20 October 2002 – Eric Thomson
The news items from South Africa are appreciated to show people here that "majority rule" did not mean that Blacks and Whites would live 'happily ever after', as the jewsmedia alleged. I am reminded of the World War II advertisements in U.S. magazines which promised us a future of ease, prosperity and plenty, once we 'won' the war. In Hebrewood films, the assumption is also that everyone will live happily ever after, once they get rid of the terrible Nazis. It is typically jewish to reverse the roles: that the Nazis were "the problem" and not the solution to many human problems. As one writer said in "Reducto ad Hitlerum", if Hitler wanted something, we must want the exact opposite. One German smoker told an interviewer that the Nazis were anti-smoking, so to be anti-Nazi, one must smoke his lungs out.

In regard to making jews crazier than they always were, I shall consider, and see what I can come up with. As you may know, I authored the "Jews for a Richer Israel" flyer which urged everyone to buy kosher-taxed items in the supermarkets. The jews did not like that! The logo was a jew-star with a dollar sign in the middle. I believe that the ADL declared in a St. Catharines newspaper that such flyers had appeared and they had no such organisation!

As for conflicts between jews, they have always existed. A jew conflict is like two horsemen who vie to show who has the fastest horse. The jew cowboys have their disagreements, but we are their horses. As long as we put up with jew insanity, we are the ones who will go on paying the highest price.

In Sans Schmidt's excellent reference book, "End Times/End Games", he cites one "Major Osman" who identifies the foremost jewish dilemma: Judaism in one country (Israel) or Judaism over the entire world? Each jew leader was a proponent of one or the other policy. Osman reveals this conflict in regard to the Myth of the Ten Commandments versus the Myth of the Golden Calf; Enslaving Goyim with usury, rather than armed force. The Golden Calf jews seek world domination through the currency, rather than military conquest, whereas, the Moses group wants to rule via military conquest, specifically over a "Greater Israel", which is supposed to stretch from the Tigris-Euphrates to the Nile. Those are the two blue lines, above and below the six-pointed Mark of the Beast on the Israeli flag. This is why the U.S. Goy donkey is being spurred to invade Iraq, rather than gallop after the legendary Osama bin Laden. As mythology and history reveal, the jew will ride his Goy donkey until it drops dead. Then he will look for another dumb animal to mount. David McCalden wrote in answer to the question, "What makes jews so mad and so malicious?" Unfortunately, he died of AIDS before he could answer the second question, "What makes Goyim so gullible and willing to die for crazy jew interests?"

The Moses-type jews want total separation; the Golden Calf kikes want total infiltration. As you point out, the jews in the Nazi hierarchy support the Golden Calf idea of being on all sides so the jews will profit, no matter who wins. Naturally, the Moses group is very useful to the interests of International jewry, for it identifies and isolates jews from their hosts. Worst of all, the Moses madmen want to concentrate all jews into one area! As Benjamin Franklin said of jews, "Vampires do not live off vampires." It's much easier to swindle and fleece Goyim if you're up close to them!

The jew hates Whites, especially blond, Nordic types, as he turns all his genocidal propaganda against them. Yet, the crazy kike wants to be Nordic in appearance, so he targets himself in the eyes of the mud-people when he urges to "kill all Whites" by murder and/or rape. By polluting the entire planet with mud-people, the blond, blue-eyed jew has endangered himself, along with the Whites he wants to become in his own sick, destructive way. As we see in the case of Mexico, the dark jews occupy strategic positions, so they may survive a race war in which the color of one's skin is his uniform. Perhaps Odin will give me inspiration on the matter you suggest, but this is how I see things at present.

What a surprise to know that The Heritage Front is still publishing a substantial newsletter. I really approve of their slogan, "Our Race is Our Nation!" I wonder where they got that. Ha! I am gratified to learn from Paul Fromm's publication, which you so kindly sent and marked, that the Amerasians are mestizos, both of ancient origins and recent. I can spot mestizos pretty well, eh?

Please keep hunting for the relevant photo or illustration to complete our AZA flyer, as I am doing. Not only must we cook the food and serve it to the blighters, but we must also spoonfeed them. What a lazy bunch. Yes, cowardice is certainly a factor. I learned quite early about "regalia-freaks" and "closet Nazis", neither of which are serious in regard to political activism. They remind me of the "parlour Reds" who would parade around like Che Guevara in universities, but would wisely refrain from going down to Latin America in the same garb, where they'd attract bullets.

