25 September 2002 – Eric Thomson
You are certainly not alone. A correspondent of mine has also suffered from the jew-daze of the jewsmedia's kosher kultur psywar, in which one is offered escapist entertainment, destructive self-indulgence (drugs, installment plan consumerism), sex (preferably perverted and multi-racial). For those who are not hooked on Hebrew Hawg Heaven, there is poison for the conscientious idealists: Marxism in all its guises; then, for the really top-performers, the ZOG offers communist-capitalism, by which one makes a profit from using others' money to sell one's products to those who can't afford them. In this way, one can become rich by impoverishing workers and unemployed. Most humanoids plunge right in, and most never come back up for air. One fellow experienced Judeo-American Hawg Heaven, was bored and conscientious, and fell for Marxist malarkey at his university. He protested the draft by highjacking an airliner to Cuba, and learned all about Marxist 'brotherhood' at firsthand, while also learning about the jews' role in Marxism and about racial differences. Now he is a well-educated Nazi, and is quite outspoken about the enemies of the White Race, as anyone who survives should be. The problem is that the Eloi don't want to know. It's like a survivor of the ZOG-gulag's nigger rapists who tries to warn Whites about Black proclivities to find any hole and fill it. Whitey doesn't want to know, and refuses to take preventive action, even when he is free to do so.

Of course, the jews know what they do, for that is what they must do, by their very nature They must infiltrate, dominate, defile and then, destroy, as they have bragged, even in their Old Testament. Their main trick is like that of a true parasite: they trick their host into believing that the parasite is part of the host, as if a tapeworm were part of one's digestive tract. They seek out the stupid and corrupt members of the host and use them to defeat the host's powers of discretion and resistance. It's a very old pattern, and it goes on today.

The lack of proper White role models is glaringly obvious. Hebrewood 'heroes' are usually non-Whites these days, and Ostensible Whites are flawed antiheroes, while most Ostensible Whites, especially those with classic features and blond hair, are villains. When movies began, the roles were reversed. The villains were usually dark, with mustaches, and the heroes were blond, like Buster Crabbe and William Boyd. I'm not sure what my role models were, for I did not perceive paragons (individual protagonists) but patterns of behavior which I accepted or rejected, just as I did with foods, music, fashions and friends. I was always an outsider. As a pre-schooler, I was surrounded by non-Whites. In school, I was surrounded by Whites and non-Whites whose interests and values were alien to mine, and I was so attached to my ways
that I would not ape theirs for the sake of pseudo-fellowship. I guess I was a quiet, but very, rugged individualist. This experience served me in good stead in my present circumstances, in which I have no fellowship and few acquaintances in my workplaces. One might ask, what about acquaintances in my leisure time? My answer is simple: I have no leisure time. I am falling behind in my correspondence because my seven-day work week has included a change of schedules. I am in a constant state of war, in which I struggle to win for myself a few extra waking hours and sufficient hours for sleep. I sometimes dream of what I could accomplish if I had even one whole day off per week. One blighter thought I was stacking up the zogbucks, for all I spend money on are requirements for existence, photocopying and postage. I tell him that I cannot stack up zogbucks because my income is so low. That's why I must work seven days a week. Low pay means longer work periods in order go meet one's living expenses, even when I have no expensive habits, like tobacco and alcohol.

You mention 'failure'. In what way does a man who is unwilling to sell his soul for bucks 'fail', when he can still survive? If one looks at life from an aspect of 'slavery', then who is not a slave to someone or something? We have wealthy slaves and poor slaves. Living is the Art of the Possible, and each of us must make the best of that which we find within our purviews. A king cannot do just as he pleases, even though he can enjoy perks which a commoner may envy. The commoner has no idea what price a king must pay for those perks, if he will remain a king. As Tolstoy remarked, the Tsar is not free to sit on a log and pick his nose, like a peasant, but we know that the Tsar never goes hungry, either.

White people are particularly vulnerable to exploitation by the ZOG, since few White parents confer upon their children any survival skills. On the contrary, the parents usually do the opposite, and make the White child even more vulnerable to non-White exploitation, by conferring their own jew-dazed values and behavior. This is Judeo-America, but few of us ever realize that WE ARE NOT JEWS!

