08 October 2002 – Eric Thomson
It strikes me that these Ostensible White female schoolteachers are smitten by mud-brats, the uglier, the better. The mud-lover LeTorneau fell for a critter from Samoa that would make a Gargoyle look handsome, and has had two mudlettes from him. I note the emphasis on the myth of 'sexual equality' in which women who give sex to young men of child-producing age are deemed 'criminals'. I can see the logic in the case of a male teacher who seduces a female student of child-bearing age, although that law may fall into disuse since the mud majority do not view statutory rape as a crime. Rape, however, is a male or lesbian prerogative, since the rapee may be unwilling. In normal heterosexuality (which is 'evil' unless multi-racial, according to ZOG) the rape of a male is impossible, for the male must be willing and able to perform. A teenage male can only dream of sex with good-looking females, even if one may be his teacher. I would have appreciated such a lesson from a knowledgeable and attractive woman when I was in my early teens, and I would have had the good sense to keep my mouth shut about it. Males are different from females, even if the ZOG pretends there is no difference.

You have reinforced my information on the U.S. rent-wage squeeze, in which a person earning minimum wage cannot afford to live in his own apartment. The wages go down and the rents go up. What can be the reason? It is obvious, we are subsidizing non-workers with our tax money. That is also why the population increases, along with unemployment. I'll pass it on. That was a good article revealing local zoglings voting to increase their own salaries, at public expense. Are their 'services' so valuable? I think not.

As you say, Rough Times are here in "The Great White Hopeland", which is swarming with "Indians" of the ugliest variety. If we go back far enough, we might find out that the Chinese deported them all because they couldn't stand to look at them: "You now choose from column one or column two: you leave or you die!" Those who could emigrated, and now infest North America. No wonder the "Indian" greeting is "How" and "Ugh!" That is Injun English for "How ugly!"

The latest racial research reveals that so-called American Indians are mestizos, that is, Eurasians, and they were so in pre-Columbian times, long before 1492. Kennewick Man reveals a predominantly Caucasian heritage, with a dash of Asian, just as the predominantly Asian "Indian" reveals a dash of White ancestry. The "Indians" themselves have a "White God" tradition on both continents of the Western Hemisphere, so Whites appear to have lived in the Americas, before or simultaneously, with the Amerasians. Were all things to remain equal, as theoreticians say, the population of the Western Hemisphere would resemble that of pre-Columbian times as the majority Asian population reabsorbs the genes of the White Remnant. A new Aztec or Inca Empire may arise, and Whites will once again become creatures of myth and legend. I do not anticipate such a gradual change, but if Whites cannot defend themselves and their livingspace, then the demography of North America will indeed become pre-Columbian, with Asian predominance.

Yes, the demographic situation is serious, but not hopeless, whereas the blightwing situation is hopeless, but not serious. There is the distinct possibility that those you mention are ZOG-agents, who may be using their alleged rivalries as 'cover'. On balance, their track record reveals that they have not helped Our Race one iota in all their years of 'activism'.

In regard to Pierce, my assessment that he was a publisher, and not a political leader, is merely confirmed by the blightwing-style break up of his so-called "National Alliance". The 1st job of a real leader is to scout for a good successor and to establish a chain of command, so that his ship can remain on course, without him. As you point out, Pierce wasn't even a good businessman, for it seems that the most obnoxious of his cronies are carrying away the pieces of his former business. Even Enron has an order of succession, but not the blightwing!

Roper reported that the NA's "friend", Pierce snitched to the yids about the time and place of an NA demo (to get publicity), so his NA supporters got ambushed. The proper name for NA would have been "The ADL-Alliance". Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Thank you for the WANTED POSTER of the kike from Uzbekistan, Natan Gozman. This rings a
bell with the name "Guzman", which often appears amongst Hispanics. Why not? Jews lived in Spain since ancient timed. Gozman could easily pass for Mexican, as do most Arabs, and the ZOG classifies him as "White", hence, all Afro-Eurasians are deemed "White", unless they are "Black". White folks better wake up and read the WANTED POSTERS. We are already a minority in North America. The Rhodesian Whites knew they were THE minority, but that did not save them from their own suicidal folly, so the truth will not help Whitey if he refuses to act upon it.

