19 October 2002 – Eric Thomson
In the picture of the Little League baseball team, which our friend thinks is "all White", I see two Anglo-mestizos and one possible kike, but no obvious muds. The picture was taken in 1997, so the heavy mestizo influx in the Southern states has likely changed the complexion of the team, to say the least. Whites love to hand over their livingspace and institutions to muds, just as muds love to take over. What a happy combination!

It is folly to give hope to people who have given away their country. The same process has already occurred in North America, so U.S. and Canadian Whites need not feel complacent in regard to the worsening mess in South Africa. What I give is reality, for false hope is often deadly, as it was to the stupid White farmers of Zimbabwe, who lived to feed their enemies. Most of the ingrained confusion which I observed amongst Whites in Southern Africa was due to the confusion of "nation" with territory. This lie was promoted by the jew, Boas. A nation is a people. I am a member of my White Nation, even when I am in Mexico. I would be a fool, indeed, if I were to claim that my "nation" is Mexico, because I happen to live there. In Yakima, there are areas where a White can "own" his property, but which he is wise to avoid living on , due to his mud neighbors. When the Mexicans invade, even the niggers flee! Numbers, combined with intrusive, aggressive behavior, wear down the non-Mexicans, exactly as Blacks have done with Whites in predominantly Black areas. Of course, one is free to remain and die in place, like the White farmers of Zimbabwe or the proverbial Boers of South Africa.

I shall reply to Richard in the order he has written his points of disagreement. As I wrote years ago, Dr. Pierce was indeed a publisher, not a political leader. The terrible thing was the disinformation which he published in regard to race and target-selection. Pierce was ignorant or knowingly tolerant of non-Whites, such as the informer, Martinez, whom The Order recruited because he was an NA member or supporter. Pierce is dead wrong about race and also about jews. Apparently, he was one of the nitwits who promoted the lie that the USSR became 'jew-free' under the Khazar, Djugashvili, alias "Stalin". Khazars are Ashkenazim, that is, jews by nationality, and the Khazars still rule Russia. Putin is the latest Khazar Tsar. To me, race, jews and who rules Russia are not "nitpicking" trivial matters. They are matters of the greatest importance in information and policy-making. In these matters, Pierce did the White race a grave disservice. Lest we forget, my background is not electronics, but International Relations, which gives me an academic background, as well as political experience. Thus, my opinions are based on research and firsthand observation. I am not a 'jewish scientist' who seeks to prove my prejudices, but to establish a coherent framework for facts, which I see as facts, whether I like them or not. If one loves a piece of earth more than he loves his life, then he must take the consequences of that decision, and when one has given up his right and means of self-defense, the consequences of staying put are foreseeable.

Richard alleges that "the White (Rhodesian) government did not control the population, but the guerillas did." I don't know where he got that idea, for I was stationed in a district as the representative of the civil government. I was directly responsible to The District Commissioner who was directly responsible to Ian Smith. The population is the sea, and the government, as well as the guerillas are the fish in it. The tribal Blacks viewed the government as the better source of protection and benefits. The army commander on my base stated that, "every time we got the terrs on the ropes, Smith would open negotiations with them, and the Blacks would go back to sitting on the fence, rather than actively support the government." As events turned out, we know which side Smith was on, and it wasn't the White Side. Black people respect force and strength, as most people do. When the government reveals weakness and indecision, they will support the party which shows then strength and ruthless determination. I can't blame them. Sources from the Rhodesian S.A.S. say that Smith's sellout of White interests was due, mainly, to pressure from South Africa, our sole lifeline of support.

Richard sums up the White Dilemma very well, in regard to Whites' addiction to 'cheap' Black labor and status symbols such as servants. That was also my observation. To suggest to any native White African that he should shine his own shoes and his wife should nurse her own babies was simply 'too far out', and 'just too horrible to contemplate'. There is no such thing as 'cheap labor'. What the African Whites lacked was a good dose of National Socialism, in which work is honorable, especially when it is necessary. The free time the servants gave their White masters was usually wasted in idle pursuits and/or debauchery, so it would have been better if the majority of Whites had washed their own clothes, mowed their own lawns, done their own cooking, shopping, cleaning, &c. That would have cut down the amount of drinking and philandering I witnessed in my local White communities in Rhodesia.

I am appreciative of Richard's assessment of Verwoerd's Bantustan policies which were a heavy drain on the White tax-payers, and he has the White farmers' attitude spot on: that they fancy themselves as 'tribal chiefs'. I think we all agree on the problem, which is not unique to formerly White-ruled Africa. The same servant-prone, 'cheap labor' attitudes exist in North America. As I opined about the U.S.A.: the Republicans want the muds for 'cheap labor'; the Democrats want them for votes, and the labor unions want them to pay dues as members. To hell with the tax-payers! I recall Eric Margolis mentioning the ratio of 15 dependents for each 'cheap worker', all of whom are supported by the tax-payers. This abuse of the tax-payers occurs in North America, but I first witnessed it in Bulawayo, Rhodesia, at the jew-owned textile mills. The kikes paid spit-wages to the Black workers, and the White tax-payers made up the costs of housing and social services, which were certainly not cheap!

