01 February 2003 – Eric Thomson
Yes, it looks as if ZOG-Moloch will consume the last effective White troops, as a 'holocaust' or burnt offering to Israel, and the White jew-wannabes will love every minute of it.

The Whites who will not protect themselves because they do not recognize danger until it mugs, rapes or murders them, appear to be unavoidable casualties of the race war. People whose neighborhood is invaded by hostile muds must decide to move out to safer areas or suffer the consequences. I am reminded of an elderly German couple who lived in Jew York City. As the Blacks moved in, they stayed. Soon, they were the only Whites in the neighborhood and the nigs routinely stopped by to hit them and rob them of food, money and other items. The cops were useless. Eventually, the two, who lacked money to move and did not wish to live out in the streets, committed suicide. They reportedly tidied up their apartment, put down plastic sheets on the floor, attached ropes to a couple of doorknobs and strangled themselves by leaning backwards upon the plastic sheets. Their suicide note was in German; but translated meant: "Better a horrible end than an endless horror!" Apparently, it never entered their minds to defend themselves against the mud-marauders. A shotgun would have done nicely. I wonder why the ZOG mother's son did not advise her to leave the nigger swamp and help her to do so. Obviously, the coons will return to visit her. Word gets around, fast. Saying, "Let the law handle it" is about on par with saying, "Let the undertaker handle it."

Institutionalized sheeple are generally found in the military, hospitals, after long stays; prisons and/or Communist countries. They lack initiative and decision-making ability. I experienced a bit of it in elementary school when I was learning to tell time. What use was time-telling to me? I asked. My mother would tell me when to get up for school. The teacher would tell us when to go out for recess, for lunch, and when it was time to go home. Our understanding of the clock and the time it indicated was irrelevant to our lives. In the Army, our 'motherly' sergeant would tell us when to turn in and when to get up. Only he needed to know the time! Although, most sheeple are born, I think they can also be made by their environment. The ones with leadership potential will scheme to escape or at least to arrange a more comfortable gulag existence,, as depicted in the film, "King Rat," which featured a survivor of a Jap P.O.W. camp. In jail, I volunteer for work assignments, and always draw my tobacco ration, as I did in the army, for trade purposes and the establishment of good relations. Junky inmates craved sweets, and I craved fresh fruit or meat, so I would save my dessert for trading purposes. So far, I've been in nice jails, although I was never arrested, nor charged with any crimes, so I was merely 'detained; sometimes up to 2 weeks. The Don Jail in Toronto was actually an improvement over the lodgings for which I was paying, and the inmates were better neighbors than where I lived, which was really a gigantic cockroach motel. The Zud said I liked to live that way. No, the truth was that's the only way I could afford to live in Toronto. I suspect his jewish dominatrix programmed him with that malarkey. She also claimed that I was a CIA plant, so I could easily afford to live in better digs. Since I had no such income, I was stuck with my demented neighbors and the cockroaches. If I had $100 for every time I was accused of being CIA, I would have a good sum in the bank. Had I really supervised Mossad hit-teams for the CIA, as my most recent 'résumé' alleges, I would be in very well-financed retirement. The additional claim that I am 'hiding out' from my former employers is pretty rich. If these 'gentlemen' want to find me, they only need find Yakima and begin asking locals where The White Man is living. In a day or two, they could find me, as long as their informants did not define "White" as ZOG does. Then they'd have to check out all the mestizos, including The Yakama Nation. See what can happen when ZOG believes its own propaganda!

As you observe, the ZOG's chickens are coming home to roost. The U.S.A. is much more the way the jews wanted it than it was in World War II, that is, much less White and much more divided and impoverished, as well as Islamic. According to USA Today, Blacks are disproportionately represented in the armed forces, and Whites are disproportionately represented in the fighting units of the armed forces, whereas Blacks stay well back in support jobs. As Hitler observed of the World War I German Army: "Every clerk was a jew, and every jew a clerk."

A recent batch of financial newsletters bears out what I wrote in "Mestizo America" in 1992: the jews are inflating the currency, so what we are getting is an inflationary depression, just as current writers report. I received a recent report on Zimbabwe which also confirmed my "Rhodesia & You" article in 1977: the hebes are allowing the Blacks to remove the White farmers from lands already owned by the kike banksters. The South African reporter things the kikes will have the Blacks work the land, under mercenary discipline and supervision as virtual slaves, as I predicted, although this has yet to occur. It is also likely that Africa will soon be depopulated of Blacks whom AIDS, starvation and each other will exterminate. Perhaps the White Remnant of North America can flee to a Black-free Africa,, when this continent boils in mud. A South African writer finally saw the light, and agreed with me that the White farmers have been the Whites' worst enemies, for they made possible the Black population explosion, as they are doing here and in other parts of the world. If a man chooses to saw off the limb he is sitting on, that's his affair, but when he chooses to saw off the limb we are both sitting on, I believe that I should have a say in the matter.

The fruit growers of this state are equally guilty of racial treason. We don't need them, nor their apples, and certainly not their mestizo locusts. Condign punishment would be to send them and their Mexicans down to Mexico on a one way ticket. These same pigheads sold China the apple-growing technology, so we can buy our apples cheaper now from China. This leaves us holding the Mexicans while the fruit industry collapses here. Our lack of racial identity has destroyed any sense of community on this continent, and, as I keep saying, no wealth can replace the loss of community. Without community, one's wealth merely makes him a target.

As I see it, the status of the police as a sub-group in society has already occurred. The law-abiding citizen must face crooks and cops as antagonists to beware of. Funny how we are becoming more and more like Mexico. You don't think the mestizo influx would have anything to do with it? Ha! No, one does not have to be Mexican to be corrupt, but I'm sure Mexicans feel much more at home here now than they did previously, not that Mexicans like corrupt cops, but that's what they're used to.

The de facto balkanization of the U.S.A. into racial states could easily occur, under a de jure fiction of doing business as usual. Congress is already organizing along such lines with its Black and Hispanic Caucuses. A White Caucus will not be permitted by ZOG, as that would be "racist". I have seen selective law enforcement based on ethnicity in Yakima and San Francisco, although, de jure, the denizens are allegedly subject to one and the same set of laws. As you mentioned, society is now devouring itself, but Whitey doesn't want to know about it, especially since he's the main course!

In regard to street demonstrations and a disciplined, well-directed S.A., I think it is best for protection and propaganda purposes that Whites should out-number protest demonstrators. If not, we convey an image of unpopular losers to the uncommitted White spectator. Demonstrations require infrastructure, and that is what we should be working on. We got large numbers of pro White demonstrators on the streets in Canada, because they knew why they were demonstrating. Most Whites don't seem to know the issues, so it is our job to inform them. It's the 5-Step Program: IDEA, INFORMATION, ORGANIZATION, ACTION and REALIZATION of the IDEA.