22 October – Eric Thomson
Many thanks for your vivid thoughts on the 'Bush-ape' or ZOG-puppet president. Yes, his speech to "the nation" was a surreal media event, aimed at the disciples of talmudvision who live in Judeo-America's fantasy world. Aside from that audience, few people I know seem impressed. These include majority muds, the real majority of the North American population, with the exception of a few jew-dazed Whites who respond in the Pavlovian fashion described by Orwell in "1984", as they enjoy their "two-minutes' hate". "Hitler bad. Saddam is Hitler!" This is the sort of response I hear from Ostensible White females who do not know Saddam personally, nor have they bothered to read anything or otherwise learn anything about Iraq. As far as our defending our own livingspace from the Invasion of the Cockroach people, these fierce femmes melt into sticky, gooey blobs of syrup when muds and their brats 'need' whatever they want from us. Go figure!

There seems to be a consensus amongst those I have sounded out that "war" is already here, but we wonder who will fight its where it will be fought (Yakima is a good place, since an atom bomb would only do $39.50 worth of damage and it would remove some nasty featherless bipeds who produce noxious gasses); nor do we have any idea how this "war" will be fought, nor how badly it will go for us. Without a definition of 'enemy', 'objectives' or 'victory', such a war is unwinnable, but definitely losable. It appears that FEDZOGUSA intends to take on the whole world, while letting the whole world's people invade the U.S.A. It looks as if the U.S.A. is flushing itself down the toilet of history, and this may be Our Race's best chance for survival, as with drug addicts whose supply is cut off.

This sniper affair reminds me of a sick, stupid jew-flick of the sixties entitled "Little Murders", in which Jew York City is the setting for anarchy. The film ends joyously, with everyone sniping at everyone from their high-rise apartment windows. Is this a good deal?

The fact that we have survived amid the dregs of this anti White society is a tribute to our fortitude and our good fortune. Survival in this anti-White society will become increasingly difficult, especially for those Ostensible Whites who have swallowed the ZOG's propaganda line and who live in its talmudvision fantasyland. Good luck on finding healthy Whites. So far, my search in "The Great White Hopeland" has been unsuccessful. Perhaps the healthy Whites are keeping low profiles, and maintaining verbal and written silence. This means that we may discover who these healthy Whites are only when we are on the firing line: "Gee, I didn't know you were in the White Army, too!" This behavior may indicate caution, or cowardice, since we cannot fool the mud enemy about who we are. As Commander Rockwell said, "Our skin is our uniform." There is no inevitable solution to our survival problem, no guarantee that any event or combination of events will inspire Whites to do the right things for their survival. No race can survive as individuals. To survive individually, we must survive collectively in this ongoing race war, which we so far refuse to fight. Right now, Ostensible Whites are pursuing their own personal agendas, like the White Russians during the Bolshevik Revolution and Civil War. We know where that got them! The White Rhodesians dithered themselves into deadly delusions, which incorporated their traitorous agents of destruction into their midst. Yes, they were willing to die in the ongoing civil war, but they were unwilling to kick out Ian Smith and the kikes in order to live. Such good sheeple!

In regard to jew criminals, such as "Murder Incorporated" and Lansky's mafia, they are capable of crimes which run the gamut from fraud to ritual murder. They make the Mau Mau look 'innocent' when it comes to gratifying their sadistic impulses. The North American sheeple have foolishly bought the false image of the jews as clever conmen, which is really a sideline for these vicious, bloody savages. The influx of the so-called "Russian Mafia" will reveal the jews' true nature in due course. We are invaded and occupied by rapacious, ruthless, opportunistic barbarians, before which, most of us are just fresh meat on the hoof. The Colombian gangsters also have their kosher criminal connections. When I was living in Cali, there was quite a large jew ghetto, and I was informed by Colombians that the Medellin honchos were largely marranos, jews who pretended to be Christians, but who worked as a tribe against the majority of Colombian Gentiles. The thing which makes the kike criminals most effective is their intelligence resources.

To refute the Freemasonic lie that "We have a government of laws, not men", it is obvious that government is people, not paper constitutions nor laws which do not need human enforcers. The mafia method is to 'touch' the enforcers by positive incentives (bribes) and/or negative incentives (murder of the person or his loved ones). All the criminals need is the judge's address, or the cop's, or the legislator's, or the newspaper editor, &c. When a person is confronted by armed bandits who offer him "silver or lead", he will tend to have an 'open mind' in regard to an "offer he can't refuse." When a functionary hears a mysterious voice on the phone that tells him, "We know where your kids go to school." He tends to worry. First off, how did they get his unlisted number?

