02 January 2003 – Eric Thomson
I just got off work and am celebrating the Yuletide here in my batcave. Many thanks for your great letter and the excellent article by Alexis Carrel. That poem about "Father Fecal" is very good. You have a great talent to convert current events into poetry. Then, again, I view current events as additions to the past, so I relate to the body of things I have learned, sometimes to an embarrassing extent. I remember coming into the Toronto office of Samisdat Publishers. The Zud was busy at his worktable and said, "Lennon's dead." I thought he meant "Lenin", so I said, "The same goes for Stalin, and just to bring you up to date, the Hindenburg caught fire." The Zud said, "No, Lennon of The Beatles!" "Sorry, but that's not my department," I replied. It took that long for me to gather which "Lennon" he meant.

Anton LeVey alias Levey is a kike, so Satanists who infiltrate Wotanism are just doing what comes hebraically. I knew a similar sheenie in Toronto who mixed his kosher Satanism with "New Age" b.s. He loved to show the bloody photo of his son's circumcision, as a conversation piece. A local secondhand bookstore was selling a kosher "rune kit", including a booklet "explaining" runelore to Goyim, written by a hebe. Obviously, true Wotanists must be on guard to prevent infiltration, subversion and perversion of Wotanism, just as we must prevent jew infiltration of White Nationalism. Believe me, they are trying! I'm not sure of Wyatt's last name, but I seem to recall it was spelt " Kaltenberg", which sounds kosher to me. I would very much suspect that he had kosher ancestry, even if he looks White. Tom may not be able to spot jews, because he is surrounded by Mexicans. It's like Pierce's definition of "White": anyone who isn't Black! And, when Señor Martinez paid his Vanguard subscription, he became a "true Aryan"!

I photocopied the artwork on your card and sent it to Mike Hansen of the NS White Revolutionary Party. He is into his own definition of Jesus, in which he rejects the jew devil-god, Yahweh. He is really into Atlantis, so I enclose a copy of his booklist, in case you want to correspond. Unlike Tom, he does answer letters! You probably know about Thule Publications in Portland, which looks as if they use some of your artwork, and there is a Wotanist fellow who calls himself Thorz Hammer, of Fair Folk, in Adkins, TX. He wrote a good book entitled "WHAM", for "White American Man". He advertises items similar to 14 Words. I enclose one of his flyers, in case you want to contact him. It would be great if your talents could allow you to serve Our Race and earn a living. When I say you are talented, I am not doing so on behalf of feelgood flattery. You are a true Renaissance Man: artist, artisan, poet, musician and gifted with a sense of humor, despite a life of hard knocks. I enjoy all the things you can do, and I have an appreciation of good stuff when I see or hear it, but I cannot do such things myself, so I stick to my writing, which is informational and argumentative, rather than artistic. The Leader mentioned that the man of politics should be musical, for if one lacks an ear for music, he can not feel the call of his people, nor understand the vital nuances necessary for communication and inspiration, leading to motivation and action. Charles Lindbergh, Jr. was an abominable speaker who spoke in a monotone capable of rendering the most important subjects soporific. A Lindbergh speech is a sure cure for insomnia, I am sorry to say. I wonder what sort of music, if any, he listened to.

To the sum of all the nasty things the K-bitch is made of, you can also add "stupid", for it takes a real ninny to dump a fellow like you. A smart female knows the sort of mate who way not have wealth, but who has the talent to wake it, when opportunity arises. Basically, she shot herself in the foot by dumping you, and it is best that you found out her true nature before you really got set up in your career. In my case, I needed to know what The Zud really stood for, and it wasn't what he told me! Better not to build on quicksand, eh?

Mike me to report on the death of Richard Biederman, S.A.S. sergeant. I knew Biederman, along with Covington in Rhodesia. I left Rhodesia in 1976, and I heard that Covington left in April of 1976, while I left in March. Biederman was killed by a gunshot wound in 1977, so I don't think that can be blamed on me or Covington. I was in Cali, Colombia, in 1963, when JFK was shot, so my alibi should stand on that case, also. Contrary to rumor being spread by way of the Internet, I never supervised Mossad hit teams for the CIA, either. I'm just no fun at all! I don't know what Mike will do with my information, in which I included the reason I will not work with Covington, who never made a correct political decision since I met him. That's the reason. Aside from that, I have advised him to stick to novel-wrting and stay out of gang related activities. I rarely correspond with him, for we have nothing in common politically.

