et282 – 18 November 2002 — Eric Thomson
If you are able to write letters in advance of your receipt of mine, then I congratulate you as a mindreader. It would sure save postage if I could just beam my thoughts to you. On the other hand, I think it is more efficient for me to send you 'hard copies' so you don't have to put up with the frequent interruptions of my thoughts, which are much more coherent when I write, than when I formulate them without my typewriter. Snailmail lives!

Thank you for the download from Mr. Williams, whom I have never met. I did meet Ben Klassen who appeared to be no more 'jewish' than most American businessmen. Unlike jews, he appeared naive in asking George Dietz and myself for $3 million to finance COTC franchises coast to coast. He reasoned that Liberty Bell and White Power Report were first class publications, so we must have lots of zogbucks. After we had a good laugh, we assured him that we were broke because our money went to publish those first class publications. I told him that I agreed with his message, but as a religion, I felt that the COTC lacked soul, as compared to National Socialism. He said all the right things about White racial survival, but I was not inspired.

Harold Covington went all out to attack Mr. Klassen and the COTC. In regard to Harold, whom I have known since we were in Rhodesia, I have learned that I cannot work with him. It has been suggested that both he and Williams are ZOG agents who purport to attack each other, while they wreck any group they belong to. I take all such accusations with a grain of salt, for all the bad things I've heard about Williams and Covington are no worse than things I read about myself. I am libeled, therefore I am. As you know, I am not a lawyer. At least no one has accused me of that, yet, but I do not understand how a libel suit could be rendered upon a certified schizophrenic, if Covington fits that category. If Williams' allegation is true, that Covington denounced "White supremacy", then I think such a statement would summarily oust him from pro White ranks. I am not, myself, a "White supremacist", for I want nothing to do with non-Whites, not even as their master. I am therefore a White Nationalist and a White Separatist, but I would never denounce anyone for being pro-White per se.

Thanks for the Civil War information on the intended conscription of Black troops by the South. I did not know about the White soldiers being demoralized by that policy, for I had read in a Hoffmann publication, researched by him from newspapers of the Civil War period that the South had at least one Black unit in the early part of the war which engaged Northern troops, or so they reported. It has been observed that opponents in war begin to resemble one another.

The Germans and their Soviet opponents began to take things from one another, and even their uniforms began to look similar. Dr. Röhrs, the highest-ranking medical officer of the Third Reich, read a captured Soviet policy paper to his fellow physicians, without revealing the source. After the applause had died down, Dr. Röhrs revealed its Soviet origin and used that to point out how far the National Socialists had gone to resemble their enemy. I believe he 'needed' to volunteer for service on the Eastern Front, not only for that incident, but for his denunciation of Hitler's quack, Dr. Morel, who was poisoning Hitler and adversely affecting his judgment by dosing him with sedatives and stimulants. Röhrs revealed his findings in a book entitled "Hitler's Krankheit" (Hitler's Illness), which was suppressed by the Allied occupation authorities. As I recall, Dr. Morel's widow sued him, with Allied instigation and approval. Dr. Röhrs was a good family man who had the courage and integrity of a warrior. One revealing incident which occurred during the Kampf Zeit or Time of Struggle, before the NSDAP came to power, he recounted: He'd just returned to his office from a Party meeting, wearing an overcoat over his uniform. Before he had closed the door, he was surrounded by armed Commies who told him to come with them. They took him to a poolroom, where one of their wounded comrades was laid out on a pool table, bleeding from a serious bullet wound. The Reds told Dr. Röhrs to tend to the man's wounds, but to remove his overcoat first. You can imagine their reaction when they saw him in his Party uniform, that of a high-ranking S.A. officer! Well, he was the only doctor available, but if he made any mistakes... Dr. Röhrs operated with the instruments he'd brought in his bag. Even without the overcoat, he was perspiring, for both parties had been involved in a major street battle. He extracted the bullet and showed it to his grim audience: police caliber. The Reds thanked him and gave him safe escort out of the district. Obviously, he'd made a favorable impression on them, and he supposed that several of them later joined the NSDAP, as many disillusioned Reds did. How can we find men of his quality? Such men are like gods in comparison to our contemporaries.

