18 January 2003 – Eric Thomson – d0118et.htm
People who want me to get online might as well ask me to take my yacht out for a spin. Even if I had a computer or a yacht, I would have very little time to use either. I calculate that there would have to be 3 of me: one to earn a living, a second to keep the computer functioning despite bugs, repairs, hardware & software updates, new server procedures, &c. That would leave one of me to use the computer for receiving and transmitting information. Unfortunately, there is only one of me and that person must work seven days a week at my coolie jobs which I am lucky to have, in this Depression era. Some people worry about being laid off or fired. I worry about my employer(s) going broke and out of business. The 'downtown' part of Yakima, where I live, has become a semi-ghosttown, thanks to my employer's greed and mismanagement of the Yakima Mall. The major tenants have left, and also most of the minor tenants because of his outrageous rent-gouging. Even the Internal Revenue Service moved out of his office tower, because of his exorbitant rent! No restaurant has been able to survive in his properties, for they must either cut portions and quality, or charge sufficient to pay their rental overhead. Yakima is not the victim of a conspiracy, just blind, pigheaded greed.

Congratulations on solving your power supply problem. It's funny that your power supply would be a victim of a power surge, when you have it unplugged. Maybe you are getting Sapped by passing UFOs. As one experienced vodka-drinker told me: "All you need to know is in The National Enquirer and X-Files."

I'm sorry about my failure to send you my copy of "Hear the Cradle Song". All I have is the preface which has the publisher's address. I photocopied that part, which was the most important portion of the book. The remainder is well-written, but expands on the scenario described in the preface. I wrote to the publisher, offering to help him promote his book, but received no reply. That's why it's called the "blightwing". I'll let you know if I find some outfit that carries it. I also tried to locate a copy of "Hitler's Secret Book", but no luck there, either. As I may have mentioned, I sold my copy to a secondhand book dealer here, when it looked likely that I would be out on the street. When I finally got a minimum-wage job and had some zogbucks to repurchase my books, most of them were gone. The hebes and jew-kingians routinely scan the titles and remove the ones deemed "unfit for Goyim."

You said it very well: life is a journey, and that's really how we should live. One fellow wondered how I would find "security" by embarking on my travels instead of finding some solid 9 to 5 job with a big company. I said prophetically, "This is the era of the packed suitcase, and we may come to define 'security' as the safety of a fresh shell crater." I wasn't really exaggerating. It wasn't exactly I who was speaking, but the voice of the future. People who relate to things, rather than people, do not strike me as fit parents, and you are wise to be cautious. Telegony is another factor which is recognized in the animal world, especially in the breeding of good stock. Ranchers have told me that a pure-bred cow which is 'covered' by a scrub bull is no longer fit to calve, even when 'serviced' by a pure-bred bull. Since we are also members of the animal kingdom, that would be another reason to steer clear of females who are promiscuous and multi-racial. The article you sent me that "sperm cells make women happy" indicates telegony, even when pregnancy does not result. As you mention, there is also the disease factor. Apparently, a female with herpes must have children by Caesarean section, to avoid infecting the infant. As I understand, women's desire to have children is often triggered by the sight of a newborn baby.

We were wise in getting our travel experience when we were young and tough, and maybe a little foolish. I remember one uncomfortable journey over the Tehatohapee Mountains in California in an open gondola car of a freight train in sub-zero temperatures. Using scraps of cardboard, I built a shelter and kept warm (at least psychologically) by burning a taper made of toilet paper. I could do it again, if I have to, but I have learned to take along suitable clothing. I had a similar experience in "sunny Spain". Sure, it was sunny, but any standing water froze solid. North Africa was no different. Now I know why the French Foreign Legion wore those heavy coats – for keeping warm at night and for keeping the intense heat off you during the day. As we age, our bodies do not recover so rapidly, so we use our brains and our experience to avoid such discomfort. Possessions exert a strange effect on people very often: many equate their life with their possessions, that they will live as long as they own property. Others own property in lieu of living, as if life can be stored, like things. As we know, jews believe that they are the sum of their possessions, so they equate lose of property with death. It's just as bad as having to delouse and take a shower, for many a hebe. As Raul Hilberg testified at the first Holohoax Trial, jews were "exterminated" by identifying them or refusing to identify them; by moving them or making them stay put; by dispersing them or concentrating them. By his own definition, Hilberg was "holocausted" and/or "exterminated" at least 3 times, and never got close to a gas chamber! Oy veh!

