01 January 2003 – Eric Thomson
Today, I'm enjoying my best Yule gift: time in which to catch up on correspondence, in an alert, fully awakened state. I am enjoying the quiet, here in my batcave apartment, with no plaster falling from wild parties above, and no water rising from a clogged sewer below. The area is quiet, and I haven't heard a gunshot nor siren all day! Talk about the good life!

Peter Fleming wrote in his quietly funny book, "Brazilian Adventure", that the life of action and adventure was really the 'soft option', as compared to a dangerously alienating office job. The writer, Alexis Carrel; had similar observations in his social critique entitled "Man, the Unknown." He lamented the dearth of good minds to lead post World War I society. I don't know if he realized that those good minds were wasted on the frontlines of that fratricidal carnage, leaving the scrubs and scoundrels to rule over us. Fleming and Carrel appear to agree that our civilization, as it now is, really doesn't suit our natural beings, so we feel alienated and stressed. Action, in the form of fight or flight, is our natural way of relieving stress, but that is not possible in our society, if we are to be socially acceptable, which means earning a living and staying out of jail. In lieu of action, those of us who can write, should write. All action starts with an idea, and all artifacts are derived from an idea. It is therefore up to idea-men to come up with the best possible ideas and pass them on to others. Obviously, an idea which can only be realized by collective action requires dissemination. If we cannot convince others, our ideas will not achieve the collective support and action which they require for their realization. This does not mean that we must confine our personal activities to writing, for it is not quantity that counts, so much as quality, in order to attract the people of quality who are essential for the realization of the idea.

In regard to collective action, the anti-social disciples of the jewess "Ayn Rand" seem not to realize that their fictional capitalist heroes were collectivists who depended upon organizations of others to realize their projects, their profits and their power. Although "Ann Rand" turned Marxism upside down, dumping the specious altruism, she kept the materialism and the collectivism in the service of egotistical capitalism. By all means, dump the charity, but keep the Golden Calf! It is interesting that the Federal Reserve sheenie, Greenspan, was one of her disciples in the San Fernando Valley at the time I lived there. Small world, eh?

As a break from writing, I like your idea of staying fit by running from nig-thugs. I see that as a "win-win" arrangement, for you stay fit and out of trouble and the nignogs think they scared that honky real good. I don't mind giving my enemy the illusion of moral high ground, so long as I get the material advantage. I have no problem in regard to figuring what I will do with my time, for I have no free time to mention, except on very rare occasions. Also, I do not worry about my choice of career, for I live from hand to mouth, and must work every day just to do that. I don't worry about retirement, either, because I know I cannot afford to retire. Thus I live a rather carefree, "What, me worry?" existence, on the edge of a demographic volcano, as well as some real volcanoes.

As Yockey observed, we are living in The Age of Total Politics. The message is that we shall sink or swim and those unprepared to fight will surely sink. Those of us who will fight are already victorious, in the sense that we have chosen to fight, with all available means, even if it be just an ancient typewriter. None are so vulnerable to the ZOG's machinations as are the liberals, race-mixers and ZOG-deniers, and most vulnerable of all are the Gentile ZOG-lovers who will be the first to be sacrificed. As ZOG-affirmers, we are ahead of the game, for we know what to watch out for. The others will take longer to catch up, and those who don't will perish of their own wilful ignorance, just as Nature decrees.

In regard to the Black snipers, who allegedly killed the FBI woman, along with many others, I suspect that ZOG may have had a specific individual they wanted killed. It would be a variation on the Colombian Hit Method, in which the intended victim is killed, along with everybody else on the scene, along with people on the street who fail to take cover in time. This gives the police up to 50 or more victims and obscures the real target and the people who wanted him dead, unlike the old-style gangster hits which took out one man at a time, except in the case of the Valentine's Day Massacre of a bunch of gang members by a rival gang. I tend to believe that the Sniper Caper was a ZOG-op, also. If the public are accustomed to apemen going on lethal shooting sprees, ZOG can hit whomsoever they like, and no one will know that the body-count was designed to lose the real target in the shuffle. In political upheavals, personal feuds don't attract much attention, as 144,000 French people discovered at the end of German occupation in 1944, but none lived to tell about it. All the murder victims were dubbed "collaborators", of course, and their property just happened to fall into the hands of their killers. Jayhawkers and scalawags revisited!

