24 September 2002 – Eric Thomson
The Confederate veteran, Col. Harry Gilmor, apparently fought a chivalrous war. As you probably know, the tradition of civilized warfare was quite different from extermination warfare. The expansion of the Roman Empire was conquest, rather than extermination of subject peoples, but the Romans' war with Carthage was one of extermination, rather than conquest and incorporation into the empire. European kings and Turkish sultana viewed civilians as one might view honeybees and livestock, which lived in hives or pastures called cities. Thus, battles were arranged to take place outside of cities, preferably in fields after the harvesting of crops, and in weather decent enough for the soldiers to keep their footing in combat. As long as they did not spy or snipe at uniformed troops, civilians could come out and watch battles, in which their city could change hands, and they would have a new king or ruler. It is said that World War I was the last gentleman's war, in which this demarcation existed between soldiers and civilians, with few exceptions. The Russian officers who invaded Prussia felt safe being shaved by German barbers, whom they paid, as if they were just foreign visitors! In the U.S. Civil War, I understand that it was custom on both sides to allow enemy troops to leave their trenches in order to defecate during a battle! Neither side wanted to fight in shit-filled trenches. In other words, The Civil War was indeed pretty civil, unless one stayed in camp too long, or was taken prisoner, for crowding led to disease, and disease was the major killer. My American history teacher said it was a ratio of 9 to 1: nine soldiers died of disease for every one killed in combat. Grant was aggressive, since he had more men than his enemy, and, by keeping his men on the move, the sick fell out and the army never camped in one place long enough to contaminate the drinking water with their excretions. By being aggressive and blood-thirsty in battle, Grant actually saved more lives than he would have, if he'd been cautious like McClelland. I recommend "Rats, Lice & History" by Zinsser in this regard. World War I was the first war in which more men died of combat than disease. An for the uncivil parts of The Civil War, I would mention William Tecumseh Sherman, who probably had Indian blood, and maybe even jewish. He applied Carthaginian methods on Georgia, as we know. I also recommend "The Army of the Potomac" by Bruce Catton. This was the First Great War to kill White People, and it heralded the wars of the 20th century which were fought for the same purpose. The Peloponnesian War killed off Aryan Greeks, as instigated by the Habiru Sagas, who controlled the gold of Athena, as they did in the case of Britain. Sparta, which forbade gold, was the 'Nazi Germany' of the ancient world. When will we ever learn?

Religion is definitely the 'wildcard' in Judeo-America. I would not be surprised to see fanatical "true-jews" killing jews they deem "fake jews". People often do the wrong things for the right reasons and vice versa. Let's hope they do something right for a change. The sheenies' Chaka movie sounds like a real masochistic trip for Whites and a sadistic giggle for Blacks. I can imagine "Mr. T." getting it on with Twiggy. Oy veh! King Kong redux. The real Chaka would be scandalized and he would probably have the hebes' brains bashed out, his usual punishment for minor offenses.

It looks as if FEDZOGUSA has decided on war with Iraq, because Israel appears to want it. NPR broadcast commentaries by various jew heads of "human rights" groups, who condemn Saddam
for "human rights abuses", to wit: enriching himself at the expense of the Iraqi people. Reports I have read claim that Saddam has some degree of popular support, precisely because he DID NOT do the normal looting of his country for personal profit, but plowed the oil income back into schools, roads, social services and infrastructure, the same infrastructure which the ZOG has destroyed. Over the years of Saddam-watching, I would say he was possibly more trustworthy than George Bush, neither of whom I would care to buy a used car from, nor a 'pre-owned' camel. I also recall that Saddam was one of our hand-picked rulers, like his predecessor Karem Kassim, who also tried to annex Kuwait. The U.S.A. set up Saddam so many times, I wonder why he didn't catch on. He got set up for the Iran-Iraq war and the Kuwait caper, which was USZOG's excuse for The Gulf Massacre. It looks as if the ZOG wants to use him as a fall-guy for a third time. Maybe he can surprise us this time, but I doubt it. If USZOG 'wins' and occupies Iraq, its forces will be stretched dangerously thin on the ground, and dangerously close to a population that has reason to hate ZOG-mercs. I see no advantage for USZOG coming out of an Iraq adventure.

