17 September 2002 – Eric Thomson
Many thanks for your letter of 1 SEP 02 and the great issue of IMPACT! In due course, I shall send you various items, including copies of letters to my correspondents, articles, news clips and information which I hope will be of interest to you, and which you may wish to include, in whole or in part, in your publication, which I recommend to my own network of correspondents, some of whom may be willing to advertise your informative publication on the Internet, gratis, of course. As I complain to my correspondents, I work at part-time jobs for coolie wages, seven days a week, so I have no time to answer E-mail. I told one retired fellow that there would have to be 3 of me to get on the Internet: (1) one to earn my living; (2) one to cure all the ailments which affect computers; and (3) one to compose articles and answer correspondence. One correspondent offered to buy me a computer. I said he might as well buy me a yacht, for in neither case would I have time to enjoy them. Time is my scarcest commodity.

I can understand your difficulties in meeting publishing schedules while moving. Congratulations on getting the word out!

I got a chuckle out of Arthur Butz' nit-picking research on the alleged jewishness of Churchill's 'sugar daddy' rescuer, Sir Henry Strakosch. As I recall from my reading of The London Observer of November 1977, Strakosch was a frontman for the Rothschild interests. I don't know how Prof. Butz defines "jewish", for even the Israelis don't agree on a definition. From my own viewpoint, Strakosch is a jewish name and he represented jewish interests, hung around with jew gold-buggers, whose views he was enthusiastically supporting, and furthered their criminal rackets. If something looks like a duck, swims like a duck, associates with ducks, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, one would wonder why anyone would insist that it was not a duck. Yes, jews have Gentile stooges. They call themselves "Zionists", as Churchill declared himself to be in 1945, as I read somewhere. A Zionist is a jew-supremacist, be he jew or Gentile. "Jew" is more a nationality than a religion. As Cardinal Lustiger declared: "I am a Christian, but I remain a jew." That is like saying: "I am a Christian, but I remain a Dutchman." In reality, "jew" equates with "criminal", which is the major thing jews have in common. That is why I don't capitalize the word. I know Arthur Butz personally, and I was disappointed when he refused to testify at the Toronto Holohoax Trials, alleging university censorship in his case.

I know that South Africa uses gold and diamonds in trade, but one should be aware that these are jew rackets. I recommend "The Babylonian Woe" by my friend, Capt. Astle, who traces jew influence and interference in Aryan affairs by means of gold before the Peloponnesian Wars.

I knew Wilfred Brooks:, the former publisher of the former publication, Rhodesia Property & Finance. I received word from a friend who was leaving "Rhodesia-Zimbabwe" that Mr. Brooks had left for South Africa. If you are in contact with him, please give him my best regards. He put me in touch with John Coey, who  wrote in Assegai, the Rhodesian Army magazine.

Before I left Rhodesia, I asked my friends and acquaintances how they expected to give away their country and keep their property. There answer was, "Our Blacks are different." Poor self-deluded buggers! Now I ask the same question of Ostensible Whites in North America, if they have property. Most of the Whites I know, including myself, have no dwellings nor land of their own. The more affluent have mortgages to pay, so they don't own their dwellings or land, either. When I arrived in Yakima, on a job prospect, which turned out to be illusory, an acquaintance asked me if I felt 'culture-shock' at being back in the Jew Ass Oy Veh. I said, "No, it's like being back in Mexico." I was told in Rhodesia by a wise White man that (1) There is no such thing as cheap labor, and (2) Kindness and generosity are perceived as stupidity and weakness. The same wisdom applies here, for Mexicans are not cheap for the tax-payer, nor in the end for the fatcat rico race-traitors who hired them. Home-invasions are a new growth industry in this area, as well as drug-peddling and manufacturing. I tell young Judeo-Americans not to join ZOG-forces: "If you love America, don't leave it!"

