05 November 2002 – Eric Thomson
Your observation of the important failure of so-called racialists to address issues such as capitalism and childlessness is correct. Some do, but most don't offer any concrete ideas for the survival of the White Race in biological, political or economic terms. What the 'racialists' must do is to rediscover National Socialism, which addressed all such important matters, including culture. This has all been done before.

The problem, as I see it, is that Whites refuse to see that they have problems which stem from alien domination and invasion of their lives and livingspace. They tend to focus on a number of trees, instead of the forest. By donning blinders and being selective, they avoid awareness of the Big Problems, which they fear to confront. Most Whites are tied to the ZOG by delusional misuse of language, which describes a wishful fantasy, rather than urgent reality, which demands a drastic change of thinking and behavior. Will they ever snap out of their jew-daze? There is no inevitability that they will, for they have not in the past, with the most recent exception of National Socialist Germany.

I do not see myself as an optimist, nor a pessimist. The indications are that the ZOG will collapse in our lifetimes, but that does not guarantee anything except great change and the need for great adaptability on our part. Adolf Hitler's real challenge and real ordeal was to heal Germany after his election. That job was at least as demanding as his initial struggle for survival and power, against overwhelming opposition. As the ZOG collapses, our real challenges will arise, for we are now relatively becalmed before the storm of political, economic, demographic and social change. These are revolutionary times, make no mistake.

In regard to your 'feelings' about the Blacks, I see them as an extension of logic, for Black leaders must be aware that they are in danger of losing their foothold on this continent in terms of political power and turf, for when Whitey goes, they go. As I see it, their choice is to get what they can from the ZOG empire, while marking out their turf, in terms of a Black nationstate. I believe that Mr. Farrakhan has such a program well in hand, but I feel sorry for him that he has only Blacks and dark-skinned mongrels to carry out his plans. You see my Aryan tendency to empathize with my enemies. This does not signify affection, however but "knowing one's enemy", in order to defeat him more efficiently. I can foresee increased Black extortion upon the body politic, followed by tantrums in the form of riots and criminal excursions similar to that of the sniper and his buddy or buddies. Will Black troops be used to put down Black rebels? ZOG only knows, and it is sure to learn the results of such folly. As you point out, the ZOG imperial minions wield power sufficient to control mobs, but which mobs, on behalf of whom? Identity is the crucial factor.

I read recently that Mexican generals are involved in drug-dealing. That is no surprise, since Bush's daddy was also involved in CIA drug deals. That's why Noriega had to be put on ice: The Asset Who Knew Too Much. Noriega's Israeli handler was one Mike Harari, who departed shortly before Bush Sr. grabbed him. "Timing is everything", as is said of politics and comedy.

Yes, there are important 'loose threads' in the Sniper Story, as promoted by ZOG. I have similar doubts as you have. According to jewspapers, "Mohammed" was dealing in forged passports and documents which he apparently obtained from a Caribbean source. If this was his income, why would he need to resort to petty holdups? False documents could be used to perform ATM thefts and/or credit card scams which are much safer and much more lucrative than retail holdups. Ask any Nigerian 'businessman'. Again, we read of "a third man" in connection with the sniper-bandido. This sounds like "the second man" connected with McVeigh. The ZOG's "lone nut" ploy is wearing thin. I would think that the false document business requires more than one person, just as drug peddling requires a network of suppliers and buyers, with lines of communication and command. Thus, I suspect the involvement of more people than the two official suspects. A further indication of others' involvement is Mohammed's alleged trips to and from the Caribbean. That area is under intense ZOG surveillance, and it would require a few clicks on a computer to establish a suspicious pattern for one such as Mohammed. Yes, Virginia, there is a profile!

In terms of liberating our minds from Judeo-materialism, I have seen "Zardoz", but not "The Wicker Man", which some readers compare to my "Return to Spring Island". The Aryan is hard-wired for "paganism", as the jew Ravage proclaims, just as Aztec temple foundations bear the Spaniards' less sturdy cathedrals. Come the earthquake and the Christian encrustation fall away. So it will be in our case. As Israel Shamir revealed, the jews are great at turning their lies into "religions for Goyim", and we fall for them, as in the case of Christianity. When the 1 out of 20 White leaders change, the sheeple will follow. I have seen their behavior in regard to race and homosexuality. The Archie Bunker types changed their bleating with the times, without even a whiff of gunpowder, or the rattle of shackles. How well the ZOG has trained its sheeple!

In regard to niggers, jews and other non-Whites who wear ZOG badges of authority, I see them as 'educational' for dumb Whites who do not yet know they are living under an anti-White occupation regime, as depicted in "Birth of a Nation". The whole country is now run like the Yankee-occupied South. Now that the ZOG is running out of White frontmen, it must rely upon its mestizo/wog/nigger minions to enforce its decrees on a face-to-face basis. It's wake up time, Whitey! I see these minions as representing might without right, and their day will come, if Whites have any survival instincts left. As political soldiers we must stay cool, until we recognize the opportunity for "die befreiende Tat", the Liberating Deed. I have experienced this a few times, and it makes me feel VERY good. Dr. Goebbels advised that "revenge is a dish best eaten cold." I agree with that. Our kernels must not pop prematurely. The jew-daze and downbreeding of Our Race has slowed our comprehension and reaction time to the dangerous point of extinction, but if they do not begin to see things as we do, our sacrifices on their behalf will be in vain. It is not necessary that ALL Whites achieve enlightenment, but that some do. The others will follow, or at least remain bystanders. What quantity that "some" will require depends on the progress of events. As I wrote before 9-11, things are due to start popping shortly, but I have no specific time frame. Indeed, they are popping already, but will the heat be removed from the frying pan, or will it be intensified? That I do not know. I suppose it is possible to heat a panful of popcorn in such a way that all kernels will be burnt up, without popping at all, if ZOG wills it.

I have a survival mechanism which has served me quite well: If I see a danger, I warn others about it, which is usually all I am able to do. If they disregard my warnings, I feel no sorrow when they 'come short', as the White Rhodesians used to say. I don't feel sorry for the White farmers who fanatically fed their enemies. Robert Mugabe is more to my liking, for he will kill off the surplus Black population which the White farmers fostered. The best way to do that is to get rid of the crazy White farmers. What would I do if I were in the White farmers' bush boots? The fact that I am who I am would preclude the asking of such a question. Ha! The only 'good nigger' is one who is gone from the White Man's livingspace. That is my fundamental disagreement with the Old South and its nostalgic mint julep-sippers. It's time to get real, even if it means picking our own cotton and shining our own shoes. Mark Twain had the best White Man's response to the Civil War: he got out of it and went west. My great grandfather stayed and was a surgeon. As such, he was a captain in the Union Army. Helping the wounded fools heal was another worthy role for a White man, for neither side was worth the powder to blow it up, in racial terms. The Pox Americana will likely have run its course in our lifetimes. Good riddance! Only those with hardy immune systems will survive.