14 November 2002 – Eric Thomson
Your voting experience describes reality: we are subjects of an empire run by and for aliens, who still use some White-faced frontmen. Here, ballots and candidates come in Spanish. We are rapidly becoming The United States of Aztlan. Mexicans are wise enough to know that land belongs to them who occupy it. Deeds written on paper mean nothing, as the White Rhodesians learned. But when have things been any different? Invaders will seize turf, especially if we let them in without a fight. Those are the rules, whether we remember them or not.

In regard to The Civil War in the U.S.A., several writers are coming forth with books on the topic; one writes about female soldiers who fought on both sides as 'men'. The author opines that women would prefer combat to the socially-differentiated life as women in the 1860s. I'm sure that the Bell Curve produces extremes of behavior at either end, in any era. The P.C. book reviewer apparently assumes that most all women felt 'oppressed' by their roles as wives and mothers. Gasp! "They even had to dress differently than men!" Another holocaust! I'm tellink you.

A correspondent remarked that the South should have attacked before the wave of Irish immigrant conscripts arrived to do the grunt work as Yankee cannon fodder, but I understand that Irish immigrants served in The Mexican War, so he may not have his statistics just right. If I recall correctly, The Potato Famine got underway in 1848.

A local acquaintance lent me a Barnes school textbook published in 1874, the year of Ouster's demise. On the Civil War, it offered some interesting 'reasons' for the war's occurrence, which most people apparently did not expect. Certainly, there was nothing illegal about secession. Slavery was an issue, thanks to the abolitionists' propaganda, but, as I recall, few of the 'reasons' justified such material costs and loss of life. Obviously, our imperialist rulers, the Judeo-bankster oligarchy, had decided that Manifest Destiny would be maintained and extended over this people and others, in terms of Novus Ordo Seclorum. Yet, we are the ones who constantly accuse others of wishing "to conquer the world". Indeed, we live in a hypocrisy ruled by Zionist oligarchs. There are no big secrets, after all, for they are in plain sight.

You observe a wondrous pathology: As the ZOG expands, it also decays, thanks to its anti White demographic policies. There can be no successful tyranny without loyal and competent minions. The hebes will have to do their own grunt-work as airport screeners and security guards. Another holocaust! One incompetent and/or subversive airport guard can paralyze the whole place. One can delay air transport with bombs, but incompetent security personnel are cheaper and just as effective. Hymie and Rastus can team up, but they'll never make a gladiator, nor will the inclusion of Juan Valdez and his ilk. Meanwhile, the smiling, quiet Chinese take the pieces of ZOGland as they get them. I remember one striking occurrence in a Toronto subway car, in which I rode with the only other White passenger. A noxious nigger was playing his boombox and jabbering and gyrating to the jungle beat at the front of the car. All eyes were on him because of his outlandish appearance and noisy antics. My reflex is an automatic distrust of flocks of sheeple, so when they look in one direction, I usually look in the opposite. Despite the nigger noise I said to my companion: "Look around. We're the only Whites in the car!" Sure enough, all the other passengers in the crowded car were Asians, very quiet Asians. The niggers serve to distract us from the insidious, implacable Yellow Peril, although they are not so effective in distracting us from the mestizo invasion. Mestizos are noisy, as well. In regard to defending the vestiges of White civilization, we should remember Frederick the Great's dictum: "He who would defend everything defends nothing!" In terms of defending Ostensible White people, we should also remember the Chinese discovery that fewer than one out of twenty has any leadership abilities. The masses or herds of White sheeple are only worthwhile when they know their place as followers. Without their natural leaders, who are few at any time, they are meat on the hoof and prey to any kike, wog, mestizo or nignog. Sheeple must also take care that their leaders are not Judas Goats, who lead them into the kosher slaughterhouse and return for more victims. ZOG has decreed that this is not our country, but that does not mean we cannot take it back. Good hunting on your research!

