25 November 2002 – Additional information on Freemasonry – Eric Thomson
My firsthand experience in Rhodesia put Freemasons at the forefront of the sellout of White interests. There were over 200 Freemasonic lodges in Bulawayo, Rhodesia's second largest city, Salisbury (Harare) being the capital. The executives on Rhodesia Railways, for example, were all Freemasons, by their own admission. I worked in Railway Headquarters on my last civil service job in that unfortunate country. The entire White population of Rhodesia was under 250,000, so the percentage of Freemasons was high, indeed. The first hotel in Bulawayo was The Masonic Hotel.

In Mexico, I was informed by an attorney, who also ran for office as ruling party candidate, that all politicians had to be Freemasons to be elected. In Chile, 33° Freemason and Communist, President Allende, was supposedly killed by 33° Freemason and 'fascist' Pinochet in a coup d'etat. Argentina's founders were Freemasons, several of whom were also jews, and the Argentine flag is replete with Freemasonic symbols.

While in Rhodesia, I met a former City of London policeman of the C.I.D., which would be a plainclothes detective in U.S. parlance. He'd had to resign because of a scandal involving City of London police who were members of a Freemasonic lodge which also included crooks as members, all of whom colluded in corruption, such as arranging burglaries and robberies for shares of loot. British writer, Knight, revealed this matter in his book on Freemasonry entitled "The Brotherhood". After inviting Mr. Knight to testify at one of the Toronto thoughtcrime trials, as expert witness on Freemasons, I shortly learned that he'd died suddenly, at age 33. His successor went on to produce another book entitled "Inside the Brotherhood", if I recall correctly.

Freemasonry wields lots of power and influence in countries of the ' former' British Empire, including the U.S.A. and Canada. As a former member of the U.S. Forest Service, I was told that I must join The International Order of Foresters if I wanted to advance as a career Forest Service employee. The same applied to navigators in the U.S. merchant marine. In the Canadian Province of Ontario, I was reliably informed that no policeman can advance beyond the rank of sergeant, unless he joins the Freemasons. I know one good cop who refused, and he remains a sergeant. The courts are riddled with Freemasons and jews, so it is best to choose a female attorney, since they cannot be Freemasons. In my experience, they actually defended their clients in politically-charged cases, quite unlike the male attorneys who appeared all too co-operative with the Freemasonic prosecutors!

In the first Toronto thoughtcrime trial, Toronto policemen on active duty testified as expert witnesses on the subject of Freemasonry, and the judge upheld their refusal to answer questions put to them under cross-examination by Attorney Doug Christie. It was obvious that the Freemasonic oath took precedence over the oath stated by the testifying police officer "to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me, God!" The Freemasonic oath also took precedence over the oath to the queen. Thus, very little was learned about Freemasonry from the Freemasons' "expert witness", and the judge upheld his repeated refusals to answer questions on the topic. I began to feel as if the trial were being conducted in a lodge, rather than a public courtroom.

After World War II, the Norwegian patriot, Vidkun Quisling, was tried in the grand lodge in Oslo. The Freemasons won the war and the Norwegians lost, as was made very plain. Norway is no exception. Wherever Freemasons win, their country loses. Rhodesia's demise was another Freemasonic 'victory'. Freemasons are frontmen and minions of the ZOG.

Many of my U.S. receivers express a lack of concern with demographic, economic and political events up there in Soviet Canuckistan, as if an invisible line stretching across this continent can deter people from crossing it! White North America has been subverted, usurped, invaded and occupied, with our co-operation, because we refused to behave as "racists", of which we have long been accused, especially since we don't behave as such. On the contrary! We embrace and provide our invaders with our livingspace and substance, in the vain hope that they will be nice to us, if we let more of them in. It's as if we were to invite rats to our dining table:

"Look how cute they are!"

"Why, they're just like us: see how they go for our food!"

"This little feeler likes to crap on my plate. Well, that's their culture. It's diversity. I never even thought of crapping on my plate. I'm sure they have lots to teach us."

"My, they've eaten everything. Yeah, bring in your relatives. We'll cook up some more for you."

"Honey, our kids haven't eaten!"

"Well, they'll just have to do without, 'cause these little critters really need it!"

The dearth of Whites in North America is not due to our indifference to breed, but our decision to avoid poverty by controlling our reproduction. This has played right into the hands of those who don't, thanks to our insane welfare policies. The jew, Milton Friedman, is willing to acknowledge that open immigration plus welfare is impossible to sustain. The same thing applies to open reproduction plus welfare in our native populations. The Scandinavian Socialists of the 1930s knew that simple rule: you can't have a basic standard of living for the poor and a rising standard of living for the productive members of a society if the bottom of the social pyramid is allowed to expand infinitely. Those who fed off the taxpayers were not allowed to reproduce their own kind. Yes, it's "Nazi".

We can look to our 'betters', i.e., to non-Whites who are now invading us, for inspiration. In Asia, there is no welfare outside the extended family. Defective offspring are not coddled. They are killed. The Zulus and other tribes have no use for crippled or defective tribe members, either. That's what the crocodiles are for!

Whites like a certain standard of living. They like space. If they were to have children the way Turd Worlders do, both would go the way of Bangla Desh. Our Zionist rulers know this, and our capitalist criminals also know that wages must rise as population declines. In order to keep the workers "in their place", wages must remain low, so a worker must borrow money for his White standard of living.. Thus has our ZOG decreed that we must export jobs and import jobless from a number of non-White countries, to lower labor costs and to increase our social 'diversity', read 'division'. Since Whites fear to call themselves White, it has been easy for our deadly, genocidal enemies, to wit: the ubiquitous, iniquitous ZOG, which rules our economics, our politics and our demographics, because we allow it to do so. We have allowed ourselves to be shackled, so it is going to be much more difficult for us to regain what freedom we enjoyed before we gave it away. Not only must we fight, yes, FIGHT! for our freedom, we must also fight for our very existence, as I have tried to point out for many years. Now, I see, ever so slowly, that a few people whose Ph.d.s. have not been stripped from them, are coming to see that race does matter. Benjamin Disraeli was allowed to say it in the 19th century, but not today, unless one is attacking the White Race, on behalf of non-Whites.

Race is biological. Nation is, a subdivision of Race, just as Tribes, Clans and Families are subdivisions further down the line. Race is not place. Biology is not geography, although we did have places named after the nations which predominantly occupied them, such as England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Germany, Sweden et al. Now, the geographical distinctions are deprived of their biological relevance, to a great degree. What we are entering is a Time of Great Sorting, amongst races and within races, if any are to survive, for Race is the vessel which protects the Individual, not vice versa. Remember the example of Beethoven in an African village! What would he compose? Who would listen? Generally, those who consume the products of White civilization cannot create them. Rather, they deplete them and spoil them for us. Hard times demand hard policies. Ostensible Whites must be able to contribute to survival. They must live for us, not off us, if they would be with us. As one colleague observed: "God is Truth." And Truth exists, whether we like it or not. My message is based on my observations, not on my ego. My only wonder is how long it has taken others to see what looms in our faces, and to summon the meager courage even to mention it! Yours for a Whiter, Brighter Future.