The Hell's Angels et al. could certainly teach the blightwing some valuable tips on 'how to' for we see that more than one lost all their property because of others' merry pranks, and some have become debt-slaves for life. As you may recall, Butler of "The Aryan Nations (sic)" had some "members" who were "security guards". Their actions caused him to be sued by two anti-White rats, and Butler lost his property. One person published what was deemed to be incitements to kill Blacks (he still does), and his publication was used as evidence in regard to the killing of a Black by some skinheads, who allegedly read his publication.  Obviously, the Hell's Angels would not be so stupid. I'm sure ZOG could define them as a "racketeering-involved criminal organization" for purposes of property seizure under the "RICO" Act. Why they have not done this, I do not know, unless the ZOG is using Hell's Angels in their drug business, which would not surprise me.

Your observations on the legalization of marijuana are certainly plausible: the opiate of the masses, as the jew, "Lenin", might say. I call it the weed of the wiggers, for it seems to niggerize regular consumers, as you point out. I know enough pot-smokers where I work and they cannot concentrate and lack attention spans. Several are taking school courses, and they ask me for help, but when I try to explain something essential to them, they complain that they just can't absorb any more information, even if it's only what they will need in class the next day! These are Ostensible White women who screw niggers and spics and who smoke pot. What a combo: THC and telegony!

Another combination we are experiencing is inflation and unemployment. This indicates that lots of consumers are being paid for not working, otherwise prices would fall, as in the 1930s Depression. Welfare explains part of this inflationary buying power, as I think, but the rest appears to be on borrowed money, and that won't last much longer. How long will money lenders lend to those who can never pay their debts? How much more funny-money can the sheenies have printed before it becomes on par with Enron shares?

Bushy's war effort leaves the U.S.A. unprotected, with its borders open, while its active military forces chase phantoms dubbed "terrorists" all over the map. Meanwhile, the Chinese are outflanking the U.S.A. in the north, while increasing the size and number of their colonies within the U.S.A., in addition to the flood of mestizos (semi-Asiatics) coming up from Latin America, followed by Arabs and niggers coming in from Africa and the Middle East. What is "Usrael defending? Certainly not the U.S.A., politically, economically, or demographically. This looks like a kamikaze trip for Israel, and will likely be the finish of the U.S.A. Where will all the zoglings go? I think they are criminally stupid, but their priority is the destruction of the White Race, as the Harvard Black Studies sheenie, Noel Ignatiev recently announced via The Harvard Magazine and The Washington Post of 4 Sep 2002. Another Harvard notable chimed in that "treason to the White Race is loyalty to mankind!" No one has uttered any protest about this promotion of genocide, to my knowledge. How many times must Ignatiev repeat himself before the blightwing gets the message?

Your idea of a price freeze with lower wages is very good, but sheeple shun reality. I see two advantages right off: it would save printing lots off inflated currency and it would keep wage-earners out of higher income tax brackets. Inflation has actually reduced U.S. real wages because increased income taxes result from the inflated earnings. As a student of economics, I have derived some simple conclusions: Inflation is theft. Deflation is sabotage. Banking is a better racket than counterfeiting, because counterfeiters don't charge interest and bankers don't print money. This is why our best investment is people, such as they are, and sometimes it takes a lifetime just to find one good person. I wish you luck in finding a great female fellow-traveller!

As an aside, I recall my studies of Brazilian history. Expeditions into the vast continent were called "flags" (bandeiras), and their members "bandeirantes", or those who rallied to a flag. An expedition would be formed in a city with a drummer and a flag-bearer, one of whom might be the expedition leader, who would give the expedition's purpose and invite people to join. It might be for land, gold and/or slaves. When sufficient people had joined up, with their women, if they wished, the expedition would gather supplies and set out for their destination. When supplies ran low, they would temporarily settle and grow more food, then move on. Some would return with riches, others with nothing much, while others would find a place they liked and settle there. Still others were wiped out by Indians or disease. I have always wanted to join or lead such an expedition, but my search for leaders or followers has so far left me an expedition of one. I wish you better luck in this venture, and, it is well said that 'getting there is half the fun!' All the best!