et283 – 19 November 2002 — Eric Thomson
In regard to social groups, White activists have discussed ways in which muds can be screened out. Perhaps a group such as the one whose brochure you sent would do the trick. I am a firm believer in The Law of the Contrary, for when I promoted The White Power Movement, I saw mostly mongrels. The German Clubs in Soviet Canuckistan also swarmed with muds who were trying to make out with White girls at their social events. One thing I noticed, which may have a bearing on further developments was the audience reaction to a showing of "Excalibur". The White audience was enthralled by the action and imagery, but the Blacks walked out in the middle. They could not relate to Whites having White babies and White folklore. Of course, any activity which attracts White women will draw the muds, as food draws flies at a picnic, so some form of control would be necessary to separate White participants from mud gawkers and prowlers. In the end, we must fight for our women, as well as our laud. There is no substitute for action and no easy way out of the mess we have jumped into. Sure, we can "think White Thoughts", which is good for us, like physical fitness, but thoughts and fitness must lead to action, within a White organization or community. Otherwise we are marking time on a treadmill to oblivion.

As I see the purpose of doomsday scenarios, they make money for their hucksters and they cause despair and paralysis amongst the Whites, who believe that "it is written" that the world will come to an end, and/or that Big Sky-Jew will rescue the true-believers. Either way, we are supposed to do nothing, other than send money to the hokum hucksters. Such a deal!

Jews follow The Protocols to a "T". That's why you find the iniquitous, ubiquitous sheenies promoting "Nazi" groups, hawking their 'explanation' of Odinism and Runelore, ad infinitum, ad nauseam. After all, Dr. Spock taught Goyim how not to raise children. As I read, he admitted he was wrong, but continued to have his misinformation published and continued to collect the royalties. I also see that the jew, Bill Gates, wants to import wogs from India and export jobs and millions of zogbucks to the same place. Rich Indians care nothing for their own, for they know there are lots more where they come from. I point out to those with ears that Gates would not get away with his tricks in Mexico. When he announces that he will import wogs as workers, export jobs and money, give financial support to anyone, other than members of the 'majority', his kosher hooves would not touch the ground. Imagine if Mexicans were told that he would support foreigners, but not Mexicans, inside and outside Mexico! That jew would get short shrift indeed.

I cannot comment about movies which I have not seen. From 1961 to 1992, I was mainly out of the U.S.A. I thus have missed entire TV series, which have appeared and disappeared without my knowledge. From a few reruns I have seen, I feel quite fortunate! If I had a TV, I would also have a VCR with which to play rented movies. Thank you for the reviews and recommendations. Otherwise, I would not know what's out there.

As we know, "environment" includes demographics, in terms of quantity and quality, population location and behavior. As I understand, The Sierra Club copped out in regard to immigration, and thereby made nonsense of their environmental mission. To fill up the environment with people, while attempting to deny them use and abuse of resources is nonsensical and impractical. A population comprised of Theodore Kaczynskis would pose a greater burden on the environment than the present energy and product-consuming population, for such a population would eat all the available food in the wild and would quickly deplete the forests for building material and fuel, thereby endangering the watershed. In other, words, the process of desertification would get underway faster, with a more primitive lifestyle, just as happens in the Turd World. The present bloated, dysgenic, delinquent population of North America can be sustained only by factories and farms, which deplete and pollute the environment, but not so rapidly, were the existing population to live off the land, like locusts. As I wrote, T.K. should have gone to Bangla Desh on a one-way ticket, where he could 'enjoy' population and primitivism. That would have saved him the postage he wasted on mailing parcel bombs.


As you point out, writers often mistake the symptoms of decay for the cause. Like you, I also reject the idea of 'historical inevitability', and I see no 'rescues' in systems nor in events, when the human quality is lacking to make use of them. The idea that things must get worse before they get better is nonsense if we are not ready to bring about improvements ourselves. This is similar to believing that The Titanic must sink in order to refloat itself.

Unlike you, I believe that an economic collapse is already occurring. The fact that Greenspan's criminal activities were noted by the kosher queen of England is about on par with the Crown's recognition of Francis Drake's piracy. Such 'honors' are no argument for the continuity of the ZOG bankster system. In your economic analysis, you may cite what my economics professor told me, in answer to my question, "What is the difference between banking and counterfeiting?" My professor was a member of The Federal Reserve board, and he replied with a sly grin: "Bankers do not print money and counterfeiters do not charge interest." Since banking is money-creation, this function should rest in the hands of the state and not private companies. No state which permits others to create and control its currency can be deemed sovereign, and we can observe that no European-populated country owns its 'national' bank, so no such country is sovereign. You might clarify what you mean by 'interest', as opposed to a service fee. Moslem banks, as I understand, charge a percentage of the loan, but do not continue to charge for compound interest.

Thomas Edison noted the obvious, which was a sign of his genius: "If a government can issue a bond, it can issue its own currency." Why pay interest on our own currency? If a government were sovereign, it could operate the banking system and eliminate income taxes. Obviously, it is more profitable to charge interest than it is to collect taxes, for the U.S. government owes its national debt to the Federal Reserve and to other moneylenders, and this debt increases with compound interest.

National Socialist Germany started from scratch, with the trust of the people. It printed its own money, interest-free and paid it into circulation, for productive work. The workers spent the initial sum of money, which was created out of nothing, and the economy began to function, like a car with a full gastank. The National Bank, which was owned by the German government, made its planned withdrawal of the initial sum, so as to avoid inflation, so full employment was rapidly achieved, along with an amazing degree of prosperity in a resource-poor, defeated and bankrupt state. The same formula was applied in Indonesia, but the monkey-folk did not have the discipline nor social integrity of the Germans, so they left the initial sum in circulation and printed more, achieving great inflation.

As with the Basque worker co-operatives, human quality is everything. When I was in Colombia, South America, the U.S. Peace Corps tried to organize farmers' co-operatives to achieve results similar to those achieved by Hitler in post-Judeo Weimar Germany. The idea was to increase income for the farmers and lower food costs to the urban consumers. As in Weimar Germany, the truckers were getting unfair profits both ways, by underpaying the producers and overcharging the consumers, well above their own costs of doing business. In pre-NS Germany, the jew middlemen were so greedy that the farmers lost their land and the city-dwellers were starving. No wonder Hitler was so popular! What works in Navarre and in Germany failed miserably in mongrel Colombia, as Peace Corps people told me: any accumulation of funds was usually stolen by the co-op treasurer. A truck belonging to the co-op would vanish. Everyone was out for himself and his extended family, so the co-operative was just a happy hunting ground for plunder. Another aspect of mestizo mentality was illustrated by their reaction to a pay-raise: they'd take the money and quit! Then they'd spend their increased earnings on partying, until the money was gone, after which, they'd apply to have their jobs back. Business managers told me it was chaotic, for they were always losing their trained employees. A Sears executive told me that they were trying to retain such employees by withholding the raises in a trust fund. I did not learn what resulted from that policy, which would certainly be deemed "racism" these days. No system can make up for the deficiencies in a given people.

Obviously, the collapse of the ZOG will mean more work for us, not less, just as Hitler's election to office meant more work and greater challenges, for his predecessors had wrecked Germany and were on the verge of wrecking the German people, without whom there could be no recovery nor progress. As a rule, politics is conservative. Men do not fight for utopias beyond their ken, but to regain good things they experienced in the past. That's why rich people govern and why poor people participate in revolutions. The good things of the past can only be achieved by changing our behavior in the present. That's why the jews lie about our past.