I don't think ZOG will zap La Raza, unless it wants to start a civil war. After all, ZOG invited them in. Not only are they here in force, but they are being steadily reinforced, all over the U.S.A. and even in parts of Canada. Once the racial mess created by ZOG begins to boil over, ZOG's days are numbered, and I think ZOG knows it, for a truly multi-national North America will not be so obedient to ZOG imperial rule, similar to the former Soviet Empire. La Raza wants land, jobs and political power, with or without the help of ZOG. La Voz de Aztlan expresses their objectives openly and honestly, and they are very anti-Zionist, under which category they tend to lump all Whites, along with their jew masters. As long as Whites stick with jews, they are correct. The day will come when ZOG will wish it had only the niggers to contend with.

The Khazars were accustomed to bashing the Slavs around, so they have been taken aback by Arab resistance, in its desperation and duration. Not all Goyim are alike, eh Hymie? You're up against real Semites, this time, which you only read about, but now they are for real and in your face. The real Semites have given Hymie the heebie-jeebies for sure, so don't stand in the way of Jose or Pancho. They're not the Anglo wimps you have brow-beaten and bought off, and there are lots more where they come from. Oy veh! Then there are the very quiet, smiling Chinese who are steadily taking over land and high-tech jobs on this continent. It's almost time to run, Hymie, but where? Perhaps Australia this time, if they're dumb enough to let you in.

In Africa, the most effective way of reducing the number of Blacks is to put them under Black rule, without White support. Mugabe has already killed more Blacks than Ian Smith's regime, directly and indirectly, by warfare and by corruption and neglect. I agree that the hebes will try to rule by buying the head nigger, but Zionist Misrule may make the head nigger job hazardous to one's health. I would not want to be "president for life" in any Black country, for my life would tend to be very short. Only a non-Black regime can restore order in Africa, but it would be much better if there were no Blacks to greet the next colonialists, for Blacks multiply when there is order, and that is always disastrous.

I agree that the fanatical Abolitionist movement probably alarmed Southerners most of all. Some of the Abolitionists were kikes from Europe, where they'd failed at revolution in 1848. If I recall correctly, Karl "Marx" came to New York City around that time. Another kike, Carl Schurz, wanted niggers to be able to take any White woman they tapped on the shoulder, under Union occupation. No wonder ZOG printed a stamp in his honor! So much for the myth of cheap labor! It destroyed the South and it will destroy the U.S.A. in due course.

I read all of Nietzsche's works back in the 1950s, including "The Anti-Christ", "Beyond Good & Evil", "Zarathustra", "Nietzsche contra Wagner", &c. Since my memory is faded in regard to "The Anti-Christ", I only have the impression that the book was not so much about religion as it was about semantics. Correct me if I'm wrong. Nietzsche certainly defended the jews' side against Wagner, but by that time, Nietzsche's syphilis may have influenced his thinking, and/or he had a jew mistress, as occurred with the otherwise brilliant French writer, Anatole France, whose jew mistress had him take up the Dreyfus defence in "Penguin Island", if I recall the title correctly.

As far as dictatorship in North America is concerned, we already have it, in all but name. The Goyim may feel comfortable, but they are falling lower on the food chain as the mud piranhas nibble their remaining standard of living beneath their feet. Sheeple don't care about freedom, anyway, for their sole interests are consumption. As long as they can consume, they will obey. Like true sheep, the majority would probably line up to get into a concentration camp, if they thought they would be fed, here in "the land of the free, the home of the brave."

In regard to your acquaintance who lives in physical and cultural squalor, my impression is that he would also be unkempt, slovenly and overweight, for such attributes tend to go together. I know a similar fellow here, with whom I've had a few casual chitchats. He is wellspoken and seems reasonably intelligent, but he is a slob whose sole reason for existence is self-indulgence. I suspect that hi sought to gratify every orifice and appendage without discrimination, and I would guess his living quarters would resemble the place of squalor you described, although I have never seen where he lives, and I would not care to. As you say, self-indulgence coupled with degeneracy are slow forms of suicide. Such people remind me of that disembodied stomach in "Ghost-Busters", which was apprehended as it guzzled and gobbled everything in the banquet room. Where I live, such a fellow would be evicted, for such squalor attracts vermin, which are very difficult to eliminate, once they get into a building. I do not like cockroaches, so I leave no food out in the open. It's a useful discipline I learned in the tropics. I am not fastidious, but I do maintain a decent standard of neatness and cleanliness. This may be due to my years of communal living. My place is dilapidated, but certainly not squalid, just as my clothing is worn and old-fashioned, but always clean. Clean clothing is more comfortable in summer and winter, and being clean oneself is a lot more comfortable than being unwashed, as I have been on occasion, when I lived in the bush. That's why I actually enjoy a shave in the morning, with the luxury of hot water! Talk about the good life!

