12 January 2003 – Eric Thomson
I'm sorry to learn of your friend's experience with his abode. Jews certainly jump right in when the slightest opportunity presents itself. Your friend should have been aware of his tax situation, of course. As you observe, he agreed to play the game of kosher hopscotch and he stumbled. When one rides the subway, one should avoid stepping on the third rail, &c. My parents' firsthand experiences with jews were narrow escapes, and I'm not sure they learned their lessons. I was able to learn from their dire experiences, however, so all was not wasted. One must be aware of jews and niggers and be very wary of them, as with third rails and crocodiles on the riverbanks. Otherwise... Ouch!

A professor of epistemology described the unproved assumption underlying inductive reasoning: that the future will resemble the past. In chemistry, it is assumed that a combination of sodium and chlorine will produce sodium chloride every time and not a 1937 Willys or a Godzilla. People study history, much as witch doctors read entrails and toss bones to peer into the future. In this regard, I note current patterns of behavior which are congruent with patterns of the past which have led to war and revolution: In this case, Bushy's intention to apply the "trickle down" theory in which the rich are supposed to get much richer via tax cuts as investment incentives. Bush argues that more money for the rich will help the stock market and eventually, "create jobs" for the poor. Rots of ruck! This policy was a major cause of Mexico's civil war of 1910, for the money did not trickle down to keep pace with the population explosion. These days, especially, the stock market is not investment, but speculation, so the initial results of capital gains tax cuts will be similar to funding casino gamblers, whose speculation is no more likely to "create jobs" than the stimulation of stock market speculation. Indeed, we have noted over the past decade that stocks go up when unemployment rises, because share values increase when companies cut their operating expenses by firing workers. This policy would be stupid within a domestic economy, for the loss of workers would mean loss of productivity and earnings, but not when the jobs are transferred to China! The stupidity of the capitalists is only one step down the ladder to disaster, however, for the unemployed cannot purchase the imported products, and what they do purchase is too often done with borrowed money. An honest economy would pay workers sufficiently to enable them to consume their products, but a jew economy does the opposite, for its intention is to impoverish the majority, as stated explicitly in The Protocols. In this, the kikes are succeeding, but will this be good for the jews? Stay tuned!

In Kuhn's "Theory of Scientific Revolutions", he observes that the more rigorously a theory is applied, the more certain it will be exploded by factual discovery. The vigorous application of ZOG's judeo-capitalist imperialism will hasten its collapse. The jews see that "Usrael" is nearing collapse, so they are working faster, in hopes of benefiting from their subversion before they bring about the collapse. This is like termites who want to devour as much of a building as possible, before they cause the structure to collapse! It's also like a driver who wants to hurry home before he has an accident, which is most likely to result from his haste. It is impossible to understand the jews, but it is possible to combat them, if we want to. The greed of ZOG makes it prone to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs: us!

As you observe, I also see a tendency to adopt anarchist, that is, libertarian ideas in the present social disintegration and crisis amongst the White boobs who mistake co-consumption with community. Like the critters at a waterhole, they will stampede in all directions when a predator approaches, with no attempt to defend their water supply, nor to defend one another. "Every man for himself," to quote Al Gore. Such a 'Gorey', Jeffersonian society brings joy to predators who can amuse themselves in pursuit of happiness, and always feed on the slow ones. Under such conditions, our society becomes a hunting ground and not a community fit to support a White Civilization.

Jewsradio reports a ZOG jewdicial ruling which deems U.S. citizens' civil rights 'different' if ZOG captures them in the U.S.A. or on foreign soil. I did not know that one's location had relevance to one's citizenship, regardless of one's alleged actions. It is obvious that logic and 'rights' are whatever ZOG says they are. Might is right, after all, and if ZOG's actions do not accord with the law, so much the worse for the law. A corrupt society is known by the number of its laws and a tyranny is known by the number of laws the government breaks. Another jews story involves a "White supremacist leader" who allegedly conspired to kill a judge. That would be illegal before 9-11 and remains illegal now. Do we need to make things so easy for the ZOG? When ZOG has the blightwing for an enemy, it never needs a friend.

