11 November 2002 – Eric Thomson
Many thanks for the very useful item, which now allows me to perform brain surgery when blackouts occur, whenever misguided mestizo missiles knock out the power supply. Too bad I won't be allowed to carry this portable death-ray projector/bayonet device with me on a bus, but it will certainly be handy at my batcave residence and my dilapidated workplaces. If I am ever attacked by a designer-gene piranha-rat, I will be able to defend myself. Many thanks!

We are completely in accord about "Jello-Head" and refugees from Lost Atlantis. As long as we know which esoterica is useful and which is entertainment, we will cope. The Brits say that a subject may go from the sublime to the cor-blimey at any time, as we have become accustomed in regard to blightwingers, including "Christian anti-Communists" et al. Carto has done such dysfunctional mixtures of useful fact with outrageous fictions and nostrums for decades, so readers would tend to disregard the truth because it is inundated with trivia and twaddle, similar to the content of The Globe or The National Enquirer. The appearance of any story in such publications automatically renders it incredible. I can imagine the effects of an acid-head on meth finding an issue of Hsnsen's more 'creative' efforts. Ha! Beware of chupacabras (goat-suckers) from Inner Earth. Let's take off for Mars a.s.a.p. Get thee in front of me, Satan, so I can keep an eye on thee, in case you try some of your teuflich tricks! How do we resist Satan, if we do not resist his minions incarnate in our daily lives? It's like the Bircher b.s. of "fighting Communism", while leaving Communists alone, for we don't want to be called "anti-Semite", do we?

All jews are spies for their kind, so I'm sure your little kike will report that he has discovered "a real Nazi", in your case. The less he knows about your affairs, the better for you. I have my jew spies who know where I live and work, so I am always on guard. I survive by knowing the context in which I exist, along with a fair amount of luck. The demographic/economic upheaval we are beginning to feel has the kikes and Freemasons off balance, to some essential degree, so I am very much 'small potatoes' in their ample nostrils: the lone representative of a dying race. Of course, my danger will increase when or if Our Race decides to fight the ZOG, the wogs and the nignogs, but that is a risk I would truly relish. My experience has taught me that Our Race is our wealth, and the factor which gives meaning to our lives. If Whitey could only realize that, he might behave differently. At present, he is like the dummy who never misses the water until the well runs dry. Beethoven in an African village might discover a lack of meaning and fulfillment in his life, I would strongly suspect.

I also shop at "Sprawl Mart", and it is exactly as you say: a vast emporium of 'culture schlock'. Sure, prices are relatively low, but so is the quality of much of their merchandise. I am very selective in what I purchase, for economic and esthetic reasons, and I have always loathed shopping, ever since my mother bought me along to big department stores. I quickly suffered "inventory fatigue" as I beheld such huge quantities of useless items on counter after counter and floor after floor. The fatigue was certainly more mental than physical, for I would perk up as soon as we left the place.

Yes, now is the time for Whitey to organize his survival communities, even if it means finding one other person upon whom he can rely. As I say, co-consumers do not a community make, for they tend to disintegrate when the cookie jar becomes empty. Families are no guarantee of community, for they depend on their least reliable members. One knowledgeable correspondent is certainly aware of the encroaching Yellow Peril, but she baby-sits the wog offspring of a relative who mated with a woggess. As you know, I am downright radical in that regard, and I would have nothing to do with such a relative. I get enough wogs and nignogs at work, so I won't put up with them at home.

You have noted a major factor of "The American Dream": the freedom to litter. I was disgusted by that when I returned to the Jew Ass Oy Veh in 1992. I lived for a time in a beautiful suburb of Louisville, populated by yuppies and older professional types who littered the landscaped, park like neighborhood with their droppings of plastic cups, food wrappings, bags of plastic and paper, cartons, cigarette butts and packages, chewing gum, &c. These people may have income and education, but not one iota of culture. I used to pick up the more offensively visible items on my way to and from the shopping center, because I got tired of looking at the same trash in this otherwise pristine environment. I have no use for such people. They need to go to Singapore for proper education.

"Crowding" depends on the quality of the people, not their mere quantity. Japan is crowded, but not so oppressive nor chaotic as Latin America or North Africa. Singapore is crowded, but orderly, so gridlock rarely occurs. Large concentrations of bipeds can only work if order exists, for a crowd of stupid anarchists can go nowhere. I remember one annoying occurrence at a car repair shop in "Loserville". I was assigned to drive my employer's Lincoln from the shop, where the damage caused by his alcoholic wife had been repaired. As I began to back out of the paint shop, an Anglo-mestiza type pulled up behind me. I hit the brakes and stopped before colliding with her jew-canoe. I waited, still in reverse with my backup lights on, but the woman did nothing, so I got out and asked her if she could back up so I could get out of the paint shop. She said that's where she wanted to go, and she refused to back up. I had to phone my employer to tell him about the delay. Eventually, I got help from the paint shop crew who used a lot of diplomacy to get that harpy to back up so I could leave the premises! Had I been on an important mission, I would not have hesitated in removing her from this "veil of tears", and I would have felt exceedingly refreshed by the deed. Anarcho-hedonism and stupidity in action. It would have been a treat to see how the psychopathic hypocrite, Jefferson, would have handled that situation. Mestizos were his intended "master race", as he apparently informed Merriwether Lewis, so the Lewis & Clark Expedition miscegenated its way across the continent and got syphilis in due course. That was also foreseen, so they consumed lots of mercury to 'cure' their syphilis. No wonder Lewis was too addled to write a book based on his journals! His death remains a mystery: was it suicide or murder? I understand that the Lewis relatives have agreed to permit a forensic examination of his body, but the Booth family will not allow any DNA testing of the body in John Wilkes Booth's tomb. It seems like mans rea (the guilty mind) on their part, and it reinforces the claim that Dr. Mudd knew that "Booth's body" at the burning barn had the wrong leg broken, because he set Booth's leg. What a corrupt and vicious regime is our ZOG! As I understand, the Booths were 'only' part jewish.