I have always been surrounded by bad culture, but I have been able to choose a few things that I like out of the jewish cesspool. There is still classical music on FM radio, and I am very choosey about my entertainment and the people I would associate with, if I had any time for it, which I don't. Although I am gregarious, I enjoy solitude and are comfortable in the quiet of my own company. As a rule, I don't care for parties, and I prefer to associate with sober people, rather than drunks. I like interesting conversations when I actually have time for a beer. If I see no reasonable company in a bar, I will have one beer to quench my thirst and I will leave. I prefer not to stare at barroom walls, and I do not enjoy watching the usual TV fare, which is oppressive, if a person is drunk or sober. One small barroom has two large TV sets which blare different programs at once. I don't know why one would go into such a place, unless he were deaf.

I have not read "The Informer" by Conrad. Was that book made into a movie? I recall it was about an IRA man who betrayed a comrade to collect the British reward, but correct me if I'm wrong. There was a Black version based on the same plot, which I saw in the sixties, with almost the same script. I think the White version starred Victor McLachlan as the informer.

Currently, I use my archives as tools for my writing, almost daily. I do not have books for collection purposes, but for use, and I estimate that I have no more than would fill two or 3 suitcases. If ZOG shuts down the Internet, I would just as soon pass them on to you, although ZOG may deem them to be "hate" by then. At least half my books would be subject to confiscation in Soviet Canuckistan, and virtually all of my essays would get me thrown into the ZOG-gulag there. So much for the "Four Freedoms" those poor suckers fought for in Roosevelt's war. As I informed other correspondents, the First Amendment has already been abolished by the treaty known as The Genocide Convention. Thus, the Constitutionalists have no constitutional ground to stand on in terms of Article VI, paragraph 2. Hence, our defence of right must rely on our might, rather than our paper king. If the ZOG zaps the 'net, will the nerds zap the ZOG? Stay tuned!

The ZOG is 'privatizing' key aspects of its military, apparently to obtain skilled labor, such as mechanics for its armored vehicles and Abrams tanks, as per a recent Brown & Root ad. I wonder if they will hire Arabs. The U.S.A. is gone, folks. It's all business, now, with loyalty for sale to the highest bidder, strictly professional, as Mannerheim told the CIA man in "The Chosen One". Elite ZOG-mercs will have their hands full taking and holding onto turf in the former U.S. territory, and it is unlikely that they would be able to defend more than a few enclaves. I doubt that the Roman example will apply to the U.S., for I think it will become ungovernable, with or without a coup. As you observe, the demographics of this country have changed drastically, in quantity, quality and attitudes, all of which are contributing to chaos. We have lots of work ahead of us, from all indications, so I think we should enjoy these doldrums while
they last.

The lesbians I see where I work are studiously blonde. They despise Ostensible White men, but they favor niggers, men, that is. When 1 out of 50 Black males is HIV+, they are taking big risks to show their hate for straight society. I do believe in telegony, so 'once Black, never back' is my rule.

In regard to the old WASP gentry, one might find a few who are not degenerate, jew-dazed sellouts, but those possibilities are slight, for the rules of their game preclude them being pro-White leaders at all. They went to bed with the jews long ago, and with the niggers, for that matter, because they thought themselves 'better' than their fellow Whites, North and South. Although my American ancestors come from their ranks, I see their extinction as condign justice. They were unfit to rule from the beginning, because they chose to ape the alienated British ruling class, and betrayed their own kind. Such race-traitors deserve the noose, but more likely, they will get the business end of Juan's machete: "Here's yo' cheap labor, massa!" So much for phony aristocrats and their silly, expensive pretensions. Real aristocrats are warlords, not plutocrats, and they lead their people to victory, not into slavery, as these scoundrels have done. If it were up to me, I would cheerfully consign them to Hell, where they belong, for they are worse than the jews they serve, and the niggers they bought.