16 October 2002 – Eric Thomson
I understand that a new zogbuck will show Ronny 'Raygun', and it will bear a striking resemblance to Bela Lugosi. That will be a "triple-whammy": more Monopoly money with a dual-appeal for collectors. No, I won't donate it to "The Negro College Fund", which claims that "a mind is a terrible thing to waste". Instead, I'll consider The Penguin Flying Fund, for "a wing is a terrible thing to waste". Imagine how exciting life would be, were penguins to fly and pumpkins to grow on trees. For now, we'll just have to enjoy our African killer bees and our West Nile virus, imported from Israel.

In regard to lack of proximate intellectual company, I can appreciate the fact that it gives me the solitude required for thinking and assimilating information. The low-level babble and trivial twaddle emanating from my proximate featherless bipeds, I can certainly do without. I prefer to hear the sparrows twittering and the carrion crows cawing in the vicinity of my urban batcave. I recall overhearing conversations in Spanish, and wondering what I was missing. After learning the language, I preferred NOT to know what trivial matters were being discussed. 'Leave no turn unstoned', as the hippies say.

I remember Wylie's "Generation of Vipers", but what I would very much recommend is "Sex versus Civilization" by Elmer Pendell. I also recommend "The Lonely Crowd" and "The Organization Man" as indicators of where North American society is headed. They provide an overview of factors contributing to the dissolution of community in North America.

I have been accused of being all things: a plant, a KGB-nik, an FBI stoolie, &c. Then, I have been accused of being nothing: a committee of retired Gestapo officers or disgruntled KGB agents, a figment of Robert Frenz' vivid imagination, &c. I say "I'm not a spy!" in six languages, but that only makes matters worse. In politics (people-power) one can never be sure who or what side anyone is on. That is why I use Omar Khayyam's advice to "take the cash and let the credit go." What I write is of intrinsic value, regardless of what anyone may think of me. If they wish to profit by my experience and observations, they are welcome to do so, and they need not tell me anything about it. An old Chinese proverb states that there are three types of leader: the leader who coerces; the leader who inspires, and the best leader, who teaches, so that his followers can say, "See, we did it ourselves!"

I'm glad that an increasing number of readers find the FAEM website informative, entertaining and inspiring. The contributors to FAEM are rather like a small group on the Titanic who know that we are sinking. Some of us try to tell the hedonistic passengers the facts; others make jokes, sing, and perhaps tap-dance, to communicate the same message: "We're sinking, tra, la, la!" Still others try to inspire passengers to take to the lifeboats: "Life, get it? Consider the alternative." So far, very few Whites want to know anything about it. The well-lighted, warm cabins are so much more comfortable than the chilly wind on deck. I saw the same maddening unconcern, apathy and fatalism in Rhodesia, so I know it can happen here. Since the Chinese proved in Korea that Ostensible Whites are sheeple, except for one out of twenty, there can be no such thing as "common sense". Whites normally spurn their genuine, pro White leaders, and faithfully follow their Judas Goats up the ramp into the kosher slaughterhouse. When will we ever learn? That is the question.

I passed the reparations paper around, and it drew lots of laughs, albeit un-P.C. ones. If reparations does pass "GO", will mulattos have to pay their Black half out of their own pockets, or will zogbucks be apportioned according to the percentage of Black admixture? Would recently-arrived Blacks be exempt, or would they have to pay reparations to their relatives whom their ancestors sold into slavery? Will the jew slave-traders' relatives , pay into a special fund, as the non-Nazi Germans who pay Israel? Is it fair to tax recent arrivals to the U.S.A. who never bought or sold Black slaves? After having settled that matter, I guess the U.S. government will next have to reimburse the so-called Indians for all the real estate in non-Indian ownership. Oh yes, there were numerous Black slave-owners in the U.S.A. and their identities are easily found in slave-purchase records. Such a deal! Sometimes I feel sorry for the ZOG: caught between the Blacks & the mestizo invaders. Since two bodies cannot occupy the same space nor the same job at once, it will be up to Whitey to make way for the encroaching muds, a.s.a.p., just as Whitey seems to wish. Have we all come down with 'racial-masochism'? Stay tuned!

