23 September 2002 – Eric Thomson
As I type this, I am reminded of Bell, Columbus, Edison et al., for you are perhaps the first person to receive a message typed on a ribbon re-inked with shoe polish. The liquid inks are prone to dry too fast, and they also go on unevenly, although I use an ink pad. In my decades of thoughtcrime, I have used many different artifacts: pen, pencil, ballpoint, rubberstamps, letterpress, offset, hectograph, typewriter, carbon paper and photocopiers. As Robert says, the world must be coming to an end, for Cadillacs have never been so high-priced. As for me, typewriter ribbons have never been so expensive and pale on purchase.

I believe you are on to something in regard to the ZOG's Big Lie tactic: first, have the jewsmedia and the kosher 'public opinion polls' tout that popular support backs the ZOG imperial adventure in Iraq. Then, if and/or when it goes 'flop', claim that ZOG 'was only obeying the public mandate'. Now, that's what we call 'jew-jitsu', a variant of blame the victim. As you observe, it appears that ZOG is becoming detached from reality, as Maguire pointed out in regard to the jew mentality of 'theory above all and to hell with inconvenient facts'. Even if the public accepts blame for a debacle in the Middle East and the Islamic World, it will not save ZOG's kosher bacon. The Roman mob could have supported Varus' ill-fated German adventure, but the loss of seven legions was beyond Rome's ability to replace. ZOG-mercs and materiel are stretched mighty thin, and I believe that ZOG-mercs can see beyond their pay and pensions, sufficiently to comprehend that ZOG's endless war against infinite numbers of enemies has no sane objective and may be hazardous to ZOG-mercs' health. I think there is quite a bit of concern about "The Gulf War Syndrome", at least amongst ZOG-mercs with half a brain. I'm sure no one is favorably impressed with Commander in Chief Bushy's charisma, which is about as appealing as an ashtray full of soggy cigarette butts. If no one would trust that slyly-squinting mestizo on a used car lot, how could they trust him on a battlefield? One also wonders if his Potent Pretzels have gone to his head. As president, Bush inspires no confidence whatsoever.

Sheenie Bradley wrote a nasty polemic entitled "The Iceman Inheritance" which attempted to place the evils of the planet upon the semi-Neanderthal, hairy shoulders of exceedingly big-nosed White people. Because he is an obvious wog and jewish of Sephardic background, he claims his anti-White diatribe got the requisite kosher kudos and promotion. But then, someone realized that the Ashkenazim or Khazar converts to Judaism best fit Bradley's Neanderthal definition. The ADL intervened and the book was suppressed. Bradley complains about that, and he is alleging dire threats and harassment from the ADL's hooligan branch, the JDL. Bradley seems not to know much about jews. On the one hand, he wants to see his book promoted, despite a united front against it on the part of the Zionist establishment. On the other hand, he thinks he can please them by fabricating a sinister "Odinist" plot to make snuff films. I think you would find his tale of woe amusing, as well as informative. Yes, some jews want to be White, but they don't like the Neanderthal reputation accorded them by Bradley, who styles them as aggressive, brutal, racist imperialists with sexual feelings of gross inadequacy.

Many thanks for the Townsend book on China. It amplifies and reinforces my previous knowledge of The Yellow Peril, which has never been so formidable, thanks to White race-traitors and the ever-traitorous and subversive jews. The fact that they have betrayed our race in the name of religion or 'business' does not excuse their crimes against us. The foremost enemies of the White Race are not Chinese, as I have been saying, and I am gratified that an informed observer of China would support me in this.