You point out the absolute requirement for a successful war: It should be won before the shooting starts. That's an axiom stated by the Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu. When we fight ass-backwards, we are likely to fail in the war and in the 'peace' which follows, as I showed in my essay on "Victory?" Blightwing Judeo-Americans have guns protruding from their orifices, but not a clue about the time and place for their proper use. ZOG-prop has deluded them into paralysis. The only chance of victory for the weaker opponent, that is, the outnumbered opponent is to attack. Ostensible White blightwingers still think they are in the majority, so they sit on their fat asses and grumble about "da guvmint". Of course, they love Israel, so anything "da guvmint" does on behalf of Israel is kosher with them. At least, that is what they tell me.

Your observations on the South African mess are spot on. It's a bit too late for Whitey to take back what he gave up so easily, and "covert actions" are ridiculous unless Whites are willing to use shoe polish on their faces forever, and that wouldn't fool many. Whitey will be forced to give up his guns by degrees, salami tactics, but why not, when he has given away his country at one election? My guess is that Black Africa will disintegrate from its own poverty-production, corruption, greed, laziness and incompetence. If White Africans stick together, they may become a tribe among tribes and a force to respect, like pale Zulus. If not, their genes will disappear into the Black mass, just as they are into the Asiatic mass here in North America. As I wrote decades ago, I love Whites, not for what they are, but for what I know they can become, whenever they want to. A father's love is conditional. A mother's love is often dysgenic, at least from my observations. Is a White military man's status much different in U.S. forces than it is in Black-ruled South Africa? I don't see much difference. The wages of ZOG are death, White man! If you want to live, then ZOG must die. Simple truth.

The Symbionese Liberation Army 'founder' was a Black prisoner at Chico, CA, who adopted the name "Cinque", if I recall correctly. He took it from the tale of "The Amistad", long before kike Spielberg portrayed it. According to Grimstad in his 3-90 minute audiotape series entitled "Sirius Rising", Cinque was programmed via MK-Ultra by the CIA. I don't know much more about the business, except from the jewsmedia. The SLA behaved like a typical phony combat cell in its target-selection. Now I read that the surviving members have been convicted on charges of murdering a customer during a bank hold up. That doesn't sound very political to me. Although they were ostensible Reds, the SLA behaved much as did the members of The Order, in regard to non-strategic target-selection and their leader's purported demise in a literal 'blaze of glory', courtesy of ZOG munitions. These two groups sound like trial balloons to me. As I warned in 1976, the ZOG will do here what it has tried overseas, for empire is empire, remember? The "New World Order" recognizes no borders and identifies with no Gentiles anywhere, including North America. ZOG has "no perpetual allies and no eternal enemies, for its interests are perpetual and eternal," to quote Lord Palmerston. The ZOG is therefore a monster with no loyalty and no identity, a mercenary group of "mad bandits", to quote Sun Tzu. Our problem is that those who do, don't know, and those who know, don't do. My intention is to close the action-knowledge gap by communication. We need to reach one out of twenty, 5% of the Whites to be effective, the "Out-Elite". With such people, we can win.

As Orwell opined, we find ourselves stating the obvious to those who face it, but do not see it: the Haitian invaders are indeed right out of "Camp of the Saints", which blightwingers used to dismiss as irrelevant fantasy-fiction, like "The War of the Newts", which was much earlier. I try to point out that it is impossible to 'defend' U.S. 'interests', whatever those may be, if we cannot defend the borders from illegal alien invaders. Nor can U.S. 'interests' be defended when hostile colonies exist within U.S. territory. As you say, the more ZOG expands in its quest for power, the more it dissolves. Nitwit Goyim tell me that "we love this country." I tell them that everyone in the world loves the U.S.A. because they all want a piece of it for themselves. All they need do is come here and take it, just as we allow them to do. Pendell was right in "Sex vs. Civilization", for downbreeding is obvious, when people are too stupid to see the obvious. Youespeaka Espanish? Maybe they can't see, but they surely must hear. Neither matters if they can't think and will not act. Even hogs resist being shouldered from their places at the feed trough, but not Whitey. Baah, baah, White sheep. As you observe, all parties and interest groups are dominated by zoglings, usually Freemasons. We must build from scratch and beware of infiltrators and scum. Quality is everything.

