24 October 2002 – Eric Thomson
Many thanks for yours with the comprehensive Wall St. Journal report on the Chinese manufacturing economy. In regard to that article, I recall what Jean Baptiste Saye wrote about economies: that the producers must receive sufficient wages to buy their products, and The Leader's second book (Hitler's Secret Book) that was triumphantly translated into English and published by the Allies as 'proof' of Hitler's war aims. So sorry, but he makes no mention of world conquest, merely war with Red Russia to seize farmland to feed Germany and to avoid trade war with Britain. In his second book, The Leader specifically warns about the danger of China, in regard to the use of Aryan technology to impoverish Aryans with cheap manufactured goods, for the profit of a few coupon-clippers. It was all right, he opined, to sell the Chinese a ship, but never a shipyard! The Wall St. Journal article reveals the greedy shortsightedness of investors who dream of "all those Chinese buying all those toasters," &c. But, that won't happen unless Chinese wages go up, so the foreign devils' factories produce for their markets, not the fabled China-Market, and the foreign devils put their populations out of work, on behalf of short-term profit. Such a deal!

If the U.S. population do not make the things they use, then how will they pay for their imports? Let's assume that exports of food and raw materials would cover the trade deficit: these are called Primary Sector products, the sort of things produced by a backward colonial possession. Such products are no longer labor-intensive, which means that they no longer employ large numbers of people, exactly as we see in Turd World countries. This means that the majority of the U.S. population would be unemployed, or employed in the Tertiary Sector (services). This sector also pays low wages, unless one is a brain surgeon or a sticky-fingered CEO. Ideally, the products of the Primary Sector should be delivered to the Secondary or Manufacturing Sector within a local economy. This saves time and transportation costs, especially when the market for the manufactured goods exists in the same area. The idea of exporting oil, for example, across the oceans, where it is made into plastics and reshipped back across the oceans to the market, from whence came the raw material, is a big waste of time, energy and labor. Only if manufacturing costs are so low, as to pay for the additional shipping back and forth is such an arrangement workable. But, even if such an arrangement puts profits into the hands of a few, does it justify the deprivation of the many, whose standard of living declines with their loss of wages and jobs? Not if we are interested in the well-being of our people!

Judeo-capitalists argue that the lower costs of manufactured goods raises the living standard for the consumer. But is the low price passed on to the consumer? Not really. The merchants and middlemen get the benefit of that, while the consumer pays more and more for less and less. Service Sector employment means minimum wage for the vast majority, and even these jobs are becoming scarce, relative to the population. The growing similarity of the U.S. economy with that of Argentina becomes alarming, for we are basically paying for the goods we use with I.O.U.s. In the domestic market, great numbers of consumers have borrowed money at interest to consume all these "cheap" imported goods. The jew-banksters are unwilling to extend consumer credit indefinitely, and one suspects that the manufacturing countries may not accept our I.O.U.s indefinitely. When that happens, the U.S. population will be stuck without jobs, money and manufactured goods, and the Chinese will be stuck with factories and over-production. Their solution is obvious: just increase the workers' wages, as did Henry Ford, whose employees could afford to buy the cars they manufactured. As for the foolish foreign devils who destroyed their own economy, let them eat grass. Greed, crime and stupidity all go together. As Eric Margolis wrote of the Argentines, they have nobody to blame, but themselves.

Your observations on the Canadian kosher version of rural homesteading are incisive. Yes, CANZOG wants settlement. No, it does not want economic independence and self-sufficiency outside the usury racket. The obvious question which seems unasked is, why aren't the White Canadians reproducing, even to replace their numbers? I believe that the reason is in the fact that their living standards have declined, due to taxation and inflation. Responsible people do not breed if they cannot feed. The situation has become drastically worse by the importation of even more welfare locusts and 'foreign aid' handouts, as well as the exportation of Canadian manufacturing jobs. The same economic and demographic organisms are at work in Canada as in the U.S.A., but Canada lacks the surplus 'fat' and the gangster clout which the U.S. so far enjoys. Nevertheless, the outcome of general poverty will be the same, sooner or later.

