign to Zionist agents. This appeal was one of the two items used to try Zündel for thoughtcrime. The other was "Did Six Million Really Die?", neither of which he wrote, although he signed the introduction which I wrote, explaining why we had mailed out copies of that booklet to legislators and journalists. One prostitute of the pen named Peabody handed his copy to Sabina Citron, who had no trouble in recruiting CANZOG to persecute Ernst Zündel after we had asked the Ontario Attorney General, Ray McMurtry, a German-hating, self-declared "Christian Zionist" for some guidelines so Samisdat Publishers would not "disseminate hate" inadvertently. His reply was to charge us under the "false news" section of the Criminal Code. This is, of course, unheard of. Any publisher in North America is asked to print a retraction and/or apologize if someone is offended, but in Canada, entrapment is legal, as I understand. The rest is history.

Obviously, you have uncovered a nest of jews who are overseeing a "Palestinian" group. This reminds me of jewish involvement in the Canadian Nazi Party of John Beatty, and reflects a policy clearly stated in The Protocols of Zion, which is a very accurate, descriptive and predictive "forgery", which reveals Zionist programs and the motives behind them. I especially recommend Protocol No. 10, which refers to "the inoculation of diseases", as part of a subversive program to sicken, kill, bewilder and impoverish the Gentile hosts, so that they will beg the jews to lead them out of the mess, or at least give them something to eat!

I am in contact with a local group of Christian leftists, which also have jew members and overseers. Their leader told me that the "only thing to do is to give everybody what he wants and not to fight wars over things." I did spark keen interest in one member with the flier on The Brucellosis Triangle. She was terribly upset that FEDZOGUSA would inoculate precious Blacks with AIDS. Well, whatever works! Of course, she was an O.W. (Ostensible White). I see no Blacks nor hispano-mestizos in the group, ever.

M. Stucki seems to be a prolific writer who would sooner write her own book than read another writer's work on the same subject. She sent me a manuscript on Devolution via race-mixing that is sprinkled with Bible quotes. I asked her what she intended to do with those. If one accepts The Big Sky-Jew concept, then one can logically assume that he will protect those who do not commit adultery and punish those who do, but nowhere is this idea apparent. Is race-mixng bad because it causes biological devolution or is it bad because Big Sky-Jew forbids it? Neither question is answered in the text she presented. I suggested she write two books on the same subject, one secular and factual; the other religious with moral admonitions of hell and damnation. No reply. Why publish, when one can pray? If it please Yahweh & Son, the Red Sea will rise and drown all the evil-doers, and if the status quo is "God's will", then things will totter along as usual. The belief in a magical Sky-Jew precludes relevance and excuses inaction on the part of the believers. I saw that behavior in Rhodesia, before it went Black. A multi-cultural Israel sounds fine, unless one in a Zionist. British journalist and author Douglas Reed observed that the jews demand inclusiveness for all peoples, and exclusiveness for themselves. Anti-Zionists should point out these jews who tout multi-culturalism for "all mankind", by asking them, "What about Israel?" The Zionists denounce Islamic states, so why not denounce a jewish state as well?

I have already urged White Nationalists to boycott diamonds, as Hispanic anti-Zionists have already done. I also urge all anti-Zionists to denounce and protest the kosher taxes on food and food-related items, but so far as White Nationalist response is zilch. I have mentioned that AZA cannot be a totally pro-Palestinian group, for any identification with Arabs and Moslems can got us charged as "foreign agents" as the ZOG tightens the screws on dissent, which it shows every indication, of doing. Remember, FEDZOGUSA declared that "U.S. citizens" would be accorded all constitutional rights, but "only foreign nationals who were classified as 'illegal combatants' and/or 'terrorists' would be detained without charge or trial! Since that lie, FEDZOGUSA has incarcerated several U.S. citizens without trial, without defence attorney, and without specific charges in a court of law. Apparently, constitutional rights fall away if one in simply accused of falling into the 'terrorist' category. It took 20 years for the ZOG concept to catch on. It could take that long for victims of Zionism to recognize the validity of networking with AZA on mutually-beneficial projects. Moslems are handicapped by their own religious exclusivity, but I am sure that events will teach them the value of collaborating with Anti-Zionist 'infidels', as the Turks did with the Germans in World War I. Events move much quicker than men's minds, from what I have seen. One would think the opposite would be true!

Many thanks for the photocopies of Rushton's book. I note that he relies upon U.S. IBM. studies of Asians, particularly of Asians living within U.S. territory. I wonder if this data is skewed to reflect the most intelligent Asians, rather than their own bell-shaped curve. Elmer Pendell wrote of the Pilgrims who left Holland for New England as being a select group of more intelligent people than the typical European they left behind. The rigors of the first winter did even more culling of the less intelligent and less fit, so this small gene pool took off like a rocket in the wilderness, and within a few generations, were competitive with their mother country in ship building and the manufacture of iron ships' fittings. By analogy, the Chinese who come here leave behind those less intelligent, with less initiative, etc.

