23 October 2002 – Eric Thomson
Yes, our "Constitutional guarantees" aren't worth the paper they are written on, as events show. Kosher konservatives may be surprised, but I don't think we are. Nothing can be done as long as we remain is our jew-daze and cling to such illusions that "our government" is on "our side". The ZOO is not on "our side", unless one wishes to commit suicide for Israel and the jew-firsters. That's not what I look forward to, as you say guess.

Another correspondent mentioned the subject of psychopaths, and the description resembles those aliens in "They Live". The psychos sound very much like jews, and I have long equated the two. That's why I don't capitalize "jew", any more than I would capitalize "criminal" or "psychopath". Isn't it funny that jews would gravitate to psychiatry, like firebugs becoming firemen.

A German film, "Erbkrank" (Hereditary Disease) revealed that race-mixing is a major factor in insanity. Weimar (pre-Hitler) statistics revealed the small percentage of jews in the German population relative to their large numbers in insane asylums, usually for problems stemming from schizophrenia. From my research, insanity is mainly hereditary, and is increasing with irresponsible breeding practices, including race-mixing. Diet is very important for "Class II" schizophrenics, who are often vegetarians. The cure is animal protein and lots of it. For the other, genetically-induced insanity, there is only medication. As a jovial insane asylum attendant informed me, insanity is part of one's DNA, like baldness. Suddenly, it's "flip-out time", apparently without regard to environmental stress. In a few cases, the illness is self-limiting and the patient recovers. The attendant's patients were not so lucky, and he said he would be dragging them and drugging them for the rest of their lives. To him, that was job-security. Of course, we are currently facing an epidemic of self-induced insanity with mind-destroying drugs like "ecstacy" and "meth". I see such types in town and they strike me as ill-tempered zombies, who tend to "flip out" on any provocation.

I recently received my bilingual voters' information. Because it was in Spanish and English, it was about one third the size of my telephone directory. At first, I thought I was back in Canada where all government publications are in French and English. "Diversity" is costly, and it will become terminally expensive and tedious, as well as terrifying. White folks still don't know what is going to hit them, poor suckers!

Please give my regards to Dr. Clarence Lang. As I recall, he wanted to borrow a book from Zündel's huge accumulation of donated, rare books, and "The Zud" turned him down. The Zud's jewish mistress had complete dominance over his thoughts and could even reconstruct his memory of statements and events which he had experienced firsthand! Seeing was believing. She kept telling him that everything which he received as donations for The Cause of Truth, Freedom & Justice was his, and that his comrades and collaborators were "freeloaders" who intruded in "his house". The books in his library were "dead energy" which could cause cancer, etc. Being of a compulsive-hoarding nature, Zündel kept the books; not using them himself, nor letting others use them for research. Instead, they were mostly destroyed by arson and water damage and shoveled into dumpsters. The anti-Zionist organization he claimed to be creating, he destroyed after the two Holohoax trials. Zündel used people as people use water from a tap. When he needed them, he turned them on with misleading statements, as he did in my case, and when he felt he'd had enough of them, he turned them away with obnoxious treatment. Despite The Zud, we all had a learning experience in regard to jew control of courts and media, as well as jew mob tactics. Only by excluding jews can we succeed, for all it took was one jew in the right place to sabotage our whole effort, as in the case of Zündel's evil mistress, who went under the name of "Anne Burton". He now has latched onto another jewess who will soon be expected to relieve him of his property.

I enclose a portion of a revealing analysis of the jews' reliance on money-manipulation and usury in biblical times, and their conflict with jews who believe in the efficacy of religion and military might to achieve "Judaism in one country". The writer, Osman Bey, divides jews into two groups: those who follow Moses, the usurper and destroyer of nations, and "The Golden Calf", those who usurp and destroy nations with usury. Neither type of jew should be welcome in Gentile society!

In my former days of intelligence analysis, I was told that "there are no big secrets. We only think there are, because they are in plain sight and up close." My instructor used an amusing analogy: "If we were to stand with our noses up against a large tree, we might not know that the bark was part of a tree, nor that the tree was part of a forest." If, for example, the Soviet Union were the foremost enemy of the U.S.A., why was the U.S.A. supplying it with funds, food and technology, and why did the USSR use its influence to maintain order in U.S. spheres of influence, as in France in 1968, Latin America in 1967? to mention just two occurrences. As you may remember, France was in upheaval in 1968, but the Soviets told the Communist labor unions not to support the student strikers, and thus cooled the situation. In Latin America, the USSR aided the USA in finding and killing Che Guevara, the inconvenient revolutionary romantic. In the Soviet sphere of influence, the U.S.A. prevented the Hungarian freedom fighters from acquiring anti-tank guns, which allowed Judeo-Communism to reimpose its grim misrule over Hungary. Radio Free Europe and Voice of America had encouraged the Soviet bloc peoples to rise up and throw off Soviet rule, tacitly promising U.S. support. This was the same jew trick which the Soviets had used against the Poles of Warsaw when the Red Army was on the east bank of the Vistula: if the Poles were to rise up against the Germans, the "gallant Red Army" would cross the Vistula and complete the "liberation" of Poland. As we know, the Red Army waited until the Germans had wiped out the Polish nationalist resistance. Only then did they advance, and then finished off the rest of the Polish patriots!