I reflected upon your observation that a healthy man in an unhealthy society tends to suffer more than do those who are sickos, who are addicts of that which is destroying them. Obviously, the healthy should seek the healthy, and form their own society, as far removed from the sicko; as possible. So far, the 'healthy' choose to go it alone and suffer accordingly. I am not a hermit by choice, but by default. My radiant racial health repels ZOG-lovers, so I have only the company of my long-distance correspondents, with whom I share my thoughts. No one here wants to hear anything I have to say. My role here is similar to that of Chinese Gordon's at the fall of Khartoum: the lone White man who visibly stands out from the non-White populace. I would be no less visible were I to wear a fez and carry a flywhisk. Years from now, a visitor might come and ask the whereabouts of "Eric of Yakima" or "African Eric". The denizens will ask, "Is he a White man?" The visitor will affirm that he is. "Oh, he lives in that building on the corner!" Of course, by then, the conversation will take place in Spanish or Tagalog. As you foresee, I also anticipate a great population crash, with the whimper of disease and the bang of rampant crime. The situation will apply to China, also, for they are depleting and polluting their natural resources on a massive scale. Food is the foremost necessity, not the toys and gizmos of factories, nor the blather of sellers. All the factories in the world cannot produce sufficient food for the Chinese population, and those areas which product agricultural surpluses are doing the same things to their soil: depletion and pollution, while the locust-people fill up the livingspace and increase their demands upon the environment. I consider myself a rich man, every time I turn on the water tap and fill a glass of water to drink. Indeed I am wealthy. I even have a place to live, which is clean, comfortable and occupied by myself, unlike the apartment of Dr. Zhivago. Yet, I am deemed to be living just on or below "the poverty index". Boy, do some people have a long way to fall!

I agree that FEDZOGUSA, the Zionist version of Rome, must rely upon mercenaries, and it would be wise for our rulers to read "The Prince" by Machiavelli, in regard to mercs. Because of our high-speed technology, we seem to be telescoping various periods of history: the fall of Rome; the Borgias' Italy, all amid a Mongol invasion with Arab accompaniment. Talk about fast-action entertainment! The Leader was obviously aware of Rome's errors, such as the depopulation of rural, food-growing areas by increasing the military draft; the incorporation of non-Romans inside a bubble of Roman conquests; the destruction of family farms by cheap imported food, and their conversion into agri-business tracts worked by landless slaves. Then, the increase of an urban welfare population, along with alien hordes, which could destabilize Rome, but not defend it. In this regard, Bush plays the role of Caligula quite well.

I agree with your assessment of Stalin, the Khazar equivalent of Pancho Villa. Russia is not an enigma to me, for I can see the kikes, just as I can in America. "They Live", but they are not invisible. What confuses many of us is their ability to co-opt non-jews in their service, which is why I coined the term, ZOG. "Zionist" includes the jews and their Gentile stooges and frontmen. One writer paid me quite a compliment, although he attributed "ZOG" to Pierce, who shunned the concept like the plague. He wrote that "ZOG" expresses all the concepts of Father Coughlin, Dudley Pelley et al. in a single expression. Such a deal! ZOG identifies our enemy. Now all we must do is identify ourselves for ourselves! We are White, first and foremost; not "White Christians" or "White Americans", but White above all else. If we fail to comprehend and to respond to that, we shall fail in all else. "Is this good for Whites?" must be our question, before we embark on anything, even the lighting of a cigarette, which is NOT good for Whites.

Yes in deed, we mostly live in a "propaganda white-out" of our perceptions and critical faculties. Others call our delusional condition a "jew-daze" or "evil spell". The Land of the Zombie-Sheeple. In regard to certain JFK-assassination allegations, I, too, take them with the proverbial grain of salt. I appreciate your analysis of my activism in regard to prematurity, but I see it, rather, as a failure of that which was possible, relevant and workable, if only I had had the right people. Edison's lightbulb evolved from many failures, not of his principle, but of his materials. When he found the right incandescent material, it worked! Politics is people-power, within the realm of the possible. Saboteurs can undo the building of an organization, which is never premature in politics, which involves the sorting out of many Zuds & duds before the team is made up. Meanwhile, the universe self-destructs as it should.