25 October 2002 – Eric Thomson
Your observations on crowding are most relevant in regard to ongoing demographic changes, namely, crowding. The old song comes to mind: "Don't Fence Me In!" Crowding and Chinese. The two are inseparable. In "The Military Thoughts of Chairman Mao", he describes The Long March into the boonies of Yunnan, if I recall the geography correctly. Mao's 10,000+ army encountered a large, grassy area populated by strange tribes, but devoid of towns and cities. Mao called it a region "without people". His men found it very depressing, although there was adequate game to eat. "No people!" was their chief complaint, and some of them went crazy for this lack. No people? I think ten thousand members of a company and their camp followers would be sufficient to tide me over until I reached a real crowd! Not so, apparently, to a Chinese mind, which was like that of a termite which has wandered too far from its nest. In regard to crowding and jews, which I've experienced in Jew York City, it is nasty and pushy. Life is cheap, as long as it is yours and not theirs. The crowding and cramming seem to create an urge for haste, just as molecules speed up when they are compressed. Crowding in Japan, however, is quite different and tolerable, for it is polite and orderly. Everybody is crowded, but they all get where they want to go. Crowding in most Turd World countries, such as Latin America, is impolite and chaotic, so nobody gets where they want to go, until the pushing and shoving subsides from exhaustion, as I witnessed in Colombia, whenever trains and buses arrived to discharge or take on passengers. Perhaps the DC sniper is reacting to over-population by reaching out and shooting someone. As we should know, if we don't already, Whites need space, and Yellows love cramming. Blacks don't seem to care, one way or the other. The thing which bothered me in Arab countries was the continual plucking at my sleeves by peddlers and beggars who want to get one's attention in this aggressive and obnoxious fashion. Such behavior is offensive to Whites, and that's probably why they do it. I seem to recall that people in such countries would walk with canes to fend off the street vermin, as Townsend wrote about China. In Red Russia the ZOG offered some measly incentives for the inmates to have children. The Whites did not reproduce because apartments were scarce, but the Yellows and mestizos did, since they don't mind the crowding and the squalor resulting therefrom. That's one reason there are so few White Russians left over from the jews' genocide policies.

Robert Frenz' idea of popcorn in relation to population seems valid: when the heat goes on, some kernels in the pan pop much sooner than the mass. Then, at a certain temperature, with sufficient exposure thereto, the mass pops. As with a Bell Curve, some kernels pop much later than the rest and others never pop, but scorch. These immolated non-poppers would comprise the blightwing in a human population, and the premature poppers would comprise the nuts. What I notice most in North America is the individual nature of the poppers. There appears to be no community of thought nor of action. It appears that our ZOG has made us into disparate Lockean 'atoms' and Jeffersonian anarchists, all of whom have common interests, but no longer know it. The diligent downbreeding and race-mixing over the generations has made this population obviously stupid, and there is no other explanation for such non compos mentis behavior. Lack of adult maturity is the sign of low intelligence. We need not perform I.Q. tests. Just check the percentage of the population that watches niggerball. A jew anthropology professor declared that "there are no sick societies". I nearly got thrown out of the course when I asked him if that would apply to Nazi Germany. He said my question was mischievous and unfair. As I recall, he gave me a hard-earned "C", because I occasionally challenged his opinions with my own, which were derived from the same body of factoids. I was still trying to learn a few things while spending my time and my parents' money in his class. I knew he was a jew, but in those days, I didn't know their objectives and organization. In regard to good-looking jewesses, of which there were one or two out of the hundreds I encountered at university, I am not tempted by their looks, for it is the whole person which attracts me. As a youth, I knew that they were not of my folk, and later, that they were the enemies of my folk and all we represent. Now I view a pretty jewess as an enemy soldier wearing a pretty uniform. I keep clear, even before I quite knew about the fables of Judith and Esther, the 'holy' whores who slew the Goyim with their sexual wiles, for starters. One thing which jewesses can offer a Goy is twisted intellectual companionship, for they are walking bundles of extremely complex neuroses, when they are intelligent. I avoid them as I do toxic waste dumps. Poison in a pretty wrapper is still poison.

