06 January 2003 – Eric Thomson
Castro's drinking, smoking and lack of physical activity, although I have read that he is a regular swimmer, has done him no good. I am not a doctor, but I have learned some generally available health indications, as you also may be aware of. In short, our Cuban 'friend' may not be around much longer. The old Communist order is passing, and the new Communist order will take shape under the abuses of capitalism, which has been creating the world proletariat described by "Lenin". Marxist writers stated that capitalists would become fewer and richer, until they became so few that they could easily be overthrown. Did I hear "Enron"? You remember how the abuses of capitalism were used to foment Communism and FDR socialism in the U.S.A., on behalf of the capitalists! Will we see a plutocratic dictatorship of the proletariat on a much larger scale? Stay tuned!

A correspondent says that the hebes are concocting an orgy of hate for Hitler again. Their point of departure is the personal account of Hitler's youthful friend, Kubizek, who was The Leader's friend. The kikes ran him down after the war and asked him: "Did he give you favors, privileges, rewards?" Kubizek answered, "No, he was my friend." "You were alone with him, you could have killed him!" "But he was my friend," answered Kubizek. It was to Kubizek that the young Hitler revealed the future which he had seen spread out before him, on a mountaintop to which they had hiked after both had seen Wagner's opera "Rienzi". Hitler told him how he was destined to struggle on behalf of great things, against great odds, but he would have to be patient as the future unfolded. I read Kubizek's book many years ago, so I only recall the gist of it. One thing I do not recall is Hitler allegedly telling Kubizek that he would adopt "Hitler" as his name, instead of "Schicklgruber". I told my correspondent that the "Schicklgruber" legend is supposed to 'prove' that Hitler was jewish. Funny why the Hebrewood kikes omitted that part of their fable! It was said of Hitler, by his enemies, that he was jewish, before he was forced into World War II. After that, the hebes have kept silence. If Hitler were jewish, what would happen to their Holohoax? The jews like to have their lies both ways: Hitler was NOT a jew and he was supported by the entire German people, who are 'guilty' for the Holohoax, OR, Hitler was a jew who held power over the German people by sheer terror, with massed machineguns at the backs of the cheering crowds, which would tend to absolve the Germans for "Holocaust Guilt". As a youth, I began to compare all the Hitler fables which I was fed by the jewsmedia: that Hitler was a coward, but a fanatically brave soldier; that he hated women so much that no man's wife was safe in his presence; that he made boring speeches which had no content; that his oratory was so powerful, he could hypnotize thousands of listeners; That Hitler was a liar who always kept his promises; that MEIN KAMPF was full of lies, which revealed the truth about Hitler, if only people had bothered to read it! And so on... Of course, people without memories will believe everything, for they forget the contradictions.

The jew, Shirer, author of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, intentionally mistranslated the "carpet-chewing" idiom, as if Hitler literally chewed carpets when he was anxious. "Carpet-chewing" is German slang for "wall-climbing" in English. If a reporter had translated Churchill's anxiety as "climbing the walls" in literal German, the German readers would be as astonished as English readers were at Hitler's "carpet-chewing". A sly little sheenie trick has become the stuff of legend.

"Hitler's jig" at the signing of the armistice with France in 1940 was another bit of cheap, trick photography, in which the Brit propagandists looped the film so that Hitler's stamping of his foot was repeated, as if he were dancing. I saw another looped sequence in British film footage taken at Bergen-Belsen. A heap of bodies was exhumed and placed beside the burial pit, and a bulldozer pushed then back into the pit, once, twice, thrice, almost six times! Once you recognized that they were the same bodies, you could spot the trick. Another trick is that it takes no more than 30 people, dead or alive, to fill a camera lens;. You want a 'mob' scene? Zoom in so the people fill the lens-, which fills the screen in the movies and TV. The cameraman held the camera close enough to the pile, so an editor could create the impression that the ten or so bodies were a mountainous heap. Of course, the close up also revealed that they were always the same bodies being pushed into the pit. Win a few, lose a few, eh? One "German atrocity film" made by the Zionist Allies was required viewing for audiences in Zionist Occupied Germany. It showed civilian bodies being burned on pyres. A German viewer shouted: "That's me, the soldier on the left! Those are German air raid victims of Dresden!" I don't know what became of that courageous man, but I understand from an attendee that the film showing stopped, at least for that evening. Another widely published photo showed a mountain of "jewish" corpses but one noticed that none were circumcised. When this was pointed out, the photo was withdrawn and delegated to the memory hole. Kosher 'history'.