As you point out, what are we going to do with all the U.S. Arabs and Moslems? ZOG let then in, but does ZOG want them out? If so, how so? As I see things, the Arab & Moslem Americans may serve as a pretext for tyrannizing all Gentile Americana, just as the "war on drugs" was used to override The Bill of Rights and reverse the onus of proof from the accuser to the accused in forfeiture cases. Now, everyone can be searched for drugs and 'terrorist' contraband, like pen knives, nail clippers, boxcutters, laptops, notebooks and ballpoint pens. During the Hippie Era, zoglings would plant drugs in people's possessions and 'find' them. Thereupon the zogling would threaten to turn the target over to drug authorities, unless he or she turned zog-snitch for them. It's an old KGB trick for recruiting low-level agents. I asked Dr. Oliver if there was any difference between the CIA and the KGB. After a moment of thought, he said, "The CIA drink coffee during their breaks and the KGB drink tea. Since they both work for the same people, that's the only difference in a practical sense." Neither of us laughed, but he confirmed what I had discovered in my own research on "The Cold War", which was a gigantic Orwellian hoax, in which the kosher kingdoms of east and west shadow-boxed each other, while the dumb Goyim fed and bled. The "Great Game" continues, as U.S. forces put on the former Soviet jackboots and fight Chechens in Georgia and anti-Communist Afghans in Afghanistan. USZOG's Northern Alliance chaps are the same rascals who served Soviet interests during the Soviet-Afghan War. It appears that Americans are as stupid as the ZOG appears to think. Truly, those who live like cattle die like cattle, heedlessly and thoughtlessly. Such stupidity is beyond comprehension.

War for Judeo-Americans has been terribly dysgenic. As you note, the brave go and the wimps, cowards and traitors stay, along with those too defective to fight. Every generation in the 20th century culled the best and left the worst. To hasten our decline, more and more non-Whites were taken in after each of these wars, as I wrote in "Victory?" As you observe, "the best of the Goyim must be killed!"

Indeed, money makes romance possible. My experience has been that the companionship money buys is superficial and unsatisfying to me. The Playboy must always suspect that his bunnies flock to his money, and not him, whereas Tyrone, the Black Pimp, has his bunnies who pay him for his stud services. The playboy can say, "They love me because I pay them." Tyrone can say, "Dey loves me, 'cause dey pays me!" Obviously, Tyrone is right. I choose to play neither game, for both are alien to me.

I am reminded of an unpublished short story I literally dreamed up. Most of my fiction is based on vivid dreams, which turn out to have plots and even morals. In one, I explore a disused subway station and discover that it leads to a world of vampires. I flee back to the station in a taxi and the vampire driver says he knows I am not one of then, but I should not feel so righteous: as a vampire, he wants only blood, but as humans, we want everything and are insatiable. I enter the station, run down the steps, cross the tracks and climb up on the platform of a busy human station. I become acutely aware of the conversations of those who await the arrival of their train: a little boy is nagging his mother for candy; a romantic fellow is putting his sexual wants in the form of sweet words and caresses. A wife is expressing her considerable wants to her husband. The conversations blend into a theme of "Want this... need that... want more... more... more..." I refuse to 'go vampire' and I reject these humans, so I decide that I will not stay on either side of the tracks, but I shall remain on the train. At that, I woke up, and hastily scribbled the story, before I forgot it. No problem, it remains clear in my memory.

Another dream, which I entitled, "The Night Express", featured the arrival of a mysterious train at a disused station, with an equally mysterious station master and baggage handler. The mystery is that I work for the railroad, and I am investigating an apparently disused double track which crosses my single track mainline, which has heavy traffic. In the end, I an standing with one foot on the station platform and one foot on the step of the passenger coach, feverishly attempting to decide to get on or stay off, while the impatient station master looks at his watch. If I get on, I think, will I be making the biggest mistake of my life? If I stay off, will I be missing the biggest opportunity of my life? It's only a train, but where does it go? If I never return, what am I leaving behind? What will I find at my new destination? I woke up in a quandary, and I may leave the reader in the same state, like the writer of "The Lady or the Tiger?" The reader is left with a puzzle, which may have no solution, except for that given The Gordian Knot by the hero, who did not bother untying it, but cut it with his sword.