Al Gore let the cat or as better understood, the gato, out of the bag when he let slip: "We mustn't say that it's every man for himself!" As you observe, Whitey thinks he can live on a 'devil take the hindmost' basis, and when they come for him, there will be no one to save his bacon. Our individual survival depends on our collective survival and only stupid, cowardly, downbred creatures can fail to see that. "White boy, whatcha gonna do when dey come fo' you?" Rhodesia redux, or Babel revisited.

Your lethal-legend concept is apt, and it has already taken effect on Whitey. Part of it began with Christianity, another part with the Declaration of Independence. As economist Sombart declared: "America is the distilled essence of Judaism!" We have adopted our destructive deities en masse, and we are reaping the condign punishment. Therefor, just as the Incas and Aztecs did with their "White Gods" legend. Beliefs can and do kill the believers.

I also take "Hitler's Table Talks" with lots of salt, but if they are a forgery, they have one thing in common with the Protocols: they fit the facts, at least in regard to China. I see from my map that we are strategically situated to take North America in a classic pincer movement. Let me know when I should start my panzers! Where should our forces converge, Panama or the North Pole? Until Der Tag, I guess we'll have to bombard the continent with information. I understand the hebes are censoring search engines to keep FAEM out of reach to newcomers to the Internet. Obviously, they are upset, which is a compliment to our work.

Many thanks the 'resume', which made my day. I am still chuckling about that. I take your use of "enigmatic" in reference to me as a compliment. I have thought of myself as more of a non-entity for having accomplished so little in so many years. Since few people know me very well, I am "enigmatic", just as an empty room with a locked door is "enigmatic" until one opens it. The Scottish writer, Burns, claimed that it would be a great gift if we were to know how others see us. And, as Mark Twain discovered when he ran for the Governor's Office of Nevada, he'd hardly known himself until people told him what a fiendish scoundrel he was. As I remained in contact with the blightwing, I became more 'multi-faceted'. First, I learned that I was a "fugitive FBI agent", then, a CIA operative, then a KGB agent, which I interpreted as a promotion in status. Later, my evil, monolithic personality shattered, and I became a fictitious character and the pen name for a committee of retired Gestapo officers. My latest status as a retired CIA "katsa" who directed Mossad hitmen impresses me as the most lucrative job I was ever reputed to have. My question is, where is my money? I would not agree to donating my expertise in these dangerous fields, and I think that the salary and benefits would be substantial. Am I working at 3 part-time, minimum wage coolie jobs as a 'cover'? That would certainly be news to me. Obviously, the author of this biographical fiction should contact the agencies listed and ask them why they have not paid me for all my alleged services, which were performed without my knowledge. Perhaps I am a real "sleep-walker of history". Like John D. "Wreckafeller's" fortune, my job experience grows, even when I sleep.

Compared to blightwingers who write about me, my imagination is quite feeble. I now see my new persona as being similar to my favorite Swedish actor, Max von Sydow, who plays the roles of urbanely sinister villains, rather than thugs and louts. I await the final claim to fame: that I am a "jew", like Hitler. Then I will apply for my "Holocaust" reparations, for I 'survived' World War II only by living in California, which was declared a "war zone" after 1941. California was one of the U.S. states which used gas chambers to execute jews, one of whom was the late Caryl Chessman. I was sure lucky to have escaped! With 'proof' from the Internet that I am jewish, I could apply, at least for 'mental suffering'. I can almost hear those shekels rolling in.

As you say, only a Hitler could solve our present problems, but how was he able to do so? Only when he had popular support. Some of his listeners admired him for being able to express in words that which they had in the foggy recesses of their minds. Hitler was able to bring the common interests up to the surface and reveal them in perfect clarity. He could also distinguish the forest from the trees, so he was able to 'simplify' that which the masses saw as 'complex' and 'insoluble', which is how the jews wanted the Goyim to see things. The real problems of life are quite simple, but the solutions may require lots of courage, competence and commitment. It is like telling a tobacco addict to stop smoking. How simple, yet, how difficult that is, from what I've seen. The jews would be hard-hit, were the Goyim to stop borrowing from them. Simple, eh? I have never borrowed a dime from a kike bankster or loan shark, because my life is radically different from that of most-Goyim, who are only beginning to experience both poverty and debt. For me, relative poverty was enough, but I have managed to stay out of debt. I have tailored my lifestyle to fit my means, but most people and all governments have not been able to do that. Eventually they must, and it will likely be sooner than later. The White sheeple will be the first to lose their fleeces and their futures at the hands of the ZOG, just as we see currently.

The Argentine-style economy our rulers have adopted for us by means of NAFTA and illegal immigration will affect us as it has once-prosperous, naturally-endowed Argentina. The fat of our land is being consumed from the tax-paying fatheads in order to sustain the unsustainable funding of non-productive masses and insane Zionist government policies. The variable between Argentina and Uszogland is in terms of quantity, not quality of economies, so the outcome here will be what we already see in Argentina: massive economic dislocation, poverty and crime. It's just beginning for us.

Our Hitler will arrive only when we are ready to receive him. As long as we are content to wallow in our cesspool of kosher crap, there is nothing he can do for us. Like Rockwell, he would go unheeded. The longer we dither, the fewer of us there will be, in any case, so we may not need a Hitler to rescue those who have died off. All problems solve themselves, in the end. If the food problem is not solved by us, our deaths from starvation will be Nature's solution. As you say, there is no excuse for the weak and the stupid, for Nature is Nazi and She makes the rules, whether we like them or not.