I would not dismiss any part of The Protocols as "fiction", just because that particular item of mischief has not yet happened. The Protocols are a recipe with various ingredients. In a book of recipes, one may find how to make a chocolate cake, but if one does not make such a cake, we cannot deem that section as "fiction". One passage which I thought far-fetched, the use of subway systems for the explosive demolition of cities, is both diabolical and practical, if one intends to blow up a city, although the sewer systems would serve that purpose. Of course the explosives required to affect major damage would have to be placed is sufficient quantity, and The Protocols were written in the 19th century, before TNT, so boxcars of black powder would have been needed for the job.

Now is the time to expect a "false-flag" incident, so the ZOG can wage its war against Iraq. As you mention, ZOG has even more reason for attacking Saudi Arabia, and I would not be surprised if it does that. It still appears to me that ZOG forces are insufficient to seize both Iraq and Saudi Arabia. A recent report in the jewspaper alleges that U.S. reservists are 'tired' from their prolonged period of service. Previous reports allege the U.S. air fleet is wearing out.

No, the jew can never be a gentleman, for he is at war all the time, against his host peoples. Those who are engaged in war against jews and their Zionist stooges are not gentlemen, either. In English usage, a gentleman may work bloody hard, but he cannot earn a living at those jobs. In regard to gentlemen, the best line was from the movie, "The Molly Maguires", in which Redford who plays the Pinkerton who infiltrates and destroys the group is asked by his former girlfriend, "Why couldn't you have been a decent man?" Redford replies: "It takes money to be decent." When Fitzgerald told Hemingway, "The rich are not like you or me." Hemingway replied abruptly, "That's 'cause they got dough." People can be polite, convivial and cultured, without being gentlemen, but for the jew, all social graces are mere camouflage toward his deadly purpose: infiltrate, dominate, defile and destroy all non-jews. Don't get angry. Get even! This is the motto of the political soldier. Anger can stimulate action, but anger in lieu of action signifies impotence, as do insults, which let your opponent know he has scored against you. Ideally, we should be too busy getting even to get angry. The cool-headed warrior can usually defeat the hot-headed berserker. That is why soldiers learn to keep cool under intense fire. Far more can be accomplished with discipline than adrenaline. That's why the ZOG indoctrinates White males to be emotional and feminine in times of stream and danger, which is exactly opposite to the requirements for survival, and victory. So far, I see that most Whites are still utterly jew-dazed, and I recoil viscerally at their shows of hugging and nigger high-fivery. In the back of my mind a racial voice says, "These are not men!"

No matter what FEDZOGUSA decides to do, by all social, economic and demographic indicators, I think it has lost. The jews' ersatz version of Rome will fall of its own willful defects and deficiencies, or as Leonard Nimoy intoned about the Roman Legions, "The legions were never defeated, but Rome perished for lack of Romans." Zionist America will perish for lack of Zionists, that is, jew-supremacists. Look for the first signs amid the mercenary minions of the ZOG, whose military skills are supposed to make up for the ZOG's criminal blunders. As one writer said, "Might without wisdom is the key to disaster." The denizens of the U.S.A. might consider the fate of the passengers on The Titanic: "It's a great ship, but why are we steering toward the icebergs?" It's time to throw the jews overboard and seize the tiller of destiny, otherwise, the USS Titanic will also go to the bottom. According to Thomas Jefferson, we are way overdue for a revolution, which he opined was needed every 20 years or so "to water the Tree of Liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants." By ignoring the racial factor, the foundering fathers have demonstrated that one man's liberty is another man's slavery.

Suddenly, those 'precious' Black totem animals are not so precious to their jew promoters. One Black 'poet laureate' who was installed in New Jersey (Baraka, formerly Jones?) and elevated as a cultural spokesman and grand panjandrum of punditry has afflicted the kikes with a severe case of heebie-jeebies, for apparently alleging jewish machinations behind 9-11. In response, the jewsmedia aired a malodorous feature in which a sheenie was 'interviewed' by a shabez Goy talking-head. The Black was not interviewed, but was talked about in terms of every put-down pejorative in the vocabulary of jewspeak. No Blacks I know show any support for Bushy's kosher crusade, which might as well be on another planet, as far as the mestizo majority are concerned. These invaders and occupiers only care about the bottom line: bread, baby-making and booze, although not necessarily in that order. Decisions, decisions! It's a spic's life.

In the words of a kindly old philosopher, "The universe is self-destructing as it should."