27 January 2003 – Eric Thomson — d0127et.htm
I look forward to working on your paper. Naturally, I would include my services as editor, since it makes no sense to spell words correctly, without regard to their meaning in context. I remember the 'howler' which was printed by a colleague, who never bothered to proofread: "...and unless we change our ways, mankind will go down to degradation and DISTINCTION!" I guess extinction can be a distinction of a sort, as in the case of the dodo bird.

I don't worry about my reputation or my alleged 'work experience' as portrayed by the ADL and/or blightwing. The modest truth can never compete with outrageously zany fiction, and since the blightwing is 99.99% consumers, rather than activists, they tend to believe the most entertaining fables about people, especially those they deem 'competitors' for their donations and subscriptions. Since I require neither, they fear only my ideas. As you probably know, the ADL does have a file on me, as did the FBI and the Stasi. The tactic for now is "The Silent Treatment". I have seen it done in the case of Commander Rockwell and others. The jewsmedia do not report an event outside the immediate area, and sometimes, in their arrogance of power, they don't even report an event in the immediate area, deeming it 'not newsworthy'. If the ADL is doing a proper job, they should already have my obituary on file, in case they deem that newsworthy. As long as I can accomplish my tasks, I don't care if no one ever knew I existed. I do not seek fame, but racial victory for Our White Race. This is why the Internet is so useful. I offer my people a song, rather than a singer, a set of ideas which they can use for their own benefit. I do not live OFF the Cause. I live FOR it. My material needs are few and simple, and I do not require mobs of fans to tell me I exist. That is my perspective on life. One correspondent asked me if I believed that I was a "Man of Destiny". I replied that every grain of sand is part of Destiny, as well as everything in the Universe. This gives me the secure sense of knowing where I am in the scheme of things. Functionally, I am no different from others, except for my degree of self-awareness. I am a servant of the White Race, to the best of my ability. With greater means, I would do more, but for the present, I must be content with achieving what is possible. As a political writer, I have no secrets, only appointments. I am not hiding Elvis or Osama bin Laden in my quarters. At least I haven't run into them, so my "Big Puzzle" is just a mirage and a figment of the perverse blightwing imagination. The jew whom I debated on the Internet, claimed that I might not be a real person, as he did with others he disliked. The books they wrote were "forgeries", their names were "fictitious" and their photographs were "faked". Thank you for stating that you believe Mr. Frenz and me to be two different persons. Unfortunately, this does not preclude me from being "a committee of retired Gestapo officers", as alleged by the blightwing. It is almost as difficult as investigating the alleged 'deaths' of Adolf Hitler, who was allegedly jewish, etc.

Congratulations on your excellent knowledge of English! You are able to weigh the nuances of words with the precision of a lawyer. My impression of the quote from Ridgeway's book is that he is paraphrasing a quote from Leo Rebuffo's article that refers to the murder of the Czar and his family. I used to know the name of the jew hit-squad commander who took part in the murder, so I do not doubt the jews did it, unless one erroneously distinguishes Khazar from jew. As for the time discrepancies you mention, it does appear that Ridgeway was sloppy in his choice of words, in his rush to print his anti-White diatribe. As you state, how could the Czar have "loyalists", if they knew he was dead? Royalists, yes; loyalists, no.

My strategy would be to analyze Ridgeway's message and then check his supporting statements for factual errors and misinterpretations, just as you appear to be doing. As you know, opinions can be held, regardless of facts, but when the reader is being sold an opinion, it behooves him to check the alleged facts used in support of the opinion. I shall enjoy reading your thesis.

I suspect that all the current World War II 'news' is designed to drum up support for ZOG's unholy war against Moslems in general and Arabs in particular (the latest 'Nazis'). As we know, Hitler had a moustache; Saddam has a moustache, but we'll forget about Stalin and his jackbooted hordes. Goyim must not draw parallels!

