16 November 2002 – Eric Thomson
I reread the download from the "Edgar J. Steele" site you sent me, and I enjoyed the content, but his world view is pretty dysfunctional, like a man who wants to drive across country with 3 wheels missing from his car. Firstly, "economics" does not exist by itself in a vacuum. The jews cooked that mythical separation of between politics (people-power) and economics to gull the dumb Goyim. Economics is the result of decisions made by decision-makers (people). I have studied kosher "economics" in college and it is taught as effects without causes, just correlations, which cannot predict nor explain economic events in terms of WHO, WHY and WHEN. All we are taught is WHAT and WHERE. When I asked how we could study the money supply without knowing about the money creators, I nearly got kicked out of the class. "We will not discuss conspiracy theories in this course!" the kike prof. shouted. I switched majors to International Relations which was more inclusive and more relevant in terms of what I wanted to learn about the world, so I could make wise investments of my time and labor. I have never regretted my decision, for I do not believe that ignorance is bliss. I know what happens to sheep and hogs whose behavior reflects such a belief, were we to interview them.

Secondly, we cannot avoid government of some sort, if people are to co-exist. I don't want my upstream neighbors poisoning my water because they want the freedom to mine gold at my expense. When others exist, freedom of use of such things as cars, firearms, fishnets, &c. must be curtailed to some degree. That degree is determined by the number of people who occupy a given space: more people, less freedom. Visit Singapore or Bangla Desh, and you'll see what I mean.

"Steele" is obviously inspired by Thomas Jefferson, who was not only an anarchist, but an agribusinessman and slave-owner. That's why some have called him "I'm all right, Jack" Jefferson. If you were to call him a nut, you'd also be right.

I did not see "The Matrix", which I understand to be a 'cult' favorite. I read a review of the movie, which stated that the 'heroes' were called "Zionists". Such a deal! I would also guess that the baddies were Ostensible White males, and the goodies colored females or an Ostensible White female teamed up with a Black rocket scientist hero. Remember, I have not seen it, but I can guess Hebrewood's usual cast of characters by now.

In regard to colds, yes, they are hard to shake off. Perhaps this is due to the wonderful diversity of bugs brought to us by our incoming mud invaders, or, there may be some condition in Harold's Great White Hopeland which causes virulent cold symptoms. I visited Pasco, WA, recently, and was amazed at the unhealthy atmosphere: wind, dust and cold mist, all at once. Good luck in your recovery!

I passed the latest copies of The Idaho Observer around to jewspaper readers, along with photocopies of the flyer you sent, warning of the new biowarfare lab in Montana. One fellow is a ZOG-lover who told me that Agent Orange illness, Gulf War Syndrome, radiation-related cancer et al. had nothing to do with U.S. government activities. I told him to rent the film, "The Atomic Cafe" and tell me if he would be willing to swab the radioactive decks of test ships after the Bikini Atoll explosion. I also asked him if he thought that a mutual acquaintance who'd served in Vietnam and died of Agent Orange-related diseases was just faking it? Why would hundreds of young, healthy (at least before they went to serve in the Gulf War) ex-military personnel "imagine" that they were ill? The latest ZOG-spin on the Fort Bragg murders is now, that these were 'just' domestic disputes and not the result of mental damage due to the new malaria pill, as originally reported. So were the reports of adverse side effects untrue? ZOG only knows, for it doesn't tell us. I said that my conclusion is: the worst enemy of the American people is the U.S. government, as it has been since 1776, when it pretended to abolish the abuses of Judeo-British rule. We have not only been robbed, but conned by these rulers. DOWZ!

THE WHITE MAN'S FOREMOST ENEMY: The ZOG has enslaved the White man with debt, disunity and dysgenics. Now it intends to destroy him completely with biowarfare in the form of non White immigration and miscegenation.

I have a policy of protecting my sources. Anonymity allows them to continue to inform me. As you know, I have worked for years as a journalist and researcher, so I don't want to lose my sources nor have them dry up because their informants know who they are passing their information onto.

I have contacted the Humane Society several times in regard to kosher/Moslem slaughter, which unnecessarily tortures animals as they bleed to death. In the film, "Faces of Death", the most disturbing episode was the footage on kosher slaughter. The Humane Society gave me a specious reply. They dare not offend the kikes! And so, a well-known abuse of animals is allowed to continue without protest. I contacted The American Atheist Society, when it existed before the murder of its executive members. I protested the kosher tax we must pay and kosher slaughter, but I received no reply, except for unrelated pamphlets. The jews were rife in the Atheist Society, too. Madylyn Murray O'Hare, their president, was told that the jews had stolen a videocassette program, which I made on the Holohoax, from one of the Atheist meetings. O'Hare thought jews were members of a religious group, so she asked why they were at her meeting. I don't think she got her tape back, but it reveals her ignorance of jews who can
be infiltrators of any organization, be it Atheist, Christian, Buddhist, &c. Jews remain jews. Cardinal Lustiger, good buddy of the present jewish Pope, declared: "I am a Christian, but I remain a jew!" That is like saying "I am a Christian, but I remain a thief or mafiosi." Blightwingers deem jews to be "dual-loyalists", but we know that they remain jews, first and foremost, whatever else they claim to be. That is their strength and our weakness.

