16 September 2002 – Eric Thomson
Thanks for yours of 3 Sept., and for confirming that my material is reaching FAEM. I loved to speak what little French I learned from my phrase book, for I never studied French in school. When I lived in Barcelona, I had to leave Spain every 3 months to renew my tourist visa. I quickly learned that clothing in France was much more expensive than in Spain, so I would buy two suitcases full of pullovers to sell in Marseilles' Arab Quarter. There, I learned to bargain Arab fashion. After selling my goods, I would board the night steamer to Ibiza and return by ship or plane to Barcelona with a fresh visa stamp in my passport. Because I was fluent in Spanish and German, as well as English, I worked illegally for a Barcelona factory which pirated foreign patents and sold them in Spain, under favorable tariff arrangements. All sorts of visitors wanted to buy the factory, which was not for sale, and I would show them a good time in the Barrio Gotico, with its bars, cabarets, dancers & whorehouses. My real work was as interpreter and document translator, usually for English or German patents which the factory could copy and manufacture, after ordering the machines for phony letterhead 'end-user' companies. A paper-folding machine would be ordered by a fictitious bindery, for example, for a machine tool factory would cause suspicion. This was Franco Spain, where I learned to make real snappy Fascist salutes. I'm sure I can out-salute Draft-Dodger Clinton, even with a Commie clenched fist. Incidentally, I can say, "I'm not a spy" in 9 languages, but no one ever believes me. When I said, "Aber, ich bin kein Spion!" to my East German escorts who saw me board the train to London at the Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse in Berlin, they just smiled and waved to me. Since they could not find the camera I didn't have, their jew boss, Mischa Wolf, figured I was just too damned clever to be allowed to walk around East Berlin, and to interview Dr. Joswig, their Economic Institute head, whom I met in California. I never carry a camera, for the places I go are usually in some state of emergency, and cameras attract undesirable attention from soldiers and/or bandits. I usually buy postcards.

When I lived in Barcelona, I sent postcards to my parents who lived in California. I usually bought them in little, out of the way shops, and they were usually in black & white. My father chided me for being too Scottish, even for him. He said, you must be stealing your postcards from some museum or attic. Surely you can find more recent cards than ones which show the shadow of the Zeppelin from which the aerial photo of Barcelona was taken! I took a closer look, and saw that he was correct. How time flies.

When speaking to younger people, I take care not to bewilder them with casual mention of such bygone things as "telegrams". When I said that I traveled to Europe the first time on The Queen Mary, I got blank looks from my listeners, and I had to explain that it was a ship, rather than some ancient airline. Sometimes I am so dated that I am unintelligible. One little girl said that listening to me was like "taking a hit of acid", because my weird words "blew her mind". Words like: steamship, telegram, carbon paper, fountain pen, indelible pencil, India ink, semaphore, livery stable (former), where I now live. My mind is a museum of artifacts and processes , as well as people, who are unknown to younger generations, and I strive to keep myself current with new technology like cellphones and TV remotes, which I do not
have myself. In one establishment, a TV remote is left on the bar, and anyone who tries to call out on it is not served any more drinks. In one Bulawayo beer garden, there was a strict rule that anyone who knocked over the table and chair, while attempting to get up from his seat, would not be served for a whole hour!

How does one afford to live within his means? You must pick the proper era in which you can afford to live. The height of my income allows me to live in 1935, but not later, especially in regard to a car. I enjoy an electric fridge, which came with the apartment, as well as a gas stove, with no oven. I can afford more modern items like Scotch tape and ball-point pens, but I will not put up with a TV, which I have no time to watch, anyway. I do listen to my battered portable radio for jewsreports and classical music, while I do other things, like compose letters and essays on my 1935 model typewriter. Indeed, my typing is so prolific that I re-ink my ribbons, with greater or lesser success. Practice makes perfect!

A few ignorant people have accused me of choosing to live in a time warp. Were I financially able, I would show then how truly modern I can be. If Arbeit macht Frei, then "BorgenmachtSorgen" (should be 3 separate words, meaning "to borrow makes Sorrow", my original saying.

In your sense of loss, you reveal the true meaning of "Nation", as a people, not a place. Those who remember America as a White society know how much has been lost, and continues to be lost. The California I grew up in is all gone. It is now Mexico, just as Yakima is becoming. The USA is indeed an artificial and illusory entity, with consumerism the only thing its denizens have in common. When the goodies get scarce, the real 'diversity' will erupt.

As you say, the ZOG seems confused: "To war or not to war, that is the question." The Afghan campaign hastened the end of the Soviet Union, and Bushy's open-ended war is likely to do the same to the USA. Even now, our economy is going Weimar and our demography is going ape. If I were the worst enemy of the USA, I could not conceive of more anti-U.S. schemes than those Bush et al. are putting into practice. ZOG-mercs are spread way too thin, and they are being ground down by the stress and sniping which the Afghans love to inflict upon foreign invaders. FEDZOGUSA has its mercs in Georgia, to battle the Chechens; in the Philippines, to battle the moros, the native Moslems, which gave the U.S. all the trouble after the defeat of Spain in 1898. Then USZOG wants to meddle in Colombia and Peru, and some other hot spots, too. I lived two years in Colombia, before cocaine money started coming in and the 300 year old civil war was vigorously popping then. No amount of money can make stupid and vicious people improve, but it allows them to buy better weapons, including, perhaps, U.S. Stinger missiles to down U.S. aircraft. Since the Colombians occupy the U.S.A., their hit teams can look up zoglings, and make their 'war' against Colombian druglords quite personal, and unpleasant, as they already do to ZOG-minions in Colombia. The U.S. is undergoing multi-mafiaization, and FEDZOG is one mafia among many.

I was surprised to hear the reaction of local denizens to a FEDZOG confrontation with some "true-jew" bandits, in which no shots were fired: the witnesses told me that they had no sympathy for either side and did not care who got shot, although they hoped that the bandits and the Feds would wipe each other out completely. As I say I was surprised at their indifference tinged with hostility. Apparently, some locals can distinguish between. the U.S. government and the U.S. people.

I suspect that Bush & Co. are nervously looking over their shoulders at Moslem Americans, the Black Muslims and Mexican nationalists who claim most of U.S. territory which they call "Aztlan". As I see it, this continent is up for grabs, and the jew-supremacist regime in The District of Corruption is running scared. They will probably make some desperate move, but can they foresee the results? As you indicate, they may be too confused & too stupid to judge their proper course to keep their U.S. racket going. This is not 1941, and the U.S.A. is hardly a White country. Jew influence has succeeded in making the Whites selfish and degenerate, and mostly unwilling to jump into a war with the gullible enthusiasm of former White Gentile cannon-fodder. Who will fight ZOG's war on behalf of The Jew World Ordure? Very few, from what I see. Time is not on ZOG's side, nor will it be on Whitey's side if he continues to diddle and fiddle with his silly sheenie fantasies and niggerball delusions. We are in a period of crisis, and I understand that the Chinese symbol for 'crisis' includes the character for danger, as well as opportunity. I hope U.S. Whites wakes up sooner than Rhodesian Whites did! We shall see, undoubtedly, and I make no predictions about what Whitey will do.

Well, it's getting light out, so I must go into my box for a good day's sleep, in order to be well-rested for the graveyard shift. In Judeo-America, Arbeit macht Zinsensklaven (Work makes interest-slaves). All the best!