14 January 2003 – Eric Thomson – d0114et.htm
A supporter sent me a propaganda abortion. I wrote back asking how much the fellow was paid to put out this bit of counter-productive propaganda. Imagine associating being, thinking and acting White with death, poison and piracy, all at once! Propagandists take care NOT to identify their cause with death. It immediately reminded me of a nasty bit of anti-Hitler art which copied the format of a German postage stamp, bearing Hitler's portrait, with the words "DEUTSCHES REICH". The kosher version showed Hitler's face rotting away, to expose the skull, with the words, "FUTSCHES REICH". A Nazi poster portrayed a Red Army soldier as a skeletal corpse, reaching out to grab the onlooker. I read my own material critically, as if I were the ZOG, looking for a lever in my text to turn my words against the cause I support. Propaganda can be a two-edged sword, especially movies and photos, which are at the mercy of a narrator or caption-writer. I remember a neat trick in some kosher version of WWII. Hitler is photographed shaking hands with Himmler. The caption reads: "Hitler congratulates Himmler on gassing 3 million jews." "That's not true," I said. "That's Hitler congratulating Himmler after his first solo UFO flight!" With our limited resources, I believe we should think before doing, to avoid working for the ZOG.

I learned about ZOG from the enemy. Roy McMurtry, Attorney General of Ontario, Canada, proclaimed that he was "a Christian Zionist". Winston Churchill declared in 1945 that he was "a Zionist". Zionists are jew-supremacists, whether they are jews or not, so these zoglings were telling me who they were, whom they served, and since they did not run for office as Zionists, they had infiltrated our governments, and were therefore usurpers and subverters, that is, occupiers. What could be more simple? Yet, the blightwing only adopted the term after my return from Africa. Once back in the Americas, I saw immediately that we lacked a self-picture and also a picture of the enemy. No wonder we could achieve nothing, since we did not know who we were, nor who the enemy was! If you don't know who you are, you don't know what's good or bad for you. And, if you can't identify your enemy, you are already defeated. It was so very simple! Why was I the only one who could see it? Now, that's scary to me, for there were hundreds of 'leaders' who thought they were battling "the enemy" with incorrect, unrealistic ideas about who was who, like the Birchers with all their 'good' jews. It also helps if one is politically relevant. We are not a "democracy", nor is the U.S.A. a "nation". It has never been either! This is like not knowing who we are, nor where we are, nor who the enemy is! If the blightwing were on a fishing trip, they would not know what a fish was, and they would cast their hooks on the pavement of the parking lot, because they would not get their feet wet!

You are right that the ZOG is filling the sheeples' minds with false alarms, while the real dangers are not mentioned. FEDZOGUSA wants to invade Iraq, while China is invading "Israel" en masse, and expanding their colonies and enclaves from coast to coast. We are getting more and more Chinese here in Yakima, so they must be desperate for new land to occupy. Most people would leave Yakima, if they could, but not the Chinese! Despite the overwhelming Mexican population, there is always room for more Chinese, and more, and more!

In regard to the cloning hysteria concocted by the jewsmedia: I see it as a nothing for nothing proposition. As I understand, our cells have their own internal time clocks. A one minute old cell of an 80 year old may have low mileage, but the years are the same. It would be analogous to assembling a Model T of 1914, in 2003, with 'brand-new' parts built in 1914! "Dolly", the cloned sheep, suffers from an array of physical ailments, the major one being old age. I see cloning as another distraction from our real problems: the ongoing export of jobs and importation of jobless; the increasing flood of aliens into the country and growing public deficits, along with personal bankruptcies. It's like Weimar Depression days on The Planet of the Apes.

The last time I heard, Aryans were White. To speak of "White Aryans" is like saying "cold ice", and indicates that there must be "Black Aryans" and "hot ice".

Most sheeple here do not know CANZOG immigration policies. Dumber ones think that the invisible line keeps 'bad guys' in Canada, so events up there have nothing to do with those south of the zogline. Apparently, they forget that people have feet and can move about, once they are on North American soil.

