14 September 2002 – Eric Thomson
Many thanks for yours of 29 Aug. and 2 Sep., as well as the Maguire article, which was excellent, as usual. He has the kikes down pat, and his thesis coincides with that of General J.F.C. Fuller of The Imperial War College in regard to Commie-kikes' impractical dystopian dementia. I saw the hebes up close during the sick sixties' student riots. My observations of universities do not differ, for in all the universities I have attended, one thing is consistent: the Gentiles study their subjects and the Jews study 'their' Gentiles, as livestock owners study their herds. There the analogy ends, for Jews wish only to do their 'livestock' harm in as many ways they can think of, just like little devils.

I discovered classical music around age 1, and I have enjoyed it ever since. It inspires and it recharges my spiritual batteries. Compared to White man's music, the rest is pretty much noise. Some of the latest cacophony has no rhythm nor melody, and reminds me of malfunctioning industrial machinery. If a machine operated in such arrhythmic fashion, one would best switch it off or leave the premises before pieces started flying.

Re the Christian economics writer who claimed that "God revealed this to me": she might as well say, after looking someone's telephone number up in the directory that "God revealed his number to me." The article on the world bankster racket is great, but her references to divine revelation make her sound like a kook who hears voices. It's like blightwing publications which have sensible and important articles adjacent to perpetual-motion devices and quack-panaceas, which put the serious articles on par with The National Enquirer to the skeptic. How not to convince!

Your assessment of machismo as a form of consumerism is right on. Soldier of Fortune accessories begin where Playboy left off: you don't have to be the man you want to be; just buy the accouterments of toughness and bravery, and you'll look macho (but will you fool anybody?) I'm reminded of a traveler who became acquainted with a fellow who claimed to be a boxer. His well-tailored jacket seemed barely able to accommodate his muscles. A canny bloke saw through the impostor's facade and invited him to fisticuffs. The 'tough guy' hemmed and hawed, but would not doff his jacket, until his opponent ripped it off his back. Lo and behold: the "boxer's" muscles vanished with the well-padded coat! One is foolish to bluff, for one is likely to be called. The Germans say about such people that they are "Mehr Schein als Sein" (more appearance than reality). Germans I know agree that it is better to be "mehr Sein als Schein". Certainly, it is better to have it and not flaunt it, than to flaunt it and not have it. I agree with your assessment of the NRA groupies. Why all the words? It is enough to have a weapon and know how to use it. Gun-grabbers will not be deterred by words. The 'right' to keep and bear arms was not won with legalisms and arguments with King George's redcoats. It was won because rebels bore their arms and used them. Duh! Of course, anyone can buy the weapon, but courage is not for sale anywhere I know. If one lacks courage, no weapon will save him. Pastor Miles wrote that the blightwing view guns as women view jewelry: things to be displayed, fondled and put away for safekeeping. Blightwingers will not revolt because they fear to lose their guns. The means defeat the ends. The people who had "too much to lose" in Rhodesia did nothing, for fear of losing what they had, so they lost everything and some lost their lives as well. They were such well-educated fools. According to Miles, the leftwing has no gun-fetish, but they know how to get guns, when necessary, and they use them. ZOG only knows that the majority of legal weapons are in the hands of gun-fetishists, not patriots. The NRA is happy to give the country away to alien invaders, so long as they can keep their precious guns. They are going the way of the White Rhodesians who would not lift a finger, because they had "too much to lose".

"Money" is easy to understand. It is trust and co-operation symbolized in tokens of value which others accept. That is why we accept them in exchange for our labor. The banksters' hocus pocus is purposely designed to flim flaw the public, and it usually succeeds. Banksters are empowered to create money out of nothing, as they have done when we were on a gold or silver standard. Gold and silver have their uses as commodities, so it is unwise to monetize them, since their quantity is independent of the supply of goods and services which real, proper money would represent. If the money supply correctly conforms to increases or decreases in the supply of goods and services, there will be no inflation nor deflation and the Jew banksters will be denied another source of illicit profit.

Your observation that women easily become commodities is correct. My Catalan landlady in Barcelona lived there throughout the Spanish Civil War. As the Nationalist siege tightened and the Red Terror worsened, money was almost worthless. Workers were paid in goods and people bartered.