In my rush to include my reply to your thoughtful letter of September 5th, I forgot to thank you for your appreciation of my writing in the fiction department. I wrote "The Chosen One" in 1964 when I lived in Barcelona, where I worked for a machine tool factory. My work schedule allowed me two hours of free time in the morning, so I would sit in a cafe next to the factory and enjoy coffee and croissants as I wrote my story in longhand. In Europe, cafes did not hustle for fast business turnover as in the U.S., so one could sit in comfort. The place was never crowded, and there were always unoccupied tables, so I did not feel that I was depriving the proprietor of customers, nor patrons of chairs. My present schedule does not provide me with such free time on a regular basis, and my writing is of current political relevance and correspondence, so my book of unpublished short stories and my second novel, a work in 'progress' will probably not see the light of day. I enjoy writing of all types, including fiction, such as it is, but I cannot do it under present circumstances, when I earn no money from it. There is a definite limit to the free entertainment I can provide my Internet readers, although I am glad they read and enjoy my material, as much as I enjoy . writing it.

I read "The Dogs of war" and watched the movie, "Day of the jackal", which reflect the world that I live in, so that may be why my writing resembles Forsythe's to some extent. My plots and characters are fictional, but settings and artifacts are not. I dislike the use of a 'deus ex machina' to get my characters out of trouble, in favor of their own skill and ingenuity. The only time I included a 'luck' factor was in "The Chosen One", during the heros' escape from pursuing National Guard jeeps, the last of which was taken out by nigger snipers on a freeway overpass, to the jubilation of the pursued. The refusal of the Barman family to ship out with my 3 musketeers, and their resultant execution left me with the problem of running a ship with 3 men to cover two positions 24 hours per day. I worked out a manning schedule. Another author might have included a miraculous stowaway, a "Man Friday ex machina", but I prefer to make do with what's given, within the realm of the possible, as I do in real life.

An author whose work I enjoy is Clive Cussler. I put him in the "Techno-Macho" category. When I read, I do not do so with any intent to criticise an author. I read for information and entertainment, not as a book critic, but I am often surprised and disappointed by bloopers which the author has included in the story. One fellow whose name I forget, wrote a novel entitled "River of Diamonds". It was full of great settings, wild characters and techno-expertise of the sort attractive to male readers. But then came the techno-bloopers: the "triple-expansion diesel marine engine" and the peculiarly erroneous behavior of two gasses which play an important part in the story: methane and hydrogen sulfide. The author reverses their character, and describes methane as poisonous, but non-explosive and hydrogen sulfide as explosive, but not poisonous, as I recall. Then one anti-White author who wrote "Open Season" has his hero in two places at once in the same episode. Cussler has some great imagery in "Night Probe", but then describes a flooded mine in which a trainful of people have desiccated and become 'natural mummies'. This is like the song that goes, "it rained so hard the day I left, the weather it was dry." Water vapor would have done to the train and its corpses exactly what water does, in terms of rust and decay. Cussler must know that, as a spelunker, but he forgot, for the sake of the story, I suppose. For me, it spoils the story, unless I am reading one of von Münchhausen's fabulous tales.

Jew movies often defy reality to make 'a good scene', as you are no doubt aware. I can think right off of the techno-blooper in "Gremlins", in which the film in a movie theater breaks and the projector light reveals humans behind the movie screen, thus alerting the gremlins to give chase. Well, people should already know that movie screens are opaque and reflective, so no shadows would be revealed of people behind the screen. You may have heard of or seen shadow plays with shadow silhouettes which are displayed on a wall or on a cloth sheet. As we know, the light source in front of the subject cannot produce a shadow in front of the subject. I am sorry for the kids who learn their 'reality' from Hebrewood.

You mention the Dutch being avid readers. That reminds me that the Anne Frank Diary Hoax first appeared in Holland, around 1947, in Dutch. A subsequent German version, not a translation, expunged the salacious parts, during which time further 'entries' were made in ball-point pen, which only became available in 1952. According to law, a "Diary" cannot be altered or rewritten, for that is "literary fraud". Clifford Irving, as I recall, wrote a fake 'diary' of Howard Hughes and was fined and jailed for the matter in Switzerland. That should have been the fate of Otto Frank when the Bundeskriminalant discovered the ball-point pen entries and the textual alterations in the Dutch and German editions.