07 November 2002 – Eric Thomson

"The Decline of the West" has deluded many thinkers and pseudo-thinkers into confusing an ill-conceived analogy with reality: that civilization is like A PLANT, which blooms, matures and inevitably dies. This analogy chosen by Spengler is false, for civilizations are made up of many individuals, every single one of whom will die, but rarely all at once. If one insists on using a plant analogy for a group of people (why not use a people analogy for a group of plants? Ask a farmer!), as well as their culture and artifacts, it would be more accurate to say that civilization is like a seed of plants of one species which are constantly dying and being replaced by new generations of their own kind.

There is no necessity for "historical inevitability" in this process, although Spengler chose to include it in his eruditely specious thesis. A Spengler type might see me with a bottle of rum, from which he could opine that "all men open bottles, drink their contents and pass out on the floor, because it is 'historically inevitable'." Since I do not drink hard liquor, he would be as wrong about me as Spengler is wrong about the "inevitable" decline of civilizations. Yes, civilizations of White people, unlike that of the Chinese, have collapsed and perished repeatedly because their creators allowed themselves to be replaced by aliens. Roman civilization died for lack of Romans, just as White civilization is dying for lack of Whites. None of this is "inevitable", for it need not be.

Spengler describes the symptoms of decay, but omits the causes and possible remedies, just as Dostoevski describes a man's 'inevitable' death from appendicitis, without knowing the cause or cure. Elmer Pendell describes a major cause in "Sex versus Civilization": dysgenic reproduction. Adolf Hitler described effective remedies in terms of National Socialism. This is why he urged his followers to read better books, with positive and practical contents. One of Germany's great air warriors, Colonel Rudel, observed, "We are only defeated if we, ourselves, give up!" Heed his words, White Man!

Words must be seen correctly as being descriptive of life. They have no life of their own, but if we delude ourselves that words are reality or the menu is the meal, we will find ourselves in utopia, which means nowhere. Although we remain in the real world, we no longer function realistically. The wares of word-mongers can be intoxicating and misleading. An erroneous concept like "equality" can be expressed in words, which impact reality in the form of delusional regimes such as those of the USA and USSR. Delusions are the tools of conmen, quacks and other criminals.

Money, which consists of words and numbers written on paper or stamped on pieces of metal, can also be misleading, like prose which misleads the reader into unreality. Money, like words, should describe the reality of goods and services. When money, like words, is given a life or reality of its own, we are in trouble, for then our money supply becomes independent from the supply of goods and services which money purports to represent. Orwell warned that tyranny begins with the abuse of language. Tyranny can also begin with the abuse of money, in terms of inflation (theft), deflation (sabotage) and usury (debt slavery). Money and words are symbols which should never be accorded substance that they can never possess. No amount of money can substitute for goods and services, nor can any amount of words substitute for observation and action.

Monstrosities are hatched out of fallacies, and they self-destruct in contact with reality, as we can see all around us, and in our own lives. When we decide to subordinate our words and those of others to reality, instead of using them as substitutes for reality, we will be able to see and think more clearly, and our actions can become more realistic, and therefore more effective. This is something we can do immediately. Begin your mental mobilization now, and you will earn your first qualification as a ZOG-buster.

The recent Zudogram was his best in terms of the news he relayed about biblical revisionism and the long overdue debunking of jewish mythology, of which the Holohoax is a typical example. What these archeological non-discoveries reveal prove that jews have been diligent liars from ancient times to the present. I have long suspected that the mythical "King Solomon" was a jew substitute for the real Gentile lawgiver, King Solon, whose palace ruins are near Tyre, Lebanon, and whose laws are still found on clay tablets. The rabbis' admissions that they acknowledge the fictitious nature of their legends reveal that the jews have chosen their paranoid, sado-masochistic cult because it best expresses their character. As I advised in my essay on the jewish problem, they should dream better dreams and get well. Being jew-wise allows one to fill in gaps, like reading between the lies of Judaism, so I'm not surprised at the content of the revelations, but the fact that the lies of The Bible are being revealed to all and sundry. Shamir writes about religions for Gentiles, of which the Holohoax is the latest example. What this indicates is that jews don't believe their own lies, but they intend for Goyim to believe them and to suffer accordingly, for the perceived benefit of the hebes. I am reminded of Ditlieb Felderer's discovery that a Birkenau crematorium chimney was fake. The Auschwitz Museum curator told him that it was "symbolic truth"!

I'm sorry that David McCalden died before he could write his sequel to "Exiles from History", which revealed jewish character. The sequel was to be a study of what makes Goyim so gullible in regard to believing and adopting jew lies in their religions and behavior. Adolf Hitler knew that Gentiles are prone to accept big lies, since they themselves use relatively little lies and they can detect those. This would account for simpletons who flock to attend and to make sacrifices on behalf of various gurus, Jim Joneses, Bhagwans, Freuds, Marxes et al. Jews tend to treat everything they hear as lies of malicious origins: "Why did Mother tell me today was Tuesday?" the little kike will reason. Gentiles, on the other hand, tend to believe a statement until it is proved false, and if a lie is cleverly composed, they may never catch on. Gentiles keep scams secret, but jews teach them to their young. That's why P.T. Barnum was right when he declared that "There's a sucker born every minute!" He meant Gentiles, of course. This is because Gentiles, specifically Whites, do not pass on their knowledge to their young, if they have learned much of anything about cheating and lying during the whole of their normally unexamined lives. At worst, Whites show a dismal lack of perception and insight, much like the Eloi of "The Time Machine". My parents were typical. Although they had had serious run-ins with vile jews, they mentioned such things vaguely, as if they were on par with missing a bus one morning. Not so! What these hebes did to my parents in their normal hebraic traditions was terrible, and only much later did I discover that these villains were jews, after learning their names. A jew can only drool at the prospect of such 'good', i.e. delicious Goyim as my parents!