The jewspaper article on kosher reaction to the Egyptians' publicity about The Protocols is revealing. Obviously, the hebes disbelieve their own propaganda about how dumb we Goyim are. Their reactions serve to advertise The Protocols, which most dumb Goyim have never heard of. Yes, Moishe, Goyim are dumb incurious critters, and you'd best not wake them up. Cattle can stampede, after all, and those in the wrong place can be trampled. Jews could be deadly and insidious, were it not for their poor sense of timing. But how long will our survival depend on their mistakes? Sometime we must use our brains and brawn to defend ourselves. Maybe if we look around, instead of gazing into the kosher swill trough, we could respond with relevance to our reality. For now, those of us in the know can only survive and stay out of the ZOG-gulag, by remaining coolly alert. Opportunities will arise for relevant response.

The logical progression of North American politics will be in the form of the racial warlords depicted in the novel, "Hear the Cradle Song". This outcome is logical, for the people and organizations are already here. I wonder if people here would even notice that local government was now in the hands of competent druglords, rather than the ZOG, whose minions flit here and there, with no permanent presence, and not large numbers. Zoglings are like druglords: the fish in the sea, but the druglords swim in a brown sea and they are also brown, so time is on their side. Poor, dumb Whitey! He's been jewed, screwed and mestizoed, and he doesn't know how it happened. Yes, there's only one thing left for him to do: go watch NIGGERBALL! How can we feel sorry for sheeple who are too dumb to feel sorry for themselves?

The ubiquitous chink spies remind me of the equally ubiquitous "Mr. Moto" and his ever-snapping camera. A German told me about a Jap delegation which visited a German secret weapons plant. Because they were "allies", they were permitted to photograph everything which drew their attention. No secrets left the premises, however, because those inscrutable round-eyed devils had put an X-ray machine at the exit which ruined all the film as the Japs went out. No wonder the Japs don't trust us! One of my Jap hosts told me that we White people could lie with perfect sincerity, and we could easily fool the Japanese. Ralph Townsend would give the Chinese credit for that, for "they velly good talkee" and mean not one word of it.

Indeed, who will inherit Ireland, now that the Irish have gone to the ZOG in terms of their immigration policies? I doubt it will be the Irish. Yet, the IRA remains silent, to my knowledge. Yes, there are kikes in Ireland. Their first republican president was a hebe, de Valera, who 'somehow' survived the British firing squads. It is similar to the jew, Franco, who survived the deaths of Spanish Nationalist leaders, and lived to infiltrate his own regime with lefties, such as the present king who was his protégé, and received his leftist tutoring.

As far as the so-called European Union is concerned, I see it as economically shackled to its least productive members. Germany is largely a Turkish colony and France is an Arab colony. The jews caused this to be, and they don't like it, for these Moslems are quite hostile to the kikes toward whom they feel neither guilt nor gratitude, just as the mestizo invaders from Latin America feel here. Obviously, there will be lots of "Oy, vehs" in Hymie's future.

In a real crunch, "money" will be revealed for what it always was: symbolic of trust as a means of exchange and store of value. When trust is gone, so goes the value of gold, and barter becomes the sole means of exchange. Gold is only trusted as money if people believe that others will accept it in exchange for necessities. When trust is gone, money does not exist. This has occurred throughout history. Community also exists on trust, without which there can be no productivity and no money. Wealth only exists if we trust the right persons, otherwise, it's "adios, suckers!" Remember Al Gore's revealing statement: "We must not say, 'it's every man for himself!'" What was he on when he said that?

Thanks for the download, "Two Evenings in BAR6". So cafe society has not changed since I first visited Europe. The old rules still apply: men give 'love' to get sex and women give sex to get 'love', which is spelt MONEY. I have usually found romance to be accompanied by dollar signs, rather than soft music, but I don't make the rules of the game. I can, however, choose to play it or not. Tourism and cafe society bored me, so I went down to Spain and got more interesting jobs.

Take care and DOWZ!