09 September 2002 – Eric Thomson
Thank you for your AZA efforts! Please do not think that I am Zündelizing, that is, dissipating the AZA approach to Arab victims of Zion. I have contacted all my correspondents, including those on the Internet, with your excellent ideas and I await feedback from them. More I cannot do, in view of my extremely limited resources of time, money and personnel. AZA should network on any ZOG-busting item: the diamond boycott, kosher food tax protests, anti-Holohoax materials, ZOG biowarfare programs, &c. Some AZA people include the diamond boycott as part of their support for the Arab victims of Zion. Certainly, anything which busts the ZOG will help all victims of Zion, since Zionism is a multi-faceted evil. Some prefer to hit one facet, rather than another. Since ZOG does something to everyone, AZA should provide some ZOG aspect for everyone to hit. Never underestimate the stupidity of the blightwing, however.

Yes, indeed, if diversity is good for Americans, it must also be 'good' for Jews in Israel! Down with apartheid in the Middle East! Majority Rule for Palestinians of all creeds and races!

The best book on ZOG's intentional inoculation of U.S. homosexuals and Black Africans with the AIDS-virus, the man-made mutation of the ovine visna virus, is "Doctors of Death" by Dr. Cantwell, with whom I corresponded. Our correspondence ended when I asked him why the jews he mentions as agents for the spread of the disease would wish to endanger their own people, who have Black genes and are notably homosexual, after reading Cantwell's words about a "Nazi plot" to eradicate Blacks and homos. This is like the LaRouchies who also call sheenie malefactors "Nazis". From what I have read of the AIDS virus, it shows individual mutations. In other words, if DNA-tested, the virus will indicate from which person one received it. The Black hetero version of AIDS would logically differ from a White homosexual variety, if that theory is true. The jew Dr. Landau of the Centers for Disease Control lamented that "1 out of 100 Whites appears immune to the AIDS virus". This category excludes people with non-White admixtures, including jews. Such a deal:

Like you, I boggled at the proposition that Jews would do the Nazis a big favor and thereby endanger themselves. Cantwell could not or would not explain the jews' motives, but the most likely one is that stated in Protocol No. 1C, "the inoculation of diseases" being one way to demoralize the Goyim and make them beg for jewish rule. If The Protocols of Zion are a "forgery", they are terribly accurate in predicting and describing what the kikes are up to. One cynical fellow predicted an "AIDS-ocracy" in which everyone gets the virus, but only some will be able to afford lifelong treatment to hold the disease in abeyance. He thought that could be a great means of social control, i.e. tyranny, as well as reducing the excess population. Race and demography are the main issues in this Age of Biopolitics. Biowarfare includes disease, immigration, abortion and those items listed in The Genocide Convention which are currently used against Whites by their respective ZOGs.

Thank you for your information on the Neanderthals. An anti-White wog writer has made much of the alleged White-Neanderthal mixture in his polemic, "The Iceman Inheritance", although his pseudo-thesis is equally applicable to the Asians.



It is interesting to learn of your tussle with censorship, and I was amused and informed by the download on the Anglo-mestizo, Michael Bradley, whose picture appeared on the kosher cover of "The Iceman Inheritance", which I skimmed while in Toronto. I mentioned to the book's owner that the content would be subject to Canadian thoughtcrime law IF the book addressed non-Whites in the same terms. So it turns out that "Bradley" is a jew, after all. He is a compendium of contradictions, as typical for jews whose racial mixture tends toward confusion of purpose and content. His fellow dysgenics are no less contradictory, for they gave his book their kosher seal of approval, because of its anti-White thesis, then realized he was including the Ashkenazim, by definition, as genetically linked with the dreaded-Neanderthals! He admits he was ignorant of the origins of Khazar jews, and now he is stuck with the results. Many hebes are taken in by the fiction that they derive from the Arab founders of the Semitic religions. I am surprised that Bradley was, apparently, unaware of "Khazar" in The Jewish Encyclopedia and "The Thirteenth Tribe" by my favorite Hungarian jew, Arthur Koestler. Well, his anti-White hate made him blind, and his kosher cohorts' hatred of Whites caused them to ignore unpleasant facts in their haste to hit Whitey. Now the wogs and nignogs are using his book to bash jews and Whites. Oy veh! The jew Bradley is an effective agent of The Anti-Zionist Alliance, despite his alleged collaboration with B'nai B'rith. Incidentally, I was with the Toronto Odinists, and I know of none who had the money to by streetcar fare out of town, let alone set up a hit-team and do snuff films in the Caribbean or elsewhere. Bradley is attempting to profit from concocting a straw bogeyman, but that's par for the course, when one is kosher.

In regard to the jews of Spain, Dr. Oliver wrote that most of them 'converted' to Catholicism, and many remained jews by practice and belief as "marranos". These 'conversos' included such notables as Torquemada (Burnt Tower), the head of The Inquisition, which supposedly chased marranos and heretics, and Francisco de Loyola, founder of the Jesuits. After Loyola's death, the next five Jesuits in line for his succession were also 'converso' Jews. No, the jews did not leave Spain in such numbers as they lie about, although some did leave for Holland where they became Roosevelts and Rockefellers, according to "The Grandees", if not deleted in subsequent editions. When I lived in Barcelona, I tutored a "Catalan" family. One day the wife loudly criticised the Spanish maid for washing meat dishes with the butter dish and milk glasses. I casually asked if they were jewish, and the woman protested fiercely that they were "Christians", pointing to a gory, agonized, blood-spattered Christ on his cross, the figure's facial features contorted like a gargoyle under extreme torture. This marrano family had one such crucifix in every room, as well as over the toilet in the bathroom. A stupid Christian may deem those symbols to be 'devotion', but a jew would deem them sadistic triumph over The False Messiah. Go figure. Many thanks for all your fine research articles and your excellent networking. As you may know, I have no computer, so there is much on the Internet which I miss, as I would anyway because of my extremely limited time. Well, it's off to work on my seven-day work week.


P.S.: In regard to a currency based on hours of work, the fallacy is that the value of one hour of work is the same as another, that a brain surgeon's hour is as valuable as a woodcutter's. This is an offshoot of "the labor theory of value", another fallacy. The amount of work required to lift a diamond from the bowels of the earth is far more than that required to pick up an even bigger diamond off a beach, but the 'value' of the diamonds remains the same. I do not care now much work went into something I do not want, so the value of that item is zero to me. Conversely, if I want something requiring little effort very much, I will pay "gold rush prices" to get it. Value remains in the eyes of the buyer, regardless' of hours and ergs involved.