My years with The Zud provided me with sufficient income, hope, activity and opportunity to keep me on site, rather like the Turkish 4th Army which T.E. Lawrence kept in Medina, by allowing just enough supplies to arrive on the Hejaz Railway to encourage them not to retreat, but insufficient to go on the offensive against the growing British military presence. The hope was that people and events would someday provide me with the ability to do more for The Cause, which The Zud also claimed to espouse. It took years to find out that my Cause was quite different from his, as reinterpreted for him by his jewish dominatrix. The changes were subtle, amid the onrush of events like boycotts, thoughtcrime trials, bombings, near riots, and the omnipresent threat of being arrested or deported. Our caliber of groupie dropouts was much higher than those who frequented Arlington, as I understand, for ours could at least stuff envelopes. It was the only game in town. My present job actually allows me to read and write, which was impossible at Samisdat, which had a treasure trove of books and archives from which to compose new essays on behalf of The Cause. The Zud never believed in the adage, "use it or lose it", so he lost it in a firebombing, as I understand. His jewish dominatrix called the precious books which had been rescued from the German Embassy in Stockholm in 1945 "dead energy." She pumped up the Zud's ego, and he would promote nothing which he had not written or had written about him, not even Mein Kampf! When I made my strategic withdrawal from Toronto, his message was little more than "Me, me, me and gimme, gimme, gimme!" His newsletter content remains much the same today. The court battles we fought were absolutely unnecessary, had we used a U.S. publishing address. The Zud was aware of that, but he claimed he wanted the trials and the publicity in order to "build a movement". True enough, the more the jews harassed us, the more people came to support us, and donations poured in, sufficient to thwart the economic blockade of The Zud's photo-retouching business and the barely-break-even publishing company of Samisdat. After Holohoax Trial II, the Zud alienated his physical supporters. His jew-bitch programmed him to say: "This is my house. This is not a drop in center! It's mine... all mine!" She told him that "Eric is freeloading off you." This is how she interpreted my presence, which was to work and guard the premises, when no-one-else was there. As for my subsistence on stale bread and sausage donated by supporters, I plead 'guilty'. The Zud accepted her hypnotic words totally and uncritically. I have seen nothing like it, outside the movies. When "Anne Burton" was present, The Zud was a zombie, and when she left, he carried out her orders and saw everything through her distorted lenses. It was amazing. As we know, The Zud remained isolated in Toronto, right under the ZOG legal bombardment, like a mad general who had advanced into no man's land and insisted on staying there. As long as donations came in, they could be expended on legal fees. Such a deal! The Zud's sanity would appear, now and then, whenever he said that he did not want to debate issues under the restrictions of a courtroom. Then, his insanity would quickly take over. An I understand, "Anne Burton" faded away, fittingly with Altzheimers, and The Zud latched on to another jewish momma in the U.S.A., which I suspect was his reason for moving out of Toronto, and not out of sane political strategy. Apparently, the onrush of events has left him able only to comment on some of them as they rush past, but he will accept all donations and legacies, as will his kosher Frau who is striving to promote herself on his back. "It's a livink, "as they say in Tel Aviv.

In the real world, we know that lavish sums are not required to send one's message to the world on the Internet. It also helps if one has a message to send which is of relevance to "We", rather than "Me". It's time to move on, as FEDZOGUSA announces its policy change from "deterrence" to "pre-emptive strikes". Anyone who even looks (to Bush) like a terrorist had better watch out, he warns. Why am I reminded of the Uncle Remus tale of "The Fox and the Tarbaby"? A s you may recall, the rabbit (who is considered 'smart' by Blacks) sculpts a figure out of tar and places it on a log, where the fox will pass. The fox is not at all 'foxy', for he is easily tricked and more arrogant than wise, similar to Wile E. Coyote. The fox demands to know why the Tarbaby impolitely says nothing to him, but the Tarbaby says nothing. The fox punches him and gets his right foreleg thoroughly stuck in the tar. With that he demands that the Tarbaby release him, immediately, or he will punch him with his other fist. The fox ends all stuck in the tar, to the rabbit's amusement. Bush and his backers are no different than that fabled fox: We are going to war with the world, on behalf of Israel, and letting the world invade U.S. territory at the same time, which would be like the fox eating the tar, as well as punching it.