Blacks traditionally avoid having pets, including dogs, in Africa, because pets are kept only by wizards as familiars, and no Black wants to be known as a 'wizard', for other Blacks are likely to kill him. Wizards are known to put death-hexes on people, and Blacks are easily made to believe that someone has put one on them. They are prone to hysterical credulity, as occurred recently in Nigeria, where Black males believed that a wizard was able to remove their genitals with mumbo-jumbo. Although no 'victims' of magical castration came forward, anyone who was suspected of making magical passes was killed on the spot. Do we need this diversity? ZOG only knows. Blacks have more voodoo in them than they like to admit, so they may maintain their African tradition in this regard. Viewed more rationally, however, a pet demands feeding and attention, just like a Black brat, but no welfare income is derived from a dog, as from a niglette. Whites lavish love, care and attention on pets which should be devoted to raising children. Misdirected love is also called "perversion", but in many cases with childless White couples, it also means racial suicide. I note the frequent appearance of dysgenic mongrels at dog shows who parade their pure-bred animals proudly before the judges, as if the fine-looking canine specimens excuse their owners' lack of breeding!

I see from your work history that you have had many hard jobs at low wages, which suddenly folded, so you had to move on in search of work. That is The American Reality, as distinguished from The American Dream, and we are not alone in this hand-to-mouth existence, as nomads by necessity. The Protocols cover our situation very accurately: We Goyim must be impoverished, enslaved and killed, according to the kosher formula. The sheeple are being led to their fleecing and slaughter by their Judas Goat 'leaders', whom they heed in politics and pulpits. Poor, dumb Goyim!

In regard to floods and earthquakes south of the border, the muds need no excuse to invade us, for our capitalists and Christians acknowledge their 'need' by their very existence. "I'm here, now feed me!"
In regard to ZOG hits and dirty tricks (disinformation), I have from several sources the information that ZOG will privatize its assassinations and false-flag atrocities in order to shift blame from itself to chosen targets. Those of us who feel nostalgic for the era of Machiavelli and the Borgias should feel right at home in today's Jew Ass Oy Veh!

I am libeled, therefore I exist. For people to co-exist, some form of government is required. It is not government, but whom we allow to govern that is important. The Internet writer should have said Roosevelt, instead of Hitler. So much for kosher konservative anarchy!

I couldn't agree with you more! If "great minds think alike, "then your conclusions fit mine perfectly, and you say it very well. The concept of internal imperialism inflicted upon the governed by the Anglo-jewish oligarchy is quite obvious if we view our ZOG's behavior toward the White farmers and workers who are now earmarked for total replacement. You notice it, as I do in business, employment and politics. The Blacks want their goodies from Whitey; the Hispano-mestizos want theirs and the Chinese just take whatever they want, without making any noise. What does Whitey do? He gives the muds all they want and then some.

The role of women, specifically White women, seems to be on the side of White racial extinction, rather than White survival. Over the decades I have noted how little men and women have in common, other than sex, which is not viewed in the same terms. Men are usually exploited via their sexual urges, and women usually do the exploiting. There are cases in which the man exploits the woman in their sexual relationship, usually Black men, not White men. An Indian coworker in the U.S. Forest Service told me that White men are crazy to let their women boss them around. His formula was, "just stick it in a little and make her beg for it." The crazy White man does the begging, of course, and he goes down and down, for women desire masters, not beggars, as any Black pimp can tell you.

I am not the begging type, and I could recognize the no-win game that was and still is the Judeo-American Rat-race. By degrees, I left this country, starting in 1959, to make a life for myself, rather than live according to some alien code known as "keeping up with the Joneses". Travel was to be part of my chosen life, and my trips became longer and longer until I had no particular reason to visit the Jew Ass Oy Veh, except for occasional migrations to other countries. My experience has immunized me to the rat-race, now that I have been back for almost ten years. Few people I know have been as rich as I, for how many people do you know who have enjoyed the luxury of doing what they think is right, at any given time? In this regard, I am truly rich. Even very wealthy men have not enjoyed such freedom as I have, for they were tied down by their material possessions and family, their chattel and hostages. Travel is really an exercise in self-determination when one chooses his own destination. One also learns what he needs to take with him and what to leave in his former location, for he will need to acquire new things and concepts in his new location. My travel has been based on finding work wherever I go. Otherwise I could never travel, which is to me the experience of places, rather than the trip itself. My mother told me of her trip from East Africa via Rome, in which she noted that all she really saw were the airports and that one airport looked like any other. Such coverage of distance in haste does not provide the profitable travel experience which I prefer, although I have had to do it on certain occasions. As you know, there are degrees of immersion in new locations. I have learned that I am not really 'there', unless I find a job. This for me is a necessity. "No workee, no eatee," as the Chinese say. Were I financially wealthy, I would make a job for myself, for I have experienced cafe society and I find it both boring and superficial.

In my present location I am surrounded by heedless sheeple. I am also alone, but not at all lonely, for I have brought a lot with me, in terms of experience and knowledge, which some may call wisdom. If I have become wise, then I have achieved the treasure I sought when I began my studies and my travels, but I continue to learn something new every day, so I remain a 'work in progress'. I live for the day in which my fellow Whites will wake up and defend themselves. That would be a truly novel experience! Argentina, here we come!

All the best & DOWZ!