04 October 2002 – Eric Thomson
As happens sometimes, one of my mestizo co-workers flips out and fails to come in for work. That costs me more of my pitifully scarce 'free time'. The population of Yakima is like no other I have encountered, for even in Latin America, people showed up for work, because they needed their Jobs. "No workee, no eatee." Here, the population is mainly mestizo, and some of then are "Indians" or red niggers, who are entitled to Whitey's tribute, according to the alleged percentage of "Indian" tribal ancestry, right down to one sixteenth. I have advised my employer never to hire 'pure' Indians, for they just walk off the job and leave everybody in the lurch. They don't have to work. My colleague is 1/4 Yakama, so he does come in three quarters of the time. Non-Indians are similar, but they live with their parents, so they feel no great pressure to work for a living, either. Forty year olds who cannot support themselves, and they have too many kids of their own. Guess who supports thou? The poor tax-payer, of course. We truly live in a Marxist state, in which the parasites are overwhelming the producers. I came across a good quote the other day: "If you have obligations, but no rights, you are a slave. If you have rights, but no obligations, you are a parasite."

We live in an era in which corruption and incompetence produce the same disasters that sabotage and intentional terrorism can produce, so our only guide when something occurs is timing and cui bono? The kikes and their bandit state of Zionist Occupied Palestine were the chief beneficiaries of 9-11, just as FEDZOGUSA was the chief beneficiary of the OK-ZOG building demolition. From my experience, this was a typical 'counter-dissonance' tactic to drown out the wails of Waco. From the standpoint of target-selection, it made the ZOG out to be the 'victim'. Time has also shown that the WTC and Pentagon demolitions were nonstrategic, as compared, for example, to attacks on the power grid. The hysteria produced by the demolitions has been turned to the ZOG's advantage. If Jew York City had been blacked out, instead, for a week or more, we would likely have seen riots which ZOG forces would have to put down, making ZOG look like the villain. I understand that the Reichmanns who own the WTC will collect the insurance from "an act of war", which is not officially declared as such. Normally, insurance policies are canceled if the damage is due to "an act of war", as I recall from reading airline insurance policies.
Orwell said that "tyranny begins with the abuse of language." Indeed, we now have "illegal combatants" and "detainees" in this undeclared war which is called a war. Warlike acts are occurring, but there are neither P.O.W.s nor criminals subject to civilian laws, nor to international laws, such as the Geneva Convention. FEDZOG's Bushy is truly revolutionary, for he has trashed The U.S. Constitution (which Bush has sworn to defend in his oath of office), the Geneva and Hague Conventions, and the United Nations, who must do as he says, or he will dump then, too. According to reports, U.S. citizens are being held as "detainees" at Guantanamo, under the U.S. flag. They are not listed, to my knowledge, as detainees, so their relatives and governments don't really know who they are. In the case of U.S. detainees, when their names are known to relatives, they remain in limbo because U.S. courts claim that they have no jurisdiction, because "Guantanamo belongs to Cuba!" As you say, in the case of jews, words are inappropriate. The same applies to the ZOG which has obviously abandoned all pretensions of right, in favor of might. The only reason I ever talk to jews is to educate Gentiles.

Thanks for the pictures of Ernst Zündel's baronial estate paid for by his silly supporters. As you say, the hebes have a long reach and long memories. Ernst appears to think that they will leave him and his jewish wife alone in his Tennessee version of Berchtesgaden. I don't think so, unless he has made a 'deal' with them. He used to say, "Beware of fat revolutionaries." Now he is Biedermeyer, personified. Why recruit followers if he is not going anywhere? Yes, I hope he has fire insurance.

I wonder why your mail has been returned. Was it done by Canada Post or the U.S. Postal Service? Maybe some little commie is doing it on his own, which usually means Canada Post.

Music is great inspiration. I don't even know if U.S. school children are taught to sing together in school any more. Now, 'music' is only heard on the radio or record players. The people are silent as they walk around with speakers stuck in their ears, like the characters of "Fahrenheit 451", in their private, passive audio world. The behavior of the people in public is similar to that depicted in the movie of the same name: each crowded together, but isolated, with some exhibiting signs of serious mental illness. By turning the looneys and aliens loose in our society, we have become fearful and reluctant even to say "good morning" to one another, for we don't know what may happen. We live in a Babel state, an anti-social society. No one knows when the ZOG will release a sexual predator into one's neighborhood, for we are informed only after the fact. We are indeed Jeffersonian, for we have foolishly placed individual rights above collective rights. I believe Hobbes or Burke said that the justice system, like the army, exists to protect society, not the individual. I agree that no individual's rights must exceed those of his society.

When I was a boy, most adults could be trusted, for those who could not be trusted were usually not in our midst, nor were there nut cases due to dysgenics or drugs lurching around the towns and cities, as are now. The longer I dwell in this jew-dazed society, the more I appreciate the wisdom of National Socialism. We are doing everything opposite to NS programs: Weimar degeneracy with a vengeance! In my lifetime I have seen social mores decline from the low point of preserving degeneracy to the nadir of ennobling it, just as the jews and the Christian-Marxist zombies dictate. As a Canadian once said, "Obligations without rights is slavery. Rights without obligations is parasitism." Marx put it another way, "From each, according to his ability; to each, according to his need. Jesus put the same idea in these words: "So as you do unto the least of these, you do also unto me." In this mad philosophy, the productive are at the mercy of the parasitic. Such a system cannot last, for the parasites outbreed the producers, and their greed seems to be unlimited.

The role of Aryan music is so important that the kikes fear to mention it. Grudging admission is given by shopping mall managers who find that classical music tends to dissipate the marauding mud-people who congregate on the premises with no intention of buying things, but of scaring customers. Popular ballads which are centuries old have been kosherized by such jew plagiarists as Aaron Copeland who the kosher radio commentators claim to have composed "American" music, none of which he originated. That which was original, and not based on Aryan music, is unpleasant, and reveals his jewish character.

I remember watching a World War II Frontschau about the Eastern Front. A comrade had rescued the film and had obtained a projector. The first time we saw the footage, the projector lamp was dim and there was no sound. The most depressing scene I can remember was of a heavy cannon which lurched into frozen ruts which were so solid that its steel wheels had no effect. Then came the sound: the same scene accompanied by upbeat martial music and a vigorous narration. Suddenly, the cold and gloom were dispelled. Nothing had changed, except for the wonderful music! Naturally, non-Whites are oppressed by Aryan music, just as Aryans are oppressed and perverted by mud-music, which is what they choose to hear most often. Black noise accompanies "wiggers", along with baggy trousers and backward baseball caps. We might forgive teen-agers who do nigger-jerk to the tune of Afro-noise as 'peer pressure' but when they are still mimicking apes at age 25, then it's in their genes.