01 November 2002 – Eric Thomson
Many thanks for "Slocum's Raid", which I inhaled in one sitting, after I'd caught some sleep after a split workshift which required me to get up at 6:00 a.m., after returning from work at 3:00 a.m: After I returned to my batcave at 5:00 p.m., I had a siesta until 8:30 p.m. and got up again to go to my 9:00 p.m. shift. Oh, yes, it was a normal 'emergency' situation. How else do I 'enjoy' some of the charms of war time in these peacetime conditions? As I began to shave for work after dark, the lights went out. Mentally, I was prepared to feel my way to my stock of candles, when they came back on and went out again. I began to feel my way toward the silent refrigerator, on top of which I keep my candles and matches, when the lights came back on and stayed on, for the remainder of my workday, which ended at 2:45 a.m. A local cop who was having coffee where I work said the outage was either due to wind or, most likely, a car crashing into an electric pole, the most frequent source of power outages in Yakima. Goddamn mestizos! I spent one day as an emergency substitute courtroom interpreter, and most of the offenders being tried were Mexicans who'd had accidents driving 'borrowed' or stolen cars while drunk, with no license and no insurance. One was in court for beating up his woman. All were Mexicans that day. So much for 'cheap labor'. There is NO SUCH THING!

I sometimes wish I could go back in time and give the foundering fathers a piece of my mind. The silly bastards! But, I carry their genes so I know that I am privileged to witness the fruits of their anti White folly, and I am fully aware of the terrible price we must pay, with no guarantee of salvation nor redemption, which must come from us. If we cannot find these remedies within ourselves, then there will be no cure, and our terminal racial illness will send us the way of the dodos, into extinction. The non-Whites can blame us for all their ills, as they already do, but one or two may remember "the White gods" who produced and performed all sorts of marvelous tricks, with all manner of magical things, even as they acknowledge that the pyramids of Egypt were built by niggers with batwings, who could lift the stones into place, as I've heard from Black supremacists.

The little novel by Jake Logan was a fair period piece, which would make a good movie in sequel to "Gone With the Wind". I noted one minor anachronism where the author writes about a man breaking his shotgun and loading fresh cartridges into the barrels. In the late 1860's that would be a very modern shotgun indeed, for most would be muzzle-loaders, using cap & ball ammo, as were Custer's cavalry carbines, which a proud Injun showed me, as his daddy's souvenir of the battle of 1874. He said that the White soldiers shot each other, to avoid torture at the hands of the squaws. There was an apparent, I hope, typo in which "the throttles" of a steam locomotive were mentioned. That is like referring to the "gas peddles" on a car. An author of historical fiction owes it to his readers to perform some time-travel. He must immerse himself, practically and vicariously, in the daily routines of living, and become accustomed to the clothing and utensils of the time. Most things were large and heavy, such as revolvers, because of limitations in metallurgy and manufacture. I have seen movie actors in period dress, for example, who appeared as if they had worn it most of their lives, and I've also seen actors who wore their costumes as if they had just put then on, and weren't sure how they should move in them, as if the prop department had told them not to get them mussed up, torn or dirty! Talk about distraction from the action. The 'psycho-history' seemed authentic. Compare "All Quiet on the Western Front" of the 1930s with the remake of the eighties, and you will see in the first film the mentality of the WWI era. The sequel made in the 1980s clearly depicted 1980 characters dressed in 1914 uniforms. With their attitudes, nothing they did would make any sense. A period feature needs to capture the Zeitgeist, the psychology of the times, to avoid anachronism. When I see things out of place and time in an otherwise good historical presentation, I am disappointed, like that U.S. Browning air-cooled machinegun which is featured in "Lawrence of Arabia"! Now, how did the Turks get one of those in 1916?

I would recommend "Slocum's Raid" as an introduction to irregular warfare, with all its inconvenient, messy distractions and surprises. What it teaches is the ability to think and survive when events take sudden turns for the worse. They usually do. A military planner cannot rely upon his own wishful-thinking that nothing will go awry. The human factor in one's own forces and the enemy's is terribly important, as the author illustrates when self-indulgence endangers the entire mission and everyone in it. It is clear that Slocum's chivalry is an unaffordable luxury, when he lets his foremost enemies live and turns them loose. Yet, in those times, he may have done that. With conventional resources, unreliable personnel may be put in the stockade, but in guerrilla warfare, a Lubyanka Breakfast would be most likely: a bullet in the back of the head. Or, as my character told the defeated mestizo officer: "We are too few to take this number of prisoners. Open fire!"

