31 October 2002 – Eric Thomson
Well smash my stereotype and call me Rastus: the sniper turns out to be Black, with a Moslem connection, which may be tenuous. As an extortionist, he was a much better sniper. Acquaintances here agree that "he wanted to be caught". That may be so, but now what? The fellow and his Jamaican stepson are probably the least popular bipeds on Planet Earth. It may be a sign of perverse genius that this fellow has succeeded in unifying everyone against him. I remarked previously that his target-selection seemed self-indulgent. Indeed it was, to the extent of total counter-productivity. It's really too dumb to be crazy. I wonder if ZOG can conjure an "Arab terrorist" connection. Stay tuned! I nominate him for 'ornery' membership in the blightwing, where he has company.

You mentioned "the man of history" being able to recognize and deal with crises which those without such knowledge haven't a clue. In chess, the expert player memorizes entire games, like the military student who memorizes entire battles: the double envelopment at Cannae; the crossing of the T at Trafalgar, &c. With historical events, race is of utmost importance, as Disraeli said. There appears to be general agreement that the U.S.A. is headed for oblivion, probably amid violence. Will North America go down like Rome? Will it disintegrate like former British India? I doubt that it will go the way of Haiti, for the Chinese will not let Blacks takeover, nor will the mestizos. FEDZOGUSA has worse than feet of clay: it has feet of credit, that is, monetized debt, and not a sound leg to stand on. The yiddles have fiddled and fuddled with U.S. identity, loyalty and demography, as they have done in "Soviet Canuckistan", so only the very uninformed cling to bygone illusions of what they may be fighting for or making other sacrifices for. People who fight to "defend democracy" for others, without themselves being citizens of a democracy "ain't wrapped too tight", as the high-tech people say. Ha! H.L. Mencken correctly observed that "no one ever lost a dime underestimating the intelligence of the American people." We even fought "to make the world safe for democracy" in World War I, while not being a democracy ourselves. We might just as well have fought to "make the world safe for monarchy", which we are not, either.

Obviously, the sooner Whites work on building their communities, the better. This is what I have been attempting to do since my return from Africa. The last, best chance was in Canada, but The Zud sabotaged that. We had a group of supporters who were organic farmers. The Zud's jewish dominatrix got into a fight with one of the farmers' dogs and that vital contact was broken, along with the major issues of Judeo-agribusiness debt-slavery for our food-producers; public health, nutrition and sustainable land-use. One bite and The Zud dropped the baby and the bathwater! Adios, White Community!

A fellow who went by the penname JOST had a small group of purported supporters, but I heard from a former acquaintance of his that some provocateur-type blighters sabotaged his incipient community. Once again, the rule is to choose quality above quantity and to exclude those who cannot or will not fit in, and who do not contribute anything constructive. If Whites refuse to build their communities in the short time available to us, when it is relatively peaceful, they will have many unpleasant surprises from associates upon whom they must rely in desperate circumstances. Right now, most Whites live in a state of co-consumption, amid relative plenty. That relationship is not a community, any more than animals coming to a waterhole are a 'community'. The moment of truth will come when the waterhole dries up and the lions are hungry. Then we shall see what community exists. A community is not merely a place, but a functional relationship for defence and survival of its members. A mere gathering in one place of pale-skinned featherless bipeds is no guarantee of such a necessary community. Unity of purpose comes first!

In regard to our choice of topics amongst our colleagues and acquaintances, I tend to talk about things on my mind, in terms which relate to their well-being or ill-being, which is really up to them. I notice a change: associates who had no interest in my favorite topics now come to me with questions in regard to the ongoing crisis which they now acknowledge. I previously bored and alienated the same people with my preference for history and current events, expressed within my analytical framework, but now, they are more interested. How high must the water get before they realize that the USS TITANIC is sinking?

Perhaps I should refer to our ship of state as "La Titanica", since hispano-mestizos are the largest group in this county. So it's no longer our ship, but it's still sinking, and we're on it. None of us is guaranteed a place in a lifeboat, if there is one.