Food became scarce. First, the pigeons vanished, then the cats. The Nationalists entered the city about the same time that the inhabitants were trying to catch rats to eat. In such an economy, women naturally traded sex for things they wanted. In regard to the Anarchists, who were the majority in Republican Spain, they proved that anarchy does not work against a minority who are organized, disciplined and led. It is not so much a matter of control, as a matter of survival. "Democracy" has been tried in armies, and that never works, either, for there is no time to vote on a course of action in the midst of battle. The Anarchists were even worse, for every individual did what he felt like doing, at all times. Durruti, the Anarchist leader (which is an oxymoron) was shot dead by one of his own in Madrid. Orwell was in POUM, which was Trotskyite, rather than Anarchist, as I recall. Orwell was remarkable in that he wrote and fought, whereas most leftwing writers advised others to fight. Such men I respect, for they live up to their words. Zündel surprised me after four of us fought our way up the courthouse steps in Toronto at the beginning of his thoughtcrime trials. He said he was surprised to discover that a writer would also be a fighter. I said that my words would have no meaning and no value if I were not prepared to back them up with my own fists. What has ceased to surprise me is to discover that many blightwingers use words in lieu of action. For me, words have always been the prelude to action. My error over the years has been in judging blightwingers as I judge myself.

AIDS is deadly because it is slow. Bola is jet-propelled AIDS, and everyone knows who has it. The AIDS epidemic is steadily growing because its carriers show no obvious signs of the disease they are spreading until it is too late. The very slowness insures that the masses of asses will contract the disease, for stupid people cannot think in long terms, such as years. As one South African doctor said of the Blacks: they have a typical I.Q. of 70, and to tell them that unsafe sex can kill them in 3 years is like telling a normal person that it way kill them in 100 years. Blacks can scarcely think ahead more than a week at a time. Ebola deters even most Blacks from getting too close to the infected ones.

In regard to those of us at the bottom, who do not belong there, one writer referred to us as "The Out-Elite". The White men who are denied their rightful stations in society because of wog & nignog quotas will increase the ranks of the Out Elite, which is the prelude to a revolution. A wise ZOG would buy us off, but they hate Whitey so much, they will commit the error of writing us off. In my own case, penury has made me declasse, as were my parents whose grandparents were well off. Premature deaths on both sides of the family killed off the big breadwinners. My relatives include William Thomson (Lord Kelvin) whose scientific work included the Vortex Atom and Absolute Zero, and more practical matters as the laying of transoceanic telegraph cables. Subsequently, J.J. Thomson (Sir) discovered the electron. According to one SAR source, I'm related to Charles Thomson who was secretary at the signing of The Declaration of Independence. I was who I am long before I discovered my connections with these outstanding men who were radicals in any field of endeavor. My parents summed up my background in terms that would do a Roman tribune proud: "Whatever achievements accrue to your ancestors are their achievements. You cannot rest on those, but you should make your own." That put me in my proper place, and since I am not particularly gifted in the science department, nor am I personally ambitious, I just followed the line of least resistance, and have arrived at my present degree. of 'status' and 'achievements'. Objectively, I am lucky to be alive and still out of the ZOG-gulag. Charles Thomson might understand, since he was a political rebel, like me. Unlike him, I have no Freemasonic conspirators to back me up.

I believe that Jack London abandoned his particular brand of socialism when he realized the fact of gross inequality in abilities and leadership qualities in men. It was around this time that he may well have written "Might Is Right", under the pen name of Ragnar Redbeard. What he failed to foresee would be the triple-exploitation of the productive members of society by the parasitic, predatory ruling class, as well as the role of the Jews and the nonWhite invasion of White livingspace. The robbery of the productive takes the form of debtslavery, profiteering and taxation, for the breeding of more predators and parasites. The welfare locusts would have been unthinkable in Jack London's day, for the rule was: no work, no eat. As I recall, "Might Is Right" even posits the die off of the underclass by starvation and exposure. Men appeared to have much more courage in 1912 than they do today.

As you observe, the kikes have done their worst to mess up the normal and natural social order. Few men are leaders. The Chinese figured no more than 1 out of 20 Whites. The others are at best decent followers who can perform productive work under proper leadership. The remainder are dregs and parasites who presently occupy the top and bottom levels of our jew-supremacist society. The hebes have done their worst to emasculate men and to macho-ize women. This is one reason for White women falling into the clutches of nigger studs, for no one says they are demasculinized, as are White men. Women are best fitted for what Nature designed them to do: bear children and help their men, even as powers behind the throne who use their femininity to advise and support the males in mutually-desirable courses of action, on behalf of the family and, above all, the children. Any other role for women appears unnatural and anti-social, for the sexes should not be competitive, but symbiotic for the survival of family, clan, tribe, nation and race. Social values which impede the reproduction of the fit Whites, and which encourage the reproduction of the unfit and non-Whites are obviously in the service of our enemies. Like you, I foresee that events will demand the advent of the new aristocracy. the lords of war who will not only reign, but rule, on behalf of the majority who finally see that they lack real leaders, and that those they have followed so far are leading them right up the ramp into the kosher slaughterhouse. This is why we must understand the need for building a White state within the present Zionist state. No mere change of administration under ZOG can suffice, but only a total change of government.