My reason for debating a jew in print was to educate Whites in terms of content and to reveal to them the various tricks which are typically jewish. My opponent was at a distinct disadvantage, for he could not turn up his volume and drown me out, nor could he switch me off, as do talkshow talmudists. Debating in print is superior to oral debate, since Goyim have such short attention spans, memories and low levels of comprehension. This way, they can go back as often as necessary to see what was stated and look up any words they didn't understand, as well as confirm that one said this and the other said that. When the other fellow ran out of new tricks, I saw it was time to end the discussion which had fallen into an abyss of absurdity, in which he refused to look up jewish sources, dismissed my sources as "forgeries", my jewish authors as nonexistent or as "liars", &c. Once his kosher criteria had been exhibited, and it could be logically construed that I was a fictitious person, with no acceptable means of proving my existence, I decided our 'debate' had come full circle. Usually, the jew will not debate and will exercise such power as he has to silence dissent. As my sheenie professor Rappaport declared to a huge American History class at Berkeley, wherein I was an undergraduate student: "Any student who even suggests that FDR had prior knowledge of the Pearl Harbor attack will get an 'F' in this course!" As I mentioned, I gave World War II a wide berth and wrote about the Populist-Progressive movement, which got me an 'A' in the course. I never needed to be told that "might makes right", and I do not engage the big battalions head on. A typewriter can be more effective than a machinegun, if one knows how to use it.

Good luck on The Protocols. They are very concentrated and require thorough reading, like a chemistry text. My view of The Protocols is that they have already been applied in Russia, and that they describe two operations: (1) Subversion of Gentile rule, and (2) Establishment of jewish tyranny. It is a recipe which the jews use in all times and places, amongst all peoples, and that is why the Romans called the jews "the enemies of mankind". "They Live", all right, just as we SLEEP, OBEY, CONSUME.

As you say, North America's space and resources have so far permitted White rabbits to scurry away from encroaching carnivores, but the ZOG will tax them, wherever they flee, and the resources in the form of jobs and income are becoming depleted. I remember the fifties and sixties, when one could play "Route 66" or "On the Road" and travel all around the U.S.A. by paying as one went. If the gas and food were running low, one could stop in some town and get a job, settle down, or move on again, as one chose, with the confidence that another job would be available in another town along the road. My ace in the hole was my willingness to take on hard, menial jobs at low pay, but those have been taken by the myriad mestizos, who shut out Whites. One survivor of the meatpacking industry was almost killed by Mexicans who wanted to create a job-opening for their kind by doing him in with knives. He was badly slashed and hamstrung on one ankle, but still lives to tell about it. The jew meatpacking industry is all mestizo, from Mexico to Minnesota. Whites need not apply. The jews claim that 'we need more mestizos because Whites will not take food-related jobs'. That is because Whites don't like being killed or beaten up by murderous muds who defend 'their' jobs. I know several Whites who came here as fruitpickers, and they worked just as hard as their mestizo successors, without all the Marxist benefits now enjoyed by legal and illegal Mexicans. For White migrant workers, it was "Grapes of Wrath", and for Mexicans it is "A Moveable Feast". Since mestizos breed up to the breadline, the U.S. tax-payers' largesse will simply increase the number of mouths, as in "the more we feed, the more they breed."

Yes, as you say, the first thing one notices about mud-people is their infernal noise. You hear it throughout the Turd World and wherever wiggers, niggers and wogs congregate. Black conversations are usually loud and disturbing. In Colombia, the Black mestizos spoke as if they were about to fight one another, but that was their custom, as non-Black mestizos told me. Muds feel it their duty to disturb a White person who is trying to sleep, but woe unto the White who disturbs their slumbers! I still recall a Colombian mongrel who sat on a curb and banged a piece of steel rebar on the pavement, with no rhythm at all, just noise. If a White says, "I think, therefore I am", the mestizo says, "I make noise, therefore I am." The local mestizos install boomboxes in their low-riders to inflict sonic assault on gringos. As far as I am aware, this is their arrogant assertion: that they are our masters. The police have made some efforts to damp down the noise by curtailing the mestizos' automobile 'paseos' or promenades up and down the main street, but as the police become more mestizo, one doubts that city noise abatement ordinances will be enforced, since that would be 'racist'.

Thanks for the download on Celine. Any man who has such bravery in combat and the courage to admit he had been wrong; then to defend his new views with the same bravery and integrity, deserves our respect and admiration, even if he might be hard to get along with! Celine was truly a 'personality', and Adolf Hitler admired personalities, even when they did not agree with him. Again, we are talking about the "one out of twenty". The vast majority are contest to eat 'the cake of convention' in terms of situational ethics, both of which require the absence of personality, that is, an identity with deeply-felt likes and dislikes, similar to Camus' existentialist characters, who played any role they deemed appropriate to a situation, with equal indifference, merely for the fleeting self-gratification of the moment.

All the best & DOWZ!