30 October 2002 – Eric Thomson
The Judeo-American ratrace decrees that the majority of working stiffs must face the prospect of full employment, with very little time off, or unemployment, which is no vacation, either. I have had that experience in which every dollar spent brings one closer to hunger and closer to being out on the street. Since I work 7 days a week, your description of your trip allows me to enjoy an outing, albeit vicariously. Of course, I can avoid the traffic and other hassles you experienced, so I can just enjoy the adventure, without the discomfort. To jump ahead a bit, I do not have an idea, as yet, about the purpose of those "silos" you described, other than the normal use. They might disguise an array of electronic sending and receiving equipment, especially if the "silos" had dome roofs. They could be radar installations, as well. They could also serve as ventilation ducts for large underground facilities, while also serving as lookout towers. I may think of a few more covert uses for such overt structures that do not attract much attention in rural areas.

Thank you for the Chinese info! Everything Hitler warned us about is coming true: (1) Transfer of Aryan technology to China would put Aryans out of work, and (2) If we do not heave the jewish monkey off our backs, the Chinese will inherit North America. The dumb boy sheeple in the Jew Ass Oy Veh do not know nor care about the demographic changes going on in Canada, as if a zogline drawn on a map can be people-proof. It seems obvious that the U.S. ZOG is not serious about combating "terrorism", for to do that would mean establishing control of the north and south borders. Probably the most effective way of controlling the northern border would be for the U.S.A. to annex Canada, which seems willing to let in all and sundry, without exercising internal control of illegal immigrants, let alone border control! Even the Mexicans are more stringent when people show up at their ports of entry! Then, too, they have a pipeline for aliens, from Guatemala, into the U.S.A., which is profitable for Mexican officialdom. The collection of bribes is the main reason that a Mexican would be an official, anyway. I am not stating this out of malice, but I merely point out the situation. Most of us have never been in a position to be bribed, so the moment of truth for us would come when a smiling bandido with a beeg pistola asks us if we want "silver or lead". I have "Mexican experience", so I'm not speaking out of prejudice.

As for the World Bank and the IMF, I know very little about their formal structure, but I do know that they were created by and for banksters, to assure them profits, without risks. The profits accrue to the banksters and the losses accrue to the tax-payers of the various countries which are members, that is, their jew-owned "national" banks are members. The IMF is responsible for selling Turd World countries expensive mega-projects, getting them more in debt, and then dictating their domestic economic policies, which automatically causes political unrest. Argentina is the result of IMF policies. As far as I know, the World Bank is connected with the IMF, but I don't know what formal arrangement exists. These entities are outgrowths of jew-owned "national" banks, such as The Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Bank of France, Bundesbank of Germany, Bank of Canada et al. Again, these jew-owned entities are backed by the tax-payers of their respective countries, who permit these kikes to create "money" out of nothing and charge them interest for the "service". The World Bank and IMF are variations on the same racket, and since governments are involved, these entities provide the jew banksters with additional clout in the form of international sanctions against debtor countries which defy their extortion racket. Otherwise, they'd have to rely upon private collection agencies to make "sovereign" countries pay up, and that wouldn't work.

There are all sorts of bankster rackets, of which usury is the foremost, and money supply manipulation runs neck and neck or very close second. As I recall, the U.S.A. has a "Foreign Investors' Insurance Act", which allows the Wreckafellers, for example, to establish an oil refinery in, say, Peru, and rake in the profits therefrom. If or when the refinery is seized by the government, the Rockefellers are compensated by the U.S. tax-payers. This is what the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation does and did, big time, in the Savings & Loan scandal. The bankster bandidos stole the depositors' money, under the guise of "bad loans" to their friends, and the U.S. tax-payer got stuck with the bill. Such a gigantic breach of trust should have warned the sheeple about the likely outcome of stocks and shares, i.e., that you must take care whom you trust with your money, but they flocked into the stock market, like sheep to the slaughterhouse.

Loser Craig's come uppance apparently occurred in due course. He is a shining example of a 'self-unmade man'. I would be long gone if I smoked, drank heavily, ate poorly and got very little exercise. Craig stuck to his regimen, all right, and everything fell apart, according to Nature's rules. I have heard of young men suffering heart failure. At first, I thought it was due to Chagas disease, which is caused by a bug-borne infection that destroys the heart muscle. If the victim had not visited South America, I thought he may have become infected from a blood transfusion. A more common cause for early heart failure is heavy drinking and certain 'recreational substances', like cocaine and methamphetamine. I have read of autopsy reports on cocaine-users which revealed lots of tiny strokes had occurred throughout the person's brain. As our former Black female "Surgeon General" said: "Dey don't wants to get hooked. Dey jess wants to get high!" Poor babies! It's the old feeble mentality of wanting something for nothing in defiance of reality, that everything in life has its price. Let's say that someone gets a 'thrill' out of Russian roulette: "Ah don't wants to die. I jess wants to feel high!" BANG! Oh well, better luck next time. "You done with the gun, Sambo?"

