09 November 2002 – Eric Thomson
WE ANGLOS (This oldie was recently discovered.)

We Anglos are the smartest, most cunning people on earth. Wherever we have gone, we have created chaos, but we have always managed to blame others for the misfortunes we have visited upon them.

We came to North America and traded with the Indians – their land for our firewater. We came to India and created the divisions by which we conquered the people of the entire subcontinent. India remains divided and so conquered by us that we need not even garrison it today! Where there was only one race to be conquered, we brought in slaves of other races so that we could play off one against the other, just as we have done in North America, the Pacific, the Caribbean and Africa. Sometimes we even created a `new race', like the mulattos or 'coloreds' of South Africa. Now we can blame the Boers for persecuting 'our' coloreds and East Indians.

We Anglos invented the concentration camps and some 27,000 Boer women and children died in those 'Kitchener-Holiday Resorts'.

The silly Irish we have kicked around for some 800 years; the Scots we brought to their knees, and the Welsh don't count. In order to multiply the possibilities for division and strife in Europe, we helped create the bastard state of Belgium by taking a part of Holland and a part of France.

We promised the White Rhodesians 'protection', but handed them over to Black Marxists instead. We tricked the Arabs into fighting for us in World War I with promises of freedom and self-government, but we gave them colonial conquest and Israeli occupation instead.

We Anglos have been the slavemasters and whoremongers, the dope-peddlers for the world. Although we called ourselves "the master race" and practiced racial discrimination, we were never above having ourselves some 'fun' with colored natives the world over. Because we have honed hypocrisy down to a fine art, we always expect others to do as we say, not as we do. We therefore attack White South Africans for honestly attempting to preserve the sanctity of races through legal separation or 'apartheid'. We hate them for their policy, but we hate them even more for their honesty!

Long have we Anglos worked with Bible, gun and bottle to bring about our conquests, and when 'lesser beings' refused to accept the terms of our trade, like the Chinamen who refused to buy our opium, we blasted their ports open and invaded their country.

When the Spaniards refused to share their wealth with us, we pirated it from them. Twice did the Germans out-compete us for world trade. and twice did we mercilessly and ruthlessly blast and starve them for their diligence and productivity.

Although we have started many wars, we have seen to it that the others were always branded as 'war criminals'. We haven't changed a bit. Although we schemed and tricked ourselves out of our British Empire, we show our honest personality traits by kicking our opponents' brains out on the soccer field, as well as in the viewing stands. We are scheming, clever savages, but we are running out of steam.

Today, we must rub elbows and be nice to the riff-raff, our former slaves, if we are to survive to play more tricks upon the world. We will have to lower our standards, but even if we have to change our pigmentation with the help of the Blacks and Asians, we Anglos will be able to do the world one more bad turn! Remember the words of our Prime Minister Lord Palmerston, who said in 1848: "We have no eternal allies and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual."

The Anglo Creed

We always conspire to gain more for less,
        But something for nothing is what we like best!
To gather gold is our moral code
        And Our Race we slew for the inner jew.

The following has been circulating about the internet and other than providing a good laugh, Eric said, "I sure wish they'd get around to paying me."

Origin of term ZOG

Eric Thomson coined the term ZOG now so much in vogue by right wing militia and neo Nazi's. Although some subsequently modified it to JOG (Jewish Occupied Government).

Eric Thomson first used the term ZOG in the 1970's. His musings and historical analyses will reveal his invention of many other right wing terms and concepts.

Eric Thomson was an American Army officer turned CIA/DOD contracted killer for US hits in third world countries. He did Army Intelligence grunt work, and coordinated low level "wet affairs" for a very substantially Jewish American run CIA. Sidney Gottlieb's MK Ultra CIA Mind Control Experiments, and many other controversial CIA projects were staffed almost exclusively by Jews, and this bothered Tom.

At that time, Eric resigned his US appointment in protest. At that time (almost all officially US sanctioned political murders in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa were contracted out to the Mossad to do the actual wet work) Eric apparently worked as a supervising caseworker for US orchestrated hits.

After leaving Intelligence work he served in Africa, South America and other countries as a soldier of fortune. Eric still keeps mobile (perhaps to stay a step ahead of the Mossad), but can apparently still be found in Washington State.

