11 September 2002 – Eric Thomson
You note a trend which is prevalent throughout the U.S.A.: "gated communities", or, as they were called in Vietnam, "fortified hamlets". Perhaps "golden ghettos" are most appropriate, and they are kosher. One fatcat rico gringo couple who dwell in their own "security compound" entrusted their top-kick spic with the entry code, which he thoughtfully passed on to a pair of frito bandidos. When both gringo & gringa were snug in their nest of goodies, the bandits entered, tied them up at gunpoint, and casually loaded the couple's brand new Mercedes SUV with items of their choosing. They helped themselves to snacks and drove away, like a couple of very happy campers. Eventually, the gringos freed themselves and called the police. Unbeknownst to the bandits, the Mercedes had a global positioning transmitter on board and the gringos were able to locate the stolen vehicle in seconds. The mestizo bandidos had rendezvoused in an orchard to distribute the loot into other vehicles and the cops caught them loot-handed. A trial resulted in which the Master Mestizo who gave the entry code to the bandits was tried, but it seems to be a matter of hung juries. As the population grows rapidly hispano-mestizo, juries will be as reluctant to convict their own congeners as nigger juries are with Black defendants. I have no sympathy for the gringo race-betrayers. The message is quite clear to future bandits: just kill the gringos and they can't call the cops. This only shows that Mexicans are dumber than Colombians, who generally kill first and loot later. In Colombia, the lavish shedding of blood is considered a greeting, as we consider, when we say "Hi!" to someone. A Colombian hit-job is more bang for the buck than the old mafia-style hit, in which the target gets shot and no one else is harmed. A Colombian hit involves everyone within range, along with the original target or targets. In their getaway, three hitmen will shoot anyone in sight, leaving a scene that looks like a combat zone. Florida police have been shocked by this 'diversity', but why be surprised? If you let in rats, you'll have all the problems rats normally produce. With such racial and national diversity, coupled with a lack of White community, FEDZOG's appeals for "homeland security" are absurd. How does one defend a territory if one refuses to defend its borders? How can ZOG appeal for unity and sacrifice of the inhabitants when large proportions of them are already from recently-designated 'enemy' countries, and ZOG proposes to attack their flesh & blood? Would USZOG try to reinstate the draft? I think that unlikely, since the population is more diverse and less stable now than during the Vietnam War, which ended the draft. Blacks are not at all enthusiastic about war against Moslems in general and joining the military in particular. You may have seen the Black solidarity that embraces the Black Muslims and bible-banging Christians, regardless of doctrinal differences. Would slack Moslems, with all their 'get Whitey' rhetoric fight other Moslems? Not likely! Would the rapidly-increasing number of other Moslems fight Moslems? No, they'll stay here and breed, while the crazy, jew-dazed White Remnant goes abroad to battle Moslem windmills in true Don Quixote fashion, on behalf of the Zionist petro-banksters. Such a deal!

In The Time Machine, the Morlocks could not be mistaken for jews. Had the Morlocks been jews, the Eloi would have been killed and, the Morlocks would have gone hungry, at least in the meat department. The Eloi analogy does apply in many respects to the White Remnant who cannot conceive that their lifestyle is subject to radical change at any moment. This is what the Eloi would have faced, upon the 'triumph' of their time-traveller 'hero'. The first reaction would be, "Where's the food?" It's a long journey in comprehension from a grain of wheat to a loaf of bread, and from a grazing cow to a hamburger patty. Then comes the cooking. I've seen Whites who depended on servants to be similarly helpless, even when the fridge is full and the stove is in working condition. Most likely, ignorance and dependence would kill off such utopian denizens. I doubt that many White school kids could recognize edible crops growing in fields, let alone know how to prepare them for eating. Now, that is scary! Whites have segregated themselves generationally, so little knowledge is passed on to younger generations from those who've learned something they have yet to know. Will they find it from books? The jews control the libraries and systematically remove unkosher knowledge, just as the Morlocks left few records for the once-independent Eloi, whose lack of curiosity was their own greatest obstacle to knowledge, just like Whites, who appear to be begging for tyranny to give them the illusion of "security". Such "wee, timorous beasties" are beneath contempt. As I see the future, the ZOG will kill off another bunch of White sheep and collapse amid its own chaotic diversity. As usual, the jews won't be happy with the outcome of their congenital subversion. ZOG seems to forget that non-Whites have better memories than do the masses of gullible White sheeple, with their Pavlovian response to talmudvision propaganda and their inability to remember anything from twelve o'clock to noon. We are caricatures of the Orwellian proles of "1984".