The riddle which we have been attempting to solve is really quite simple: unless Whites want to be Whites in biology and behavior, there is no way to entice them into becoming that which they must become if they are to survive as Whites. "Government exists in the minds of the governed." That is also true of nationhood and racial identity. Our Race lacks both will and desire to survive. I guess a reasonable analogy would be that we are offering Whites an excursion, but they don't want to go, as yet. How can we persuade them? I think that the most persuasive possibility will take the form of events. I see no guarantee that Whites will do the right thing, but events will force them to do something, which raises possibilities, as the Chinese character for "crisis", which combines "danger" with "opportunity", as I've been told.

On the AZA front, I'm enclosing some jewsmedia reports on anti-Zionist activities. As I said, Israel is our foremost anti-Zionist ally, for no one would have the courage to attack a single jewish interest, were it not for Israel. Jews who insist on backing Israel receive the same criticism as Israel, which they deem "anti-Semitic". Oy veh! Israel is the Achilles Heel of International jewry.

Mugabe is the White Man's best ally in Africa, for his policies will greatly reduce the bloated Black population if he is left alone. The folly of backing White farmers who gave away their country, so they can continue feeding the burgeoning Black hordes is typical of blightwing blundering. I mentioned that it would be necessary, if Whites really wanted to recolonise Africa, that we pull out, completely, and let the Blacks stew in their own juice, until their numbers are reduced by attrition in a few decades. As for the jews who promoted Black Marxist Misrule, I am not surprised that they left to despoil new lands. That has been their pattern since biblical times; Infiltrate, dominate, defile and destroy; then depart.

I appreciate your positive approach, which is mine, also. We are like the Spartan commander who was advised that the Persian army was so huge that its archers could darken the sky with their arrows. His reply was, "Great! That means we can fight in the shade!"

I enjoyed reading my essay on the dollar sign. After all these years, I still agree with myself. I hope I never wind up like Barry Goldwater who was always "misquoting himself". Ha!

Yes, let's all be friends: take my job, my land, my food and my daughter, and give me your poverty, your diseases, your cockroach morality, for which I will gladly pay and pay and pay. My impression of Margaret is that she has talent and 'good feelings' without direction. Nationalism and self-determination must be exclusive and elitist, that is, eugenic. When something means all things to all men, it becomes meaningless. There is no point in "gaining the world and losing one's soul", as do those who strive to incorporate diversity and call it a 'creed' and a 'nation'.

Like you, I await further developments in regard to the "National Alliance", whatever that may mean. I asked one NA member, that is, subscriber, what the term meant. Was it an alliance of nations? Or, an alliance within a nation? If nation = people, rather than place, then who are allied with whom? The member replied that Pierce wanted to confuse the identity of his 'movement' to sneak by the jew herdsmen who might call it "Nazi!" Well, it took the hebes all of two minutes to slap their "Nazi" label on the NA, so all Pierce did was confuse the Goyim, as usual.

It's very difficult to keep out the tax-subsidized vermin. I live in a building which admits those who receive "rent assistance", of which there are numerous druggies who qualify for S.S.I. benefits because they have crippled themselves. These types usually bring in fellow druggies, who tend to break and enter others' apartments and do 'business' on the premises, at all hours. Sometimes I see the wisdom of that "Great Humanitarian" and protagonist of "Our Gallant Soviet Ally", Lev Davidovich Bronstein (Leon Trotsky) who shot half the railway workers at one station, to get the attention of the other half so his train could leave on time. Perhaps Jesus ben Yahweh will come and do his "loaves and fishes" trick so the cockroach people will be able to feed and breed infinitely, but that I very much doubt.

One day, the building manager asked me if I'd left a window open. When I said that I do not leave windows open, he thought my apartment may have been broken into. I calmly remained at my job as he left the lot, after telling him that I would sincerely like to know what someone would want to steal from me. As it turned out, the window which was open was not to my place. As I look around, I can see that no ordinary thief would bother taking much of anything I have, all of which is useful for me. More likely, he would, demand payment for removing my belongings from the premises. I do have some new items, such as soap and razor blades. All the rest is used, worn and 'antique', like my battered manual typewriter. It is quite functional for my purposes, so I do not lament my low-tech 'poverty', which permits me to live within my means and still function as a writer. My main lack is time.

"ZOG" is also banned in Soviet Canuckistan as "hate".