Despite lots of harassment and physical attacks, Eric still manages to get friends to post his ideas, and historical debates.

The behavior of the "Wedgies", as described by the author, is exactly the same as that described of jews in The Old Testament. The origin of "Hebrew" is Habiru Sagaz or Desert Cutthroats. I do not believe that Whites are "the true Desert Cutthroats, i.e. Israelites". Neither Hebrew nor Aramaic, the language allegedly spoken by the legendary Jesus, are Indo-European languages. I am a White man and truth exists, whether I happen to like it or not. Jesus' actual words, as taken from the King James Bible, which I have copied, suffice to tell me that Jesus has no message for me. Why should he? I am not an Israelite, nor, most likely, are you. Any way, that is my final word on Christianity, which I deem to be a racket, and which Dr. Oliver later concluded was the moral equivalent of AIDS in regard to White survival. Harrell informed me that the obvious contradictions were purposely written into the Bible and the Koran, so that the believer would have to go to a priest or rabbi or mullah in order to have them "explained", for a fee, of course! The reason that Christianity was dumped in Arabia, where it originated, by most Arabs, is that its missionaries went west and incorporated lots of western pagan beliefs, such as sun worship and solstice celebrations like Yule and Easter. The Myth of the Hanged God is also quite pagan, that is, pre-Christian, along with the goddess-like role of "The Mother of God'' or "The Queen of Heaven', alias The Virgin Mary. Even Dagon got his due in the form of the mitres worn by "Christian" popes and bishops. Christianity is "catholic" in that its holy hokum hucksters added 'something for everyone' to gain addled adherents. As Christianity went north and west, it became more Germanic. As it goes south, into Black Africa, it became more voodooistic. Arab Christians are 'purer' Christians, since they are more Semitic in their doctrines. Moslems tell me that Christians have a reputation for bathophobia: a fear of soap and water, similar to the jews of Europe. A Moslem ritually washes his feet before entering a mosque, while Christians use "holy water" very sparingly. As Christianity infected Rome, people stopped bathing. Church officials described lice as "pearls of God", similar to East European jews who say they bring "good luck". Your argument is not with me, but with 99.99% of those who call themselves "Christians". That is where your labor lies. U.S. diplomat, Ralph Townsend, observed that the Christian missionaries in China could not present the Chinese with any sort of doctrinal or ritual unity, so the Chinese were rarely impressed by the religion, but by the THINGS the missionaries possessed, that the Chinese "rice-Christians" lacked. As for paying hypocritical lip-service to piety, virtue and fairness, the Chinese are past masters of the art of pretty words without substance. "You velly good talkee!" was their compliment to the Christians' holy hucksters and messiah merchants. Christians have changed with the times, but Chinese have not.

In regard to racial features, slanted eyes have nothing to do with the color or lack thereof, of one's eyebrows. Whiteness of skin is insufficient to 'prove' that one is a true White, for I have seen pale-skinned, blond, blue-eyed specimens with otherwise negroid features. Remember Jimmy Carter? Even one non-White racial characteristic indicates mongrelization. Pro-White mongrels et al. are welcome to join The Anti-Zionist Alliance, but they would not qualify as members' of The White Power Movement.

I don't know that Hans Schmidt thinks of himself as a "big shot" in regard to knowledge. He has obviously done quite a lot of important research, and the sources he quotes in his cogent book, "End Times/End Games" are not items he dreamed up on his own.

I agree that those who claim to have "lots of jewish friends" bear watching, with great vigilance. As for "working together for goals", we must first agree on who we are, and what goals deserve our efforts. I see no such unity of identity or purpose. Hoffmann is immersing himself in Judaism to the extent that he may become a rabbi. Stay tuned!

The Yule season in retail business is the busiest time of year, so that is the worst time for me in regard to visiting, nor do I have transportation, and I must update my internal travel documents in order to use public transportation, thanks be to ZOG. My wishes to you for a Good Yule and Happy New Year must suffice. As for 'living on love' to raise a family in a cash economy, let's get real. In my experience, those who engage in religious discussions are like those who discuss "the meaning of life" incessantly. As long as they discuss these things, they are not living. My religion is my lifework. It requires no wordy doctrines, nor multiple 'interpretations'. I despise Judaism in all its forms, so I do not wish to behave like a talmud yid in "shul".