As I said to you, years ago, Covington is no bigger than you make him. Like Jim Mason or Charles Manson, he thrives on notoriety. Oh, oh, I see it's getting light out. My powers of concentration are fading, so I must go back into my box.

P.S.: I see that it is suitably dark outside, so I feel my powers returning. I note that I omitted to thank you for telling me about the FBI-nik who quit after discovering some 9-11 information. I wish him all the best, but I would not want to sell his any life insurance. As I know from ZOG experience, they will either keep silence about his revelations, and go after him on the quiet, or they will 'reveal' that he is a 'nut', and use him as a patsy in their 9-11 coverup. You may have noticed how quick those who are put in charge of the 9-11 investigation suddenly 'discover' conflicts of interest and resign. This is a good stalling tactic. In any case, the 9-11 'investigation' (meaning cover up) is likely to go the way of the "Pearl Harbor Investigation", in which the ZOG informed itself that the Japs were the bad guys and, poor, innocent "Usrael" was the naive and trusting victim.

The most likely perpetrator of 9-11 is the chief beneficiary: Israel! After all, 9-11 would be a logical extension of the Lavon and Liberty attacks by Israel against the U.S. Those attacks failed to mobilize U.S. ire against the Arabs, because the kikes got caught. So far, the ZOG is keeping the lid on about Mossad involvement, except for the Internet, which the hebes are going after on all fronts, via civil lawsuits alleging "hate", that is, whatever the jews hate for Goyim to read or to buy! I have told the blightwing that the U.S. First Amendment rests on feet of quicksand, for it was constitutionally abolished by The Genocide Convention, which is a treaty, ratified by the rats of Congress, and is deemed "the supreme Law of the Land" in terms of Article VI, paragraph 2 of the U.S. Constitution. Blighters can defend the Constitution all they want, but it can be abolished totally by a treaty, in accordance with the Constitution itself! Paper deludes. People protect, if only Whitey could understand.

The Toronto Globe & Mail article on the wog who was arrested in CA for "insider trading", that is, short-selling on 9-10, with foreknowledge of 9-11, implicated the FBI, two of whose agents are also under arrest as accomplices. To my knowledge, there has been not one peep from U.S. jewsmedia. Obviously, those who short-sold United Airlines and Trade Towers-related shares just before 9-11 would have lost heavily, had 9-11 not occurred. Stockbrokers I know tell me that short-selling is a major risk, so 'inside' information is very important. They also assure me that short-sellers are abundantly identified and recorded in the stock market, but not the ones who made millions on 9-11!

Your mention of The Process Church and "Moon Child" remind me of Bill Grimstad's excellent audiotaped research on our pervert-plutocrats. It was a 3 tape series of 90 minutes each entitled "Sirius Rising" and in a revised version, "Conspiricon". Allegedly, the Palomar Telescope is designed for a couple to focus on the rays of Saturn, while having intercourse, supposedly conceiving a "Moon Child" by this process. I put nothing past the Wreckafellers, who financed this project, along with the alchemical research of Milliken (cosmic rays) and Parsons of the CA Institute of Technology. Wreckafeller was also connected with Flagler's Celestial Railway down the Florida keys, with its "star towns", from which the Moon Launch took off, just as Jules Verne predicted. It's really a small world, when all the strings are tied together.

Wishful-thinking works in ZOG's favor, for sheeple prefer to believe that Big Brother is kindly old Santa Claus in disguise. The reality is just too threatening for these timid critters, who would such rather die than face the truth. As events are shaping up, it appears they will get their wish. Cattle behave the same, for they die without knowing why. When so many behave like cattle, are we correct to call them "human"? The jews certainly don't! "Come on, Goyim, just walk up that ramp into our slaughterhouse and we'll do you lots of good!" I wonder if the muds are so stupid as to go into ZOG's "air raid shelter" with the White Eloi? In the words of The Zud: "Time will tell."

In regard to the pervert priesthood, I have learned that neither evil nor virtue have time for vice and depravity, which usually detract from one's power for good or for evil. Bernard Baruch, for example, and Meyer Lansky lived long to perform their evils, while Bugsy Siegel and Satanist Crowley drowned in debauchery and shortened their careers considerably; Crowley via heroin and Bugsy via shotgun, with a little help from his friend, Meyer. Meanwhile, our economy is going Weimar and our demography is going ape. When will we ever learn?