The feature on the U.S. bomber that got shot up by Jap-flak and crash-landed in the USSR seems to gloss over the more numerous U.S. M.I.A.s of World War II who were in German P.O.W. camps which were overrun by the Red Army, and who were never heard from again. I wonder how Tokyo Rose would have known the names of the lost crew members, as well as one of their nicknames. That sounds far-fetched to me, unless the U.S. aviators were blabbing on the radio, which I understand was normally forbidden on a mission. Maybe the brown bears got them, and maybe the Red bears did. Captured U.S. personnel may have been used as pawns in some Soviet extortion scheme, or worked to death as slave laborers in the gulags. As we know, ZOG does not say anything to offend "our gallant Soviet allies", nor "our best friend in the Middle East" (Israel), regardless of Hitler-Stalin pacts, Polish massacres, Lavon and Liberty affairs and the like. I recall Rhodesia being dubbed "a threat to world peace" by ZOG, so maybe Zimbabwe is "a threat to world war"? Robert Mugabe is my favorite nigger. Certainly, those who serve the ZOG are expendable, and that may include Mr. Bush.

I just saw a TV feature on 'our' nig-nog, polywog ZOG-merc infantry on an exercise in Kuwait, in which they "cleared an enemy trench". A machinegunner set up his weapon in no man's land, as if it would be effective against entrenched troops. Of course, its only targets would: be the ZOG-grunts moving between the machinegun and the enemy trench! With all their equipment on, the ZOG-mercs moved slowly and uncertainly, as if they feared to wrinkle their new uniforms. It appeared as if their helmets, scarves and goggles interfered with their vision. They approached the trenchline standing up, so as to offer an enemy the best targets. With the awkward slowness of arthritic old geezers, they clambered down into the 'enemy' trench. I saw no bayonets, which may have gone out of fashion, along with trench warfare, nor any use of practice handgrenades. It appeared that the troops did not know what they were supposed to be doing, even after a nigger officer explained to them, "That there be a trench." My motherly old sergeant would have said, "These guys looked as aggressive as a bowl of cold mashed potatoes!" In my U.S. Army Basic Training, we were taught to approach an enemy trench as low to the ground as possible. Then, we'd hit the dirt at the lip of the trench, toss in a grenade, and roll over the top as soon as it exploded, landing with our bayonet and rifle butt ready to greet our hosts. Speed was essential, for in close combat, one is either quick or dead. All of the infantry combat vets I have ever known agree that infantry combat is not for the squeamish and the faint-hearted, so ZOG-mercs need to know what they are fighting for. Aside from oil and Israel, I do not know. I do know that the people of North America will lose, whether ZOG 'wins' or not, especially the White Remnant. It appears that ZOG has lost already, whatever the outcome in Iraq, for its "terrorist" enemy is all-inclusive, as well as its theater of operations, while its resources are finite. The fact that ZOG's days are numbered should be a stimulus to us, rather than a soporific, for much will be demanded of us. The collapse of ZOG will be similar to the collapse of a prison, upon the inmates. Our job will be to dodge the falling pieces, and to build our White Nation from the rubble. Before that, we shall have to fight the muds who the ZOG has armed and welcomed into our livingspace. Our victory will be in our commitment to this Struggle.

Thanks for the informative enclosures which should appear in NW "Usrael" off the wire services, but mysteriously do not. I had to read about the TB epidemic in Yakima in The New York Times. Only the briefest mention was made in the local jewspaper, after several mestizos at a local cannery were diagnosed with active TB. One local politico expressed horror that TB carriers would work in a cannery. I said, better that their spittle is cooked than if they were spitting on the sidewalks. That did not cheer him up. The God of Cheap Labor gives more than greedy race-traitors have bargained for. In the news article about the citizens' border patrol, you mention that its founder-funder is a jew named Unz. Now that he has made his shekels from HIS cheap labor, he wants to curtail the supply to other upcoming entrepreneurs. That's like a wealthy druglord using his zogbucks to fund anti-drug legislation. I hear that some in the blightwing have deemed Putin an "Aryan", along with his fellow Khazars, I guess. Wishful-thinking leads to disaster. Yes, I would love to learn that Khazars were just misled Whites who fell into synagogues by mistake. Unfortunately, I know otherwise. It's very odd, bizarre, in fact, that people whose chief concern is about jews refuse to recognize them.