As you say, "Christianity" is Judaism for Goyim. Christians delude themselves (for Christianity is
The Big Delusion) that they can convert jews. The truth is that jews convert and pervert everything to suit themselves. Any group which lets in jews has effectively committed suicide, like a family who takes in vampires. Then, the stupid converters become servants of their 'converts'. This explains a lot of the Christians' support for Zionism, that is based upon worship of everything jewish. Eli Ravage said quite candidly that Gentiles hate jews and worship them in their religion. I try to point out that the Incas and Aztecs defeated themselves by believing the Spaniards were "the White gods". If you worship your enemy, you are defeated. If you adopt your enemy's religion, you are enslaved. And if you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed. This is the fate of Mexico and of Whites who breed with jews and other non-Whites. It is a big joke that those who hate jews the most are those who claim themselves to be "the true Israelites". That's as ridiculous as blond Icelanders who would proclaim themselves to be "the true Zulus". There is no doubt that our worst enemies are here and that they are White. This fact was well-illustrated in a book I recently read: "Ways that are Dark, the Truth about China", by former U.S. diplomat Ralph Townsend. Chinese and other non-Whites know how to press Whitey's buttons, as children know how to operate vending machines. The difference is that the non-Whites give us no cause for us to hand them our cash, our goods and our land, as well as our daughters. For some reason, we are suicidal givers who delude ourselves into believing that we are helping to bring about a better world and we are making friends. The contrary is the truth.. By feeding rats and cockroaches, we make conditions worse for them and for us, and we are despised, and attacked for our 'kindness' which non-Whites see
as weakness and cowardice. Unfortunately, they are mostly right. As you say, we live in two irrelevant and destructive extremes: idiotic fanaticism and myopic hedonism. The White man appears willing to try anything but the program which can defend him and give his life meaning. As we know, that missing item is a race-based creed with solid economic and social structure, i.e. National Socialism, under any label. When Hitler was finally elected Chancellor of Germany, he made a most peculiar inaugural address which stated: "I know that I come to you, not as your first choice, nor as your second choice, but as your very last choice, for after me could only come chaos." Hitler was no egotist, but a very impassioned realist. What could he do for Whites now? Nothing at all, for his pro Aryan passion would be met with Eloi-like Aryan apathy, indifference and positive hostility. "How dare you wish that we should survive?" As Townsend wrote, the tragedy for the Chinese is their own selfish hedonism, which subjects them to the worst imaginable tyranny and general poverty. Have we become similar to Chinese in our social attitudes & behavior? I fear so. Rousseau and Jefferson promoted Chinafication in Western terms: the individual pursuit of happiness über Alles. Imagine! It took us only two centuries to create much of the squalor, crime and corruption of The Turd World! Such progress! Such a deal! Obviously, abundance does not confer wisdom, so we shall see what scarcity will do. As you point out, Whitey's world of illusion to which he clings so fiercely, will soon evaporate under the harsh glare of reality. 

The news items were not only interesting, but revealing, for none of the 4 jewspapers I get here carry the stories your local rag does. I would appreciate it if you could write the name of the newspaper and the date of the article so I can pass it on to others who may wish to republish it. Without a source name and date, they can't use the clipping. I read The Yakima Herald-Republic, USA Today, The Seattle Times and The Seattle Post-Intelligencer daily because I get them free at work. By reading all four, I can find out the race of a criminal suspect. Sometimes the suspect's picture will appear in one newspaper which reveals his race. The general rule is to run a picture of an Ostensible White suspect in all rags, but hide the suspect's racial identity if he's non-White by omitting a picture, as well as his race. If a suspect is White, that racial information is nearly always included. Imagine how this jewspaper policy would appear in Zimbabwe: all Black suspects would be photographed and identified racially, but no Whites or Asians would be! Only an anti-Black society would do that, so our jewspapers indicate that we live in an anti-White society. Fortunately, the White man's Internet has broken the jewsmedia monopoly. Imagine if all the information available about Pearl Harbor had been revealed on such a network in 1941. The sheeple might have behaved quite differently. Well, now they can find the truth on the Internet, but will the truth make them free if they just sit and peck at the keyboard? Not likely.