31 January 2003 – Eric Thomson
I appreciate your report of the DC peace demonstration. The jew agitators, as you observe were conspicuous by their absence. During the protests against Bush Sr.'s first Gulf Massacre a peace proponent satirized the absence of kosher cohorts by singing "Where have all the Seegers gone," &c. Goyim must learn that some wars are 'more equal' than others. A jewsmedia pundit recently opined that the majority who now call for peace will fall in line with the dropping of the first bomb on Iraq, and they will shift gears so as to 'support our boys and girls' of the ZOG forces. I guess this war is not supposed to be on par with Vietnam, but we shall see. Many demographic changes have occurred since Vietnam, and we hear very little of Black Muslim views, although the domestic Arab Moslems have been heard. I don't know what sort of bribery it will take to gain Black support, but it may take the form of a Black substate in U.S. territory. Blacks are like jews in regard to their reluctance to go to Africa or Israel, respectively. What a shameful admission! They prefer to live amongst Honkeys and Goyim, rather than their own kind.

Anarchists are absurd, for anarchy cannot work unless each anarchist internalizes government, so as to avoid chaos. It is easy to see why anarchy has never existed; chaos, yes, but not anarchy in a peaceful, orderly sense as fantasized by Marx, Rousseau and Jefferson, as well as Locke, who I understand was a loner, who had no children. Obviously, a society of celibate loners is not viable. I wonder how your acquaintance defines anarchy. He must be a hypocrite, for he lives in a city and takes advantage of society's amenities. People's diversity precludes anarchy, for what is 'enough' for one is not nearly enough for another, and what is 'right' for one is 'wrong' for another. In the real state of nature, might is right, and the stronger will take whatever he wants from the weaker. Men must be equal in every way for anarchy to have a chance, so when were men ever equal? Only in the imaginations of the above mentioned unworthier, to whom the Marquis de Sade can also be added. The jew rascal Marx prated that the ideal state of anarchy would be altruistic: "From each, according to his ability, to each, according to his need." Why this should be the automatic result of anarchy is not explained. It appears to be axiomatic, as is the assumption that anarchy would exist "in the state of nature". This no more follows than to posit that "in the state of nature, men will all have 16-cylinder Cadillacs." Anthropologists have searched the globe for "noble savages" living anarchistically in "the state of nature", only to find naked savages who have formal social organizations with institutions, property ownership and hierarchies. Nakedness does not imply anarchy nor nobility. Humans are created by interdependent parents who must establish a sufficiently stable relationship to raise their offspring, which cannot survive without parental assistance for more than a decade, unless the child is adopted by apes, wolves or surrogate parents of some sort, as depicted in legends and fiction. Parents usually live in interdependent relationships with other people, to further enhance their survival and that of their infant. I challenge any anarchist to show me where individuals live without some form of interdependence with other individuals. Such interdependence precludes anarchy, as I understand it, that is, total individual independence from all others. As a complete 'loner', I still live amid people upon whom I depend, even if I never see them. I do not know who runs the source of my electric power, who purifies and pumps the water I must have to exist, and since I must eat and pay rent, I also depend upon my employers to pay me so I can exist. Were I to 'head for the hills' and seek to live off the land, I would quickly discover that the land is owned and occupied by others. All land and water is deemed to be somebody's property, as well as the plants, fish and other game thereon, and even if no one owned it, a population which lived on any piece of land would have to make arrangements to avoid over-logging, over-hunting, over-fishing and pollution of the water supply. These issues are already thorny problems without anarchy. Without some form of social organization we can anticipate living in a true state of nature, red in tooth and claw; "lives which are nasty, brutish and short," as one writer put it. I think it was Hobbes or Burke, both of whom disagreed with Locke, de Sade, Rousseau and other madmen of their time. Basically, anarchy = irresponsibility, which equates with the death of the community and the individuals who make it up. Anarchy cannot exist when two or more people agree to work together. In real terms, I have seen a flying wedge of a few men cut through a riotous mob, as a knife cuts through soft butter. A cohesive, co-ordinated team can defeat huge mobs of individual 'allstars' in sports as well as warfare.

In regard to "democracy", which has rarely existed, Plato correctly predicted that 'rule of the many yields to rule of the money,' when plutocrats discover they can buy votes.