I noted on the back of your letter a portion of a Vanguard News Internet release. Why is the author using "Volksgruppen" instead of "Folk's group"? Does he wish to impress the reader that he is a foreigner? Should I speak with a delicatessen accent so I can better convince my North American listeners? Maybe the author's English is not that good, but if it is, why use an affectation instead of plain English? If I were attempting to convince a German readership with nationalist feelings, why would I use English words, where common German words exist?

As usual, my time for writing is running out, but before I forget, the article on the gangs of Brazil, who are semi-nigger bandits, funded by drugs and extortion, have much in common with similar gangs in "Usrael". In 1917, the Bolsheviks released criminals from prisons and gave then police weapons, in order to terrorize the Russian majority. This violent destabilization tactic aided the Khazars' accession to power. But here and now, the kikes are the ones in power and the gangs will go after them as well as the Whites. Where is the profit?

Like you, my concern is for pro-White Whites. The rest must learn to be pro-White or perish. I knew similar boobs in Rhodesia, whose chief concerns were snacking, drinking beer and watching rugby. When Rhodesia went Black, most of them probably fled to South Africa, where they resumed their irrelevancy until that country went Black. Did they learn anything? I doubt it. I wonder where they are, now. These types would ridicule my pro-White sentiments amid the encroaching darkness, like a herd of self-satisfied cattle, ready for slaughter.

Your observations on the passage of The Income Tax Act on December 24th, 1913, along with the Federal Reserve Act are discussed at length in Eustace Mullins' excellent book, "The Federal Reserve". A Gentile stockbroker lent me his copy, admonishing me not to reveal where I'd got it. I thanked him and mentioned offhand that I had been acquainted with Mr. Mullins' research for years. He reacted as if he'd just given Lucifer's Lexicon to Beelzebub. This was the fellow who told me that he advised his clients to invest 20% of their stock portfolios in Asian stocks. This was before the jew, Soros, took part in popping the stock market bubble in Asia, by transferring funds into other areas, mainly the former USSR. Why not share the loot with one's kosher criminal cronies, especially when one needs their protection? According to the U.S. jewsmedia, Soros is being sued by irate shareholders who allege that Soros defrauded them. How 'Nazi' of them to accuse such a nice jewish boy. The French seem to be a bunch of rubes. The hebes swindled them with the Panama Scandal in the 19th century. Flatau-Sharon swindled them in the 20th and Soros, apparently did the same. I remember when Bernie Cornfeld & Robert Vesco were playing the old Ponzi game with "Investors' Overseas Services". That's how I met my first Rhodesian. He was peddling IOS shares in Barcelona. I had already been burned in another mutual fund scam, so I didn't bite. That's how I learned not to trust others with my money. My rules are simple and effective: (1) Don't do business with a crook, i.e. jew; (2) Don't do business with a fool, for he does more damage than a crook; (3) Never do business with anyone you meet in a church! The obvious danger signal that one is a crook or a fool is an ostentatious display of wealth, like an Arkansas diamond or a Kansas City roll. If the diamond is real and the bankroll really is $100 bills, the fellow is a fool. Crooks are smart enough not to display real wealth, because that attracts other crooks. Back in the sixties I was really innocent. I had no idea how big real crooks could be! If there were a real international court of justice, the U.S.A. would be prosecuted under the RICO Act and the entire contry confiscated.

Decades ago, in my youth, I read a science fiction story about the disintegration of the U.S.A. There was still a U.S.A., but it was only a hunch of gangsters who had taken over the name and some leftover weapons which had belonged to the former U.S.A. I don't remember title or author, but it appears more like prophecy than fiction.