Once again, we see the effectiveness of an organized, determined group against individuals who represent government, but not a people. Nor can criminals be combated individually, but as members of a collective society or group. Yes, this is war, but we are not fighting! We are not able to fight "crime" unless we fight the foremost criminal nation: the jews. If I had the time and resources, I would pursue further research into the linguistics of crime. So far, the criminal dialects I know all have jewish origins: Sephardisch or Ladino in Spanish; Yiddish in German and Cockney in English. When Hank Messick wrote "Lansky", he correctly referred to "The International Crime Syndicate", of which the Mafia was a very small, local part. Peare's Encyclopedia used to define "Mafia" as "an Italian jewish criminal Organization'. The fact that a Polish kike, Meyer Lansky, could run La Cosa Nostra as "Capo d'tutti capos" or Chief of all Chiefs, would indicate the kosher nature of La Cosa Nostra. Indeed, those who have claimed connections with the Mafia often had obviously jewish names in Italian, such as "Genovese" ( man of Genoa) or "DiNapoli" ( man from Naples), &c.

You raise a very important topic: how we look at problems. Most sheeple prefer NOT to see a problem, for they might worry and even feel obligated to do something about it. By not seeing a problem, one can do nothing about it. Then there are those who dwell upon problems, rather than seek a solution. These are like members of The Conspiracy of the Month Club, who are too busy collecting conspiracy stories to do anything about any one of them. Definitely, the best conman is oneself. I think this describes the full spectrum of the blightwing. I have been able to solve my problems within my purview, with luck and knowledge. In the midst of chaos, I am fairly able to lead an orderly existence. The most annoying problem which I have yet to solve is my lack of time for creativity and correspondence. Barring that, I must make do as well as I can with the free time available.

In regard to the 'princes of usury', they should consider where they intend to run to. In "The Chosen One", the gold is being handed over to its new custodian and the receiver is sounded out as to his reliability. He reveals that he could go nowhere on earth with the gold, if he decided to steal it for himself. In other words, there are sums so large that the thief can find no safe haven from his victims. The stupid CEOs who stole and swindled such huge sums from major firms and the investors seemed not to know where their greed would lead them. If I am head of Enron, for example, how do I expect to steal a billion or so dollars and live happily ever after in some hideout? One fellow asked me why I had turned down a deal he'd jump for. I said that I did not want to be the richest corpse on the beach. Unlike the savings & loan thefts, these huge bankruptcies are too big for FEDZOG to cover. After all, the S & L bailout is still part of the U.S. "national" debt.

All Bushy has to do is connect the DC sniper to Saddam. I'm sure he may do it when he wants his Big Iraq Attack. I'm sure Sharon told him when. Why waste a "lone nut", equal opportunity killer, when he can be linked to Osama, thence to Saddam? The sheeple would probably accept that and feel 'safer' when the Jew Ass Oy Veh bombed Bagdad. Poor, dumb Goyim! Things might not be so simple. I'm reminded of the joke, based on fact, which was current during the Vietnam War: the Pentagonian zoglings programmed a great computer with all 'relevant' inputs. Then they asked the computer, "Who will win the Vietnam War?" The computer answered immediately: "The U.S. won ten years ago." After all, how many aircraft carriers did the Vietcong have? &c. The strength of the Arabs is their demographics. The weakness of FEDZOGUSA is its demographics. The Arabs have time. The U.S. does not. Meanwhile, China watches patiently, for they have time, too.

Thank you for advising me to write a White Survival Manual. My first job is to find a White who wants to survive. So far, I am aware of none, aside from yourself. The others have their own immediate agendas and amusements which come first. If you want to survive, all things follow logically from that. It becomes more complicated when you want your wife and children to survive, as well. It is much easier to pretend that we are not in clear and present danger of racial extinction, or that it doesn't matter, 'cause The Big Sky-jew will serve us a big slice of his Pie in the Sky, in the Sweet Bye and Bye. Ha!

I also applaud the Black 'poet' Jones/Baraka for his statement connecting jews with 9-11. The jews have used the Blacks and browns (mestizos) as battering rams against Whites, but they seem terribly offended at non-White 'ingratitude' for all the perks they enjoy at White expense. Why don't I feel sorry for the hebes?