I agree that the hebe banksters could call in all their loans and seize real property, if they wished, but the Goyim, who still outnumber them, might react the way the biblical Egyptians purportedly did, after being jewed out of their own country and property. It is not in the sheenies' interest to skin the sheeple so badly that they must skedaddle, according to their Exodus myth, but, as you observe, they may have to abscond, since they can't correct their own behavior, any more than termites can stop munching.

In regard to the ongoing invasion of the U.S.A. by Chinese products and Mexican labor, a local truck driver foresees the likelihood of U.S. roads being crowded with trucks made in China, driven by Mexicans. Such a deal! Of course, it's already happening.

Like you, I see the ZOG's purpose as similar to that of the Rhodesian troops who were stationed in White areas during Smith's betrayal to preclude White resistance to the handover to Black Marxist Misrule. FEDZOGUSA is doing the same job on us here. That's why the ZOG is our first priority, and Whitey can deal with that enemy if he wants to. At present, most Whites are ZOG-deniers. Some are even ZOG-lovers, like the crazy Whites who WANTED Black government in Rhodesia and South Africa. As you say, the man of history can readily spot such things. As the kernels in the frying pan would say, "things have just begun to pop!"

In regard to the Chinese, I agree that the "mad bandits" of FEDZOGUSA are unlikely to fire a shot in response to the Chinese invasion of North America, which accompanies the Mexican invasion. Two Chinese spies were reported, to my knowledge, only in your jewspaper, not here. They remind me of the old tales of ubiquitous Japs with cameras. Mr. Moto, I presume? Once again, we see the foreign devils' schizophrenic attitude toward the Chinese: on one hand we cram our technology down their throats; on the other, we object to their acquisition of our technology. No wonder the Chinese believe us to be crazy! I believe so, too.

The Irish Tragedy is, as you say, capable of a peaceful solution. As I understand, there are some 3 million Ulster Protestants and 5 million Irish Republicans who live in Britain. The Protestants are Scottish, for the most part, whose ancestors were transplanted by the English to establish a bridgehead for the invasion and occupation of Ireland. They love their jewish queen so much that they wish to remain attached to Britain. They could be much closer to her if they traded places with 3 million of the 5 million 'patriotic' Irish republicans who live in Britain. It could certainly be done. I learned from a Brit soldier who had served in Belfast that the military saw the Irish 'troubles' as a live-fire training ground for their forces. The IRA may be changing its mission from that of Irish unity and independence to one of self-perpetuation as a criminal terrorist organization, similar to their Colombian counterparts who deal in arms, drugs and political terror. It is notable that two supposed IRA members were arrested in Colombia recently. I don't think they were tourists. As I pointed out, the IRA seems totally silent about the ongoing colored immigration invasion of Ireland in my little slogan: "Brits out, wogs in; that's how we intend to win!" Jerry Adams looks like a kike to me, so that may explain much of his agenda, which appears anti White on the bottom line. The British/Ulster Protestant/Masonic connection assures kosher connivance on that side, as well.

You rightly warn of the danger of the U.S. economy's reliance upon the 'service sector'. It seems that management of factories in China from the U.S.A. will fade out fast. All sorts of computer-pecking jobs have been exported to the Caribbean and India, where the labor force is cheap, and speaks English. The Chinese will catch up, and they can perform the functions of management and middlemen themselves. Then what, yuppies? How many burger-flippers can the U.S. economy employ? One smug jewish writer has told us to get used to working as waiters and taxi-drivers. Obviously, he hasn't seen who already fills such jobs to overcapacity, and there is no room for Whitey! Argentina, here we come!

It's all in The Protocols, which even mention the simple fact that 5% interest over 20 years doubles the price of the item purchased. The gullible Goyim think 20% interest is a 'good' rate. Such a deal!

The warlord drug gangs of Colombia and Brazil may be the government of the future in the U.S.A.