26 September 2002 – Eric Thomson
The jews have always hated the White Race, and they have expressed their hatred ever since they were jews: "The best of the Goyim must be killed!" "Germany Must Perish!" "What to do with Germany?" "Germany is our Problem", "The Iceman Inheritance", are a few examples which come to mind. The jews tell us that Whites are to blame for the world's ills. Apparently, most Whites believe them, if we may judge by their genocidal-suicidal behavior of race-mixing and abortion; subsidizing non-White invaders and occupiers of White livingspace, &c. But the kicker is that jews want to be White, and they really want to be Hollywood Nazis, as revealed by their brutal behavior against the Arabs of Israel and Palestine. There must be a name for a psychopathic urge to become the person you hate, for it is more than the role-playing of Cop versus Hippie, in which one secretly envies the other. The little jew, Israel Ehrenberg, changed his name to Ashley Montagu, and aped the role of upper-class Englishman. Like a true parasite, he used his guise to work against his English host people by denying their racial existence and by claiming in his books that race was a fiction, mere social convention without biological basis. Were the English to become mulattos, then "Mr. Montagu" could view himself in the mirror and congratulate himself for his "English" appearance, for he would look more English than Sydney Poitier or Colin Powell. The jews' motives toward Whites are those of the psychopath who murdered jew Beatle John Lennon to "become Lennon". Indeed, the vampire jew has the mentality of the aliens of "Invasion of the Body-snatchers". The jews' envy of Whites is poisonous, insidious and vicious, whenever the jews think they can get away with it. They are The Rebellion of the Botched, incarnate, in everything they do, and they are driven by demonic discontent, which makes them destroy that which they can never be. All we can do is to avoid them and protect ourselves from them, as long as they exist.

I'm afraid that the Amerasians and mestizos are prepared to argue with Whitey about 'his' turf. The "American Indians" are a growing and festering sore on the body politic, for we subsidize their breeding and the kikes stoke up their militant, self-serving sense of injustice. The Hispano-mestizos claim all of The Louisiana Purchase plus Florida, as "Aztlan", which the Gringos 'stole' from Mexico, along with all southwestern states. The "Indian" problem is just about to surface. Perhaps the scandal over the theft of "Indian" tribal trust revenues will be an excuse for these semi-Asiatics to press for 'more rights' and more land. Stay tuned! The article by the Lakota writer Giago refers to the general "Indian" attitude toward Whitey: they want us gone, and blame all their misfortunes on us, despite the fact that there are now more "Indians" in U.S. territory than there were before Columbus' arrival. Yes, they are mestizos, but as long as they receive Whitey's handouts, they prefer to call themselves "Indians" or the aboriginal equivalent thereof. Nothing is 'ours' unless we are willing to fight for it and to defend it. We won the land by right of conquest, and we are giving it up without a fight to the red niggers. Maybe it is necessary for each generation to fight for their land, so they won't give it up so easily: easy come easy go. No, this is not Rhodesia, but the result will be the same for Whites if they continue to behave like White Rhodesians.

You note the schizophrenic factor in jewish propaganda: some ultra-Zionist jews claim they are "White", and the genocidal jew, Ignatiev, wants all Whites "abolished". The jew uses race like the fellow who said that he used any word to mean whatever he chose it to mean, neither more nor less. I wonder how often Ignatiev claimed to be "White" and vice versa. I saw them 'change' in Rhodesia. One day they claimed they were White, and the next day, they were sneeringly calling us "you White people"! Damn the kikes. Full speed ahead!

Certainly, the jews are testing us. So far, they have succeeded in raising the temperature in our pot so gradually that we do not jump out, but they usually become careless and impatient, as history shows, and the host people revolts and goes after them. As David McCalden wrote, the jew seeks punishment and Death is his real Messiah. I have no desire to punish jews, but they give us no other choice. If that is what they really want, then punishment they will surely get.

Thanks for the item on the mulatto stud farm. What a degenerate place the U.S.A. has been since its acquisition of that name, while remaining under the Judeo-British empire, just as Cornwallis predicted to Washington at Yorktown.

I have never, in my entire life, had a choice where I would live. The only choice open to me was where I would work, and as jobs became scarce, I have even less choice. Yakima does not bother me, as much as my correspondents suffer in Baltimore, Atlanta, California, &c. The climate is much better than that of Tennessee, for example, where I would have to have air-conditioning to prevent my clothing and papers from becoming mouldy and smelling of mildew. I would not want to live anywhere east of the Mississippi, nor any place which has heat and humidity. Of course, air-conditioning costs money, and wages are getting lower.

It seems that "The Zuds", as they are affectionately called, have made quite a nest for themselves in Tennessee. Neither of them have contributed White children to the White Race, for Ernst's sons are mestizos and Ingrid's likewise. In Ingrid's book, "Demon Doctor", she writes that there were two groups of foreigner in her part of Paraguay: tall, blond, Mennonite Germans and dark, stocky jews. If she is not lying for the sake of fiction, she would not fit the Mennonite category, but the jewish category. A Mennonite correspondent wrote that Mennonites do not display their misfortunes, and they do not try to profit from them. Jews certainly do! You should ask Ingrid what she was attempting to do with "Demon Doctor", which purports to expose Dr. Mengele. Apparently, Ingrid contacted Wiesenthal for funds in regard to Mengele's capture. It also appears that Ernst and Ingrid are redefining "German" to include jews, and mestizos, and, eventually Turks who speak German and live in Germany. Adolf Hitler said that no culture can exist without the culture-forming race. He ridiculed German colonists in Africa who were attempting to transfer German culture to Blacks, and rightly so. My duty is to the White Race. I would betray that duty if I were to work at The Zuds' retirement center, and I would once again be subject to censorship, as I was for ten years at Samisdat. I can achieve much more on my present resources than I would be able to by working at The Zuds. Remember who is going to inherit the property they have acquired from their good-hearted and gullible supporters. The heirs will not be White, nor will they be pro-German.

Unless the Zionist Occupation Government of North America collapses sooner than I would expect, I anticipate major government censorship activities, along with persecution of dissenters, as with The Sedition Trials during WWII. I am sure The Zuds know this, too, so that's why their message is primarily "Schmalz" and newspaper clippings. What a miserable pair of Erbschleichern! I know that people tend to maintain relationships for 'old times sake', as Hitler did with Mussolini, who Ernst resembles, and he did so at Germany's cost, for his support of Mussolini drew German forces away from the all-important life-struggle in Red Russia, as we know. If Germany had dumped the Italians as allies and gone after Stalin, Germany could have won the war. Supporting Mussolini was much worse than permitting the British Army to escape at Dunkirk. Supporting The Zuds draws off scarce money and time, while the White Race faces extinction. Ernst proved himself to be a false leader, who was under the total domination of his jewish mistress, "Anne Burton", and he has fallen into the clutches of another jewish momma in the form of Ingrid Rimland(er), whose name even indicates her jewishness. (Her given name was Sylvia, later Ina. She adopted the Swedish name 'Ingrid' when she was in the 2nd grade, thinking it was German.) We know that Ernst has nothing against jews, including the snide little kike, Cole, "Anne Burton" et al. Maybe he thinks he is getting the better of them, but he is certainly deluded!