Most of my coworkers are typically dysfunctional semi Whites, whose only 'profession' is absenteeism. Hence, The Last White Man must fill in for them, because I must work, or I do not eat. I do not have the freedom to quit a job and go back to the Indian Reservation, to live off Whitey's handouts; nor do I have the choice of living on welfare, accrued by the number of my burdens upon society.

To answer your first question, I am not aware of many pro White websites, since I have no computer. If I had one, I'd have no time to use it, to de-bug it, and to update its software & hardware requirements as frequently as required.

My advice to all Whites and their families is summed up in my essay, "What We Can Do." I have learned to choose my 'friends' for their politics, rather than choose my politics in order to conform with my 'friends'. I use that word in single quotes, for it is used promiscuously, and thereby has lost its real meaning. 'Comrade' is presently more accurate, for that implies collaboration, rather than mere association.

The Hungarians experienced life under two of the most vicious ZOGs, the first in 1919 under Bela Kuhn (Cohen), the second in 1945 to 1956 under the jew, Rakosi. How did they cope? They resisted the ZOG by means of their family loyalties. Wives & husbands looked out for one another. Both looked out for the children. In families not so directly under ZOG, when it is time to tell the kids about the "birds & the bees", it was time for Hungarian mothers & fathers to decide if they could trust their kids NOT to reveal the un-P.C. facts of life, if the parents decided to tell them the contrary of what their ZOG indoctrinators were telling them in school. It was a big risk for the parents, for they would go directly into the ZOG-gulag if their kids blabbed to their schoolmates and/or to the teachers/indoctrinators. Sounds like life in the Jew-Ess-Eh, doesn't it? When HungZOG decided to squeeze the Hungarians by MAKING THE WIVES & MOTHERS GO TO WORK, that was the last straw. The Hungarians knew that the destruction of their families would destroy Hungarians as a nation. After that decree, they felt they had nothing to lose and they tore the ZOG-dog police limb from limb. For a brief moment, they wrested freedom from the East-ZOG, only to be betrayed by West-ZOG (the U.S.A. & its NATO allies). Most Hungarians, like most Americans, fell for the "Cold War Hoax" and believed that there was real enmity between the wicked ZOG of the East and the wicked ZOG of the West. Even Dorothy did not believe that, in "The Wizard of Oz"! Some of the best Hungarian patriots were murdered by FEDZOGUSA in the maximum-security penitentiary at Marion, where they abducted & detained investigative reporter Frederick Seelig. By fleeing to the west, the patriots had merely jumped from the lefthand of The Great Satan to his righthand. Soviet refugee Guzenko found that out in Canada, where he virtually lived in hiding, for fear that the Soviet Canuckistani ZOG would hand him over to East-ZOG. Victor Ostrovsky, a righteous jew who told the truth about the Mossad & Israel, has received only persecution here in West-Zogland, unlike Salman Rushdie, who has been sentenced to death for blasphemy. Blasphemy used to be a capital offense in Christian lands, but no one takes Christianity seriously, so one is free to blaspheme Jesus, but not Mohammed. The Christians now worship the god of tolerance and "St. Marx".

A White family must begin with husband & wife who are a racially-conscious team. I would strongly recommend home-teaching, if possible, for the children, rather than subjecting them to "disease-share centers" and the subhuman conditions of public schools. Even back in the 1940s, the schools were deficient in spreading knowledge, but efficient in spreading diseases including communist indoctrination. I know from my own experience! My grandmother had to teach me how to read, tell time and do multiplication and fractions. My schoolteachers were hopeless, and they taught as if the students already knew! I didn't, and their pretense at instruction left me completely confused and illiterate. Only recently did I learn that public schooling was enforced by the bayonets of the national guards in the U.S.A., for children were normally taught reading, writing & arithmetic at home. No wonder most people could read & add sums! Those who have gone to public schools rarely can.

Mud-gangs are a deadly problem in public schools. In 1954, my parents moved ten miles away so that I could attend a high school which was not then afflicted by Black & mestizo gangs. This was in Southern California.

Pro White Whites must establish their own mini-communities for mutual support, now, for times are going to become very dangerous & difficult for White survival on this continent, and all the others. Whites must mobilize by reducing their vulnerabilities and dependence upon the ZOG. We must choose our 'friends' carefully, as well as our family members. Those who do not resist the ZOG collectively are doomed to suffer individually.