Thank you for the essay on the Nation-State. A minor quibble I have on one statement refers to the "anti-slavery" role of Christianity. Dr. Oliver reported that slavery was sanctioned in the Bible, and that such people as the Archbishop of Sardinia had slaves to work in his mines, according to an inscription found on a slave-collar. The abolitionists of the Civil War era in the U.S.A. had invented their own form of "Christianity", imbued with Marxism from post-1848 Europe. The contradictions of Christianity can be used to 'justify' most anything: war, peace, slavery, crusades, inquisitions et al. That's why tyrants love it, along with certain revolutionaries. It all depends upon which passages one chooses to emphasize. The Calvinists called themselves "Christians", but relied upon the Old Testament for their Gospel of Wealth, contrary to Jesus' alleged statement that the rich will find it exceedingly difficult to enter heaven, as a camel attempting to pass through the eye of a needle. Holy hokum hucksters have alleged that "the eye" referred to was a narrow passage in Old Jerusalem, which was difficult for heavily-laden camels to pass through, but not impossible. Obviously, a religion of lies attracts lots of liars, just as the religion of the thuggees attracted lots of murderers. This is not surprising, as Plato pointed out in his discussion on virtue.

I would also opine that Canada's demise was prepared long before the advent of the Communist franco-mestizo, Pierre Trudeau. Lester Pearson, his Liberal predecessor, a pinko, like most liberals, if not a closet commie himself, and he surrounded himself with real Reds, just like FDR, who also posed as 'liberal'. When one congressman protested to Roosevelt that numerous members of his cabinet and staff were Reds, FDR replied, "It's a very nice day outside, so why don't you enjoy a pleasant stroll."

It was none other than John Diefenbaker as I recall, who dumped the Avro Arrow, and removed Canada from 20th century aviation. When a government is infested with Freemasons, who are minions of their "New World Order", there is nothing surprising about the betrayal of a country's interests. The smirking dwarf hebe who later became U.S. Secretary of Labor, Reich, commented that "NAFTA will adversely affect 80% of the American people, but 20% should do o.k." The North American Free Trade Act was passed by both parties, both houses of Congress and the major labor union leaders, despite the clearly foreseen outcome, as revealed by Reich the kike! As to be expected, Canada joined the lemmings into the abyss of poverty with nary a question. One Anglo-Canadian opined that a genetic selection had occurred when the Tories fled the rebel colonies: those who preferred 'freedom' remained, and those who fled to Canada preferred 'order' above 'freedom'. I would see that selection as the separation of the one out of twenty shepherd-to-sheeple ratio.. The leader types stayed in the U.S.A. and the follower types fled to Canada. The chief function of the Freemasons is to co-opt the few with leadership qualities from the many who are deemed "the profane" or, "Gentiles."

I agree with you 100% that our misfortune lies within ourselves and not with non-Whites. The noted American philosopher, Robert Frenz, put it succinctly: "When goats are doing their business in your livingroom, it is not the fault of the goats, but of the person who let them in!" To some degree, I describe goatlike behavior in order to educate Whites who cannot recognize goats, nor the results of their behavior, but the onus for improvement rests on us, the Whites, and not upon the non-Whites, whose problems originate with ourselves. Who gave the jews power over us? Our own kind! Who brought in the Blacks? Our own kind. Where do we begin to cure our racial ills? We must begin with our own kind. I recall a conversation with a blightwinger who lamented that the jews are our misfortune. I replied that we could imagine for a moment that I was a great magician with a magic wand, and when I said "jews be gone!" all jews would vanish into clouds of non-toxic room deodorant. Then what would we hear? The blighter shook his head in ignorance. I said, we would hear the thunder of Gentile feet, stampeding to fill the jews' shoes and take over their rackets. Therefore, our first task is to rid ourselves of our own inner jew, or as the Moslems say, our first Jihad is within ourselves. That is the Great Jihad. The Lesser Jihad consists in lopping heads off infidels. I guess a population which has some with heads and others without them can be deemed as 'diverse' and multi-cultural. Allah, alias Yahweh, would undoubtedly approve, even if he does not exist. Ask any mullah.

Thanks for leaving "no stone unturned" on behalf of AZA, and I shall relay your website to all my correspondents: http://www.dynasophy.org. My correspondents not only network with others via snailmail and Internet, but several are publishers who get the word out to many who are not on line, so I think I am pretty efficient, in view of my time restrictions, if you will pardon my somewhat muted fanfare. Good luck in regard to the thought police of Soviet Canuckistan. They may visit you when the first kike says he hates your message. As defined in practice, "hate" is anything a jew hates others to read, regardless of truth or content. If worse comes to worst, you might apply to rent a room from The Zuds, who are beginning to resemble innkeepers. I understand they make excellent coffee, but I don't know their charge per cup, unless you leave them everything in your will. Such a deal!

Good luck on your worthy endeavors. DOWZ! & ORION!