18 October 2002 – Eric Thomson
I hope my enclosures serve to explain my use of the term ZOG, which corresponds to your TOMs. No, the ZOG is not monolithic, but it does have a current monopoly on lethal force, at least until one of our criminal psychopaths turns Aryan technology over to an Asian power clever & competent enough to copy it, before Aryan inventiveness renders it obsolete. Meanwhile, the Yellow Invasion continues apace on this continent & Chinese enclaves or colonies are rapidly expanding along the coasts of North America, as well as key areas of Latin America. It was Chinese pressure, not the TOMS, which caused the repeal of "affirmative action" preferences in universities in the states of Washington & California. Meanwhile, the non-Asiatics go on race-mixing & downbreeding. I agree that our 'immortality' is achieved through our progeny & our people. My essay on The American Delirium refers.

In regard to the jewish matter, I think you underestimate their actual numbers in our society, as well as their malign influence. I do not capitalize "jew", since my research reveals them to be members of an international criminal organization, rather than a race, nation, ethnic group or religion. The state of Israel cannot define exactly who is jewish & they refuse to do so, to avoid alienating the non-Orthodox people who think themselves 'jews'. As one Israeli writer put it, the Orthodox fanatics deem nonreligious jews to be their 'donkey' upon which they will ride on to messianic madness. Meanwhile, jews appear to dominate organized crime worldwide. The Soong family are Chinese jews; they were the opium traders. That item they received from the Sassoons, Indian jews, who owned the opium plantations. The British were their bagmen & hitmen. I do not know how you can construe jews as being "cat's paws" for non-jews. That reminds me of a mini-mafioso I encountered, named Tony DiNapoli (a jewish name in Italian). Peare's Encyclopedia defined "mafia" as "an Italian-jewish criminal organization". I asked him if there were jews in the Cosa Nostra. He said, "Oh, they just handle the money." I said, "So you wise guys do all the work & the jews handle your money. Sounds like a good racket for them." Tony's face became stern & he seemed deep in thought. This explains how Meyer Lansky, a Polish jew, could take over the American crime syndicate, including the mafia, all of which is as kosher as Murder Incorporated. Jews infest trade routes. That is why they resemble their host peoples from Scandinavia to Singapore. Jewish dialects, such as Ladino or Sephardic; Yiddish & Cockney are the criminal dialects in Spain, Germany & Britain. In my essay on "true-jews", I address the phenomenon of non-Semitic peoples adopting their own peculiar versions of Judaism, like the Khazars of Russia. All the versions of Christianity purport to be 'true' versions of Yahweh's religion, along with the Moslems & the Mormons. Then there are the 'original' jews who cling to Torah & Talmud, but even they were divided amongst Sadducees, Pharisees, Essenes et al., as they appear today. But the tribal or biological jews are few in comparison to the numbers of ideological & philosophical jews, as Mark Twain & Henry Ford noted. Ford said that it was not so much the number of jews in business which made them prominent, but the number of businessmen who thought like jews. The economist, Werner Sombart, who wrote about the jews & capitalism, opined that the jews did not, perhaps, create capitalism, but they certainly thrive on it! He wrote that "America is the distilled essence of Judaism." Hence, the "Gospel of Wealth", which was given a boost by Calvinism: to be rich is to be next to God; to be poor is a sign of vice, which leads to Satan, &c. A preacher once told me that "the jews are our misfortune." I disagreed & asked him what he would hear if I had a magic wand which would cause all the jews to vaporize when I said, "Jews be gone!" He didn't know what he would hear after that. I said, "You'd hear the rumble of stampeding Goyim who were running to fill the jews' empty shoes, a.s.a.p." As you point out, we really do not have a jewish problem. We have an Aryan problem! You enunciate a mysterious phenomenon which I have noted: that the TOMs plan methodically for the destruction & replacement of their own people with hordes from the Third World! I first encountered this self-extinguishing attitude in the words of Lord Palmerston who declared the British to have no loyalties to any people or principle, but only to "interests". What sort of 'interests'? Perhaps the perpetuation of The Golden Calf, at the cost of sacrificing oneself & one's people? Churchill certainly continued Britain's suicide on behalf of those 'interests'. As I wrote, "Our Race We Slew for the Inner-jew." A revealing novel by Michener, "The Drifters", mentions that some major foundation had written off the White Americans & was shopping around amongst the Blacks as an investment in the future. The Foundation, it turned out was the Rockefeller Foundation which actually funded a Black gang in Chicago known originally as The Blackstone Rangers & later as "El Rukn", if my spelling is correct. I saw the same phenomenon in White-ruled Rhodesia: Whites preparing to hand over the land, the fruits of their labor & the future of their children to Black savages who'd learned their Marxist jargon on White men's money. You also point out the fact that we live under a Marxist dictatorship which operates on the principle: "From each, according to his ability, to each, according to his need." The productive members of society are taxed to fatten the rich & multiply the number of poor mouths to feed. The non-Whites who swarm into countries which still have producers of surplus know that the more they breed, the more we will feed! It's cockroach heaven, a rat's paradise.