In his "Homage to Catalonia", Orwell describes the demoralization of the people who fought for the Republic, thanks to the Moscow Reds and their bourgeois collaborators. The Soviet policy of assassinating leaders of the more numerous leftwing parties added to the loss of morale. Once again, people perceived that the Republic was not much different from the Nationalists under Franco, so they lost heart. The Moscow Reds apparently gave a good account of themselves in regard to combat skills and discipline, but Stalin took the wind out of their sails, too, with his purges of Red commanders. Having obtained the Spanish gold, he had no particular use for Spain, nor for Communists with democratic, populist leanings. Stalin's policy against members of his own party only makes sense if one is aware of his plan for the military conquest of Europe, which Germany pre-empted in 1941.

The 'equal opportunity sniper(s)' sound enigmatic, from your observations. Yes, they looked like two happy niggers, but were they happy because they were shooting anyone they wanted to? Black attitudes toward bloodshed and death (inflicted upon others) is quite different from those of other races. Zulus, for example, like to call their settlements "The Place of the Killing", as in "Bulawayo". Rivers bear such names as Filibusi (dead goat) and Makabusi (dead elephant). The Matabele, whose territory I resided in, were offshoots of the Zulu Nation, and their chief recreation before the arrival of the Whites, was the hunting of the Mashona who lived in the eastern half of Rhodesia. The Whites put a stop to that, unfortunately! The Mashona outnumber the Matabele at least three to one, so the tables are turned and the hunters are now the hunted. Mugabe is Mashona. Like you, I suspect that the deadly duo may not have taken their job on their own initiative. ZOG only knows!

In regard to politics, which is simply people-power, your encounter with the Marxist missionaries reveals the difference between politics and ideology, or, most appropriately, 'religion', in regard to Marxists, who religiously overlook the fact that it doesn't work. Politics is not jargon, but reality, and those who consider themselves to be 'apolitical' are members of a political establishment, whether they know or care about it. Politics cannot be avoided, when dealing with people or when one decides to live by himself as a hermit. As I mentioned in Spengler's Gremlins, words may describe reality, but frequently they diverge from reality into erroneous ideologies, concepts and dogmas which purport to describe politics, but serve only to mislead one into fantasy land.

The simple facts are that people must live in groups, in order to survive, and even prosper. If people agree on what their needs are and how those needs are best satisfied, then we have the makings of a political program. All political systems are democratic, for even a tyranny depends upon the consent of the governed. Remember: government exists in the minds of the governed, and it must be perceived as legitimate. Legitimacy relies upon the continuity of forms and symbols, so revolutions are best achieved by changing the contents of a regime, rather than its outward forms, as with constitutional monarchies. The Roman legions continued to march under the standard, "SPQR" (The Senate & People of Rome), long after Rome had ceased to be a republic. My thoughts were focussed on this subject whenever I accompanied my army contingent, as it marched out of my fort for its morning exercises. Here we were: the representatives of what we claimed to be the official government. We wore uniforms, carried our flag and bore arms, as we paraded past the onlooking Blacks. Our opposition had the same claims and use of symbols, as well as weapons. I suspected that "the government" was any group of armed men who visited the denizens of the area, so they were pretty much neutral. Our morning exercises were designed to draw fire, but we failed in that regard, I am glad to say. Obviously, most people within the U.S. empire do not agree on needs, nor how to satisfy them, nor how to decide on needs and their possible satisfaction. With such diversity, a violent conflict is guaranteed on this continent.

