03 October 2002 – Eric Thomson
Many thanks for "End Times/End Games" by Hans Schmidt. I began the book with the last chapter, "The End of the End Games", which addresses the issues of gold and Y2K, among other things. Gold is a commodity of limited use. It can only be deemed "wealth" if other men are willing to give their food and labor in exchange for it. Food and labor can be exchanged without gold. The mere existence of surplus food and labor requires the preexistence of a community of order, trust and co-operation, for gold, in itself, is an encumbrance. If the jews have all the gold, then their job is to sell that commodity to others, who may not have the surplus food and labor for such an unnecessary item. Real wealth is community and productivity, of which gold is but an expendable symbol among many. Gold is not good "money", for its supply is independent from the supply of goods and services. This means that gold is prone to inflation and deflation, like all jew money. Inflation and deflation are theft and sabotage, both of which harm the community's economy, so any form of money which has these characteristics is pernicious, as we have learned, and as some of us are only beginning to learn.

As for the Y2K bogeyman, it would have been best to learn a little more about computers beforehand, so as to avoid falling in with the Christian lemmings who wished to couch their superstition in 'technical terms'. Computers do not "think" at this stage of their development. They are programmed to perform certain functions. Only if a computer has been programmed by someone to switch off or self-destruct at the sign of the double zero could any shutdown occur. Do digital clocks stop on double zero? I was at work on New Year's Eve of 31 Dec. 99 and I entertained myself by observing my bank of computer-operated monitors with their digital time indicators. I even had the radio on for reports that the lights were still on in Vladivostok, then Moscow, then Paris, then London, then Jew York City et al. as midnight struck. In due course midnight came to Yakima and the zeros appeared for time and date on my monitor screens. I completed my shift as usual. The second day of the year 2000 I asked a local Christian-Zionist Armageddonist what had happened to the "End of the World", which I had told him would not happen, any more than it did in the year 1000, despite the hysterical holymen. It was his on-board computer which had flipped out: "The world is never going to end," he said with a zombie smile on his addled face. In subsequent editions, I would recommend the deletion of all Y2K segments, which are both irrelevant and embarrassing. As for the gold segments, my reasons for viewing them from a social perspective, rather than a magical one, I have already mentioned. If jew money becomes worthless, we can make our own, as did some Goy communities during the Depression of the 1930s. Community is everything. That is why the jews wish to destroy it for us and retain it for themselves.

The jews appear to worship gold, as in the Calf of the Old Testament. I have viewed their history from the standpoint that jews are the servants of gold, rather than vice versa. Gold is a kosher con, just like diamonds, which have very little intrinsic value.

As you observe, there is no 'nice' way to rid ourselves of these nasty people. The 'nice' jews serve as scouts for the nastier ones, for, as The Leader said, "jews stick together like burrs." Hitler recommended the application of logic to the "divorce" of White society from the jews. Emotions come and go and are often inconsistent, as we have seen over the centuries with the Slavs who get fed up with the jews, riot, and then go back to being exploited by them. The Germans did not make mistakes in their National Socialist policy toward the jews. Any failures were due to the fact that many, many Germans were still mistaken about the jews, as Himmler noted in his speech. As long as every German had his favorite jew, there could be no solution to the jewish problem.

The American 'solution' is for Whites to become jews. I vaguely recall an Old Testament story about a host people who welcomed jews into their midst and were so taken by them, that they wanted to become jews. The Gentile men all agreed to be circumcised. It was in that painful condition that the jews slew their Gentile host people, whose men were in no condition to fight. On the financial front, we see millions of jew-dazed Goyim who wanted to become jews, that is, usury parasites, get their come uppance at the hands of jew stock swindlers. Gentiles who want to be jews and/or jew slaves can all look forward to their condign betrayal by their jew 'friends' and masters. The first thing I spot when I encounter a jew is his attitude that he thinks he is my owner and herdsman. He looks at me as I would a horse which I am about to rope so I can put my saddle on it. Jews view Gentiles as we view untethered horses in a corral. So many dumb Goyim are willing to be lassoed by some kosher cowboy, it would appear that we are being bred for the job, like the Eloi. Certainly, we owe no 'niceness' to the jews, individually or collectively.

In these brief moments before I must go to work, I reflect upon the excellent analysis of jew usury power in Major Osman's essay: The Golden Calf versus Moses' military principle. Israel is a moral sop to the Moses-maniacs, but the real jews are true internationalists in terms of their own national interest: world conquest by usury. Mike Hoffman makes an artificial contrast between the Old Testament and the Babylonian Talmud. Like typical "Christians", he writes his own version of the Jesus cult, according to his tastes. In this matter, the Christians do us all a disservice by obfuscating the jews' devious usury tactics in ruining other peoples who allow them into their living space. This is because Christians have insisted on swallowing the whole mess of Old and New Testaments. Major Osman reveals the source of the jews' power and also the means of dealing with it: Don't borrow money! He points out the unholy alliance of jews and stupid, greedy and/or criminal rulers of the sort we have in Britain and North America. In the educational film, "The Battle of Algiers", it is made clear that the first step in ridding a people of alien domination is to remove the traitors who serve the alien occupation regime. This process may be slow or fast, depending upon the intelligence, courage and needs of the oppressed people. Any people who succeed in abolishing debt and usury have defeated the jews.

Your anti-Zionist efforts were worth a try, but now you know what certain members of the blightwing are like and why they are blightwingers, in my opinion. "Liberation in One Country" was tried by National Socialist Germany. The ZOG is not a limited local problem, as we know, and times have changed demographically in North America which is home to hundreds of thousands of Arabs and Moslems. Don Andrews and his ilk would not enlist them as anti-Zionist allies. Of course he need not get Arab/Moslem approval to print up his own pro-Palestinian flyers and distribute them, nor does he need ADL approval to print up diamond boycott and kosher tax protest flyers. I have known these types for decades and their reasons for inaction are usually twofold: (1) They are lazy. (2) Their egos cause them to resist any idea which they have not thought of, regardless of its merits. Nevertheless, it's always worth a try.

In regard to the White Nationstate, our major obstacle is not territory, but ideology. White Nationhood exists biologically, regardless of location, but it is not comprehended nor desired ideologically. Without White Nationalist ideology, there is no purpose in herding Whites into any territory, which they would merely hand over to the non-White invaders, as they have been doing all along. Government exists in the minds of the governed, so that is the place where White Nationhood must begin. As you say, there can be no salvation for decadent Whites.

The leftists are increasing their anti-White propaganda. My flyer on Demographic Dementia refers. As you observe, the workers suffer whenever immigrants take their jobs and lower wages, but the left is hooked on immigration, because it is anti-White. That is their sole consistency. One jewess argued that South Africa must have majority rule, but Canada must create special rights for "minorities". I replied that her worldview was anti-White, regardless of numbers.