Many thanks for your essay, LOST HORIZONS, for which I congratulate you on your research and excellent writing. As you probably know, Carl Jung referred to "racial archetypes", including gods and goddesses, which people carry with their genes. In Black tribal society, the mondoro, or spirit of the tribe, would appear to help a tribesman in distress and doubt, usually in the form of an old, wise man, I would suspect, in a dream, although Blacks insist they "saw" him at night, when they were alone. That part of the story is very doubtful, for Blacks are rarely alone at night, and they fear to go out in the dark, which is the time when wizards and evil spirits roam, according to them. Only 'crazy' Whites do not fear the night, for they love the beauty of the stars.

As you say, so much history is unknown to us. Even now, with the discovery of thousands of ancient White mummies in NW China, we see that a lot of history has occurred, which remains unwritten. This indicates to me the recurrence of historical themes of peoples who rise and fall, along with their civilizations. History, in the long view, can be seen in terms of these major themes and minor variations. From my information I have the impression that we are entering another era of cataclysmic change, including the collapse of our own civilization, which could not be otherwise because of our insistence on infinite population growth based on finite resources. Politicians dare not mention this obvious fact, for voters do not want to hear it. Apparently, so-called democracy cannot face reality, let alone cope with it.

A case in point is the controversy over water. Everyone wants more, and they don't see why they can't take as much water as they want. The fact that there isn't enough to go around is what they refuse to consider. When one politician mentioned this fact at an irrigation hearing, he was accused of being "weird and far-out". Years ago, the Sierra Club claimed its concern for the environment, but when the fact was mentioned that increased population degrades the environment, these bearers of bad tidings were accused of "racism", and the agenda was disconnected from the reality that population and environment are indeed linked. Moral cowardice = political irrelevance.

I appreciate your design of "the perfect woman" for maximum satisfaction and minimum aggravation. Better patent her before someone produces a genetically-engineered prototype! Then you could sing, "Somebody stole my gal..." A sane, White doctor says that we really know very little, for everything we do to ourselves and to others alters our dynamic equilibrium in unpredictable ways, called "side-effects". Since people don't care, they go right ahead meddling medically in The Great Unknown, like the woman who swallowed the spider to catch the fly, but no one knows why she swallowed the fly. The last voice of wisdom was that of the character in "The Island of Dr. Moreau", who said, after reading Dr. Moreau's thesis in which he showed how humans could be changed into animals and vice versa: "Just because we CAN do it does not mean we SHOULD!" Introducing spider genes into goats' milk, "for texture", may have side-effects. I recall a brand of Canadian beer which used cobalt as an ingredient to put a great head of suds on it. Suds there were, but heavy drinkers of that brand died of cobalt-poisoning. This sort of irresponsible gambling with Nature is exactly what Dr. Alexis Carrel described in his social essay which you kindly sent me.

In regard to names, I recall someone who chose a 'sissy' name for his son, so that he'd become a fighter. I think it would have been better if he'd got to know his son, before putting such a burden on him. There are enough things to fight about, without being ridiculed, and a lone White boy can't do much when confronted by a mud gang, as I discovered when I was in school. That took a lot of diplomacy, but I could take them one on one, and sometimes had to exert my strength to keep my lunch money. I never lost my lunch money to mud-thugs, for that was where I drew the line. You may have heard about the stingy Scot who was set upon by two nigger muggers. The fellow put up such a fight, that he nearly beat his two assailants, until Big-Ass Bonzo managed to sit on him. The nigs found only a coin purse, which contained a whole quarter. I translate their comments from their mutha tongue into English: "Man, if he'd had 50¢ he'd have killed us!"

Jews systematically ridicule Gentile names and promote their kosher labels. Germanic names bug them, such as Ralph and Fred. I note that jews favor Eric as their name despite its non-Semitic origins. Jews believe in numerology, so their choice of names must add up to some numerical value for 'good luck'. Murray is a Scottish surname, but jews like to use it as a first name, possibly for its numerical value.

There may be an opening as Pontifex Maximus, so have your application ready!