A leader brings out the best in his followers. Contemporaries of Adolf Hitler told me that he could express what was already on their minds, but which they had not got around to expressing in words. If you remember the old story of the "Stone Soup", you can understand how leadership works: it seems that 3 hungry soldiers arrived in a village. By that time, the villagers had had enough of hungry soldiers, so there would be no handouts from them. The soldiers knew the villagers' attitude, so they offered to show them how to make soup from stones! This, the villagers wanted to see, so they followed the soldiers' instructions and brought several stones of the 'right' shape and size. Since the soldiers had no pot in which to make soup, a villager provided the largest pot they had. The stones were placed in the pot, which was then filled with water, and a fire under the pot started the water boiling. When would the stone soup be ready? One soldier tasted it with a spoon and announced that it was almost ready, but it needed salt. A villager rushed off and brought back salt. You know the rest. Bit by bit the "stone soup" was "flavored" by the addition of meat, cabbage, carrots, celery, &c. and the villagers and soldiers all enjoyed the wonderful "stone soup"! A leader can only bring out in his followers what is already within them, even if they believe that he has brought them something they lacked before. A leader can bring out these abilities by providing an example, and by instruction, but I doubt that he can provide much that is not there already. That is why eugenics is so important; otherwise a leader becomes a mere herdsman of subhuman sheeple. As Frederick the Great declared: "I will not rule over slaves!" The unifier of the masses must first be events, which people experience collectively. If collective organization and action does not result from that, then Benjamin Franklin's words would come to pass: that "we all shall be hanged separately."

In the meantime, as you correctly observe, our job is to stay out of unnecessary trouble. I'm very glad you did. I do not wish to sound over-cautious, but innocent exploration of one's surroundings may be taken the wrong way by paranoid authorities, not to mention, marauding muds. A local DEA agent told me he would not go hiking around this area without a Cobra gunship escort, 'cause methlabs are busting out all over, as the song goes. I enjoy hiking, or, more accurately, I ENJOYED hiking when I had the time, but I stick to main thoroughfares and do not hike overland, unless I have a very good reason to do so.

You make a very good point, that Whitey's fantasy land is based on credit, or as the Brits call it, "buying on the never-never". Not only must Whitey wake up, he must grow up, fast. White mentality is almost as unreal as that depicted by Peter Sellers in "Being There", in which he tries to make two nigger muggers vanish, by clicking his TV remote at them. At first, the Blacks think he has a weapon, but they soon realize what the crazy White man is attempting to do. Whitey's existence does resemble that depicted in "Fahrenheit 451": TV and 'happiness pills'; anything to escape reality. The jews have just got to love us, in their fashion, for "They Live" and we sleep.

Thanks for the download on the inroads of voodoo customs. Well, we wanted 'diversity', so how can we complain if some people engage in human sacrifice and cannibalism? Aren't all cultures 'good', except for Whitey's, of course! I'm lucky that I experienced my diversity in manageable doses. As a female acquaintance said to me: "I don't know about such things, but I'm afraid. You know about them, but you are not." With me, it is not fear, but alertness that governs my behavior. That's why I prefer not to have Black 'friends', and I avoid mestizos who show voodoo symbols connected with Santeria, which also goes for human sacrifice. Our survival depends on increased, as well as eternal vigilance.

Well, if we ever get hungry, we can invite our neighbors to try some "stone soup".

Take care & DOWZ!

NPR news announced that El Presidente's wishlist is being granted by his Republican congress. Well, he did say it would be easier for him if he were dictator or Jefe Maximo. NPR later played "Crown Imperial" by Sir William Walton. I nominate Bush as Emperor Caligula II, and I would advise him to beware the Praetorian Guard. In "The Chosen One" which I wrote in 1964 and is posted on FAEM, a character says, "Now, only dictatorship can save what is left of this country, but I fear that it will be a mean little dictatorship; no ideals or grandeur at all, just a petit bourgeois effort to keep the masses at each others' throats and off the backs of the rich gangsters. The United States will be dangerous for many years, but its time of greatness has passed." An attorney colleague of mine accuses me of writing prophecy, disguised as a novel. I reread a few parts of it and I find characters discussing the same topics then as we discuss now: same topics, same relevance: immigration, racial problems, crime and drugs, accompanying the decay and disintegration of the U.S.A. whose rulers thrash about on the stage of world politics with the violent desperation of a drowning man. The ZOG's struggles appear to be nearing their end. Afterwards, our real work will begin, for those of us who survive will inherit the mess created by the ZOG, along with its stinking, infectious corpse. If this be job security, let us make the most of it!