As you say, the chinks have drive, but no creativity. Their goal is Hawg Heaven with neon lights, and to hell with everyone else, like true Jeffersonians. The North American population is already Eurasian in the majority, for the "hispanics" and "Indians" are all Asiatic, and I know many blue-eyed, fair, blond mestizos who are identified only by their slanted eyes. They even brag of their "Indian" ancestry. If trends continue, Mestizo America will become Yellow America, as the Yellow gene pool absorbs the small White Remnant. Meanwhile, the jew-dazed Whites condemn China's official "one child" policy. Had these idiots been on The Titanic, they would have demanded that the pumps be turned off, so they could sink faster. Words cannot deter such creatures, and they are the foremost enemies of the White Race.

Townsend correctly contrasts the insane religiosity of the Indians with the insane materialism of the Chinese, both of whom wallow in squalor, filth, poverty and tyranny. No amount of food, factories, technology nor money can change these people. I recall Colombia before cocaine. The people were poor, vicious and stupid. After cocaine inundated the country with zogbucks, the people are no better off and certainly no different in their values and behavior. Our only sane course for survival is to keep them at a distance and have little or nothing to do with them, so they can stew in their own juice, like the alcohol-producing bacteria who kill themselves off with their excretions. White colonial meddling with Nature in Africa produced the Black population plague which threatens to turn the continent into one vast desert. Yet, we go right on feeding then, so they can breed more and destroy more land.

Since we have so much diversity in North America, "untouchable" is in the eye of the beholder and I agree with your definition of behavior, regardless of race and class. In India, the caste determines the behavior in terms of jobs performed. I see no dishonor in performing necessary work, no matter how filthy. In fact, filthy and dangerous work is socially heroic, rather than despicable, for if it is not done, we all suffer the consequences. As long as we eat steaks, we should not condemn butchers. Every citizen should learn the value of essential work, as in the National Labor Service of Germany. As a mechanic, my father got very dirty, but after he showered and changed his clothes, he would listen to classical music on the radio, and one could not tell that he was not a doctor or college professor. One can raise hogs without himself becoming one.

The Whites are rapidly disappearing in this region, either from death or from miscegenation with the mestizo majority. Most Whites I know are past breeding age, and many of the younger ones are mating with non-Whites. We are being absorbed and are becoming extinct in this region, and we are vastly outnumbered. I do not see this as a statement of despair, but as a cry of alarm. Whites prate that they are the majority, based on ZOG definitions of "White". No, Whites of North America are THE minority. Just look around.

As for attempting to save people from themselves, I am willing to help a fellow White when he is down, but after repeated falls, I will decide that the gutter is his natural habitat and leave him there. Dr. Oliver's Liberty Bell article, "When We Were Sane", revealed the Darwinist social-thinking of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as expounded by Ragnar Redbeard in "Might Is Right!" Vices were recognized as such and those who were overcome by vices were best removed from society under their own deeds. Then, with Judeo-Capitalist Marxism, the losers became the burden of the winners, and society was definitely turned upside down. The producers have 'obligations' and the parasites have 'rights' under ZOG. How many members of society who can't take care of themselves can any society afford? This burden is compounded by the fact that there is no restriction on their breeding and multiplication. North America will be much like post colonial Africa when this society collapses under the weight of its parasites, but, there may be civil war before that.

We certainly do live in exciting times, but as you say, they will not be very pleasant nor comfortable, certainly not for the sheeple who have so far enjoyed the hebes' fantasyland of Hawg Heaven. Maybe they will attempt to make the bad scenes go away by pressing the buttons on their channel selectors.