30 September 2002 – Eric Thomson
I heard on the radio today that the ZOG wants a mass-vaccination of the U.S. population against smallpox. According to Dr. Cantwell, who exposed the AIDS virus as man-made at Fort Detrick, MD, a jew quack named Szmuness contaminated the World Health Organization smallpox vaccine with HIV, WHICH INTRODUCED AIDS into Africa. This infectious inoculation is straight out of Protocol #10. Szmuness also contaminated an experimental hepatitis C vaccine and gave it to queers who would spread both diseases. That's how AIDS got into the U.S. population, thanks be to ZOG!

Please pardon my late reply to your great letters, but a mestizo co-worker could not do his morning shifts, so I had to fill in for him and that really messed up my correspondence. On a seven day work week, one cannot lose any more hours and get letters answered. Yes, we sure have had our varied job-experiences. I have been able to avoid car expenses in Yakima, for all my jobs are within walking distance, or accessible by bus. One fellow said that a minimum-wage, part-time worker with a car needs two such jobs to support the car. Then he needs a third job to support himself. A single working mother with 5 kids had to get a car to do just that, and her welfare payments were reduced because of the car. A car is often required for one to work, so it is not a luxury, unless one thinks that toilet paper is also a 'luxury'. If a welfare queen be a-cruisin' 'round in her late model Lincoln, welfare should be able to distinguish her abuse of the system, rather than treat all car-owning workers as 'welfare queens', who can scam the system anyway.

I overheard two mongrels in the welfare office when I was unemployed and waiting for my allotment of foodstamps. They were discussing their 'off the books' jobs which would have prohibited them collecting welfare at all. The Mexicans are sharp, when it comes to theft and scams. I watch them pull up in their brand-new, low-rider pickups with all sorts of kids in the back, so they can load up with foodbank rations, based on the number of children. They do regular tours of food distribution centers, and sometimes supply their own grocery stores from this free source. One spickess got into an affirmative-action position in the local welfare office and she was shoveling out so many foodstamps to the mestizos that the ZOG became alarmed. She was boosted in rank and transferred to another office.

Ralph Townsend summed up best the behavior of non-Whites, especially jews, who whine about their 'needs'. When dumb Whitey gives them what they cry for, they know Whitey is a stupid coward, so they increase their demands. In mestizo hispanic countries, a person who gives anything for free is universally despised and exploited. White men who do themselves this disfavor in Latin America are called "putos" (fags who perform the female role). This is why the Whites of North America are held in abject disrespect by the mestizo invaders. Are we ever stupid! I blame religion, including liberalism (Christianity minus Sky-Jew) for this apparent lack of intelligence, for I have noted that religion can make otherwise smart people behave and think stupidly, and the military can make really stupid people behave intelligently by drill and discipline, even though the military are not notably bright people.

You said it better than I have, for you use fewer words: Yes, if we love Our White Race, we must put it first and keep its well-being foremost in our minds, 24 hours a day, for our entire lifetimes. You have listed the factors where our love for Our White Race goes off the tracks, and these derailments should be avoided. Imagine the folly of a man who wants to go fishing, but he lets all sorts of other priorities intervene, such as a wife who hates for him to go fishing, children who are delinquent and must be herded; church activities; a new car; another part-time job to pay for the new car, ad infinitum. The man will tell you he wants to go fishing, but we know he really doesn't, for he will not put his priorities in order to do so.

In order to achieve our optimum as individuals, we must put Our White Race first, for if we put ourselves first, as we have been doing, we will lose everything, including our children's futures. In Rhodesia, Whites thought they could give away their country and still keep their damned property. I said that was impossible, just as things turned out. I hate to be right.