07 September 2002 – Eric Thomson
Many thanks for your heroic and outstanding efforts on behalf of AZA! You are helping me on my strategic and tactical thinking.

I certainly agree that AZA should NOT be identified with any party, race or religion. It is, generally and specifically, ANTI-ZIONIST, and that is worldwide, not just in Occupied Palestine. As I see it, AZA is operational, not organizational, just as it is now taking shape. All I did was to think of the name and the concept, with the first order of business being networking in order to exchange information and co-ordinate activities. A Mexican Nationalist group has suggested a diamond boycott, and I suggested a kosher food tax protest. Another unknown person submitted the AZA stationery letterhead idea. The Star of David is a good logo, with the line through it, for that is immediately understandable. A British artist drew a similar circle with a diagonal lightning bolt smashing the jew-star. Again, immediately recognizable and not too complicated. The purpose of such an entity is stated succinctly with such a symbol. I don't believe anyone has a copyright on the jew-star, although I'm sure the kikes would like one. That way they could charge most sheriff's departments a royalty on their six pointed badges and police car logos. Such a deal!

As we agree, Form Follows Function. The present function of AZA is informational, on the basis of networking, rather than top-down communications, issued from on high. For this purpose AZA needs no 'leader', no membership cards, no dues, no newspaper, no party hierarchy, &c. AZA needs activists, preferably anonymous ones who share the same purpose: the defeat of Zionism, on behalf of Truth, Freedom and Justice, toward the realization of national self-determination. An alliance is a mutually-beneficial working relationship. It does not constitute a change of loyalty, nor a change of identity.

Palestinian suffering should be revealed, along with Zionist lies and predations. The structure of Zionist Occupation in our respective countries must also be exposed, and ideas may be spread for combating the Zionist usurpers and occupiers wherever they exist. Presently, the ZOG is striving to blunt resistance by seizing assets and arresting persons connected with mosques, Arabs and groups on the ZOG hit list. AZA is NOT an Arab agency. It does not need Arab money. AZA can co-ordinate Anti-Zionist programs without so much as looking at an Arab! This is what communication media are for: to exchange information, to move ideas around, rather than bodies. When everybody has the same idea and shares the same information, then our bodies can be put into meaningful and effective motion, wherever we are. The Jew World Ordure must be scrubbed away on a worldwide basis, so it can be flushed down the toilet of history, where it belongs.

AZA is a political movement and politics is people-power, so by all means, give out my mailing address and encourage everyone to access the FAEM website, ZOG willing. Oh yes, find a local Chinaman who can make ZOG-BUSTER T-shirts, displaying the jew-star encircled with the diagonal line through it, as you have suggested. An alternate logo is what we used in Toronto: "ZOG" encircled with the diagonal slash, under which appears the bold word, "BUSTERS". Every kid would like to have his very own ZOG-BUSTER T-shirt. It could become the new fashion statement for Anti-Zionist youth, worldwide.

Many thanks for your letter of August 9th and the interesting essay on the jews Fisk and Gould, who were involved in many swindles. As an undergraduate at Red Berkeley, my U.S. history professor Rappaport warned us that "anyone who even suggested that FDR had prior knowledge of Pearl Harbor would receive an F in this course." Another nice jewish boy! Being of prudent nature, I stayed well away from World War II and wrote a paper on the Progressive movement which was largely a populist reaction against the abuses of jews like Fisk and Gould, along with the railroad barons. Eastern banksters were the inspiration for "The Wizard of Oz". Oz. = ounce. I remember one story of Fisk, Gould and Drew rowing to New Jersey to escape New York jurisdiction one night, with a cargo of watered stock certificates connected with the Erie Railroad scam. Ah, the romance of 'free enterprise'. As Bakunin wisely noted, "small crooks rob banks. Big crooks start banks." We still have the best government money can buy.

Yes, I was aware that the jews betrayed Gothic Spain to the Moors. It appears that they are betraying North America to the Chinese by supplying the Chinese with the latest U.S. technology, including missile guidance knowledge. You note a theme which bears repetition: that the jewish pattern of infiltration and betrayal is constant. The Gentiles never seem too catch on, so P.T. Barnum was correct, that there's a sucker (Goy) born every minute. A German author described the ongoing jew-screws in Germany. In English the book was entitled "The Riddle of the Jews' Success". I forget the name of the author.

When will we ever learn?