In contrast, the White population is race-mixing and downbreeding, and its I.Q. has declined from a median I.Q. of 101 to barely 100 in the period of the 1950s to the present. Lower intelligence in all races corresponds with Rushton's "r" and "K" strategies, or as Pendell posits, "problem-makers" versus "problem-solvers". The latter create civilizations, and these civilizations support more and more problem-makers or "r" type proliferators, until the "K" types or problem-solvers are overwhelmed and White civilization collapses. The Chinese and Indians apparently do not allow themselves to be drowned by the problem-makers, so their civilizations easily outlast those of the White West. The idea stated by Rushton of "regression" to a racial mean of intelligence appears to overlook eugenics and dysgenics, for animal breeders have improved and maintain the quality of their stock without permitting a regression to a lower 'average'. The continued breeding of the most intelligent with the most intelligent and the continued reproductive curtailment of the least intelligent would tend to move the bell-shaped curve toward the intelligent end of the scale rather than leave the average I.Q. unaffected. As you know, horses could not carry a man, until they were selectively bred to do so. Then they were bred to carry a man in heavy armor, along with horse armor, so the Clydesdale and Percherons were bred to do the job. Do these breeds regress to their previous weaker average? No, because the quality of the breeding stock is maintained by the breeders.

As an amusing aside, I heard an NPR program on Mediterranean cookery. A wandering jew had toured the Mediterranean islands and coastal regions to copy down all the people's recipes. In passing, he mentioned that Marco Polo did not bring noodles to the Italians. The Sicilians were making noodles long before Marco Polo, who apparently recounted other travelers' tales and may have been more a storyteller than an explorer, similar to the liar and bunkum-peddler, Amerigo Vespucci. As you know, I approach race from a standpoint of continuity. If Whites are inventive now, and Yellows are not, was the situation entirely different 10,000 years ago? If so, what DNA change occurred to reverse the roles? Black Supremacists claim that the evil Whites "stole" the advanced artifacts of Black Civilization. Assume that were so. I invent a wheel and someone steals it from me. Why would that prevent me from making another wheel? Apparently, it worked that way on Blacks, who still have not adopted the wheel in their traditional tribal society, as I saw at firsthand in the tribal trustlands, where oxen dragged forked tree trunks with barrels of water from ponds and streams, gouging incipient erosion gullies, which further depleted the soil, along with the ubiquitous goats and cattle.

When I was in Japan, I was surprised that the Japanese had not reasoned that the idea of fast trains was to get from A to B fast; so when one arrived in a city, he spent many hours to find his intended address, for the houses were either not numbered, for the numbers related to the age of the house, rather than its location. With proper street addresses, a traveler could have made about the same time to get from A to B by stagecoach! It appeared to me that the Japanese had the fastest trains in the world, but they did not know why!

In regard to miscegenation to boost the Black I.Q.: I recall from reading Jenson that the results of a Caribbean I.Q. test of Whites, Blacks and mulattos, given by White, Black and mulatto examiners, respectively, showed the I.Q. differential reported by Rushton, with one very important exception: the mulattos scored lower than the Blacks or the Whites on problem solving. Jensen believed that one's identity, that is, race, affects problem-solving, for we need to know who we are, before we can solve a problem in terms of what is good for us. I see the same confusion in multi-cultural, race-mixed societies, as borne out in government policies or lack thereof. In other words, the mating of the most intelligent of different races follows the ancient Aryan warning in the Bhagavad Gita: "From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races; from the confusion of races, the loss of memory; from the loss of memory, the loss of understanding and from this, all evil."

In regard to crime and violence, a recent newspaper article on crime in Los Angeles notes that Asian crime including homicides, is increasing rapidly, in proportion to the more numerous mestizos and Blacks. I still question Rushton's findings on those 'least violent' Mongolians. Maybe Genghis Khan and his Golden Horde were really Tokharians posing as Mongols. It is also amazing that people with so little sex drive as Rushton claims are the largest part of the planet's population. One woman who thinks that race-mixing is the key to world peace told me of her brown vision of the world population. I said that universal race-mixing would produce a population which would look Chinese in one generation, and would be Chinese by the second or third generation, considering the size of the Chinese gene pool. One Black thought that jewsmedia faces should represent the true majority. I said, in that case, they'd all look like Connie Chung or Bruce Lee, for they outnumber everyone else. He was not pleased by that.

In regard to head size correlating with I recall from some anthropology course that the Neanderthals had bigger heads than the Cromagnons. If brain size equates with intelligence then where are the Neanderthals today? One writer whose paper I sent you claims that we are all Cromagnon-Neanderthal hybrids and that 'explains' why there is human conflict. Well, if there was so much conflict between the two species, why was there so much miscegenation, as the writer claims? Why would the Cromagnon forsake his own women in favor of a Neanderthal, and vice versa? It sounds like another pipedream to me.

I have collaborated with Doug Christie for many a thoughtcrime trial in Toronto, and I am still in contact with him. Imagine an alliance between him and Covington: they could unite their respective Chinese populations into one great Oriental Entity, like two men attempting to surround a crowd.

I'm sorry that the LaRouchies have not responded. I'm sure they would if you offered to subscribe to one of their over-priced publications, but after that, what?

All the best, as always, & ORION!