I don't know if you've heard of an underground book entitled, "Hear the Cradle Song". I'll send you the introduction which outlines what I believe to be the future of North America. It elaborates your statement that the non-White invaders will not love the White Organisation Men for betraying their own people: they will seize their wealth & kill them & their children, with the exception of certain of their women.

P.S.: I was interrupted by my chaotic work schedule, but after rereading this, I notice a few omissions. I got my usual laugh out of an article from Instauration which was republished in the now-defunct Liberty Bell. The writer pooh-poohs 'conspiracy theories' in general & jew conspiracy theories in particular. Orwell said that tyranny begins with the abuse of language. Jews call "The Protocols" a "forgery", because no author signed his name. Henry Ford spent lots of money investigating "The Protocols" to see if it had any basis in fact, particularly in North America. He concluded that they were certainly supported by jewish behavior. If one can say that an accurate depiction of group behavior is "forged", then one can also claim that the telephone directory is a "forgery", for there is no author's name. The jews & their jew-supremacist minions make fun of "conspiracy". If they can stick a "conspiracy" label on anything, they can switch off the brains of the Goyim, who are trained to associate that word with 'falsehood'. A conspiracy is any plan &/or action done by two or more people who wish to keep their doings secret from the majority. Hence, all existing governments are 'guilty' of conspiracy, usually against the interests of the governed. A Freemason wrote that Freemasons are not a 'secret society', but a society with secrets, for most people know that Freemasons exist. Although Instauration flubbed the jewish issue for decades by refusing to acknowledge the existence of non-Arab jews, one cannot say that jews do not exist. Like any other identifiable group, they have policies & practices which most of the jews support. Jews are parasites who are no more powerful than their host peoples. Israel proves this unfortunate fact. As you say, the jews would abandon Israel as soon as it no longer was in their perceived interests. But that is what jews do with any place they occupy, as far back as ancient Egypt & Babylon, &c. A conspiracy theory is as valid as a 'conflagration theory' in regard to The Chicago Fire or an 'iceberg theory' in regard to The Titanic. The blightwing loves to read about the latest 'conspiracy theory', & they do nothing, in anticipation of yet another conspiracy. Thanks to the jewsmedia, the masses of asses are numbed to conspiracies. One can imagine myself banging on the cabin doors of the Titanic as the ship begins to list, only to be met by passengers' protests: "We don't want to hear any more of your iceberg theories, Thomson!" Or, as the flames begin to lick the wooden frame of the house: "Get lost, Thomson, we don't want to hear any of your conflagration theories!" Jewish power is a rubbery substance, like jewish Holohoax statistics. Jewish power can be, in their words, all-encompassing, to the effect that all great historical figures, including Columbus, Hitler et al. were jews; that all religions, governments, &c. are run by jews, as Disraeli mentions in "Conningsby". Then the same jews claim that jewish power is nonexistent, that only Nazis accuse jews of having power, when 'the reality' is that jews are powerless & persecuted for no good reason by all non-jews from the beginning of time. Jewish power is not absolute, but it is quite considerable; whether it is permanent is up to people like us. Jews control the money supply; they own the major food supply companies; they own &/or control the media of information, education & entertainment. They impose their policies on all levels of government; hence the word "ZOG". I owe this concept partly to Mr. Roy McMurtry, Attorney General of Ontario, up in Soviet Canuckistan, alias Canada. He was photographed on the steps of a Toronto synagogue, wearing his sheenie-beanie or kosher crash helmet, surrounded by ratfaced rabbis & ADL members. The caption in The Toronto Star quoted McMurtry as proclaiming himself to be a "Christian Zionist". To this day, I have never received any reports that the head of B'nai B'rith's ADL was photographed on the steps of a Christian church, wearing a phallic crucifix, & proclaiming himself to be a "Zionist Christian". My knowledge of the ZOG has been gained from firsthand experience over 30 years. Item: Ernst Zündel begins to publish a pro-German newsletter which he sent to subscribers in Germany. Simon Wiesenthal wrote to the "Canadian" Solicitor General, Kaplan, protesting that he, Wiesenthal, dislikes what the Germans are reading. The ZOG of Canada deprived Zündel of his 'postal privileges' for over a year, without trial. All incoming & outgoing mail was seized & held by Canada Postal Authority. When one is running a mail order publishing firm, that would normally be a death sentence, but I got Zündel a U.S. postal address, so Samisdat Publishers survived. Finally, he was able to win back his postal privileges at a Postal Tribunal hearing in Ottawa, which I attended as bodyguard & research assistant. The ruling of the tribunal was withheld from Zündel for almost 5 years, but a copy was given to The Canadian Jewish News, so we could read what they chose to tell us. Our female attorney, Lynn McCaw ably argued our case at the tribunal, & defended me in my subsequent immigration hearing, which was the longest in Canadian history. Afterwards, her son was temporarily kidnapped, & she fled Canada. I think she now lives in Scotland.