I watched the official Allied propaganda film about the "Dachau Gas Chamber", which was where many thousands were "gassed", and which, in 1960, was designated by the same Allied liars as "never used".

I am not surprised by the setbacks which are besetting the ZOG-mercs in Afghanistan, but the Guardian report is worse than I believed possible, in view of the "positive alienation program" undertaken by the 82nd Airborne against the civilian population. What we are seeing in Afghanistan is Fabian tactics designed to wear down and demoralize ZOG forces. If their bases are now subject to attacks, how do ZOG forces intend to defend an oil pipeline running across Afghanistan? I believe Eric Margolis wrote that the oil companies supply the "terrorists" with funds in the form of bribes for the protection of their pipelines, ports and refineries, as they do in Colombia. "Terrorist" finance is woven into the fabric of international finance, intelligence agencies, drugs, oil and arms. As we see from the Enron Scandal et al., the line between crime and 'business' is practically invisible. It appears that FEDZOGUSA is making the same public relations error that Chalmers Johnson attributed to the Japanese in China, which was too big for them to occupy, so Jap forces would send out military columns to terrorize the Chinese peasantry. According to Johnson, this frantic brutality drove the peasants into the arms of the beleaguered Red remnant of Mao's Long March, and resistance was organized, so that the Japs had to traverse the countryside in large formations, or not at all. Churchill mentioned this restriction in Cuba, for small Spanish units were often ambushed and wiped out by the Cuban insurrectionists. Of course, large unit movements give the opposition lots of warning, as the U.S. may have learned in Vietnam, especially when motorized.

I see that Michael Hoffman II defames Hitler as a "criminal". I wonder how he would categorize FDR, Churchill and Stalin.

When we consider the role of the North and the South in the Civil War, we must not behave like typical White men who cannot think consistently from 12 o'clock to noon. Both North and South were anti-White: (1) By killing their fellow Whites and (2) By tolerating a multi-racial society which insures miscegenation, as Earnest Sevier Cox warned in "White America". Kaut Hamsun visited the U.S.A. in the 1880s and described the South as a "mulatto stud farm." North and South produced brave and capable White warriors who served in an anti-White cause. Boers and Brits fought each other, and the Blacks got the land from the White man. If we look at history in centuries, rather than quarterly accounts, we can see that America is fundamentally anti-White, from the very beginning. I am sure that there were brave Aryans in the Red Army, who fought gallantly against their fellow White Germans, on behalf of Asiatic despotism. I see no reason to honor such men, any more than I can honor brave Whites of North or South. As one mestiza invader replied, when asked about the Confederate flag controversy: "This has nothing to do with MY people, so it is of no interest to me." Land belongs to those who occupy it. When Whites vanish from the land, I must conclude that they have been the victims of an anti-White policy on the part of their rulers. The ZOG is much older than the U.S.A., whose founders were conscious zoglings like Hamilton or unconscious witlings like Jefferson, the "useful idiot" of jew-supremacy. Unfortunately, Jefferson was not alone.

Southern Whites must become true National Socialists: they must be able to get their hands dirty in honest work, and not assign that to 'their Blacks and mestizos', for that is their undoing, exactly as I saw with the Whites in Southern Africa. In other words, they must dump their nigger-addicted class pretensions. I do not need the gun of a White man who comes to me with his family of nigger servants, for his future and mine can only be Black. As you observe, the niggerball crackers may not be able to see the racial connection between Black football players and White female cheerleaders. More fools, they! I'm sure Rastus could show them 'the connection'. Neither North nor South, nor the U.S. of the Foundering Fathers ever was on the White man's side. The results which we can see prove that beyond a doubt. Race was a very tiny blip on their radar screens, if at all. The question is, can Whitey become pro-White by renouncing his anti-White past, or as Dr. Goebbels asked, "Can he leap over his own shadow?" And can he do it in time?