You are incorrect in your analysis of my thinking on the matter of saving at least a worthwhile remnant of the White Race. I don't know what resources you think I have, but I can assure you that my time, money and opportunities to reach potential White activists are minimal and stretched to the maximum. I am not a fatalist, by any means, but I am able to consider worstcase scenarios, that is, White racial extinction.

Let's take things step by step: We can have all the best possible plans, but without men who are willing and able to put them into practice, we go nowhere. First, we must be able to contact those who are White and who want Whites to survive. Let's go back to square one: Say we mould like to cross an ocean, and bring others with us. We would need a boat. Let us say we had to build our boat from scratch. If we could not do the work ourselves, nor obtain the materials, we would require others. If we could not convince anyone else that crossing the ocean would be worthwhile, then we could remain in the planning stage for the duration of our lives. We could thus have a plan and optimism, and achieve exactly nothing, for lack of supporters.

Adolf Hitler had a major advantage: he saw his future role, laid out before him, in many details. As he stated, he proceeded on course with the sureness of a sleepwalker. I depend on incoming information and opportunities in which I can apply my knowledge on behalf of Our Race, to the best of my ability. As I pointed out in a previous letter, collective problems require collective responses. If those who suffer from such problems refuse to organize, then they will suffer the problems, collectively, but as individuals who are isolated and therefore defenceless. All activities take 5 steps to achieve: (1) The Idea; (2) The Information of others about the Idea; (3) The Organization in support of the Idea; (4) The Action for the realization of the Idea and (5) The Realization of the Idea. I would; put us around Step 2, although I have been able to get as far as Step 4, before getting "Zudulated" by bad leadership. One writer saw politics in terms of The Singer and the Song. A good Song with a bad Singer will fail, although a good Singer with a bad Song may achieve bad results, as did FDR. If a program is sound, it must have equally sound proponents and supporters. Usually, good leaders, rather than Judas Goat types like FDR, Churchill and Woodrow Wilson, will select a good program, but it is necessary to have good followers who are smart enough to recognize both good leaders and good programs. If pearls are cast before swine, no support will be forthcoming. Political achievement rests on 3 pillars: Leader, Program and Followers. I have promoted the White Power Movement ideology for over 30 years, and I believe you have the White Power Manifesto which states the objectives, as well as an outline for a White government based on merit within the White Community: Duties First, Rights second. The collective good before individual good. The Question that every White must bear in mind: "Is it good for Whites?" I believe I have addressed these matters. Of course, many aspects of National Socialism are also available for interested readers, but I cannot make their interests go beyond reading, at this stage.

The jew ideology is simple: "Is it good for the jews?" To this precept are combined Identity: know that you are a jew, and who else is, too; Teamwork under recognized leadership, and an ongoing orgy of organizations. I note that jews form organizations first, then look for things to do with them. Whites form organizations at the very last! (If ever).

I am glad we agree that White Civilization is not the same as the White Race. Obviously, we have survived our civilizations, otherwise Whites would not exist today. Once again, you bring up the "Aryan" non-"Aryan" delusion. There are 3 Races and subraces of each. Are "Aryans" a subrace of White? If so, how do we distinguish them from mestizo-blond Finns? It is my understanding that all people of the Iberian Peninsula are White, unless they have Black or Yellow genes, as many do, so those specimens would not be White, as are similar mongrels anywhere else.

Jews often argue who is or is not a jew, so Whites do no better in being unable to define White Identity, in many cases. This is not good for jews, nor is it good for Whites.

As Pendell wrote in "Sex versus Civilization", hard times are eugenic. Good times are dysgenic, for they allow Problem-Makers to survive, especially with the aid of White Civilization. We may look at the recurrent collapse of White Civilization as a necessary purging of Our Race. Nature will sort it out, for we obviously lack the wisdom to assist Her.

We may wish to see ideology in survival-oriented activities, but we shall most likely see that Form Follows Function. Quoth Huxley, "Will the space that we're so rich in, light a fire in the kitchen, and the little god of space turn the spit, spit, spit?" As I see it, A trip to Mars requires lots of White Civilization for its fruition. That is why I abide with the campfire crowd.