I will probably never have time for a computer, nor for direct participation on the Internet. As long as I must work seven days a week at minimum wage jobs, I can barely cope with my volume of snail mail. There is no communication medium known to man which can add additional hours to a 24 hour day. It's that simple. If I had a yacht, I would never be able to set foot on deck, let alone sail it, for I have no time. The same goes for a limo, a radio station or a computer. I understand, conservatively, that there would have to be 3 of me to participate on the Internet: one to earn the necessary income; one to keep my computer free of viruses, worms, spam and junkmail; one to do research and correspondence. Since there is only one of me, the time consumed by earning a living precludes most everything else.

Thanks for recommending the movies. I have seen "They Live", and I recommend it to everyone. In kabalism or Semitic Black Magic, it is required "to make all things manifest", in order to make an evil spell binding on the victim or intended victim. The Great Seal of the United States which appears on the back of the $1 bill serves this purpose. Beneath the pyramid, it states "New World Order" in Latin. In other words, world conquest was the declared intention of the founders of the U.S.A. Incidentally, it was the Secretary at the signing of The Declaration of Independence who drew The Great Seal, Charles Thomson, a relative of mine. I believe that a non-Freemason, Samuel Adams (?) objected to the Seal as a "tawdry Freesmasonic device." Indeed it is! I address the matter of kabalism and the founders of the U.S.A. in "The Cabalistic Curse of Christianity" and "Our Egregious Elite". In "They Live", the destruction of our industries and standard of living, along with our remaining freedoms is depicted very well. If the hebes succeed, our future will indeed be an outdoor life of poverty. Such a deal! The jews' objectives are succinctly stated in Protocol No. 10, in regard to the inoculation of diseases, along with the increase of 'diversity' and dissension, PLUS poverty. The idea is to keep the Goyim so bewildered and demoralized that we will beg the jews to rule over us, if only to get something to eat! I see that day coming, but there will be a race war before that, and the jew may be swept into his proper sewer of history. When our situation becomes serious, real leaders will appear. Don't bother with the losers left over from the passing of Pierce. We cannot afford to be deluded, nor can we afford to support deluded people who think they are leaders.

I could be a leader, if I had any followers, but I would need time to do the job. To buy time requires money, as you know. I have experience, theory, and an ideology which is relevant to our present racial emergency, but I am seen as an entertainer. I have served as representative of the civilian government in specified areas during a civil war, with my own troops. I have participated in the theory and practice of counter-insurgency. I know how governments are formed, defended and destabilized. But I am not seen as relevant. It is analogous to the silly Lord Chelmsford who invaded a nest of Zulus, but chose not to bring machineguns, because "they were too heavy". That resulted in the annihilation of his force. If we are going to fight the ZOG, we should bring our "Thomson" along? Unlike Dr. Pierce, my degrees are in Geopolitics and International Relations, which I have studied out of school, as well. I am a doctoral dissertation away from receiving my Ph.D., for it was so good, U.S. gov't. thugs took it from me at L.A. International Airport at gunpoint, after which, I was escorted to the Mexican border by 3 polite FBI agents and wound up in Africa "for reasons of health". When Hoover died, Nixon was ousted; Attorney General Mitchell imprisoned, the jew, Nelson Rockefeller croaked; Interpol informed me that there was "no want" for me on the computer. Now I'm back, madder but wiser.

In regard to leadership, never sell yourself short. You may discover that you have knowledge, initiative and determination to which others will rally when the time comes. One never knows who is for real and who has the right stuff until events demand those qualities in leaders and followers. It is wisely said that there are 3 types of leaders: the leader who coerces; the leader who inspires and the leader who teaches, so his followers can declare: "See, we did it ourselves!" A leader who wants to build a cult of personality must have a personality worth cultivating. Unfortunately, I know of no such leader at this time. The leader is the right man at the right time, under the right circumstances, which are usually demanding and desperate. As Adolf Hitler said in his inaugural address: "I know that I have come to you, not as your first choice, but as your last choice, for after me, there could only be chaos!" Like Hitler, I deem leadership to be a heavy burden of responsibility, not an age trip. Great causes are served by great men, not moral and mental midgets. To succeed, the leader must live up to his people's highest values, and the people must live up to their leader. Until we have this relationship within our racial nation, we will achieve nothing. Is our situation serious, but not hopeless? Or is it hopeless, but not serious? Events will tell us which answer to find within ourselves, and because we have dithered and dawdled so long, events will not give us much time to make up our minds. Here comes the revolution, ready or not!