12 September 2002 – Eric Thomson
I finished reading Ralph Townsend's "Ways that are Dark, the Truth About China", and my Gestalt impression was of tragedy and hope. The tragedy is the treason of Judeo-White capitalists and Christians/Communists who have robbed U.S. citizens with lies on behalf of the Chinese who despise foreign generosity and trust. The hope is that we can deal with these domestic traitors and loonies before they succeed in arming and financing a truly unified and dangerous China, just as we must reverse Chinese colonization of North America. Were the traitors in our midst stopped, China would likely revert to its normal chaos under clannish warlord rule in the style of Jeffersonian anarchy. Current dealings with Chinese prove that they have not changed in regard to treaties for the protection of fair trade. The Christian missionaries certainly have the monopoly on insanity in regard to their insistent self-delusionment about Chinese reality, now, as in the 1930s, when Townsend wrote. The U.S. State Department's reliance on ignorant press opinions, rather than their own observers and consular reports from China is truly amazing: ignore those with knowledge and heed those with ignorance born of misinformation and wishful-thinking! Such a State Department would best be employed doing dishes in a greasy spoon restaurant, preferably owned by real Chinese! China's foremost imperialist allies are mainly White and they are right here in North America, so we can save our air fare.

 I do not believe that Whites have another decade ahead of them in which to avoid darkened reality. The ZOG loots and pollutes our livingspace at an ever-accelerating rate, almost as if they know their evil days are numbered, and that Something is gaining on them. The Ostensible White zoglings you describe are becoming like jews, or like Chinese in their materialist venality, which will profit them very little as White society vanishes around them. As you say, sane Whites must be prepared to fight in self-defense as individuals and as a race.

Yes, I would also feel silly tromping around in a 1930s SA outfit, shouting "Sieg heil!" When I was attempting to promote The White Power Movement, stuck away in the semi-ghost town of Reedy, WV, I proposed an emblem of a White-pointed star on a blue background, with a red swastika encircled in the center of the star. The "party uniform" would be blue jeans, work boots, denim jackets and blue hardhats with the emblem on the front. I printed and made some nifty cardboard armbands, reinforced with nylon filament tape on the back, with 4 holes punched in the corners for strong rubberbands. This armband was much stronger and more colorful than a cloth armband and the rubberbands which completed the circle prevented slippage and accommodated bare arms, shirtsleeves, jackets and overcoats. Why would I want to appear like a foreigner from some other time and place? Well, you can imagine the howls from the blightwing's "Nazi-KKKooks"! One fellow said the WPM emblem looked like a Texaco sign: "too American". Most blighters felt that their tender and fragile National Socialist beliefs would be destroyed by American workers' attire. My, my. I would feel embarrassed wearing a uniform of another time and place, just as I would feel embarrassed to wear a Confederate uniform or a bedsheet out on the street. I would never be embarrassed to proclaim myself a White worker, with my own racial emblem. That was back in 1976, and I have no doubt that the White Power uniform will be adopted, as I am that form follows function. It just takes the blightwing so very long. Well, once they had forgotten where ZOG came from they started using the term, at least some do. The jewsmedia were frantic in articles which appeared in 1976: The Star & Swastika were horrifying to the hebes, but, as we know, the entire blightwing was on their side, so the symbol never caught on. The German-American Bund distanced themselves from popular support, while the Jews promoted themselves as "100% Americans" without the hyphen. History shows who made the better propaganda. As I say, why would I wish to impress prospective supporters that I was a foreigner? One fellow you probably know about, runs a go-nowhere overseas German publication, whose German subscribers are promptly raided and arrested by Bundeszoglings, resulting in fines and imprisonment. Surely, Germans can draw their own swastikas, without importing them from the U.S.A.! If an American-born person wants to be "German", without living in Germany, where he is usually arrested, I can only wonder. I speak a fair amount of German with a reasonable pronunciation and I could affect a German accent in my English, but why would I want to do that? The blightwing surpasseth understanding. Maybe I'll wear a "White Power" burnoose instead, and call myself "Akbar el Nazi".