It's interesting that the Harley crowd would be so different from the BMW riders. Well, it makes sense. "Harley" is a mystique which draws groupies. BMW is a motorcycle which attracts those who want to ride motorcycles, without the need of buying a 'trip down memory lane' in search of reliving "The Wild One", &c. My father was a biker like yourself. He most enjoyed being on his bike, alone, on an open road: just he, his bike and the universe, with the wind in his face. Motorcycling for him was an individual communion, not a group experience. Dad was also a teetotaler, which kept him out of beer-drinking biker groups. As you say, you are not a 'real' biker, because most 'real' bikers ride barstools instead of bikes, and hang around with other 'real' bikers of the same ilk. It reminds me of "The Iceman Cometh", in which a bunch of drunks conspire to entertain themselves by reciting the same old lies to one another. Those people are the downwardly-mobile who have arrived!

It's interesting your observation of the Wright Brothers' propellor design. I have read that someone designed a scimitar-like, multi-bladed propellor which enables an aircraft to break the sound barrier. After one mention, I have heard nothing further. As I understand, propellor-driven aircraft use less fuel than jets, so a super-sonic propellor-driven plane would have certain advantages, I would think.

I've heard that Connecticut is expensive because lots of rich jew fatcats live there. "The Golden Ghetto State" might be an appropriate nickname for it. One common phenomenon throughout the U.S.A. is the inability of many workers to live in the towns where they work, because rents are so high. Some people I know have had to quit their jobs, because they could not afford to live within economical commuting distance! I remember my first job in the Jew Ass Oy Veh, upon my departure from Soviet Canuckistan. My employers lived in a rich district of "Loserville", KY, and there were no living quarters within busing distance, so I had to buy a car to commute from where I could afford to live. At $6 an hour, I was losing $1000 every six months because of car expenses, in addition to my rent, utilities and food costs. In other words, I was using up my meager savings in order to exhaust myself at hard labor in 100° temperatures and 100% humidity! Not such a good deal. I sure had a lot to learn about how much the U.S.A. had changed since I last worked in the country; car expenses up, wages down; jobs exceedingly scarce. I consider myself lucky to have reached the apex; yes, the zenith of my present circumstances. Confucius say: "Better to live in basement than on pavement." I was born lucky. For now, a job in the hand is better than an unemployment cheque in the bush. At least you enjoyed the last of the good times, which is more than young people starting out in coolie jobs in the ongoing depression. No wonder many of them still live with their parents. As our circumstances become more desperate, our worries and plans will diminish. As a teenager, I could plan for so many years in school, and worry about the field I would enter for my life's work. I even considered the eventuality of marriage and children. As my life progressed, it became more desperate and fraught with urgent immediacy. At best, it was hand to mouth and at worst, bouts of hunger. When one is concentrating on his next meal, the plans for the years ahead fade into oblivion. What have I achieved? A certain amount of experience and knowledge; no wealth nor family. Yet, I consider myself fortunate, even though I would have preferred to accomplish more. I remain always aware of the fact that I would not be alive today, had I not overslept one hour on the trip to Bogota, for the first bus over the mountain, which I intended on taking, struck a landmine and was hurled off the road and down a thousand-foot deep gorge. No survivors. Every day since then has been 'gravy'.

Your observations on the Turkish front illustrate the problems which the Judeo-Anglo petrobanksters have willfully exacerbated in their Middle Eastern "Crescent of Crisis", as Engdahl put it in his book, "A Century of War", which blames the petro-bankster interests for both world wars of the 200 century. Their motives are the control of oil production and money, on behalf of their judeo-banditry, using the dumb Goyim as their pawns.

Israel, according to an Israeli writer, adheres to its "peripheral policy" of backing non-Arab countries like Turkey and Iran, which are located behind Israel's perceived Arab enemies. That explains why the hebes were selling the Iranians spare parts for the U.S. aircraft both countries used. The difference is that Iran BOUGHT their U.S. aircraft and the jews were GIVEN theirs. Such a deal!

As would be obvious in an over-populated, semi-desert region, water is THE issue in the Middle East, including parts of the former Turkish Empire. The kikes are sucking up lots of water from the Litani River, so Israel can 'bloom' at the expense of the Arabs. Add to this explosive mixture ongoing national rivalries within multi-national states like Israel, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and Turkey, and we can readily understand that oil is the potential soothing syrup of the region, which provides revenues needed to buy food for people who have created the deserts they now live in. The petro-banksters of ZOG have used this vital substance to commit arson, on behalf of their insane greed and lust for power.

Nothing good can come from ZOG's malicious machinations in the Middle East, nor any place else. Now is the time for all good men to bust the ZOG, before it busts us.