21 September 2002 – Eric Thomson
I see that there has been quite a bit of research on the 'side-effects' of vaccinations. I was particularly impressed by the descriptions of post-encephalitic behavior, which described the changes I witnessed in the personality of a long-time colleague who contracted encephalitis in his thirties. He lost his memory and regressed to the age of 3, in which state he could not recognize his wife nor his five children. I was told that the normal outcome of the disease was death, and failing that, total mental impairment, with no recovery of memory. We were all glad to see him recover and regain his memory, although he worried whenever he forgot something, which people do, even without encephalitis. But, in the next several years in which I knew the fellow, the disease appears to have affected him exactly as described in the report: he became an alcoholic and overtly homosexual, along with other behavior problems. I felt sorry for his family, but I was unable to help them, and I could not see the point of associating with a man who was no longer Dr. Jekyll, but Mr. Hyde.

In regard to environmental conservation and ZOG's failure to enforce existing laws, it may be possible to point out to conservationists that the ZOG has not enforced existing immigration laws, and the changes to the Immigration Act of 1965 opened the borders to Turd World cockroach people, who are filling up our cities and displacing the native population. It is absurd to think that we can protect our environment, while allowing the monstrous increase of population therein. Even if we were to live like Black Africans or Asian peasants, with no fossil fuel consumption, nor gadgets, we would still burden the land and turn it into deserts as we see in Africa and Asia. Conservation is organic and indivisible, so it is impossible to protect the environment and also to ignore demographic and economic factors. Only a National Socialist system can protect the environment, so as to achieve an optimum living standard for an optimum number of people. A 'conservationist' who ignores or dismisses the importance of population in quality and quantity, is no better than a firefighter who attempts to extinguish only the blue flames in an inferno.

In regard to ideal climate, the best climate I ever experienced was in the Cauca Valley of Colombia, when I lived in Cali. It was never too hot, nor too cold, nor too dry, nor too humid. Since we were close to the Equator, climate stabilizes, without extreme seasonal swings. If one preferred a cooler climate or warmer, all he had to do was pick his altitude. For me, Cali was ideal, but the perfect climate did not make the mongrels of Colombia any nicer in terms of honesty, competence and good humor. Sure, the climate was great, the best I've ever found on this planet, but one had to know when to duck. My residence was bombed twice in a six month period. Southern California also has a pleasant climate, but the Mestizo Factor has spoiled that, too. I prefer the western U.S. states to those of the east in terms of climate. West Virginia was as extreme a climate as I have experienced, for winter was often bitter cold and summer was as hot and humid as any swampland on the Equator. In WV and Kentucky, I would find mildew on my clothes and fuzzy mold on my shoes, simply from exposure to the air. Summers were like being in a steambath, and even though Yakima is on a river, the humidity never gets that high, nor does the temperature get much above 80°. When it does, the heat is dry and not so oppressive. I have done heavy work in WV & KY in 100° temperature with 100% humidity. Sweat was profuse, but did not cool, and salt tablets were necessary to cope with the work and the heat.

I hope the Blacks push hard for 'reparations'. One Black told me that he considered welfare to be his rightful reparations, rather than compulsory charity. One thing for sure, no amount of handouts will get any gratitude from the muds, but will increase their strident and arrogant demands on Whitey. As I was told in Africa by a wise White man: "There is no such thing as cheap labor and, kindness and generosity are seen as weakness and stupidity, which invite attack." It is the same anywhere, where the non-Whites are involved. I wonder how a mulatto would fare with reparations: would his nigger half receive money from his honkey half? American Indians are paid White man's tribute based on their degree of Asiatic ancestry, right down to one sixteenth, as I am told by locals with tribal affiliations. If Whitey caves in and pays 'reparations', he will lack the will to enforce repatriation. Sometimes I am tempted to discard the term "White" in favor of "wimp", which best describes us.

All the best; DOWZ & ORION!