Author Jake Logan shows how close thinking with one's gonads can come to death and defeat. The same is true of drug and alcohol use. I believe Maguire noted that soldiers who put their crotches first are usually cowards. I have not noted that, but I do know that such men are unreliable and usually mess up an operation. They also turn their coats when the opposition threatens them. They may be impressive as studs, but they do not impress me as men. I'll pass on the book to someone I think would most profit from reading it. Many thanks!

Thank you for your thoughtful analysis of the ZOG-spin factor on the Black sniper. I agree that ZOG will use his target-diversity to claim that "race doesn't matter". So who is "the real enemy", Moslems of all races? It makes no propaganda sense to diversify the "bad guys" along with the "good guys", not if Bushy wants his endless war against endless terror. There must be some specific issues and people which would serve to focus the sheeple's otherwise nebulous angst and aggressive attitudes. It is evident that the ZOG is muddled by its own propaganda. Sure, it can zap selected Moslems, but it also creates anger and hatred amongst all Moslems, who labor under no shackles of 'political correctness' on behalf of 'cultural diversity' as does the ZOG. Truly, the ZOG will be its own undoing, but our job is to see that it does not undo the White Race first.

What I see coming out of this anti-White diversity is simply the niggerization of Whites. There can be no compromise on all the backward baseball caps, hugger-muggery and high-fiving, just as there can be no compromise on culture and behavior. You are either Black or White on such matters. As the jews have said, only Whites can be "racists", so does the jew-rule also apply to "terrorists"? Remember, ZOG deems mongrels from the Middle East to be "White". I wonder what the ZOG will do with the Black sniper's Moslem connection. Louis Farrakhan has denounced him, but will ZOG claim he is connected with Al Quaida et al.? Did Saddam tell him to shoot up the District of Corruption? "ZOG only knows", and we will find out in due course. One indeed may rightly wonder if the sniper and his Jamaican crony were put up to the entire operation by CIA handlers, as was the Black founder of The Symbionese Liberation Army. Indeed, there are probably thousands of such pawns-in-waiting. Prison inmates are a good source of hitmen and operatives for special purposes. Remember James Earl Ray? When he shot MLK, as alleged, he was serving a life term in the ZOG-gulag for killing a filling station attendant in a silly hold up. How did he leave prison, acquire two valid passports and receive funds to travel to Portugal? He couldn't even rob $37 and get away with it. Had he not returned to England from Portugal, the Brits would not have caught him, to the obvious embarrassment of FEDZOGUSA, which put him back in prison, from whence he had never left, if reports are correct.

One ex-ZOG gulagnik told me how FEDZOGUSA softens up the 'tough guys'. He said that such types were thrown into solitary, drainhole cells, as described by Frederick Seelig in "Destroy the Accuser", where they are chained to shackles and kept immobile. Lights burn constantly, and one does not know the passage of days and nights. Food may be provided on an irregular and niggardly basis, and the prisoner is free to urinate and defecate in his clothing. Sometimes the temperature is purposely chilled and piercing sounds are piped into the cell. One day, the apparently forgotten prisoner receives a visitor who expresses mild surprise that he is locked up in such a state, but, of course, the visitor can do nothing for the prisoner, unless he "co-operates", at least to some extent. Imagine a young man in this condition, who can look forward to such conditions as long as he remains alive. A shower and change of clothes would seem like paradise, at the price of "a little co-operation". All one needs to do is sell his soul to get out of that cell. The fellow who related this story to me said, "White people are stupid and they deserve everything they get." He also mentioned that he has regular chats with state police who are "interested" in what he says. His relation to ZOG is obvious and he served as sidekick for a ZOG agent provocateur. Those in the know don't need me to mention the fellow by name, but he would not be included in any group of mine, apart from testing concrete overshoes in Lake Ontario.

As you say, the well-fed liberals will be able to rest in their complacency that "ZOG's in his heaven and all's right with the world of liberal illusions." But will the jews do their usual self-defeating stunt of over-hasty over-reaching? Stay tuned!