I appreciate the kosher debating scams. That's why I debated a hebe on the Internet, so people could refer to writing. I was able to use him as a sounding board for all sorts of material I would not present in essay form, and I hope our readers learned something from it. This was a good example of jewish argumentation: (1) He would not look up sources which I cited to back my statements. (2) If the sources were in the public domain, they were deemed "Nazi propaganda" or "forgeries. My jew opponent went so far as to deny existence of an author, Jack Bernstein and the authenticity of his two books about Israel. I pointed out that these "forgeries" which were written by some unnamed "impostor" rang true with reports of jews who'd fled "racist-Marxist Israel". When I mentioned Dr. Israel Shahak, who I met in Toronto, my opponent claimed that he was a "notorious liar". The debate ended when neither of us could be sure that either of us existed, and that we were likely two committees of "impostors" conducting a bogus debate about lies and forgeries for the obfuscation of the readers. I still get a good chuckle when I recall that debate. Kikes are very much like the Chinese in their abuse of language and lies. The jew has found that if he cries as he lies, the gullible Goyim will believe him out of pity, rather than rational acceptance of his twaddle. Like the chink, the kike is rarely original, and the witness soon sees the pattern.

Sorry, but the only Dietz version of The Protocols which saw was in German. I don't know about the condition of his English edition nor that he printed one. I thought I'd made a photocopy of my Protocols, but I either gave it to someone or can't locate it. I can make you a photocopy if you wish, but it's on a peculiar blightwing format, which means that each page must be photocopied separately on 8.5" X 11" paper. Such a deal!

The race war in U.S. prisons has been ongoing for decades. Santa Fe Prison had a vicious riot about ten years ago, and convicts took over the prison for a while. Race and snitches were the issues. Some fag prison architect had improperly protected the prison control room with fashionable plexiglas or some such fragile material. The cons noted that and smashed their way into the control room, took the guards prisoner and found the snitch list. I understand that the control room is now protected with good, old-fashioned steel bars. Cooh, how butch! Bill Armontrout, warden of MO State Penitentiary answered my question about the major problems in U.S. prisons thusly: "Race and AIDS, and AIDS is catching up fast."

New Mexico seems to have been in a depression even before the Spaniards arrived. I'm not surprised you could not find work there.

One thing which struck me as I read the Townsend book was American Whites' arrogant folly in thinking that their religions and capitalist way of life were responsible for our prosperity and, if only such values could be transplanted throughout the world, all earthlings could become fat little Rotarians or even fatter Shriners. On the contrary! These values are just the ones which are destroying our society and our standard of living. What gave us prosperity was the absence of population in North America and its super-abundance of natural resources. The truth of my statement is becoming obvious as our spaces fill up with mouths to feed and our resources become depleted and polluted. Then, it is likely that most people will adopt Chinese values of materialist individualism and indifference to luxuries of religion and principle. We can already see our "Chinafication" in the behavior of our Judeo-American plutocracy, with their slogan of "the public be damned!" German observers have characterized U.S. society as a "Raubbaukultur", in which one adds rooms to his house by robbing material from the existing structure. Other writers have noted that Americans build towns and cities as if they intended to live there for a few years, then move on somewhere else. They don't even bother to give their towns street names, but use numbers and/or letters. I agree that we live in a nomadic and irresponsible society which appears to behave as if we all agreed that we wouldn't be around very long, so the mess, the repair work and the debts will all be our legacy to our children and grandchildren. "One day, sucker, I mean, son, all this will be yours, or Sambo's, or Wong's or Lupe's. Hell, I don't know, and I don't care!" That seems to be the American Attitude which deserves a deep-six down the Grand Canyon, along with their golden-geezer wagons. For such slobs I have no tears to shed, but for their kids, I do. How does having children breed such callous indifference toward them? That is The Great American Mystery.


P.S.: Re -The Yellow Peril: Chinese colonization of North America is pernicious on 3 counts: (l) They are here. (2) The money they bring in does not represent productivity here, but competes with the money North Americans earn at lowering wages. The price of housing has risen accordingly, and is now beyond the means of most North American working couples; (3) The Chinese and others bring in their old people who perform no work, pay no taxes and are allowed to draw welfare funds under various designations. Chinese Gov. Locke made sure "legal residents" could qualify for all tax-funded social services. Dr. Pierce noted that the Asians, especially the Chinese, exploit all the nigger benefit programs to the hilt, at Whitey's expense. John Chinaman is really Super Jew.