As you say, each of us must do his own re-education, which is really a process of selection, to separate that which is 'me' from that which is alien. As our society is full of alien components, and few Aryan ones, our task is to reject the alien factors and discover or create the Aryan ones. This activity will keep us busy, until, enough of us begin to create our own society based on Aryan values and behavior.

Christianity was the first major cultural invasion of the jew in White civilization. It deserves no compliments, whatsoever. Yes, it promoted community values, but on behalf of the church, rather than the community. We were taught to coddle the unfit at the expense of the fit, and produce surpluses to give to the church. The totalitarian society of Catholicism was such that a kosher commissar could only dream about: family members spied on family members, neighbors on neighbors, and people were encouraged to spy upon themselves by way of 'confession' to some pervert-priest, whose job it was to report to the hierarchy, which would pass such information onto the ruler, as they saw fit. As Dr. Oliver observed, the good in Christianity was not new and the new was not good. White people already had their communities and their moral values. Again, Dr. Oliver wrote that Whites objected to theft because it was wrong, not because some jew said it was wrong in some book. By accepting biblical versions of morality , the moral questions were open to varied interpretations. One theological researcher wrote that the Bible and the Koran are full of contradictions which were put there, on purpose, to give the priest or mullah the authority to 'explain' away the apparent contradictions in favor of the priest, mullah and/or ruler. Such a deal! Whites lost much more than they gained by adopting Christianity, another jewish product for Gentiles.

You point out the need for self-conquest. If we cannot rule ourselves, who can we rule? The Moslems teach of two forms of holy war (Jihad). The biggest and most important Jihad is that which one must wage with oneself. Only then can one wage holy war upon the infidels, for it makes no sense to wage war upon infidels if one is himself an infidel. As we know, "Islam" means "Submission", supposedly to Allah. For the White man, his war of liberation begins with the discovery of his true identity, then he must bring his behavior in line with who he is. As you have observed, this integrity usually coincides with material poverty in a jew-dazed society, but everything has its price. One can also look upon one's low status and penury as a necessary part of one's education for leadership, for it seems basically true that what comes easily is not appreciated. "Easy come, easy go" is true in most cases. If we built our city, by laying every brick, would we give it up so easily? I doubt it, for we would know what it takes to build a city, and that cities do not come about without great effort. The ease and abundance created by our forebears is not appreciated by their heirs, who believe that they can give the country away and still enjoy the fruits of their ancestors. If they do not heed those who attempt to warn them of their folly, then Nature will speak, and Nature is the Ultimate Nazi. As usual, I must interrupt this letter to rush off to work.

Back in the batcave, with sufficient wakefulness and alertness (I hope) to conclude this letter coherently, with due attention to the excellent points you have raised. You mention the kikes' attempts to correlate creativity with debauchery. I have heard of at least one writer, Malcolm Lowrey, who believed that the muse of creativity was a spirit of at least 50 proof. Yes, he did write and he did drink, but as you point out, how can a drunk write coherently, when under the influence? It must be a matter of degree, for beyond a certain point, the drunk will pass out. The Greek symposia, as I understand, included wine with discourse. A diluted wine supposedly freed the mind to express thoughts. I have witnessed this process in bars, but I see no correlation between volubility and intelligibility. With further alcohol consumption, conversations reflect a deterioration of communication, as well as intelligence, in which the participants fail to understand one another and misinterpret what they believe they heard, in terms of their own perceptions or misperceptions. When I write, my drug of choice is coffee. For me, alcohol in any form is 'bottled fatigue', which dulls thinking, memory and creativity. The American equivalent of the Greek symposium was the pow-wow, in which a peace pipe loaded with tobacco and/or pot was passed around amongst the speakers. One fellow said that the eloquence of the pow-wow participants was outstanding, but no one could remember what was said, shortly thereafter, or as it was being said! Nice symposium, but no Plato! The Greeks also knew that wisdom went out as alcohol went in. There is a tendency to think that our predecessors were somehow less educated and less wise than we are, with all our smart gadgets. This only reveals our own ignorance, of course.

Most of my male correspondents appear to be like us: misplaced and/or unemployed, at the bottom of the financial barrel. I have had worse, so I can appreciate the perks of my present position. Sure, we are down, but we are not out, and with our soldier's discipline, I know we withstand all the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. We are political soldiers, and in politics, one does not get sad. One gets even. Like true soldiers, our job is to stay fit and prepared to exploit any opportunity which is presented to us by the gods or by fate. I as convinced that Der Tag, The Day, will come, so we must be ready to take advantage of it. If, in the meantime, we must make do on short rations, it is wise to see then as better than no rations at all.