My solution to the Whites' problems in Africa is the same as my solution for Whites in North America: we must form our own nationstate, by, of and for Whites only. Our aim will be for self-sufficiency, and the welfare of the White Nation will come before personal wealth. Earnest Sevier Cox expressed it best in "White America": "To maintain a White Civilization, it is necessary to maintain a White workingclass; to maintain a White workingclass, it is necessary to pay a White worker sufficient for him to maintain himself and his family." He warned of the folly in believing that South Africa could dispense with the White workers and have a White rulingclass on the tip of a Black pyramid. As for the missionary mania for believing that Blacks should or could be made into Whites, in terms of values and behavior, I deem that obscenely absurd. Blacks have been in North America for some 400 years and the results are that they have adopted White consumer goods, while conferring African behavior and values upon White culture. I was struck by the similarity between Black tribal traditions and Black urban traditions off the African continent: Women do the work, and men live off the women. The Black male sees women, regardless of race, as 'income property', as cowboys view cattle. The women go right along with this arrangement, for I observe nigger pimps in my workplace.

Richard is prone to wishful-thinking in regard to biology. There are 3 races: Black, White and Yellow. Of these 3 races there are various subdivisions. As long as no racial crossing occurs, and that is easily established by modern White Man's technology in DNA analysis, a person may be classified according to his race or mixture thereof. Mixed race, that is, a mixture of any subgroup of the 3 races constitutes mongrelization. Mongrels are not a race, for they tend to resemble their parent stocks. Richard confuses place (Asia) with race (biology). The Khazars or Ashkenazim who adopted "jew" as their nationality in 700 A.D. are NOT White, according to their own genetic research. What proportion of Black and Yellow allows one to deem a person White? None, I would say, correctly. The Finns have Mongol blood. They are blond, fair and blue or light-eyed, but they are NOT White. Only a fool would treat them as anything than pale Mongols. The blond, blue-eyed Eurasians I know in America are more "Indian" than White in their values and behavior. In fact, every specimen of "White Trash" I have encountered has a proportion of Yellow subracial admixture. A wee dab'll undo ya, as they say.

I agree with Richard that we are in the informational phase of the racial struggle, so we must make sure our information is correct and not misleading and mischievous. I appreciate activism, but it is folly to do, merely for the sake of doing. We should first ask: We can do this or that, but should we? In war and in chess, we must accept losses. The sacrifice of a pawn may put the player into an advantageous position, but to lose one's army in the defense of an untenable position is folly. The solution for Black Africa is total White pullout, as well as stopping tax-payers' "aid" handouts to Black parasites and criminals.
I do not know to which E.T. Richard refers, in regard to taking a country by storm. I can vouch that this E.T. has no such intentions. The leader is like the fish in the sea, to extend a useful analogy. A fish who jumps out of the water and falls on dry land soon expires as a fish or as a leader. Like attracts like. As Richard stated, the 'leader' was as undisciplined and disorganized as his followers. My advice is that Richard keep up his informational efforts, always taking care to insure that the information accords with facts, rather than wishful-thinking.

P.S.:  Under the hypnotic influence of his first jewess, "Anne Burton", Zündel suppressed all material written by or about others. He announced before witnesses: "I am the cause!" He and his jewess now sing the same old, one-note tune: "Me, me, me; gimme, gimme, gimme." At first, I viewed his inane "Power" newsletters as a sign of senility; but now I can understand that they may be signs of sellout. I believe that he will end up being a US, citizen, like his brother, or, at least he will attempt to dump his German citizenship, as he did unsuccessfully, in Canada. Every dollar for The Zuds is a dollar robbed from the White Cause. Remember: Dr. Pierce has two non-White sons; Ingrid has non-White sons and Ernst has two non-White sons, so there are no heirs to carry on nor to enjoy the benefits of the estates created by their dumb donors and supporters. Those are the facts, whether we like them or not.

We learned who the traitors to the Third Reich were: they were those rewarded by the Zionist Occupation Government. Speidel, Rommel's former adjutant, became a NATO general. Apparently, he could have warned the OKW of the Normandy invasion, but chose not to. Morel's widow was well-treated, as was Gehlen, whose 'information' about Soviet military capabilities was as inaccurate as Pierce's 'information' about jews and race. Yockey said, correctly, that we live in The Age of Total Politics. This is true. Those who serve the ZOG profit and live well. Those who fight the ZOG live like me or find themselves in the ZOG-gulag. The jews ask, "Where does he get his money?" when they are attacking an enemy. We can also ask, "How does he keep his money?" Pierce wrote the "Turner Diaries", but was not attacked by ZOG. Metzger published a cartoon and was bankrupted by the ZOG. If Pierce were deemed the real ZOG-buster, why did ZOG leave him alone and allow him to amass his money and property, and extend his enterprises? White Nationalists are only viable as guerillas, for we cannot defend our property. It is reasonable to assume that those who have property are not White Nationalists, when they also have a high profile. I can only be a leader if I have informed supporters. Perhaps I shall be the best leader: the one who teaches, so his followers can rightly say, "See, we did it ourselves!" I love Our Race more than I do myself, for without Our Race, I am nothing.