Item: Jewish "Defence" League thugs surround Zündel's business in Toronto, threatening us & intimidating customers & supporters. The police do nothing, despite the existence of ample laws forbidding "besetting", &c. The same thugs were allowed to battle us on our way to court for several weeks, until our numbers grew sufficiently to create riots in downtown Toronto. Eventually, the police began to do their job of protecting the entrance & interior of the courthouse, where Zündel was being tried for 'thoughtcrime' at the behest of a jewess named Sabina Citron. Jews are able to invoke the power of the state & the mass-media for the purpose of persecuting their perceived opponents. On the other hand, we could not, try as we might, when jews broke the same laws they accused us of breaking!

Item: Ex-Mossadnik, Victor Ostrovsky writes an exposé of the Mossad entitled "By Way of Deception." His book is censored by the Canadian government at the behest of local Zionists, representing the state of Israel. Ostrovsky's life is threatened & his house is burned down. Claire Hoy, the Canadian journalist who promoted Ostrovsky's book no longer works at his chosen career. To my knowledge, his columns are no longer published.

Item: Arthur Rudolf, a German rocket-scientist who helped put the U.S. on the moon, is stripped of his citizenship at the behest of the kosher Office of Special Investigations. He comes to Canada to visit his daughter, but OSI advises CANZOG not to let him in. He is harassed every hour of his sojourn & undergoes THE longest immigration hearing in Canadian history, which I attended as an assistant to his Canadian attorney. He lost & returned to Germany.

Item: Fred Leuchter investigates alleged gas chambers in Poland. He was introduced to us by Warden Bill Armontrout of Missouri State Penitentiary as "an execution engineer". The jews pounced on that word, "engineer", &, since the State of Massachusetts does not give execution engineers engineer certificates, the jew lawyers accuse Leuchter of "fraud" & of "Nazi sympathies". Result: Fred's career is destroyed; his wife divorces him & he goes broke.

Item: Hugh McInnis, a friend of Rudolf's at NASA, who attended Rudolf's immigration hearings, asked us how much longer they would go on. My attorney friend said, "ZOG only knows." Hugh denied the existence of the ZOG. I warned him, as I did Fred Leuchter, that you can believe the ZOG does not exist, just as you can deny the existence of electricity, however, I advise you not to step on third rails in subways & to conduct yourself 'as if' the ZOG did exist, or suffer the consequences. McInnis wrote a book about Rudolf under a pen-name. This was revealed at the immigration hearings. When McInnis returned to his NASA office the FBI were waiting. They accused him of "writing a book while on vacation". I didn't know that was a breach of NASA rules. Since then, I've heard nothing more of Mr. McInnis.

I shall send you copies of Canadian newsletters which give the machinations of CANZOG in more detail. What we are so far free to write in the U.S.A. is illegal in Canada, in terms of The Genocide Convention, which has been ratified by the U.S. Congress. As a treaty, it becomes "the supreme law of the land" on par with the U.S. Constitution. See Article VI, paragraph 2. The so-called Hate Laws in Canada are enforced to mean that "hate" is anything a jew hates for Gentiles to read or hear. USZOG is working on the implementation of The Genocide Convention indirectly by denoting certain acts as "hate crimes". The Genocide Convention is the legal basis for anti-White tyrannies in Europe as well as Canada.

I did not really invent the ZOG-concept; it announced its existence quite plainly. I merely called it what it is, thanks to Mr. McMurtry!