In one of his "table talks", The Leader was quoted as warning Americans that the Chinese would take over the Western Hemisphere if we could not fling the jewish monkey off our backs. As usual Hitler was right. The Chinese and other non-Whites prove that we are stupid, by their presence, and they despise us accordingly, although the Chinese are so busy taking over that they don't bother to say so. Why speak to foreign devils, anyway, unless you can get more out of them? I used to believe that "The Camp of the Saints" was horror fiction. Then came the "boat-people" and now the hordes of hispano-mestizos et al. That book was not at all fictional in terms of the liberal mentality it described and the economic depredations we are already beginning to see. Clearly, the ideology of Christianity has undone us, and the liberals promote the same ideology, without Jesus ben Yahweh. The early Christians were economic communists, much as they are today, as long as it's someone else's money which goes "unto the least of these". We can also blame the greed of Judeo-Capitalists who want infinite population growth for cheap labor and consumption of infinite production, and demagogues who want votes. Christians are crazy and the others are criminal, but the results are the same: over-population and White racial extinction. Will the White Worm turn? Stay tuned!

Indeed, as you observe, a positive attitude is good to have, but it must coincide with positive acts which are relevant to survival. In regard to fleeing, I reflect that flight only makes sense if there is somewhere to go. That "where" requires a group of like-minded comrades who can offer mutual defence and assistance. I know of no such "place", nor group. I am surrounded by "Indians" (Anglo-mestizo Yakimas) and inundated by Mexicans, where I am situated. Most dimwits think they can hop in their cars when things get rough. Obviously, they have never heard of roadblocks and ambushes, nor gasoline shortages. Sure, a car will get them a greater distance, faster, but their problem remains: where can they find safety? As you observe, North Americans are getting dumber by the day. Some bipeds think they can drive to the airport and 'fly away'. The same demographics and logistics apply as for road travel in a time of social chaos. If one had his own commando unit, he might be able to secure the airport and the road to it, but, once airborne, where would he go? Maybe he could live on a private island. Some denizens think their key to survival is to take off in a seagoing yacht and live oft the fish they can catch. So on and so forth. On "The Day", will they be able to reach their yacht? So many questions, so little time for answers. I take an easygoing attitude, derived from my Colombian and Rhodesian experience: one day, we all must die, so let's do the best we can with each day of our lives and go out with guts and gusto, when it's Machete Time. I stay alert, but I don't worry.

Like you, I can foresee the death of the Republican Party, which must bribe the mud-masses for votes, while promising tax-payers relief from taxes and deficits. Obviously, this issue-straddle is becoming impossible to maintain. Either way, we will see more mud faces in ZOG politics. The hebes are indeed psychopaths who have misused magic, like The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and conjured this flood of mud which they cannot control nor stop. It's high time for some White Magic.

I think that our prolonged and constant exposure to problems can be strengthening, and I also think that our minds can eventually conceive a reasonable solution. Perhaps we, ourselves are the solution, because we have survived. In life, the Struggle is the Victory. This is part of Nature's sorting process, but those of us who do not seek survival for ourselves alone still require our inspiration from this seething morass of problems, which we can use to inspire Our Race, on behalf of its survival. My personal problems are small, but our racial problems are greater than ever. I return to the riddle confronted by T.E. Lawrence: how do we turn the enemy's strength into weakness and our weakness into strength? He solved his riddle, and I still strive to solve mine, that is, ours.

To build, we often must first destroy. The worm of decay which you describe may be the worm of inspiration: the death of former values signals the birth of new ones, and new bases for action. Your perceptions of reality are depressing to passive, dying men, but they are stimulating for living men of action, who will choose their time when it is appropriate, and not one moment sooner. As long as we stay fit, we can take advantage of opportunities which are certain to arise.

All the best & DOWZ!