I think the confusion about money lies in our tendency to think of it as a commodity with intrinsic value. The proper way to view money is operational or transactional. Trade is barter, but money is not a good in itself, but a symbol of goods, per se. Goods have intrinsic value. A sandwich can be swapped for a candy bar or the sandwich owner may decide to eat it himself. Not so with a gold coin or dollar bill, or a credit card! Money requires a community of trust, for it to work, just as an electric motor requires electricity. Without trust, money in any form becomes worthless symbols. I experienced this fact in Manila. Our ship arrived on Sunday, and Manila banks were closed. My group of fellow passengers had money from the U.S., Britain, Germany, France, Japan and Hong Kong, but no Filipino pesos. We were hungry from our long stroll around Manila, so the pastry shop with freshly-baked goods looked very attractive. We went in and discovered that it was a truly Filipino place: no one spoke English, only Tagalog. I found one employee who spoke Spanish, so I explained what we wanted. The woman understood, and explained the contents of each item of pastry which interested us. I translated her information into English for my international companions. The second Philippine fact was that they would not accept our money. They would only accept Philippine pesos, and no banks wore open on Sunday, nor money exchanges. No pesos, no food. With that, we left, hungrier than ever. But then, the Oriental hand of Providence caused us to pass a busy restaurant.. As leader of the expedition, I was asked to inquire about getting a meal. I found the owner/manager who was Chinese, not Filipino. It is truly said that the Chinese are the jews of Asia, for this fellow was (1) Cordial, not sullen and suspicious; (2) Spoke English, and (3) Would take any foreign currency. We ate a good meal, at a very good price (for us) and we paid with yen, U.S. dollars, German marks, French francs, Hong Kong dollars, &c. With the right person, our money was money again. Our kosher currency could become worthless overnight, and we might hear a line out of "All Quiet on the Western Front" in which the hungry recruits at the front are offering to pay for food with their money. An 'old-timer' says, "Money's no good out here." You can imagine that a man who was living from minute to minute, with a fair prospect of death would not take money, when he wanted to eat his moldy crust of bread, which would appease his hunger for a bit. For him, the bread crust was worth more than all the money anyone could offer. Since he could not leave the front, it would be folly to starve, in exchange for worthless bits of metal or paper. In such conditions credit cards and Enron shares would fare no better! Nietzsche wrote that "man has his stomach to remind him that he is not a god." Hunger and the prospect thereof is the basic driving force of all economic activity. That's why grain and cattle were used as currency before metal. That's the likely reason for measuring gold in "grains" before the introduction of ounces. If we did not have to eat, we would be truly free, and if we could grow our own food, we would be free from wage and interest slavery, although we would still have to work, but our hours of work would be much fewer than at present. I have lived reasonably well on two cupfuls of wheat a day, after soaking the grains overnight in water. How many cupfuls of wheat could I generate from an acre of reasonably good land? Probably enough to feed me for a year, with some left over until the next crop came in. Pre-industrial Europeans had sufficient food to feed a rapidly-growing population and sufficient leisure time for building gothic cathedrals and attending all sorts of religious and secular festivities. Life is really simple: food surpluses or scarcities determine population increase or decrease in relation to the quality and quantity of land, which our present population is rapidly depleting and/or poisoning. Obviously, A Great Culling is in store for us, since we refuse to control our population growth and our greed. One writer opined that a true sign of wealth was in the form of land which we could afford to leave idle, that is, in its natural state. If one looks at land area, China is 'less populous' than Germany, in terms of people per acre. This does not mean that the vast open spaces of China could be filled with people, any more than we can drink sea water when we lack freshwater. Huge amounts of energy would be required to rehabilitate the man-made deserts of the planet, just as energy is required to make saltwater fresh. Meanwhile, an increasing population increases its demands on the land which is still fit for food production. Without food, all money, metals, gems and objects are worthless trivia; symbols without substance, tools without working material, weapons without quarry, &c. DOWZ!

P.S.: Did Jack London's daughters marry jews, like Hemingway's?