21 October 2002 – Eric Thomson
Many thanks again for the Schmidt book! It makes a great reference source and I have already used Major Osman's analysis of jewish schizophrenia to good effect,' in regard to the dichotomy between the territorial Zionists and the international Zionists, who reflect the true nature of the jews, exactly as Benjamin Franklin said. Jews must live amongst a host people, for "vampires do not live off vampires."

I agree that Hans sometimes gets too involved in issues of lesser importance. Apparently, he takes government and business more seriously than I do. In my viewpoint, this is like paying attention to the doings on the bridge of The Titanic and the Purser's Office, rather than the iceberg. Many people prefer to focus on the nits, rather than look up at the tiger which is about to pounce upon them. They prefer to argue fine points about past crises, rather than confront the present crises. As we know, that approach won't save them from anything. I saw the same irrelevant behavior in Rhodesia.

No, I do not despair about the miscegenation problem, which is going to pale in comparison to the Great Culling which ZOG and Nature are preparing for the masses of asses. Those who are fit will have the best chance of survival, and those who think in terms of dope and hip-hop will go the way of the dodos.

People here assume that the sniper will be caught. I say that I'm not so sure. ZOG is still looking for Rudolph and whoever zapped the prosecutor, Wales. If the sniper is smart and has support, he might well vanish. As a sniper, he is doing the classic job: pinning down thousands of opponents with the occasional well-placed round. One good man with a rifle is formidable, indeed, as I tried to tell Maguire, despite all FEDZOG's high-tech surveillance: and response systems. One death per bullet is good economics, although his target-selection is more self-indulgent than strategic, in my opinion. Out here, I've heard nothing about the possible race of the sniper, but I also suspect that he's White.

I'm sorry to hear about your sudden 'vacation'. Yes, government employees do have more job security, although they are vulnerable to 'affirmative action'. The last remaining Whites in local civil service jobs are considered write-offs, since they will be replaced by members of the spic majority in due course. As you can see in the spic newspaper I enclose, there is a °Washington State Commission for Hispanic Affairs". Nice of Whitey to set up a Hispanic government body!

Yes, it's definitely who you know which will be most important in the oncoming crunch, and you are wise to play things cool. Let events heat things up, before you overheat your rhetoric and alienate people who may be crucial in your survival, as you will be for theirs. Local gun nuts I know are Bircher-types, Judeo-Americans who fear White Nationalists more than they do Mexicans and Arabs. They seem to live in a kind of John Wayne fantasy land, but as long as they can stroke their guns, all's right with the world. I cannot argue with stupidity, and, yes, they also love jews and Israel, and have swallowed FDR propaganda, hook, line and sinker. To hell with them.

Yes, jews are good at psywar because they are inherently nasty. A jew conversation is often nothing more than an exchange of barbs, and they frequently apply that same aggression against Goyim, when they think they can get away with it. I let them spew, but I watch their hands to see if they are going to make a move, which I will pre-empt.

You mention the radical nature of living without borrowing zogbucks. That is how I have always lived: below my means, whenever possible. Most people get trapped by their jobs, which require them to maintain a level of consumption and expenditure beyond their means. Others mistake "credit" as a plus, rather than a minus (debt). They think they are getting a good deal on ten percent interest. Jews just love these suckers, but a growing percentage of them are maxed out in personal indebtedness and going bankrupt. Borrowing for consumption is folly, but the jews are hooked on money lending, just as the dumb Goyim are addicted to borrowing beyond their ability to pay. The entire country is up to its ears in debt. As I say, the economy is going Weimar and the demography is going ape. On a bumper I saw: "If you can't feed, don't breed!" Someone has the right idea, and this will be The Main Theme of our crisis: those who live off others' labor. As I see it, rampant crime will be the first response to our Argentine-style economic crunch caused by lack of productivity and consequent inflation.

Some economic analysts claim that "deflation" will be the problem. I don't see any sign of prices dropping for food, shelter, utilities, &c. Nor has the real price of owning a car gone down. Taxation is not diminishing, but wages are falling. In a more honest economy, the drop in wages would be reflected in a price drop: less money and more goods. My analysis is that prices continue to rise because there is less productivity and more money being paid to those who don't work. This puts the working stiff at a distinct disadvantage, and I am sorry for young Whites who are trying to keep jobs and income levels, while attempting to raise children in this anti-White society. They are the real warriors and heroes.

The banks will have no problem 'selling' all their repossessed property to 'chosen people'! It's the old jew-screw of using symbolic wealth to grab real wealth, as they did in the 1930s. My idea would be 'scorched earth' for those who lose their homes and farms. Of course, if sufficient Whites would organize against the banksters, we could scorch them and save our homes, but I may be too optimistic. Whitey appears willing to do anything before he bands together as a racial nation. Obviously, things must get much hotter for him before he gets up and defends his interests.

The Christians are, as you point out, running on loose sand and getting nowhere in terms of racial survival. Townsend was succinct in his description of Christianity as 'all things to all men'. The fervent Christians I know are like the fellow who declared that a word is exactly what I want it to mean, neither more nor less. Many choose to ignore inconvenient passages in the jew-book and define "Jesus" as they go along. People who object to the term, "Judeo-Christianity" need to consider the Christians' inclusion of the Old Testament religion of tribal exclusiveness and predation. Even if one omits the Yahweh cult, one has the New Testament passages which link Jesus to the house of David, albeit erroneously, since Joseph was not Jesus' father, but Yahweh, and Mary's ancestry is omitted. A further muddle comes in Christians' inability to decide how much of their affairs are the purview of mortal men and how much are divine, and subject to Jesus ben Yahweh's control: all or none? If only some, then which matters should we address with our own physical efforts and which by dropping to our knees, Oriental fashion, and praying? By swallowing the absurdity that the deity is 'all-knowing' and that everything which happens is 'God's will', but that man has 'free will' (to do what?), we have cast ourselves into the dismal swamp of delusion. No wonder some Jesus-eaters thrash about in confusion, while others wait passively for rescue from The Big Sky-Jew. I saw this phenomenon in Rhodesia. Christianity played a major negative role in White survival, for those who called themselves Christians were either passive wimps or Communists who were advancing their agenda under the cloak of Christianity. Philosophically, morally, socially and biologically, Christianity a Babel, with a dash of Sodom. Those who may disagree with my assessment of Christianity have their own, personal, definition, and thus prove my point.

In regard to intelligence analysis, I was told by people in "the community" that data gathering is not the problem. Analysis is, in regard to assessing meaning and priority of the data. I insist that this is an art, not a science. Computerized surveillance of conversations, for instance, can be keyed to note certain words, but it still takes 'humint' to assess the meaning from the context. Yes, that play was a real bomb on Broadway. Oops! There goes the red alert light.