So there in China is the Capitalist Dream, which Henry Ford et al. could only envy. Labor scarcity required higher wages in America, hence the emphasis on 'immigration' to lower the wages and the workers' standard of living. I remember saying to a college professor that the first labor union was The Black Death, which freed people from serfdom in many parts of Europe. The professor disagreed, but sources proved that I was right. The Black Plague produced labor scarcity and noble landlords had to offer their serfs more in terms of perks and even freedom, otherwise the serfs would leave and work for a more generous landlord. From the jewsmedia I read that Ford, Boeing and Freightliner truck mfg. have factories in China. One writer, years ago, said that Americans will just have to get used to working as waiters, servants, taxi drivers, burger-flippers, &c. Well, those jobs are already taken by colored immigrants. I noted that the rickshaw-pullers in Toronto were all Ostensible Whites, however, so there may still be job opportunities. The abundance we have heretofore enjoyed has certainly conferred no wisdom upon us. On the contrary! I shall copy the John Brimelow Report and pass it around, especially to my correspondents. Now, that is scary! Imagine having such 'choices': starvation or slavery, with the knowledge that one is utterly expendable. Come to think of it, I already had that mentality, which I learned here in America.

The only real difference between America and China was that I could buy more for less, but that condition is rapidly approaching parity with the Chinese workers. The "no talk" rule was early enforced, as I remember in the elementary school lunchroom, although not in high school. We did require latrine passes to go to the bathrooms during class time. That was California, 1944 through 1956. I enrolled in midterm during World War II in the L.A. City School System and in 1954 my mother was required to move to Newhall, ten miles north of San Fernando, to keep her high school teaching job. Since I was mid-term , I could choose to go back a year or ahead a year. Naturally, I chose to go ahead by taking summer courses, for school was to me like prison. Thus I attended William S. Hart (a silent movie actor whose 'castle' overlooked Newhall) Union Junior-Senior High School as a junior and senior. Of course, I was a year younger than my classmates, which makes one seem very, very young in the teen jungle. That was a small price to pay for getting out of the tedium and trivia amid alien minds, a whole year sooner! Of course, it was a bad deal for my parents, who had to sell their house in San Fernando and buy one in Newhall. The housing market was falling in San Fernando and rising in Newhall, so they lost their equity and were back to Square One in regard to buying a house. Such a deal! Mom needed her job, so we had to.

The Richebächler Letter begins with J.B. Say's admonition that production must provide the means for consumption. In other words, workers must be paid sufficiently for them to buy their products. How else can consumption be supported? ZOG is trying it by lending consumers money. This cannot last much longer, as various financial reports declare, and as I wrote in my article on Mestizo America, about a decade ago. The fact that credit is 'maxed out' and bankruptcies are up does not surprise me at all. The only surprise is in how long it took for the bills to come due. I see that various sheenie financial scribblers talk of "deflation". I see nothing of the sort in essential items, like food, clothing and shelter. Workers have less money, but the prices of those items are rising rapidly, along with unemployment. In a sane economy, prices of mass market items should fall, but they do not, because people are being paid as consumers, not as producers, via taxation and welfare handouts. The money they spend represents no goods nor services, other than their production of more mouths to feed. Like the Debt Balloon, the Welfare Bubble must eventually deflate, and Bushy's imperial adventures will hasten our social bankruptcy. Cuts are being reported in all welfare programs in the jewsmedia. Decades ago, people were PAID to be sick, dependent and to hatch out more dependents. But now, funds have run out, so we are going back to our pre-welfare past, in which it behooves one to be fit, alert and adaptable. I lost nothing by leaving the Judæo-American ratrace in 1961. On the contrary! I gained a considerable amount of survival skills. The tough choices ahead will demand tough-minded decision-makers.

I think all historians are agreed on the invaders of Afghanistan over the centuries: They came; they saw; they conked out. Ha! Even if the Afghans allowed Petro-ZOG to build its pipeline, it would have to be guarded fully and forever. The McAlvany newsletter reported on the difficulties in Colombia, in regard to guarding a pipeline. That is why oil companies support terrorists in the middle East with their bribe money; otherwise pipelines, oil ports and refineries would go up in smoke. This is the price of empire in the Jew World Order, for globalism precludes our divorce from those we call terrorists, since we are all involved in the rackets of oil, arms, drugs and money scars, like cops who sell drugs and commit robberies to fund the police dept.!