The Big Secret that has remained in plain sight is the biblical mythology present-day jews' behavior: infiltrate, subvert, usurp, defile and destroy; then depart for new hosts and new victims. The fact that Yahweh sanctions his tribes' depredations has led some people to reverse the roles, thus claiming to be "jews" or "Israelites", and the real heirs of these biblical usurpers and usurers, while those who carry on the foul traits of Judaism are supposedly "fake" jews or Israelites. Some demented dervishes believe that they should support the "fake jews" so that "the real messiah" will come, apparently for the third time, since Jesus allegedly appeared before his disciples after his resurrection, if my reading of jew mythology is correct. In other words, for "Christ" ("jew-king") to appear, the "Anti-Christ" must first appear. All this supposing cloaks the operational and unvarying aspects of jewish depredations upon mankind: chiefly by control of people's money and the bane of usury, which is supposedly forbidden between jews, but is a mitzvah or religious obligation between jews and their host-victims.

I first encountered "British Israelites" in Rhodesia. Their penchant for 'prophecy' with dire predictions end miraculous rescue served to keep them irrelevant to politics and survival. Rhodesia fell under Black Marxist Misrule long before their fancied biblical Armageddon, so they had to pull their noses out of the jew-book and scamper out of the country, along with their families. My letter to H. refers, as well as the essay by Major Osman Bey, which sounds as if he had been corresponding with Sir Richard Burton, author of "The Jew, the Gypsy & el Islam". Major Osman points out the bifurcation which is apparent in Old Testament jewry: the conflict between jews who wanted "Judaism in one country" and the jews who wanted international dominance of all countries and peoples via money-manipulation and usury. Since Christians are the chief victims of jews, it is absurd that they would identify themselves as "true Israelites". This is like bandit victims claiming to be the "real bandits", while the ones doing the hold ups are "fake bandits".

One Israeli writer who has been persecuted for calling a spade a spade, Israel Shamir, wrote a warning to the Christian jew-firsters who believe that the coming of the "Anti-Christ" must be hastened in order to bring Jesus back for the third time, according to the Now Testament, which I seem to recall alleges Jesus' appearing before his disciples after his resurrection, so his second coming has already occurred, but Christians can't count. Nor do they know to whom they are praying whenever they say "alleluya! (Up with Yahweh!) and "Amen" (the Egyptian god, Amen). Error repeated remains error. Shamir warns that those who serve the "Anti-Christ" will be consigned to hell along with him.

As I understand, Covington is a Christian who therefore believes in Big Sky-jew Rescues, like the "true-jews" of Rhodesia. He would be unlikely to support your ideas and ideology. I understand that he is busy writing another novel, something to do with "The Great White Hopeland", as I gather. It should be good, as his novels usually are, whether one agrees with them or not.

We need to expose the fact that Israel does not occupy the moral high ground.

Thanks for the NSM flyer. I have not heard of them in Minnesota, until now. Two immediate observations is that one of their leaders is named "Stein" and at least two of the members in the group photo look obviously jewish. One of them is the twin of "Trotsky", and he really should get a shave and haircut. The other is tall and bearded, like some of the Lubavichers I have encountered. All he needs to look completely kosher is to doff his necktie and don a sheenie-beanie. Is this group genuine or one more ADL agent provocateur stunt? The flyer urges people to join the group, but it does not state any specifics of what the group is about, other than very general "pro-White" programs, which are left up to the wishful-thinking of the reader. I am aware that one flyer may not be able to express the program and objectives of the group, although the NSDAP could do it with its 25-Points, and I did it on half a page with my White Power Manifesto. Going back to Square One: A great leader conceives a great idea, which he communicates to prospective supporters. In the early days of the NSDAP, Party speakers were attacked by Reds and reactionaries, so the S.A. was formed to protect the speakers who conveyed the ideas to prospective supporters. An S.A. per se had no purpose. Street brawls are a means, not an end. As the jew-book says, "By their fruits shall ye know them." Been there. Done that.